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Monday, January 14th, 2019, 00:23 UTC
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[08:09:17] mark____: dizygotheca: thanks – master is fine – I'll pull it in.
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[08:58:25] stuarta: peterbennett: development branches (ie. devel/*) yes
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[10:43:25] dizygotheca: stuarta: Morning Stuart. Is the buildbot page working ? "No Such Resource. File not found"
[10:44:16] stuarta: dizygotheca: yes it's working, the new version has some different urls. start at
[10:46:56] dizygotheca: stuarta: Ok, thanks. It works in Firefox, but no longer in my usual browser (Falkon), where it did last week.
[10:50:53] stuarta: dizygotheca: that's odd, i use chrome and firefox and both work. curious why it has an issue
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[11:01:26] stuarta: mark____: added your branch to the build network, it'll start building on the next commit
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[11:45:02] stuarta: and when the outstanding builds have completed, i'll switch the cppcheck build to a newer worker, which has a newer cppcheck
[11:46:25] stuarta: hmm, we have even newer versions on other platforms....
[11:46:27] ** stuarta ponders **
[11:49:57] stuarta: right, time to do the release
[11:55:01] stuarta: and that should be it done
[11:55:17] stuarta: hopefully the release script does everything required
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[14:42:27] MythBuild: Build cppcheck-master #61 is complete: Failure [failed created report (failure) rsync to server (failure)] –
[14:42:27] ** MythLogBot **
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[14:54:48] stuarta: bah stupid perl script. i should replace that with something intelligent
[15:00:00] gary_buhrmaster: or just run when upgrading?
[15:10:14] MythBuild: Build cppcheck-master #62 is complete: Success [build successful] –
[15:10:14] ** MythLogBot **
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[15:11:53] stuarta: gary_buhrmaster: i'm more of the opinion that perl scripts should die
[15:12:17] stuarta: i mean, what sort of a language needs an explicit module to provide a switch statement?
[15:13:08] stuarta: new cppcheck has generated approx 4300 new errors / warnings / etc
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[15:28:06] peterbennett: stuarta: Where can we see the cppcheck results?
[15:46:26] stuarta:
[15:54:36] peterbennett: I don't know what this means "has a constructor with 1 argument that is not explicit."
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[15:55:48] stuarta: peterbennett: see previous changes by dhampton which implement that, it's basically scattering "explicit" keywords in the appropriate place
[15:57:20] peterbennett: It is also reporting the same line for the same error multiple times, for example mythtv/libs/libmythui/mythrect.h:25 has that error reported over and over, probably for every file that includes it.
[15:58:53] stuarta: that might explain the huge increase in the number of error & warnings found
[16:01:29] peterbennett: They keep adding new features to c++. It looks like every constructor that takes a single parameter should be defined explicit unless you want it used implicitly in an assignment statement.
[16:05:22] stuarta: something like that, hampton is the expert in that area
[16:06:40] pvr4me: Good morning
[16:06:46] ** stuarta waves **
[16:07:49] pvr4me: Another override question…how do I specify the default theme instead of my usual MythCentre?
[16:12:22] peterbennett: pvr4me: Setup->Theme Chooser
[16:13:13] pvr4me: peterbennett: Screen isn’t displaying properly. Need to override from the command line
[16:14:21] peterbennett: One way is delete the bad theme from .mythtv/themes directory
[16:14:44] peterbennett: If the theme is not there it will use MythCenter
[16:15:07] SteveGoodey: mythfrontend -O Theme=MythCenter
[16:17:21] pvr4me: SteveGoodey: It isn’t working with MythCentre. Is “Steppes” the default? In fact, I’d like to try with any other theme
[16:17:50] pvr4me: BTW, this is with a recent pull of fixes-29
[16:18:19] stuarta: so yesterday. pull fixes/30 instead
[16:19:35] pvr4me: BTW, there are tonnes of repeated ThemeUpdateChecker lines in the log. All for …29.xx/MythCenter
[16:20:00] pvr4me: stuarta: I know, ;) Trying to walk before I run
[16:20:26] stuarta: theme update check walks the possible .xx version until it finds something
[16:20:32] stuarta: inefficient to say the least
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[16:24:50] stuarta: cppcheck has produced a bunch of false positives too
[16:27:36] ** stuarta sighs **
[16:28:05] peterbennett: pvr4me: MythCenter is the default and is shipped with the software so it has to work or nobdy will be able to setup anything
[16:29:55] peterbennett: pvr4me: You could try -O Theme=MythCenter-wide
[16:30:12] peterbennett: pvr4me: What is the problem with MythCenter?
