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Thursday, January 31st, 2019, 00:05 UTC
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[00:27:43] jpabq: hampton: maybe post the question on ? I looked at the thread for namecheap, but it indicated that it has to be manually updated every 90 days. the poster indicated it was "easy", though...
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[08:47:16] stuarta: hampton: i just picked up a cheap VPS and rolled my own
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[08:59:37] markk_: god I hate vaapi
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[09:03:39] MythBuild: Build 2019-render-ubuntu-18_04–64bit #25 is complete: Failure [failed test (failure)] –
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[09:12:26] stuarta: markk_: any reason in particular?
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[09:33:34] markk_: stuarta: doesn't work:) – though on this system I can't seem to get much to work:( also if you want to depress yourself have a google for vaapi interop and see what a mess it is.
[09:34:23] stuarta: i depress myself everytime i try to understand joining the dots between any of them
[09:34:35] stuarta: openmax is possibly the worst of the lot
[09:34:43] stuarta: ENODOCS
[09:35:39] stuarta: markk_: fyi, vaapi works on all machines i have with it, even this laptop with nvidia hardware (vdpau) i can access via vaapi as well
[09:36:31] MythBuild: Build 2019-render-ubuntu-18_04–64bit #26 is complete: Success [build successful] –
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[09:37:42] markk_: peterbennett: I'm sure it's on your radar – but we probably need to add some lib dependency checks for cuda. at the moment decoding just bails out if it cannot find the cuda libs (libcuda/libnvcuvid). and then on unsupported (old) libnvcuvid ffmpeg fails with 'Cannot load cuvidGetDecodeStatus' – so we should probably add a check for that
[09:39:40] markk_: think I'm going to defect to windows. at least 10 year old api's still work:)
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[10:01:38] markk_: stuarta: what os/versions are you running? for vaapi that is
[10:02:34] markk_: just can't understand why ffmpeg bails out on vaapi even with the vdpau backend
[10:02:52] stuarta: f29
[10:04:36] markk_: ah – makes sense:)
[10:05:41] stuarta: however my main backend is Ubuntu 18.04.1 LTS
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[10:12:33] stuarta: worked very well even back on f25 tho
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[10:22:11] markk_: why do mythfrontend/mythbackend take so long to stop? are they waiting to send upnp bye bye's ?
[10:23:09] stuarta: wish i knew
[10:27:19] markk_: yup – ssdp
[10:34:08] markk_: bah – another class that could do with a rewrite to make properly event driven. we really don't make the most of qt
[10:36:23] stuarta: nope. there is an awful lot of erm, suboptimal, code
[10:37:17] markk_: is dblain still around?
[10:38:00] stuarta: i believe so
[10:38:17] stuarta: rarely in here tho
[10:38:43] markk_: right – here goes nothing – time to try buster...
[10:39:15] stuarta: it builds ;-)
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[12:44:46] markk_: well that was painful
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[13:27:42] stuarta: :(
[13:36:39] markk_: well – still no dice with buster. was hoping libva2 would do the trick
[13:40:05] stuarta: :(
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[15:20:57] peterbennett: markk_: Yes I am aware of that, NVDEC still a bit rough, needs some work, also needs the direct rendering.
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[15:52:55] stuarta: GreyFoxx: long time no see!
[15:53:55] hampton: The new buildbot web interface seems lame.
[15:55:03] hampton: Takes a while for some of the views to load, if they ever do. Clicking on an individual build goes to a page that doesn't seem to ever load.
[15:55:41] stuarta: hampton: they all load for me. anything specifc you can point to?
[15:55:52] stuarta: hampton: also is your browser blocking anything?
[15:56:10] hampton: Still waiting for to load.
[15:56:34] hampton: I have a script blocker, but is whitelisted.
[15:56:38] stuarta: comes straight up for me
[15:56:51] stuarta: check your browsers web debugger for any clues
[15:57:36] hampton: hmmm. I'm having the same problem setting up buildbot here in the house, so I don't think its the mythtv site.
[15:58:47] stuarta: CLOSED:WORKSFORME ;-p
[15:58:53] hampton: :-)
[15:59:46] hampton: The only thing on the web console is "Error: n is undefined" from one of the buildbot scripts.
[16:00:19] stuarta: i would also look at the network analysis, and see if any components get 404'd, 503'd, or blocked
[16:01:13] stuarta: there's plenty of scripts as well as websocket traffic which all need to work before you'll get the page
[16:02:17] hampton: grumble grumble. It loaded now when I switched to the network tab and clicked reload.
[16:03:42] hampton: I think I see my internal problem though. Can't get to the websocket port.
[16:03:42] ** stuarta facepalms **
[16:04:02] stuarta: that still should be via https (for the project anyway)
[16:07:31] stuarta: it also operates via the same port as the main ui, so even if you are talking locally to it, it should still work
[16:14:11] jheizer: FWIW haven't noticed any issues with it here. Been trying to keep an eye on my waking builders.
[16:15:51] stuarta: seems to be working?
[16:16:00] jheizer: Oh snap. My drink is frozen.
[16:16:16] hampton: You working outside today?
