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Thursday, September 5th, 2013, 11:35 UTC
[11:35:13] peper03: The only difference I can see is from [af0d12c] (, but that shouldn't stop it the part numbers being parsed and stored.
[11:36:00] peper03: And that regexp is already being applied to the description.
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[11:39:09] stuarta: ah you need to do eit_cache, since that is what stop is updating data for programs it's seen before
[11:40:20] stuarta: *stops it
[11:40:27] stuarta: rebuilding patch v2
[11:42:48] stuarta:
[11:44:20] stuarta: actually the normal m_ukSeries regexp should match it
[11:44:48] peper03: It's already in. Just below the bit you added.
[11:44:56] stuarta: yeah, so it should work
[11:45:06] stuarta: my patch should do nothing
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[12:19:22] stuarta: okay, so the dvb-t channels are right, now waiting for the dvb-s channels
[12:24:58] peper03: I think I need to clear everything out again. I've got an episode of 'Doctor Who' that's correct, and another from the previous day that hasn't had the subtitle filled. Both on the same channel.
[12:29:37] peper03:
[12:33:19] stuarta: interesting. my prod database gets the same results
[12:33:51] stuarta: my dev backend (with the new version of the patch) gets it right
[12:34:23] peper03: The patch that should do nothing?
[12:34:48] stuarta: oh ffs. now i know what is happening
[12:35:50] stuarta:
[12:35:57] stuarta: see if you can see what is happening
[12:37:55] stuarta: peper03: clue, look at partnumber/parttotal
[12:38:49] stuarta: while you think about it, i'll write patch v3
[12:41:18] peper03: It's parsing the partnumber/total ok, so it's not that. It's got to be where it's trying to move the subtitle out of the description...
[12:44:29] stuarta: . . . xup.cpp#L778
[12:44:45] stuarta: it never removes it from the description
[12:45:02] stuarta: so it gets promoted to the subtitle, breaking stuff
[12:46:00] peper03: That was what I pointed out earlier –
[12:46:31] peper03: Don't quite get though why one episode gets a subtitle and the other doesn.t
[12:47:11] stuarta: there are some length restrictions on subtitles, we've previously had whole descriptions being stuffed into subtitle
[12:47:27] stuarta: so we limit the amount promoted to subtitle to fix this
[12:47:59] jya: peper03: easy way to prevent it would be to add a test checking if we're on a dvd menu before opening the OSD..
[12:47:59] peper03: Ah, ok. So because the subtitle is now too long, it's left where it is.
[12:48:26] jya: having said that, i'm not sure why you would have to be in a loop when you're within a still frame
[12:48:29] stuarta: much nicer
[12:51:05] stuarta: peper03: yep, you got it
[12:53:30] peper03: jya: We effectively need to poll for changes in the selected menu item. It might be possible to return from DVDRingBuffer and, in effect, move the loop outside it. Not sure how much overhead that would create. We could probably keep it from going outside of AvFormatDecoderDVD.
[12:55:37] peper03: stuarta: Yes. It certainly looks ugly at the beginning of the subtitle but I guess it's debatable about whether it should or shouldn't be left in the description.
[12:58:07] stuarta: i don't want it there, but somebody raised a ticket asking for it to be put back, and so it got patched, can't remember who by
[12:59:24] peper03: jya: Usually we only return from DVDRingBuffer when we have a frame of one form or another. ffmpeg gets upset if you don't do it (tends to throw away cached data) but it's probably do-able in this case. I already return once, right at the beginning of a still frame, so I can probably tweak it some more. I'll try to look later.
[12:59:58] jya: peper03: i have no DVD drive here, so I'll have no way to test
[13:00:17] jya: unless you have a iso file I could use to reproduce the issue
[13:01:52] peper03: jya: LangSPU_16x9.iso from the DVD samples repository should do it.
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[13:03:49] jya: do you want me to look into it or you will ?
[13:04:12] jya: having said that, preventing the OSD plain and simple seems to just be a work around to a design issue
[13:04:35] jya: there would be menu item that should be accessible even within a menu
[13:06:01] peper03: If all else fails, we can look at preventing the OSD but getting it to return from the ringbuffer would be better and it's probably better if I look at that. It'll help refresh my memory again :)
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[13:16:23] stuarta: ffs. my mini has locked up again. why does this happen since going to f19 ??
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[13:52:22] knightr: how is mythscreenwizard supposed to behave when in a window, with a not very old checkout of master it completly locked up...
[14:44:37] stuarta: peper03: my latest patch works fine, committing
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[15:12:48] jpabq: knightr: is that the wizard used to adjust the GUI dimensions? If so, I believe it was wagnerrp_ that was trying to make that work better.
[15:13:20] knightr: jpabq, yep it is...
[15:14:01] jpabq: Been a long time since I have tried to use it.
