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Wednesday, January 9th, 2019, 00:01 UTC
[00:01:15] peterbennett: stuarta: Fixes/30 branch for themes?
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[03:19:23] jheizer: stuarta: rpi builder is back online. I wasn't sure if i was able to check the name myself or if it had to match what the master had so Ive left it. Old directory being exported that no longer existed was killing the nfs server.
[03:20:18] jheizer: I also moved the other 2 builders to a desktop I setup for the kids for christmas. It should WoL it when there is a build out there, but that's to be confirmed. Just a heads up when you see them offline as it suspends after a while of inactivity.
[03:20:26] jheizer: Let my server have a bit of a break
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[03:22:24] jheizer: And I spoke too soon and see you updated it already. nm.
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[09:17:12] stuarta: jheizer: you have to change the slave name in buildbot.tac, and i have to restart the buildmaster
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[09:35:02] MythBuild: Build master-freebsd10–64bit #67 is complete: Failure [failed 'gmake install' (failure)] –
[09:35:02] ** MythLogBot **
[09:37:56] stuarta: hmmm, is the virtual disk full...?
[09:37:58] ** stuarta ponders **
[09:41:45] stuarta: yep ENOSPACE
[09:51:07] stuarta: jheizer: as your build is still going after 6hrs, i would suggest renaming the builddirs when you change the name of the slave ;-)
[09:51:59] stuarta: okay, so freebsd10 is EOL, and the builder has run out of space, fixing it is a PITA, so i'm just going to trash it
[09:53:02] stuarta: hmmm, i suspect something has changed in the configure options or the builder
[09:53:23] stuarta: freebsd11 builder for fixes/29 = 932M, fixes/30 and master = 4.4G
[09:53:39] stuarta: that a) explains the ENOSPACE on freebsd10, and b) isn't right
[09:56:18] stuarta: same on freebsd12
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[11:55:10] hampton: My dev trees on freebsd11/12 are ~750M
[12:04:39] stuarta: curious...
[12:04:55] stuarta: maybe i burn the whole directory and try again
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[12:11:00] stuarta: sheesh, master on freebsd12 already back to 1.5G and the build barely started
[12:11:52] stuarta: ah crap, i reckon it might be the config change on the build master
[12:12:01] stuarta: 29 hasn't build since before i changed it
[12:16:48] MythBuild: Build master-freebsd10–64bit #68 is complete: Success [build successful] –
[12:16:48] ** MythLogBot **
[12:26:09] stuarta: ok, so it is related to the buildmaster config
[12:26:34] stuarta: my ubuntu worker has ~3.8G for each of 29, 30 & master
[12:27:16] stuarta: now the freebsd builders failed after rogers change which removed some stuff, which was only cured by the change i did
[12:28:02] hampton: My rawhide builder has ~3.8G for each of 28,29,30,master.
[12:28:46] stuarta: yep
[12:28:57] stuarta: sounds about right.
[12:29:03] stuarta: might just have to resize the disks :-(
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[12:55:01] MythBuild: Build 30-freebsd10–64bit #3 is complete: Success [build successful] –
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[12:59:55] stuarta: hampton: your f29 builder has run out of space
[13:25:34] hampton: thanks. my rawhide builder is close.
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[15:29:11] jheizer: stuarta: I had already updated the slave name
[15:29:36] jheizer: Its always been slow since over nfs. And the ccache must just be way stale
[15:30:37] stuarta: jheizer: ok. it's still showing as jheizer-debian-jessie-rpi2-armv7l, and is 4:37 into a ~7hr build
[15:31:06] stuarta: once that's completed i'll rename it too jheizer-debian-stretch-rpi2-armv7l
[15:31:10] stuarta: and bounce the master
[15:31:33] stuarta: i would suggest updating the directory names in the work dir to match as well as the slave name
[15:31:49] stuarta: and hopefully it won't be another 7hr compile next time :)
[15:31:56] jheizer: hmmmm
[15:32:00] jheizer: Or I didn't
[15:32:11] jheizer: It wasn't connecting at first saying wrong slavename/password
[15:32:22] stuarta: you've done armv71 -> armv7l
[15:32:26] jheizer: and I copy/pasted the web I thought and swore it said stretch
[15:32:28] stuarta: as did i
[15:32:31] jheizer: ah
[15:32:33] jheizer: ok
[15:32:44] jheizer: so I was half right
[15:32:45] jheizer: lol
[15:32:50] stuarta: i followed up afterwards with the jessie/stretch change
[15:33:02] stuarta: nah i forgot the jessie/stretch change in my original request
[15:33:21] jheizer: can rename it now
[15:33:28] jheizer: and I'll just kill this and rename
[15:33:33] jheizer: Related question
[15:33:42] jheizer: can the ping time out for requesting a build be extended
[15:33:56] stuarta: above 1800? yes if needed
[15:34:01] jheizer: my WoL build failed as the master timed out trying before my script woke it up.
