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Saturday, January 19th, 2019, 00:05 UTC
[00:05:26] jpabq: Looks like my problem had to do with residual libraries. I went through and deleted anything mythtv related out of /usr/local, and now it is working.
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[01:30:43] markspieth2: gigem: building libs again with fresh checkout. let you know in 45min
[01:34:51] markspieth2: failed for me too. will fix.
[01:38:34] gigem: markspieth2: K. I just got home and was about to try again myself.
[01:56:56] markspieth2: maybe remove sysroot conf option from fontconfig build.
[01:57:27] markspieth2: if this one builds I'll push the oneliner
[02:02:30] markspieth2: pushed update
[02:02:45] markspieth2: master of course
[02:05:12] gigem: Okay. I'll try it very soon.
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[02:28:44] markspieth2: I also noticed on a low res channel hw kernel deint does a terrible job. looks like it samples with an offset in x making edges look terrible.
[02:29:11] markspieth2: this is with mediacodec decoder.
[02:45:43] gigem: Still building.
[02:46:02] gigem: For standard definition, you should probably use yadif 2x.
[02:53:59] markspieth2: he linear works ok
[02:54:10] markspieth2: hw
[02:56:01] markspieth2: still building is a good sign
[02:57:20] gigem: libass and its prereqs built by themselves so I expect that to work. Just gotta wait a little longer. I think it's in webkit now.
[02:57:56] gigem: mark____: See deinterlacer talk above.
[03:41:18] gigem: Subtitles. And there was much rejoicing! Thanks, markspieth2. Now I can go back to figuring what and how I want to transcode.
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[05:29:43] gigem: And then the rejoicing stopped. ATSC closed captions work but subtitles in a separate stream don't. Further investigation will have to wait.
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[10:40:10] mark____: gigem, markspieth: I spent hours trying to find the source of that problem the other day – though I'd made a mistake in the branch. Slightly relieved it's in master :) anyway – problem found, will commit fix to master and fixes.
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[14:12:17] markspieth: Another observation in master android with mediacodec. When using speedup and interlaced content, the program duration counter counts faster than real time and then reaches 0 and forces play rate back to 1. I suspect this is related to rate doubling. 35min progam at 1.55 reaches this state at around 24 min.
[14:14:04] markspieth: Also with faster playback rate with mediacodec, frame judder/drop is annoying. When I switched to GL High Q profile (no mods), S/W decoding playback at this rate is perfect. AVSync2 was used.
[14:36:50] peterbennett: markspieth: Some work needs to be done on duration counting, i agree.
[14:37:55] peterbennett: markspieth: I think both of these problems are related to the fact that speedup norlayy disabled frame doubling, but with mediacodec on sheld it cannot disable teh frame doubling
[14:38:08] peterbennett: *noarmally
[14:38:15] peterbennett: *normally
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[17:26:29] mark____: peterbennett: why would using mediacodec for decoding have any influence on doublerate?
[17:59:18] peterbennett: mark____: Mediacodec on shield deinterlaces in the decoder, we have no way of turning off the deinterlace
[18:01:19] peterbennett: mark____: So it is always coming from the decoder at double rate if it was interlaced
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[18:29:37] mark____: peterbennett: ah – thanks – didn't know that. do we adjust the stream metadat to account for that? i.e. make sure mythplayer just thinks it is a progressive/double rate stream? and mark frames as progressive?
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[20:19:39] mark____: markspieth: the android builds on your website – should they work on the shield? Have started playing with the android stuff but I only get the splash screen before it bails out. latest build.
[20:24:35] peterbennett: mark____: I have a site with android build that work
[20:29:24] mark____: peterbennett: do you have a link?
[20:29:35] peterbennett: Is is in the wiki
[20:30:57] peterbennett:
[20:31:08] peterbennett: The 64 bit version works on shield
[20:31:34] peterbennett: wiki page describes how to install it etc ->
[20:32:17] peterbennett: I have not yet put the official mythtv30 version there
[20:33:01] peterbennett: But those that are there work fine
[20:36:12] markspieth2: mark____: yes they work for me onte shield. they have my extra patches though. some 4k experimental stuff and other things
[20:37:30] peterbennett: markspieth2: is the libass stuff now ok on android and is it committed to master and v30 ?
[20:38:08] peterbennett: markspieth2: I am waiting for that to be sorted out before I make a build for the bintray website
[20:41:36] markspieth2: yes.however gigem said it didn't work for everything. I suspect it's a fontconfig config issue. I tried it with dvbt subtitles and it works.