[15:14:50] knightr: I am not sure why but Myth is not entirely full screen since I updated a few packages and changed my TV and I think I had to play with that in the past so I wanted to make sure everything was reset...
[15:15:08] knightr: but it froze up when I tried...
[15:16:00] knightr: (it's not the only thing that froze up but I don't have the latest version so naybe I tried something else that was fixed...)
[15:18:13] jpabq: I believe you can reset the GUI offsets in the Setup->Appearance menu.
[15:19:40] knightr: jpabq, thank you, I'll most definitely try it...
[15:20:28] knightr: jpabq, is there an exhaustive list of what was change theme-wise between version (apart from the release notes)? I want to see if I can figure out how to fix a theme that has become unmaintained...
[15:20:50] knightr: (and that I unfortunately made translatable before I learned that...)
[15:22:11] knightr: (I always run master so it was always seen as available there...)
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[15:52:03] jpabq: knightr: I tried to include 'why' I was making a change to Steppes in the commit. I could send you the change log, if that would help.
[15:54:04] jpabq: knightr: most of the changes were due to the new notification-ui.xml that jya added. He was good about sending emails to the themers mailing list outlining what changes needed made to a theme.
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[15:55:19] knightr: jpabq, that could help, thank you...
[15:55:49] knightr: looks like the theme was not even made available for 0.26 so it's not one but two versions of updates to apply to it...
[15:56:33] jpabq: In addition to the notification stuff, I see that I made changes because of [ea54bba385] and [f8d29ecf5]
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[15:58:20] knightr: The worst problem I seem to have with it is that it complains about some sort of dependency problem (I don't have the exact message, looks like I forgot to run mythfrontend with the appropriate switches to have it logs the error messages...
[15:58:38] jpabq: Ouch. I made a LOT more changes for 0.26 than I did for 0.27. Most of them were just tweaks that had nothing to do with mythui code changes.
[15:58:45] jpabq: -v gui
[16:01:13] jpabq: Upgrading a theme all the way from 0.25 to 0.27 will be a lot of work. Are you sure you are not better off just reverting your changes, and leave it alone?
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[16:02:37] knightr: jpabq, they have already worked on it and a lot of them have already submitted their translations, I have to try...
[16:05:07] knightr: not everything breaks but there are at least a few places that do..
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[16:06:14] knightr: AFAICT, not everything was themed, it relies a lot on the default theme...
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[16:08:59] knightr: you have 33 XML files, this theme has 14...
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[16:17:22] jpabq: Okay, then it might not be too bad.
[16:18:24] jpabq: I honestly don't use any of the 'plugins'. Every time I have to fix Steppes for a plugin, I have to install it, and then remember how to use it ;-)
[16:19:37] knightr: :-)
[16:19:53] knightr: looks like at least one of the files was edited under Windows, it had CRs in addition to LFs at the end of lines...
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[16:28:07] knightr: jpabq, looks like I am going to have some fun nonetheless but I'll try to fix it one screen at a time...
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[16:29:08] knightr: I will have to choose another theme to check whether my freeze in the screen wizard was related to its use, looks like that is themed as well...
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[19:33:27] jpabq: gigem: I have a patch for Scheduler::UpdateManuals which takes care of the extra hour on the morning of the time change. If a manual record is schedule between 1am-1:59am on the morning of the fall time change, this patch results in an extra entry being placed in the program table, such that both "1am" recordings are dealt with. Would you like to review it before I commit it?
[19:34:47] jpabq: Rather than try and configure the UI such that a user could choose which 1am recording they wanted on that morning, it made more sense just to record both of them.
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[20:32:13] peper03: jya, stuartm: Have a look at It seems to fix the problem. I moved the lock to put it directly around the calls to av_read_frame to avoid having to leave AvFormatDecoderDVD::ReadPacket and loop through AvFormatDecoder::GetFrame. Oddly, without the usleep(0) (or similar), the frontend still locks solidly. Maybe a thread priority issue?
[20:34:33] peper03: It doesn't make the code-flow easier to follow (quite the opposite) but at the moment I can't think of a better solution.
[20:59:32] natanojl: danielk22: Have you had a chance to look at #11316?
[21:15:38] gigem: jpabq: Yes, I'd like the opportunity to review your patch. I'd also like the ability to reject it if I don't like it. Unless it's a tiny and obvious change, I'm not sure it's worth worrying about such an obscure corner case. I mean if a person sets up a manual recording between 1–3am on Sundays, they should realize they might have an issue twice a year and handle it themselves.
[21:19:25] jpabq: gigem: as it stands right now, there is no way for a user to handle it themselves. Unless you mean they should handle it by not using Myth.
[21:19:55] jpabq: I emailed it to you. That way you don't have to worry about dealing with pastebin.