[15:34:04] stuarta: most steps default to 1800
[15:34:16] stuarta: oh ping timeout
[15:34:20] jheizer: I didn't want to slam the API checking so was only checking every 5 minutes
[15:34:24] stuarta: hmm, will have to read docs
[15:34:37] jheizer: I tried reading them last night but its all a bit confusing
[15:34:43] stuarta: i can setup a github webhook for you if that would help
[15:34:44] hampton: I can't believe I have to logout/login just because I updated qt libraries. Sigh.
[15:34:56] jheizer: so many cool options for remote builders on AWS and such
[15:35:28] jheizer: be nice if there was a simple web hook option where I could just have it hit me to wake it, but I didn't see anything
[15:35:44] stuarta: jheizer: i can do that from github
[15:35:45] jheizer: bah
[15:35:48] jheizer: jsut read that
[15:35:51] stuarta: :)
[15:36:17] stuarta: if you let me know the web address you want to hit, and (if required) PSK i can set it up
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[15:36:41] jheizer: Yeah, will do.
[15:36:42] stuarta: s/you want to hit/you want github to hit/
[15:36:44] jheizer: Be easy enough.
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[15:37:19] stuarta: yeah, and you have 5 minutes to startup after that
[15:37:33] stuarta: the build master has a 5m holdoff to allow for consecutive commits
[15:37:40] stuarta: and roll them into a single build
[15:38:13] jheizer: Nice. Should work great then.
[15:38:24] stuarta: yep
[15:38:41] jheizer: Wife was going, what are you doing to their computer now.
[15:38:49] jheizer: As it woke and started to build randomly
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[15:38:54] stuarta: hah
[15:38:59] jheizer: Need to replace a fan in it
[15:39:53] stuarta: blimey your ubuntu lts builder is still on 16.04
[15:40:16] jheizer: yeah, was the one we noticed a week or 3 ago and updated it but buildbot issues
[15:40:33] jheizer: and I started the 18.04 clone I have yesterday but it was blowing up on config for buildbot
[15:40:35] stuarta: i only did the buildmaster upgrade on monday, so wouldn't have worked before then
[15:40:41] jheizer: yeah
[15:41:04] stuarta: if you switch from a 0.8.x slave to a 0.9+ worker, you need to recreate the workdir
[15:41:31] stuarta: might be why the 18.04 clone was blowing up
[15:42:31] jheizer: ha
[15:42:45] jheizer: Had a work issue yesterday so didn't get to dig
[15:42:50] jheizer: and you had enough going on already
[15:42:54] stuarta: hmm, i need to rename my ubuntu-testing worker to ubuntu-18.10
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[15:48:59] stuarta: jheizer: since you didn't mind bouncing things now, i'll do that and restart the master
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[15:54:11] jheizer: Booting
[15:54:19] jheizer: Hopefully I renamed them all correctly
[15:54:36] jheizer: terminal font sure doesn't help the 1l1l1l
[15:55:19] stuarta: hah
[16:02:29] jheizer: unexpected content in the buildbot.trac file
[16:02:31] jheizer: stuarta: was the error
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[16:03:48] jheizer: oh yeah, and invalid buildmaster directory
[16:09:05] stuarta: pastebin it?
