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Thursday, January 24th, 2019, 00:08 UTC
[00:08:25] gigem: peterbennett: atsc and vbi subtitles (aks cc708 and cc608) work. a/v subtitles (aka the kind from muxing in an srt) file also work. There are also dvd and bd (I think) subtitles. I don't know their status.
[00:09:48] gigem: peterbennett: fontconfig currently must be built but isn't really used. I think it's required because some stuff is in the manifest or something like that. The app crashes without it. markspieth probably knows more about that. I thing he still intends to get fontconfig working.
[00:10:01] ** gigem heads home but will check back in later. **
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[09:28:16] jya: Got a LG oled, that TV shares similar IR code to the mac mini I set up to run mythtv.
[09:28:36] stuarta: bet that caused some head scratching
[09:28:41] jya: So pressing menu on my myth remove, switch the TV to hdmi 2
[09:28:59] jya: Remote
[09:29:21] jya: I've spent days on getting that remote exactly how I liked it. What a pain.
[09:29:43] jya: The quality of that TV is mind blowing. The colours are amazing.
[09:31:15] jya: Mythtv is really the best thing to watch free to air TV. Ability to rewind anytime is so awesome.
[09:32:04] stuarta: most of the tv providers in the uk provide this feature by default in their STB these days
[09:32:51] jya: In France, either Orange or free, you must have paused playback at least once.
[09:33:00] jya: Same wjth the foxtel STB here.
[09:33:18] stuarta: becoming common these days
[09:33:19] jya: And you can rewind only if you're in delayed playback
[09:33:59] jya: They have switched to H264 (from mpeg2) while I was away. Quality is pretty good.
[09:34:31] stuarta: jya: you back in Aus now?
[09:35:23] jya: Yes
[09:35:41] jya: I'm having a few livetv start-up failure.
[09:35:47] jya: About 1 in 3
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[10:16:28] markk_: stuarta: so given that QtOpenGL is gone and opengl support is baked into QtGui – is there a reason to retain all of the USING_OPENGL and USING_OPENGL_VIDEO type defines?
[10:17:31] stuarta: very good question
[10:17:48] markk_: they're everywhere!
[10:18:15] stuarta: are they used to split the legacy X display code off from the opengl code?
[10:19:28] markk_: I don't think so – all comes from the dreaded configure script checking for opengl support. which presumably it still needs to do to link to the correct lib etc
[10:22:46] stuarta: i suspect it can be significantly simplified to if(QtGui.available())
[10:22:48] markk_: hrm – have been forgetting to ref the tracking ticket:(
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[10:23:18] stuarta: doh!
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[10:36:47] markk_: does debian support the closed source nvidia drivers? I seem to remember they were funny about it years ago
[10:37:17] stuarta: probably in their non-free repo's
[10:37:43] stuarta: however 99% of our user base uses ubuntu which do include them (somewhere)
[10:38:07] markk_: is ubuntu really that dominant?
[10:38:22] stuarta: <- see stats page
[10:38:37] stuarta: okay, so 90%
[10:39:25] stuarta: with 16.04 (LTS) taking top spot, and 18.04 (LTS) taking second
[10:42:40] markk_: how are people still using qt4??
[10:42:59] stuarta: never upgraded from the really old version where we did use Qt
[10:43:00] stuarta: qt4
[10:45:05] stuarta: there's lots of 0.28.x still in use, which iirc was qt4 based
[10:46:59] stuarta: markk_: fyi, i'm contemplating adding capturing of `glxinfo -B` in the smolt data, so we start to get an idea of the opengl profiles available
[11:05:57] markk_: stuarta: sounds good. can you remind me – is smolt data captured from backend or frontend or both?
[11:06:54] stuarta: erm.... both i think
[11:07:12] stuarta: smolt is however another of those things that requires a rewrite
[11:07:53] stuarta: the data model is horrendous, and every 10mins it spends a good 3–4mins regenerating the static web pages
[11:09:52] markspieth: jya: I have 1 too. 4yo and panel just failed. LG have said they will fix it under ACL so Im happy. otherwise A$2750 for panel/tcon pair inc labour.
[11:10:11] stuarta: ouch
[11:12:11] markspieth: indeed
[11:12:24] Steve-Goodey: Thought one year guarentee was the max unless you paid extra.
[11:12:28] markspieth: only cost me A$3k in the first place
[11:12:48] markspieth: Asutralian cionsumer law has provision for "reasonable durability"
[11:13:36] Steve-Goodey: What do they consider reasonable?