[21:21:08] jpabq: The patch is small. It could be done differently, by adding another function, but I choose to use a loop instead. That seems less invasive then adding a function.
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[21:24:16] gigem: jpabq: I'll look at it later tonight. Yes, it's easy to handle manually. Just set the recording to start at 12:59 and last 1:01 or 2:01 as needed.
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[22:31:34] paul-h: knightr: a5c4f68444f added an error message that should be translated but I've left it untranslated for now. I'll let you decide if you want to add it now or leave it till after the release
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[22:51:43] paul-h: jya: in 04b3c459 you added local file support to RemoteFile but the behaviour of RemoteFile::Exists(const QString &url, struct stat *fileinfo) is inconsistent. stat doesn't get updated for local files but does for remote files. Mind if I update it to also update stat for local files?
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[22:52:18] jya: paul-h: not at all... I just had no idea what to put there, so I let it do nothing
[22:54:30] jya: is that API even use?
[22:55:09] paul-h: I have fix that will use it :)
[22:57:25] paul-h: Makes it easy to just call RemoteFile::Exists() and it will work for both local and remote files
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[23:10:06] jya: yeah, I figured it would be useful at some stage... there's plenty of code that can be ditched if using RemoteFile
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Friday, September 6th, 2013
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[02:15:17] knightr: what exactly is browsable used for in the video filters?
[02:22:41] gigem: jpagq: I have a few problems with your patch. First, not everyone changes time at 2am local time. and maybe not even on Sunday. I believe the zones in Europe all change at the same UTC time. Second, not everyone changes by 60 minutes. I think there is at least one zone that only changes by 30 minutes. Who knows, but there might even be some that change by more than 60 minutes. Third, I really don't like
[02:22:43] gigem: creating two program entries and consequently two recordings when there is ambiguity. I'd much rather have one program that begins at the earliest ambiguous time and ends at the latest ambiguous time. Unfortunately, it doesn't look that's easy to do right now since most implementations usually always assume the earliest or latest time when converting. In Qt's case, it currently varies by platform. It
[02:22:45] gigem: sounds like there are plans to let the programmer choose the behavior for individual conversions, but that won't go in until at lease version 5.2.
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[03:18:03] jya: gigem: I know of one Australian state changing by only 30 minutes on DST
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[04:01:58] knightr: jpabq, Hi! Themes which still have OSD menu editor entries in them have stuff that was deprecated in 0.24?
[04:04:13] knightr: (in 35a9c3859 to be exact...)
[04:18:55] gigem: jya: Yeah, now that you mention it, I remember Aussie time zones being really odd. Due to differences in DST between the north and south, there can be like 5 different local times in a country that is only wide enough for 3 typical time zones.
[04:19:51] jya: each state have their own DST. time difference between Adelaide and Melbourne is 30 minutes, QLD doesn't have DST etc...
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[05:02:48] jpabq: gigem: I thought about leaving out the check for hour() == 1. That patch doesn't assume Sunday. As far as your other concerns, I can't think of an efficient way of handling the entire planet.
[05:03:58] jpabq: Changing it record two hours instead of two 1 hours — I guess that would be okay. Personally, I would prefer it record the two 1 hours blocks, since that would make it easier to delete one of them, if I really only ended up wanted one of the "1am" recordings.
[05:05:34] jpabq: I did try to look up if Qt had proper timezone support, and saw that it was scheduled for 5.1
[05:08:30] jpabq: Leaving out the hour() == 1 check would fix for most of the work, but you are right — it would not handle New Zealand based on this
[05:08:42] jpabq: s/work/world/
[05:09:43] jpabq: Actually, I guess it would work for most of New Zealand. Just not the Chatham Islands.
[05:21:41] jpabq: It looks like everywhere that does a time change, does it by a full hour. There are countries with .5 time-zones, but even they change time one-the-hour local time (like Iran). Chatham Islands is the only exception I can find.
[05:30:47] jpabq: One scenario I tested was with a manual record set for 1:30am – 2:00am. That patch handled that just fine — I ended up with 1:30am-1:00am (30 minute) and 1:30am-2:00am (30 minute) recordings. The problem with trying to just get one recording, is you would end up with a 90 minute recording in that situation.
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[06:02:30] pentanol: hello, someone uses Prolink PV-B420SPL on linux ?
[06:07:31] SteveGoodey: pentanol: You might want to try mythtv-users. This is a dev channel. :-)
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[06:32:13] pentanol: ok
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[11:23:24] jya: jpabq: I thought that the whole point of using UTC would be that we don't have to handle time changes ?
[11:27:56] danielk221: I think this is for manual time based records. i.e. "record channel X from 2am-3am every day".
[11:30:20] danielk221: It's an edge case for regular users who will mostly be using program guide based recording. But for Digital Nirvana this is what most customers want. They especially want to record things even when their program guide system doesn't handle time changes elegantly.

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