[16:13:55] stuarta: might be faster just to copy out the credentials and then create a new workdir
[16:14:00] jheizer: that
[16:14:04] jheizer: is what I'm doing
[16:14:09] stuarta: :)
[16:14:31] jheizer: Annoying, I just lazy NAT networking setup these VMs
[16:14:51] jheizer: slowing me down
[16:15:38] stuarta: i have 7 running on my laptop, all NAT'd on the way out
[16:16:17] jheizer: well, I mean host network for KVM is just NATing
[16:16:23] jheizer: so no direct putty access
[16:16:32] jheizer: so no copy paste
[16:17:46] jheizer: hmm, ended up with a blank mythtv folder
[16:18:21] stuarta: oh. mine are all on a virbr so have local network addresses i can ssh to
[16:19:09] jheizer: Yeah, oh I won't mess with that. I don't ever need to access them. Let's just be lazy...
[16:20:21] stuarta: i'm always accessing them, to fiddle around and point them at test build masters
[16:20:44] jheizer: reran the ansible again, still an empty mythtv folder under /home/buildslave
[16:20:59] jheizer: bin and the startup script are there
[16:21:39] stuarta: you have to run `buildslave create-slave` or `buildbot-worker create-worker`
[16:22:45] jheizer: ohhh
[16:22:48] jheizer: forgot about that step
[16:22:51] jheizer: been so long
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[16:25:24] pvr4me_: Good morning! Long time, no chat
[16:26:22] pvr4me_: Having a problem with mythfrontend (recent 29-fixes) and Qt 5.12 under a VM.
[16:26:45] pvr4me_: If I build and run Myth with Qt 5.9, frontend works OK.
[16:28:25] pvr4me_: When I build and run under Qt 5.12, I get a segmentation fault: 11 just as the main window appears. This is on OS X 10.13 running in a Parallels VM, BTW
[16:29:25] stuarta: what distro is that?
[16:29:33] stuarta: (in the vm)
[16:30:08] pvr4me_: Any clues how I can determine what is going boom? I have macOS crash dumps but they haven’t been popular in the past
[16:30:33] pvr4me_: Stuarta: The host is macOS 10.10 and the guest is macOS 10.13
[16:30:44] stuarta: oh right
[16:31:05] stuarta: pvr4me_: btw, you are missing a bunch of deps on your osx buildslave
[16:31:20] stuarta: see
[16:31:39] stuarta: that's for master, but applies for fixes/29 and fixes/30 too
[16:31:57] pvr4me_: The buildslave is an ancient Core2 Duo that is stuck at a very old OS version. It really needs to be retired/replaced
[16:32:16] stuarta: and i suspect much work needs doing on the mac port
[16:32:29] stuarta: it's still using legacy and obsolete interfaces
[16:33:05] stuarta: i see they've just released a 2018 mac mini refresh
[16:33:08] stuarta: looks promising
[16:33:10] pvr4me_: Dave H was in contact last week. That prompted me to try to finish bring v 29 to MacPorts
[16:33:21] stuarta: hampton: ^^^ that was you
[16:33:43] stuarta: pvr4me_: in case you didn't notice, we cut fixes/30 yesterday
[16:34:25] pvr4me_: yeah, yeah, I’m way behind. The last 18 months have been ‘interesting’
[16:35:11] stuarta: ancient chinese proverb. "may you live in interesting times"
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[16:35:47] pvr4me_: During startup, the log says frontend is using the Qt painter. Can I override that to the OpenGL painter with some command line magic?
[16:35:47] stuarta: wtf is chrome os on these 2018 mac mini's
[16:35:54] jheizer: stuarta: needs updating to /usr/bin/buildbot
[16:36:12] jheizer: but same result
[16:36:21] stuarta: pvr4me_: yes, iirc `-O ThemePainter=Auto` or possible opengl
[16:36:22] pvr4me_: stuarta: have a link?