[11:14:34] markspieth: How long is a TV suppsoed to last? Apparently LG here are pretty good about this as long as it is not damaged. e.g. kids throwing controllers at the screen.
[11:14:40] markk_: having worked for a company involved in HDMI-CEC – I wouldn't touch LG with a barge pole (no offence to LG owners!) – they're not fond of standards
[11:15:28] markspieth: OLED is brilliant though. But I do expect it to last for say 10 years.
[11:15:35] markspieth: especially at that price.
[11:19:18] Steve-Goodey: My Pioneer Plasma has lasted almost 10 years, no 4K for me.
[11:20:55] markspieth: no 4k either. Have a cheap TCL for that. Pretty good for the price.
[11:21:57] stuarta: markk_: on your rpi with the QEGLNativeContext stuff commented out, does the build work fine?
[11:23:49] markk_: stuarta: it is working fine with the correct header (QPlatformHeaders or some such) – but I built my own qt5 with full broadcom eglfs support – which presumably adds the headers.
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[13:09:08] markk_: stuarta: I can't see how we can fix that EGL stuff. I added in the header on my dev pc (#include <QtPlatformHeaders/QEGLNativeContext>) and it just complains about a missing private header. So I'm going to comment it out for now.
[13:10:55] stuarta: markk_: i'm happy with that, i've done that on my rpi, but having trouble getting *any* app to run that uses hw bits
[13:14:25] markk_: stuarta: any app on the pi?
[13:14:37] stuarta: even glxinfo is hanging
[13:14:57] stuarta: some of the others complains that something is in use
[13:15:20] stuarta: "* failed to add service – already in use?"
[13:15:38] stuarta: which is some weird arse way of saying it can't get hold of the hardware
[13:18:15] markk_: I've largely given up on my pi for the moment (pi zero). mythfrontend is painfully slow, I can't get a keyboard to connect and re-compiles take *forever*. and openmax seems to be borked...
[13:18:46] stuarta: mine an rpi3 something
[13:19:10] markk_: stuarta: is there a way to avoid being accused of spamming trac? :) keep getting locked out :(
[13:19:19] stuarta: really?
[13:19:30] markk_: using github login
[13:19:45] markk_: I probably have a very old dev login somewhere...
[13:19:53] stuarta: uses only github now
[13:22:19] ** stuarta falls asleep waiting for trac **
[13:23:07] stuarta: markk_: added you to developer group on trac, that will hopefully stop it
[13:24:22] stuarta: markk_: ah, you hit the ip throttle
[13:26:12] markk_: thanks
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[13:29:38] ** stuarta waves to kwizart **
[13:30:12] kwizart: hi there !
[13:30:28] ** kwizart todays's wonder, why there is a video group for... **
[13:33:12] stuarta: trac you steaming pile of poo
[13:44:42] peterbennett: The latest raspbian and mythtv30 gives awful sound on analog. Crackles and pops continuously mixed in with the audio. No idea why.
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[13:54:40] stuarta: anyone need some h264/h265 test videos?
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[14:05:06] markk_: stuarta: nice – somewhat surprised that I can play 10bit videos...
[14:05:27] stuarta: can't play squat right now on this laptop :(
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[14:06:48] markk_: does ffmpeg downsample??
[14:15:51] peterbennett: markk_: You can downsample with ffmpeg.
[14:16:56] peterbennett: markk_: As far as 10bit video is concerned it is being converted to 8bit before we display it – would be nice to fix that.
[14:19:57] markk_: peterbennett: presumably we have to tell ffmpeg to return the full 10bit frame?
[14:25:01] markk_: ah – I see where we convert it
[14:36:19] stuarta: markk_: AFAICT the colours on VDPAU are still fine after the QMatrix4x4 change
[14:45:56] markk_: stuarta: cool – thanks. was just about to test
[14:48:32] stuarta: jellyfish test successful :)
[14:49:01] stuarta: also just tried the 4k-udh-h264 variant, and vaapi2 could process it easily
[14:49:15] stuarta: (test laptop doesn't support HEVC profiles)
[14:59:24] stuarta: this feels quite theraputic seeing the broom put through this code
[15:02:13] markk_: needs to happen elsewhere
[15:02:33] stuarta: indeed. but we gotta start somewhere
[15:04:05] markk_: don't even know where to start on livetv...