[16:16:40] jheizer: Yeah threw in some stuff to have it skip the first sleep attempt to miss the 5 minute delay between waking and the build showing in the queue
[16:17:17] jheizer: Inside, but grabbed a drink from the garage. Stupid cold here in the north central US the last few days.
[16:18:17] jheizer: -22*F with -45*F wind chill lows
[16:18:36] hampton: I guess you would consider our +21*F to be balmy.
[16:18:49] hampton: in the Mid-Atlantic
[16:19:12] jheizer: Yeah, I'd trade. Central IL here.
[16:19:55] jheizer: I work from home anyway, but kid's school closed the last 3 days. And other kid's daycare the last 2.
[16:21:09] jheizer: Still need to nail down idle time check to tweak it more. Just been having the cron job to sleep not run when the kids might be on it.
[16:21:20] jheizer: If it goes black, just hit space bar. lol
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[16:48:17] hampton: stuarta: Would you kill the jessie builders for the 2019-render branch. Jessie isn't supported there.
[16:50:28] stuarta: hampton: it's on the todo list
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[17:41:33] hampton: woohoo. My internal buildbot just finished its first compile. :-)
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[20:27:41] markk_: stuarta: so what was the outcome of the last discussion re removing xvideo support? the more I look at it, the more I realise it's a lot of code for little use – and it's a blocker for functionality going forward.
[20:30:08] markk_: I'm about to start cleaning up the videooutput classes – would be nice to remove the dross now:)
[20:32:47] jpabq: markk_: I believe the consensus was, that it was finally time for it to GO.
[20:36:05] markk_: jpabq:  :)
[20:36:56] jpabq: I still used it myself up until a year ago. I finally found other ways to deal with "remote desktop" situations, though.
[20:38:26] markk_: remote desktop?
[20:41:34] jpabq: Yes, I make pretty heavy use of x2go to to manage family machines. Sometimes I need to test how it is playing, at xv was the only output method that works with x2go.
[20:46:21] stuarta: the only other thing i can think of is tunnelling mythtv-setup over ssh
[20:46:42] stuarta: and that needs to go, in favour of doing all the setup via the inbuilt webserver
[20:51:31] markk_: stuarta: wow – old school! do you do that much? :)
[20:53:07] jheizer: Guess I'm old. I do everything on my server over ssh/remote x.
[20:53:32] jheizer: Or just too lazy to set anything else up because I've never needed to.
[20:53:43] stuarta: markk_: every single time they rejig the channels
[20:54:21] stuarta: which seems to be every 6 months or so on dvb-t, and was far more frequent on dvb-s2
[20:54:38] jheizer: Oh lord. That would drive me insane.
[20:54:50] stuarta: freeview isn't so bad, it's freesat and the other stuff on that satellite constellation that changes more frequently
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[20:54:59] stuarta: jheizer: yep, it's a pita
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[20:55:57] jpabq: Is xv needed for remote mythtv-setup? I thought xv was only need for playing videos?
[20:56:02] jheizer: And here I I've been too lazy to make the DD -> SD-JSON conversion because I didn't want to have to reset up my channels and we're talking years.
[20:56:32] stuarta: dunno, the gui certainly degrades to the Qt painter when tunneled over X
[20:56:36] stuarta: ssh
[20:58:58] jpabq: Even if it is needed for remote mythtv-setup, I would be tempted to say rip xv out, and maybe that will inspire someone to work on the webserver code. markk_ if you wanted to create a branch with xv removed, I could test it in remote scenario and see what happens.
[21:00:03] stuarta: jpabq: everything he's done so far is in a branch ;-)
[21:00:32] jpabq: Right, I was thinking a /new/ branch, but you are right, there is no need for that.
[21:00:33] markspieth: I use tightvnc for my remoting. mythsetup works well there
[21:00:49] stuarta: cool
[21:00:50] markspieth: x11vnc for server
[21:01:17] jpabq: x2go is sooo much easier to use than VNC. Performance is higher as well. That being said, it has been a few years since I tried VNC, so maybe it has improved.
[21:01:33] hampton: +1 for everything over ssh
[21:01:42] jpabq: x2go is NOT compatible with compiz, though :(
[21:01:46] jpabq: or wayland.
[21:02:07] stuarta: don't try screen sharing with wayland, it's security model means it doesn't work
[21:03:23] jpabq: hampton: that is one of the reasons I like x2go --- all of its communications are over ssh.
[21:04:35] markk_: so I'm guessing my next target of removing the qtpainter is a no go until someone re-writes the setup code:)
[21:04:45] hampton: markk_: Could I convince you to prefix the class members with 'm_'? I was looking at some of that code last week trying to get rid of QDesktopWidget, and I kept tripping over what looked like uninitialized variables which, after referencing the .h file, turned out to be class members.
[21:05:25] stuarta: markk_: i thought that Qt painter was the ultimate fallback when opengl doesn't work
[21:07:05] markk_: hampton: I've been doing that in some of my recent changes. did you have anywhere specific in mind?