[16:36:34] pvr4me_: lemme try that
[16:36:41] jheizer: unexpected content in buildbot.trac and invalid buildmaster directory ..../mythtv
[16:36:41] stuarta: jheizer: really needs updating to use buildbot-worker
[16:37:12] jheizer: oh
[16:37:14] jheizer: yes
[16:37:16] jheizer: and now it works
[16:37:18] jheizer: :)
[16:38:49] stuarta: \o/ hurrah
[16:39:34] stuarta: jheizer: cool, now we have 2 rpi builders and lots of coverage in general
[16:39:49] jheizer: annoyed my pi was down
[16:40:02] pvr4me_: Hm, goes “Boom” the same way with either Auto or opengl
[16:40:10] jheizer: Didn't realize it or that a simple nfs export being stale completely kills nfs server
[16:40:25] pvr4me_: I do notice a couple error messages:
[16:40:28] pvr4me_: 2019-01–08 23:23:12.096010 E OpenGL: Multi-texturing not supported. Certain OpenGL features will not work
[16:40:31] stuarta: pvr4me_: got a backtrace? can't promise to be able to do anything with it
[16:40:49] pvr4me_: 2019-01–08 23:23:12.096016 E OpenGL: GL_EXT_vertex_array extension not supported. This may not work
[16:41:15] stuarta: is it missing some GL stuff
[16:41:23] stuarta: pvr4me_: glxinfo -B
[16:41:46] Tobbe5178 (Tobbe5178!~asdf@2001:2002:51eb:d24e:59df:9bd7:a7ab:a3ac) has joined #mythtv
[16:42:38] stuarta: hmm, actually that leaves out all the extension info
[16:42:42] stuarta: leave off -B
[16:43:42] pvr4me_: just a minute…have to install something to get glxinfo
[16:43:50] stuarta: heh
[16:44:43] pvr4me_: Hmm “Error: unable to open display “
[16:45:22] ** hampton just got a clickable frontend to compile on osx about 10 minutes ago using the packaging script. **
[16:45:38] pvr4me_: This version of glxinfo uses mesa?
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[16:46:53] stuarta: hampton: it's a miracle
[16:48:03] hampton: I had a compile working a couple of days ago using a homebrew setup, but I couldn't get qt to build the mysql connector so the frontend would always exit immediately.
[16:49:03] hampton: Four days of banging my head on my desk. :-/
[16:49:44] stuarta: hmm, i note that the new mac mini instead of running osx, runs chrome os????
[16:50:10] hampton: Really? Weird.
[16:50:40] stuarta: i'm trying to verify with some sites that may be more technically correct
[16:51:10] pvr4me_: Yeah, that sounds like somebody’s wet dream (not mine!)
[16:51:12] hampton: I'd like to try the homebrew setup again, as that would easily work for a buildbot.
[16:52:15] pvr4me_: hampton: you mean the packaging solution Homebrew or installing everything yourself?
[16:52:22] jheizer: Listed as macOS here
[16:52:51] stuarta: yeah, that's what i've just seen on the uk site
[16:52:56] hampton: homebrew, the packaging solution
[16:52:59] stuarta: so the shops are shit and talking crap
[16:53:11] jheizer: And on wikipedia, for what ever that's worth
[16:54:43] hampton: I think I can use homebrew to install binary packages for most of the dependencies, but I'll need to tell it to compile qt from source to (hopefully) get it to build the mysql connector.
[16:55:06] pvr4me_: why not use MacPorts; I can help there
[16:55:31] stuarta: hampton: pvr4me_ is responsible for some stuff in macports
[16:55:37] ** stuarta heads out for a while **
[16:56:49] hampton: I don't recall what the problem was that I ran into there.
[16:57:12] hampton: You initially recommended macports, warpme then recommended the script, and then jya recommended homebrew. I just banged along until I got one to work. :-)
[16:57:36] hampton: I may circle back around to macports and see if I can get it work now.
[16:57:40] pvr4me_: BTW, the 2018 Mac “mini” is very different from previousl versions. Base model has a 3.6 Ghz quad core
[16:57:45] jya: hampton: I recommended macports about 4 years ago
[16:57:50] jya: since then I've moved to brew
[17:01:03] MythBuild: Build 30-f29–64bit #3 is complete: Success [build successful] –
[17:01:03] ** MythLogBot **
[17:02:29] hampton: The mess is that the binary Qt releases don't have QtWebKit any more, nor it seems do the source tarballs. Using pointers from warpme I copied the QtWebKit bits from the 5.5.1 binary release to the 5.11.3 binary release, but then compiled using the 5.5.1 sources. Its twisted, and I'm not sure why it works, but it does.
[17:03:12] hampton: This will remain a mess until we migrate from QtWebKit to whatever.