[16:31:48] pvr4me: peterbennet: I do the MacPorts packaging (0.25 through 0.28). Trying (again) to package 29.x
[16:32:21] stuarta: pvr4me: ensure you have no old cache around from long ago
[16:32:35] pvr4me: On launching mythfrontend, only about the top-left quarter of the screen was being painted. The rest was a sick orange
[16:32:55] stuarta: not sure that's a theme issue
[16:32:57] pvr4me: stuarta: will do
[16:33:12] stuarta: old/bad cache will make it crash
[16:33:22] stuarta: not quarter paint the screen
[16:33:38] pvr4me: I launched with —override-setting theme=default and just now got the whole screen painted
[16:34:56] pvr4me: Last week, I was testing with Qt 5.12 and had segmentation faults on launching mfe
[16:36:25] peterbennett: pvr4me: There is a mythfrontend startup option -r or --reset that should reset user interface settings in case something is messed up
[16:36:27] pvr4me: OTOH, I’m back to having the issue where mfe is non-responsive to the keyboard (just beeps on each key press) UNTIL I click somewhere on the screen. Then keyboard works normally until I go into certain screens (like the Theme Chooser)
[16:36:49] peterbennett: Losing focus?
[16:36:55] pvr4me: Yes
[16:37:39] pvr4me: I first ran into this with mfe29 in about Nov 2017 but never found any answers
[16:38:07] pvr4me: That’s the main reason I haven’t put 29 into MacPorts
[16:38:25] peterbennett: I think that has been reported before on Mac. It used to be a problem on Linux with the old style setup screens in certain cases.
[16:38:54] pvr4me: I think I filed a bug report. I know there was a thread on the forum
[16:39:46] peterbennett: I think I have that ticket
[16:39:49] pvr4me: BTW, I just tried to swith to Steppes-narrow 1.15 via the Theme Chooser and it did not seem to take effect?
[16:42:11] peterbennett: Ticket #13185 Reports some issues on 0.28. I had hoped the new setup screens would solve it.
[16:42:11] ** MythLogBot **
[16:43:16] peterbennett: Ticket needs to be assigned to somebody who develops on Apple, that is not me.
[16:44:03] peterbennett: In certain cases switching themes does not take effect until you restart the frontend
[16:44:51] peterbennett: This seems to happen when you had a theme assigned in the database and it was removed from the .mythtv directory.
[16:44:55] pvr4me: stuarta: none of the ~/.mythtv/cache files appear to be older than last week. Deleting them anyway. I’ll also give the —reset option a go
[16:46:50] pvr4me: peterbennet: This is a brand new database created last week from scratch. BTW, adding xmltvid’s to the scanned OTA stations was not the most fun experience ever [/sarcasm]
[16:49:27] peterbennett: Wanted: MACOS developer
[16:49:34] peterbennett: Wanted: Windows Developer
[16:54:22] pvr4me: I think I’m cursed
[16:55:04] peterbennett: pvr4me: Upgrade to Linux :)
[16:55:52] pvr4me: Deleted the cache, did ‘mythfrontend —reset’ which seemed to run successfully. However, now mfe is back to using only 1/4 of the screen (with MythCenter theme). Sigh
[16:56:27] pvr4me: peterbennet: not my definition of “upgrade”  ;)
[16:56:49] peterbennett: pvr4me: In the setup, is the csreen size set to 0, which should use the whole screen ?
[16:57:07] pvr4me: checking
[16:58:56] pvr4me: You mean in mfe —> settings? Very hard to check with only 1/4 of screen working!
[16:59:22] pvr4me: BTW, mythtv-setup display fine on full screen.
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[17:03:10] peterbennett: yes settings, appearance
[17:06:23] pvr4me: Yup, got fullscreen back by adding —override-setting theme=default to the command line. settings>Appearance>Theme/Screen settings, GUI Dimensions: all zero
[17:06:54] Steve-Goodey: Sometimes I've found I had to download a theme twice before it would stick.
[17:06:59] pvr4me: Is there any chance that MythCenter got munged during the 30 release?
[17:23:33] pvr4me: So, the log may have the answer. It includes:
[17:23:35] pvr4me: 2019-01–14 12:13:22.817876 E ThemeInfo: The theme (/opt/local/share/mythtv/themes/default) is missing a themeinfo.xml file.
[17:26:54] pvr4me: The /opt/local/share/mythtv/themes/default directory has 177 items in it but indeed does not have a themeinfo.xml file. At least that gives me something to check. (After lunch.)