[15:08:28] stuarta: who even uses livetv :-p
[15:10:38] markk_: it has its uses
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[15:43:44] gigem: My mom uses live TV a lot. It's forced me to address some issues. There is still a very annoying seek table/end of file detection issue that can cause skipping/fast forwarding to suddenly warp to the end. Other than that, live TV is working reasonably well for her.
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[17:41:58] peterbennett: gigem: I have seen that issues where i jumps to the end of recording on skip forward when watching a recording in progress, but I have not seen it recently.
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[18:04:57] peterbennett: stuarta: markk_: MythTV is the only way that I have to watch TV Live.
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[18:29:25] gigem: peterbennett: I haven't seen it during in progress recordings, only in live TV.
[18:37:13] MythBuild: Build 2019-render-debian-stretch-rpi2-armv7l #18 is complete: Success [build successful] –
[18:37:13] ** MythLogBot **
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[19:34:42] peper03: gigem: peterbennett: Regarding the question about subtitles earlier – DVD and Bluray subtitles are graphic overlays (i.e. they are encoded as images) so there's no dependency on fontconfig or similar at all.
[19:42:52] peterbennett: peper03: DVD also has "closed captions" sometimes which are text ...
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[19:47:17] peterbennett: raspbian has a "new improved" audio driver which causes lots of loud pops and crackles to be inserted into analog audio. Luckily it can be disabled.
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[20:16:57] hampton: I can't get my android build working again. I am trying to recreate the libraries, and a './ all' command dies while building ICU. Says the C compiler cannot create executables. Has anyone else seen this?
[20:17:45] peterbennett: hampton: I have seen that message.
[20:18:44] peterbennett: hampton: It is not really true, I think that error comes out of any compile failure in teh config.
[20:19:30] peterbennett: Probably a header file not found or something.
[20:20:52] hampton: I see a bunch of "error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory" messages.
[20:21:33] hampton: Do I need to set something in my environment? Its been a while since I've been through this.
[20:22:56] peterbennett: Did you set up ~/android/ ?
[20:24:13] hampton: I have that file
[20:24:56] peterbennett: Follow the readme.
[20:25:36] peterbennett: You can build 1 library at a time, that helps sometimes.
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[20:28:00] hampton: ok. I'll start from the top of the readme.
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[20:43:18] hampton: My clang arm cross compiler needs an older version of ncurses than what's installed. I used symlinks so it could find the (newer) libraries and it worked.
[20:48:13] hampton: I ran './maketoolchain --force' a little while ago, but it completed so quickly I'm not sure it actually did anything.
[20:51:08] gigem: peterbennett: You can never have too many loud pops and crackles in your audio!
[20:51:50] gigem: hampton: does seem to be rather fragile. I always have lots of trepidation every time I delete libs and try to build from scratch.
[20:56:08] peper03: peterbennett: Ah, yes. I *think* they only really occur on region 1 discs, don't they? I'm pretty sure I've never come across them on R2 discs.
[20:57:37] peper03: Obviously, if you have a disc with closed captions, you don't really care if they used elsewhere or not :)
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[21:07:30] hampton: Lovely. kernel-headers and glibc-headers both define a structure with the same name, preventing makelibs from compiling qt.
[21:08:16] Hydroponx (Hydroponx! has joined #mythtv
[21:09:45] gigem: hampton: statx and rename2 or something like that? If so, update your That was fixed last week.
[21:11:24] hampton: Thanks.
[21:11:26] hampton: And it builds qt5.11 instead of qt5.10. :-)
[21:11:35] gigem: yw.
[21:15:34] jya: markspieth: ouch.
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[21:17:34] jya: The hdmi-cec seems to be working just fine between the TV and the Apple TV.
[21:43:01] gigem: I believe the uncommitted patch I have is a better fix than . . . files.patch. I'll commit it in the next few days after I've run it myself for a while longer.
[21:44:01] gigem: For your other patch, . . . ocket.patch, I'm not prepared to comment on it yet. Again, if you haven't already opened a ticket for it, please do.
[21:54:27] gigem: For anyone else following along regarding my deadlock due to wrong file issue, here's a couple more interesting tidbits. I checked my logs and I've had 3 instances of the problem this month. Each instance involved starting playback of the same program (the 10pm News on one channel) while it was still recording. Additionally, I have 3 drives/directories in my Default storage group. In each instance, the
[21:54:29] gigem: program was recorded on a different drive and playback was incorrectly attempted on a different drive.
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