[17:03:40] pvr4me_: Um, MacPorts can provide QtWebKit
[17:04:13] hampton: :-)
[17:04:59] pvr4me_:
[17:05:21] pvr4me_: Although the web site doesn’t seem to have been updated since Qt 5.12 was added
[17:07:14] pvr4me_: The macOS crash dump is here:
[17:07:44] pvr4me_: I don’t know how to get a linux-style backtrace
[17:08:29] pvr4me_: Argh, look at the time. I’ll be back later
[17:24:49] mark____ (mark____! has joined #mythtv
[17:32:22] gigem: jya: On my Nvidia Shields, the audio volume in MythTV is noticeably lower than with other apps/sources. For example, if I watch a channel live using the HDHomeRun app or a recording using Kodi and then watch the same channel or recording in MythTV, the volume is probably 3–6 dB lower and I need to turn up the volume. I suspect it's the 5.1 to stereo audio conversion. Can anything be done about it? I have
[17:32:24] gigem: one Shield which outputs analog audio using a USB adaptor and others which output digital audio using HDMI. The problem happens on all of them.
[17:32:58] jya: or more likely the downmix isn't occurring
[17:33:12] jya: downmiad 5.1 -> stereo typically bump the volumes slightly
[17:33:52] gigem: How do I check?
[17:34:20] ** hampton clonks his head on his desk **
[17:34:58] jya: that would be in the audio settings
[17:35:19] hampton: homebrew won't build qt from source because I'm using Xcode 9.4.1. I'm using 9.4.1 to avoid problems with --libstdc++ vs --std::c++, or some such thing.
[17:35:26] jya: also it depends on the original audio codec
[17:35:35] jya: for AAC we do the downmix ourselves
[17:35:44] hampton: I'm in a maze of twisty little passages, all alike
[17:35:48] jya: for AC.3 we let ffmpeg do it
[17:36:06] jya: hampton: don't build qt !
[17:36:15] jya: that will take you days
[17:37:07] hampton: I think it took a couple hours last time, but how else am I go get a qt plugin to connect to mysql. Its not part of the binary package.
[17:42:13] gigem: jya: I changed every audio setting I could find. I either got the same low volume or static (the latter when I enabled digital pass through). The audi is all AC3 in my case.
[17:42:40] jya: gigem: then there's nothing we do in regards to downmixing
[17:42:53] jya: ffmpeg does it and gives us stereo if you have configured a stereo output
[17:43:01] jya: did you enable the mixer by any chance?
[17:45:22] gigem: Do you mean the internal volume (or similar) control setting? I tried that too. We still build and use our own ffmpeg. Couldn't we make an adjustment there?
[17:52:46] natanojl (natanojl!~jonatan@mythtv/developer/natanojl) has joined #mythtv
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[18:20:46] stuarta: pvr4me_: interesting it's crashed in the OpenGL code
[18:20:58] stuarta: or perhaps the GLEngine
[18:22:49] pvr4me_: stuarta: wish I was a coder and could decipher. Alas, I tinker with scripts and that’s about it
[18:30:24] mark____: can anyone with an nvidia or amd card give me the output from >> glxinfo | grep APPLE
[18:30:58] gary_buhrmaster: Apple has been sort of only tolerating OpenGL for quite some time, with official deprecation announcement with 10.14. With 10.15 it is expected to be no longer available (Qt currently intends to use the MoltanVK Vulkan to Metal interposer).
[18:34:20] mark____: gary_buhrmaster: not really worried about Apple atm. Just the existing extensions – just spotted an apple 'registered' extension on the pi that would be useful to support – just want to see if anyone else supports it.
[18:35:19] gary_buhrmaster: btw, the mac mini 2018 definitely runs macOS (10.14 required). Due to the EFI locks, running anything other than macOS and Windows (via bootcamp) is problematic.
[18:35:39] jya: gigem: ffmpeg uses the coefficient provided by the ac3 tree to determine what downmix settings to use. This is why we let it do the downmix for this codec.
[18:36:04] jya: Other than that, disable myth audio muxing or volume control.
[18:38:11] gary_buhrmaster: mark____: I was mostly responding to stuarta's comment regarding the GLEngine (and if one thinks things might be problematic now, you have an interesting ride ahead. Metal(2) is the Apple future).