[21:08:51] markk_: stuarta: but with the way we are heading, if you don't have opengl , you don't have video. which defeats the object of the excercise:) (unless the object of the excercise is to run setup over ssh/x)
[21:09:00] hampton: I was working in videooutbase and videooutwindow.
[21:10:09] stuarta: markk_: hah, true
[21:10:29] hampton: A while ago I started a branch to use clang to point out where function arguments were the same as class member names, and to migrate all class members to use the m_ notation, but I didn't get very far.
[21:10:58] stuarta: exploding todo list?
[21:11:20] markk_: hampton: I'm in videooutbase now – first port of call is all of the cleanup of member var naming etc
[21:13:05] hampton: stuarta: :-D
[21:13:14] markk_: sooo  – I'm going to take a leap and start removing xvideo code in the morning (in the branch). so if anyone has any objections – you have about 12 hours to raise them!
[21:14:14] hampton: markk_: I ended up only removing a header file from videooutbase. My videooutwindow changes remove one member variable and revamp one functions. Trying to finish testing today.
[21:14:46] gigem: ++ for x2go. That's how I do all of my remote debugging from work. It's even fast enough to do basic playback (using xv). I'll hate to see that go (the crude remote playback, not necessarily xv) but if it's time, then it's time. Is there anything that can do [basic] opengl over an ssh tunnel?
[21:17:38] jpabq: gigem: I switched to using sshfs to remote mount the video files, and then using a local copy of the application (mythavtest, mpv, etc) to play it.
[21:17:38] stuarta: gigem: well is that where we work some more on playback direct from the backend webserver?
[21:20:58] stuarta: jpabq: that's a cool idea
[21:26:33] jpabq: stuarta: it only really works if the remote upload speed is adequate, which is sadely not always true.
[21:28:59] stuarta: heh
[21:42:54] peterbennett: markk_: Raspberry pi as currently use will not work without qt painter
[21:44:46] stuarta: rpi needs some work to get away from the proprietry gl to the opensource gl implementation
[21:44:52] peterbennett: markk_: The default playback profile seems to be Normal, which I suppose will go away with xvideo
[21:45:31] peterbennett: stuarta: Yes but until that is ready we should keep qt painter around.
[21:45:48] stuarta: yup
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[22:48:47] gigem: jpabq, stuarta: I wasn't clear enough. Playing media wasn't my objective. Rather, it was testing front/backend functionality during playback. For example, when I tested "schedule as group" with live TV, I needed to run live TV in a frontend. x2go works good enough for doing that. I get something like 10 fps playback. That was with 75 mpbs upload. I now have 100 mpbs.
[22:49:31] jpabq: Even 75mbps upload is enough to make me drool!
[22:49:47] jpabq: Hell, I would love 25mbps uploads
[22:49:53] dragonian: +1
[22:51:15] gigem: Symmetric speed is one of the nice things with fios. I could get 200 or 300+ but 100 is the current sweet spot.
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[22:51:39] jpabq: fios is not offered here.
[22:51:57] jpabq: I have a choice of comcrap or centurylink.
[22:53:15] gigem: At least you have a choice. Some people don't which is a terrible shame. Or does centurylink just resell comcast bandwidth.
[22:53:26] dragonian: i was about to say that
[22:53:40] jpabq: No, centurylink is DSL.
[22:53:42] jheizer: We got a new local fiber company here now. Not symmetrical. Reports that while the connection locally can be 1gbit, their peering connections is slower. No ipv6, and carrier nat ipv4. $10/mo extra to get a public ipv4 address.
[22:53:48] jheizer: So close.... but so far.
[22:56:16] gigem: Ooh, yeah. I would hate not having a public IP. Peering with Frontier is not as good as it could be. I can get full speed to many places during the day but not in the evenings when everyone is home streaming and gaming.
[22:57:38] jpabq: centurylink is poor, in that the BEST I can get is 40mbps down / 5mbps up. centurylink is good, in that I get that 24/7, never any LOCAL slowdowns.
[22:59:14] jheizer: I've had comcast as the only choice for the last 12? years. I can't really complain. It's always up. Cheap enough. And I get like 190/12. Could get faster, but really that's enough even being home on it all day. Other side of my work VPN is only 8 up so nothing to gain there.
[23:00:36] jheizer: And only having the cablecard tuner makes the tv side decently cheap. I was all ready to drop for the fiber till I learned the no public IP part. Just stumbled across it on reddit on day. They don't make that clear and I would have been pissed finding out after the fact.
[23:04:12] gigem: [Some] people say 5g is going to solve the lack of competition problem. I'm hopeful but skeptical.
[23:08:13] jheizer: My area is just big enough to get stuff eventually, but usually takes forever. Can't say I kept up on the 5g too much.
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[23:20:46] gigem: As I understand it, 5g has the high bandwidth. It just doesn't have it with range. Consequently, the telcos will have to run fiber to the neighborhood and then have micro(?) cells sprinkled throughout the neighborhood.
[23:21:53] gigem: Where's gary_buhrmaster when we need him? :) I suspect he knows quite a bit about it. Certainly more than me.
[23:30:48] peterbennett: My choice is comcast or nothing.
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