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[17:44:56] peterbennett: pvr4me: the default directory will not have a themeinfo file
[17:45:37] peterbennett: the default directory is not a theme, it consists of default files for in case another theme is missing some files
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[18:08:25] pvr4me: peterbennet: But the log is explicitly complaining about the file being missing?!? An “E” message
[18:09:04] jpabq: pvr4me: The logging needs some cleanup. There are several places with the wrong "level", like that.
[18:15:24] pvr4me: I also get a couple of OpenGL error messages, log at:
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[18:21:22] peterbennett: pvr4me: The reason it complains about it being missing is because you have requested an invalid theme name of "default".
[18:24:01] pvr4me: The Theme=default is the only way I’ve found to get the full screen to display. If I use Theme=MythCenter|Steppes-narrow|Terra only 1/4 of the screen is painted
[18:24:46] peterbennett: I can see in your log that it ignored broken theme default and used MythCanter instead.
[18:26:43] peterbennett: I suggest change back to -O Theme=MythCenter
[18:28:11] pvr4me: peterbennet: Just tried that and only 1/4 of the screen is painted
[18:30:05] jpabq: That sounds like it is miss-detecting your screen resolution.
[18:31:23] pvr4me: Screen grab at:
[18:33:15] pvr4me: Logs says:
[18:33:17] pvr4me: 2019-01–14 13:25:43.675867 N Desktop video mode: 1280x800 60.000 Hz
[18:33:33] pvr4me: And:
[18:33:35] pvr4me: 2019-01–14 13:25:49.543487 I UI Screen Resolution: 1280 x 800
[18:34:04] pvr4me: That is the right resolution for this machine (late 2011 MacBook Pro)
[18:35:56] pvr4me: In the log I pasted, lines 89–91 seem ominous:
[18:35:58] pvr4me: 2019-01–14 12:10:29.170408 E Failed to create OpenGL texture.
[18:36:27] peterbennett: I don't know what ity is doing. What if you set and actual size in the appearance instead of using 0?
[18:36:50] peterbennett: I wonder why it uses OpenGL when the screen painter is set to Qt.
[18:37:21] peterbennett: I think the maacos versiob does some different things from Linux.
[18:37:29] peterbennett: MACOS
[18:37:38] peterbennett: version
[18:43:04] pvr4me: Incidentally, this is not a “Retina” (aka high dpi) display
[18:45:14] peterbennett: I see that the menu is displayed the correct size for full screen but it is cut off at quarter screen.
[18:47:03] peterbennett: So the display widgets use the correct size 1280x720 but the window size is set to 640x360
[18:48:13] pvr4me: I can run again with more/different logging if you think it might help
[18:49:54] peterbennett: You need somebody who knows Apple. I think Piotr (warpme) is using the latest version with apple devices
[18:52:06] peterbennett: pvr4me: How are your programming skills?
[19:39:26] pvr4me: peterbennett: I do a bit of scripting; no C++
[19:43:26] mark____: pvr4me: I suspect the opengl errors are a red herring. For some reason it is failing to load the theme – and trying again... and again... can you get some more detailed logs e.g. at least --loglevel=debug
[19:44:21] pvr4me: Is —verbose general,gui worthwhile or too much?
[19:48:29] mark____: gui might be helpful.
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[19:51:48] pvr4me: Here is a log without gui; I’ll do another
[19:52:28] pvr4me: just a sec
[19:54:51] pvr4me:
[19:57:36] pvr4me: Now with gui logging…
[19:57:37] pvr4me:
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[20:05:19] pvr4me: peterbennett: you were right. I went to Settings>Appearance>Theme/Screen settings, GUI Dimensions and filled in 1280 X 800 as the width and height. Now I get the full screen painted without having the Theme=default nonsense on the command line
[20:10:02] peterbennett: It should not be that way, but at least you have a workaround.
[20:12:30] pvr4me: Indeed
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[22:59:18] jpabq: I have dreams of enhancing MythUI to make some things easier on the themer. My last attempt failed, because it increased the CPU overhead, which is a challege. There are times when I wish that themes could be layed out using CSS.
[23:10:14] jpabq: dizygotheca, from a themers perspective, it would also be nice if some MythUI configuration windows were converted to use settingssetup. Windows like grabbersettings, generalsettings, playersettings, ratingsettings, importsettings, burningsettings, visualizationsettings, file_associations, playersettings, metadatasettings, global-setup
[23:10:28] stuarta: cunning, and curious, plan
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