[18:39:09] mark____: gary_buhrmaster: ah – with you now, sorry for the noise :)
[18:41:56] jheizer: mark____: nvidia box only returns GL_ANGLE_texture_compression_dxt5, GL_APPLE_packed_pixels,
[18:57:21] peper03: mark____: I get 'GL_APPLE_packed_pixels' and 'GL_APPLE_texture_max_level'
[19:07:47] hampton: pvr4me_: starting to try a macports build again...
[19:10:25] gigem: mark____: I get nothing matching APPLE.
[19:11:07] gigem: jya: I have volume control off. All I could see it doing was lowering volumn even further. What you mean by myth audio muxing?
[19:15:59] peterbennett: gigem: I assume you turned off volume control in the shield setup ?
[19:22:39] pvr4me_ (pvr4me_! has left #mythtv ()
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[19:50:37] gigem: peterbennett: Yes and no. On the Shield where audio goes to the TV using HDMI, yes, volumn control on the Shield is off. On the Shield where audio goes out a USB dongle, no, volume is controlled by the Shield.
[19:55:11] peterbennett: gigem: Are you using digital pass through ?
[19:55:49] peterbennett: I don't see why volume would be lower with digital pass through
[20:01:17] natanojl (natanojl!~jonatan@mythtv/developer/natanojl) has joined #mythtv
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[20:22:50] stuarta: mark____: my laptops nvidia card has no apple in glx
[20:24:02] stuarta: gary_buhrmaster: more interested in it being a platform that we could build on
[20:24:51] stuarta: i'm seriously contemplating adding `glxinfo -B` output to the smolt data we collect
[20:25:01] stuarta: of course after rewriting the smolt service...
[20:26:54] stuarta: mark____: i may have asked this before. how useful are the opengl profiles in determining what features may be available?
[20:34:36] gigem: peterbennett: No, I'm not using any digital pass through. I'm either using stereo over analog or hdmi.
[20:34:51] peterbennett: stuarta: Should there be a fixes/30 branch for packaging, and for all the themes?
[20:35:28] stuarta: peterbennett: good point
[20:37:02] peterbennett: gigem: I have a problem with low volume on one TV and I got around it with some alsa entries – but obviously that would not work with android.
[21:24:08] MythNotifyBot_: Service: HTTP Trac is Down – Connection Timeout
[21:28:03] mark____: thanks all. stuarta: are you referrring to the output of the likes of glxinfo? if so, they should in theory be gospel. I've never heard of them being innacurate.
[21:29:29] MythNotifyBot_: Service: HTTP Trac is Up – HTTP 200 – OK
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[21:30:01] stuarta: mark____: essentially yes, glxinfo for me reports "OpenGL core profile version string: 4.6.0 NVIDIA 415.25" and "OpenGL ES profile version string: OpenGL ES 3.2 NVIDIA 415.25" which in theory gives us a set of relevant features that are available
[21:30:08] MythNotifyBot_: Service: HTTP Wiki is Down – HTTP 502 – Bad Gateway
[21:30:12] stuarta: wtf is going on there
[21:30:26] stuarta: load average: 52.88, 50.33, 34.48
[21:30:28] stuarta: hmmm
[21:30:32] MythNotifyBot_: Service: HTTP Website is Down – HTTP 502 – Bad Gateway
[21:32:02] jheizer: ruh roh
[21:32:52] stuarta: mark____: the qt opengl support also provides nice ways of querying the profile level support so we can abstract it
[21:34:44] stuarta: httpd eh? apache how i hate the
[21:34:47] stuarta: thee
[21:37:44] mark____: stuarta: yes – but at the moment I just want to see how QOpenGLContext and QOpenGLFunctions works for us (as well as all the other things like QOpenGLTexture). QOpenGLFunctions gives us a core es2.0 profile – at the moment we don't need anything else (as in 3.0 etc). Only need a few procs on top of that.
[21:38:30] MythNotifyBot_: Service: HTTP Website is Up – HTTP 200 – OK
[21:39:15] stuarta: mark____: that stuff works pretty well, one of the other reasons i redid the opengl "hello world" of coloured triangles in Qt5
[21:39:53] stuarta: these run on all the platforms i have access to
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[21:43:41] Steve-Goodey: Hmm, things are going well.