[20:43:48] markspieth2: I suspect font type is the issue an if it can't find one suitable it shows nothing
[20:59:33] mark____: markspieth2, peterbennett: wow – fantastic work! looking really good
[21:01:14] gigem: peterbennett: atsc cc and vbi cc work. Normal a/v subtitles don't, at least for me. Like markspieth2, I suspect a font problem. I'm trying to narrow it down.
[21:13:43] mark____: markspieth2, peterbennett: is there anyway to do display refresh rate switching on android tv?
[21:22:10] gigem: mark____: I believe Kodi can do it, so in theory, we could too. I doubt it's implemented, though.
[21:26:05] mark____: gigem: found it: . . . /XBMCApp.cpp
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[21:55:47] peterbennett: mark____: We still do not know how to get the display to support 4k screen size on android, it seems stuck on 1920x1080
[21:56:28] mark____: peterbennett: I think we need to disallow all deinterlacers on android. does that sound correct?
[21:56:52] mark____: peterbennett: get Qt to support 4k?
[21:57:06] peterbennett: mark____: On shield it does not matter what you set, because MythTV always sees progressive.
[21:57:14] mark____: deinterlacers with mediacodec
[21:57:39] peterbennett: mark____: On other android devices there is no deinterlace and we need to use the OpenGL deint.
[21:58:03] mark____: well that's annoying:)
[21:58:10] mark____: anyway we can test for it?
[21:58:34] peterbennett: mark____: On fire TV 4K, mediacodec crashes if it sees interlaced content while decoding
[21:59:46] peterbennett: mark____: On fire TV (non-4k) mediacodec presents everything as if it was progressive even if interlaced. So the OpenGL interlacers do not deinterlace it.
[22:00:39] peterbennett: Bottom line: I set all mpeg2 to be software decoded so the OpenGL deintelace works.
[22:03:11] peterbennett: mark____: Re 4K – the physical screen is 4k and running at 4k but something is scaling what the app does so that the app thinks it is 1080.
[22:05:05] peterbennett: People who have interlaced h264 will have to do something also when using fire tv . I do not have interlaced h264.
[22:11:23] mark____: peterbennett: on my oneplus 1 (4+ year old android phone) everything is working nicely. needs a keyboard to be really functional though:(
[22:12:11] mark____: I can't remember now whether it was on the phone or shield now – but there was one clip that was definitely being deinterlaced twice. turned off gl deinterlacer and it was smooth.
[22:12:58] mark____: peterbennett: there must be a way to query what the device supports
[22:14:08] peterbennett: mark____: I think the deinterlace capabilities are being hidden by FFmpeg
[22:14:53] peterbennett: So it seems like you have the opposite – android was deinterlacing but telling Mythtv that it was still interlaced.
[22:15:21] mark____: peterbennett: re ffmpeg – yes, maybe – but there is nothing stopping us from checking once at startup
[22:15:39] mark____: yes- i need to confirm – but it definitely seemed to be deinterlaced twice
[22:15:47] peterbennett: I tried it on my phone and it played ok but I don't think I could tell whether it was deinterlaced or not – that would require very powerful eyes
[22:17:37] mark____: peterbennett: . . . id-ios-bb10/
[22:17:41] peterbennett: On the phone I used the network remote interface to control it since I cannot connect a keyboard to my phone.
[22:19:36] peterbennett: The 4K is somewhat academic right now, as I believe we need direct gpu to screen video to support it.
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[22:36:02] gigem: mark____: I still have my oneplus 1 as a spare. I got it back from my mom when I gave her my nexus 6p. I love my oneplus 6. If the 7 is comparable, I might get one and give the 6 to my mom. The nexus hasn't aged well.
[22:36:22] gigem: peterbennett: If you want, I can get you a 1080i h264 sample.
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[23:28:55] peterbennett: gigem: I do have an h264 interlaced sample – what I meant was that there is no h264 interlaced in my regular watching schedule so I don't have to handle it in my android devices.
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[23:37:36] markspieth2: re phones, the 4x3 panel is still there to control playback. see readme for layout
[23:38:26] markspieth2: a ten overlay would probably be nice
[23:38:34] markspieth2: temp
[23:39:59] peterbennett: markspieth2: On phones it does not behave as expected, scrolling works backwards and it is not intuitive what to do.
[23:41:01] peterbennett: I would call it user unfriendly
[23:41:16] peterbennett: User friendless
[23:51:06] markspieth2: yes I know. it was quick and dirty
[23:51:38] markspieth2: ui was never my strong suit
[23:52:28] markspieth2: ndk18b build is coming along too
[23:52:39] peterbennett: I have never looked into how the android gestures work
[23:52:56] peterbennett: Anyway out android support is really aimed at android TV
[23:54:13] markspieth2: it uses myth gestures.

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