[21:43:55] stuarta: apache maxed out, db maxed out
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[21:44:29] stuarta: so stopped the httpd
[21:45:00] stuarta: well i've asked, it's still stopping
[21:45:56] stuarta: bye bye load
[21:47:34] stuarta: hmmm yes, that breaks trac
[21:49:00] stuarta: sheesh, apache was chewing 4Gb ram
[21:49:05] stuarta: i hate that thing
[21:49:30] MythNotifyBot_: Service: HTTP Trac is Up – HTTP 200 – OK
[21:50:31] nephyrin (nephyrin!~neph@2601:600:817f:f46a:e41d:6f5c:e3be:b8ad) has joined #mythtv
[21:53:35] Steve-Goodey: Three days since a forum spammer registered, maybe they've got the message. Yeah right.
[21:58:34] stuarta: not a chance
[21:58:52] stuarta: Steve-Goodey: although, the forum did get upgraded on monday, after the os upgrade
[22:00:53] kwizart (kwizart!~kwizart@fedora/kwizart) has quit (Quit: leaving)
[22:03:00] stuarta: wonder if that has had some effect
[22:04:16] peterbennett: stuarta: The git tag for master still shows v30-Pre
[22:06:06] ** stuarta scratches head **
[22:06:41] stuarta: i think that gets done by the release script
[22:06:48] stuarta: or maybe not
[22:08:07] peterbennett: You already changed mythtv/VERSION but the build version comes from git describe, which still shows v30-Pre
[22:11:07] peterbennett: need a "git tag -a" command ?
[22:11:39] stuarta: bugger. didn't to an annotated tag
[22:12:33] peterbennett: Don't feel bad, the FFmpeg team did the same thing and I had to report it to them before they fixed it.
[22:14:05] stuarta: right that's done
[22:15:04] peterbennett: I still see it as V30-Pre
[22:15:15] stuarta: you'll need to pull
[22:15:31] peterbennett: I did pull and also pull --tags
[22:15:49] peterbennett: I wonder how I get to see it
[22:16:06] peterbennett: did you do push --tags ?
[22:17:15] hampton: woo hoo, Got another compile going on the mac using macports. Thanks to pvr4me_.
[22:18:49] peterbennett: The web site does not see a V31-Pre tag
[22:19:02] stuarta: peterbennett: just fixed it
[22:19:38] stuarta: maybe overfixed it
[22:19:43] peterbennett: Got it! Thanks :)
[22:20:22] Hydroponx (Hydroponx! has joined #mythtv
[22:21:13] hampton: Does the new buildbot work with the 0.8 slaves?
[22:21:45] IonTau (IonTau! has joined #mythtv
[22:21:53] stuarta: hampton: yes it does
[22:22:16] stuarta: slave|worker <= master works. slave|worker > master = fail
[22:22:48] hampton: looking to see if I can set it up on my mac mini
[22:22:54] stuarta: hampton: navigate to "builds > workers" and you will see the versions there
[22:23:37] stuarta: 0.8.8, plenty of 0.8.12, and all the way up to 1.6.0
[22:26:36] Steve-Goodey (Steve-Goodey!~steve@2a00:23c5:7da3:4501:7a84:3cff:fedf:a99) has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
[22:31:42] SteveGoodey: stuarta: Would there have been an update to the stopforumspam plugin perhaps?
[22:32:43] stuarta: only if it's a core plugin
[22:33:34] stuarta: we also move 4 whole patch levels. 3.2.1 -> 3.2.5
[22:38:49] SteveGoodey (SteveGoodey! has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
[22:41:59] SteveGoodey (SteveGoodey!~steve@2a00:23c5:7da3:4501:7a24:afff:fe9d:c233) has joined #mythtv
[22:42:00] Mode for #mythtv by ChanServ!ChanServ@services. : +v SteveGoodey
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[23:37:13] gary_buhrmaster: stuarta: I believe in addition to the tag(s), there is the MYTH_BINARY_VERSION in libs/libmythbase/mythversion.h that might need to get adjusted for some usages which are not directly git'd (which tries to extract/use/compare).
[23:59:30] jpabq: Trying to build current master: ERROR: High level of source version v31-Pre, does not match high level of binary version 30.20181231–1

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