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Saturday, January 5th, 2019, 00:33 UTC
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[01:03:00] markspieth: peterbennett: gigem: which extra libs do you want/need? just libass? libasi? mheg not sure.
[01:03:51] markspieth: I was pragmatic in getting the libs built and excluded anything that was not absolutely necessary. call me lazy :-)
[01:04:31] markspieth: I also disabled any features in myth that caused problems. baby steps. and then never looked at it again.
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[01:08:32] markspieth: should this be committed before or after v30 cut?
[01:54:41] gigem: peterbennett: I think one of the mheg users died so there's only one left now. :)
[01:55:24] gigem: markspieth: I don't know which libs. Hopefully, just libass. I'm about to try it now. If it works, yes, I'd like for v30.
[02:01:29] markspieth2: libass requires fribidi and fontconfig. fontconfig is causing no end of problems. will persist.
[02:21:38] gigem: markspieth2: Yeah, I've since seen the fribidi dep. It would also like harfbuzz but looks like it could live without it. There also seems to be some confusion over the required freetype version. configure says it needs >= 9.10.3 yet libass on Debian seems to be built with 2.9.1. So confusion.
[02:49:35] markspieth2: gigem: got rid of fontconfig dep. will check mythbuild works and then push the script update. hopefully it will work OK.
[02:51:34] markspieth2: re mheg, I've been disabling this as it causes segfaults for me. this may just work if enabled.
[02:51:36] peterbennett: markspieth2: I assume we will need to build libraries again to get the libass included
[02:52:06] peterbennett: mheg – I was being snide – I don't think anybody seriously uses it.
[02:52:08] gigem: markspieth2: You already know a lot more about this I do so I might leave it to you and then owe you a few to several beers. :) I was just checking that vlc can read and display the subtitle in my test sample. It can.
[02:52:09] markspieth2: incremental build will be ok
[02:53:37] gigem: peterbennett: The last time mheg came up (only a few years ago), it certainly was being used. I think even by stuartm. IIRC, it's need for the interactive TV stuff that is much more prevalent in Europe.
[02:54:06] markspieth2: gigem: I doubt that.
[02:54:26] peterbennett: I suppose mheg is mainly needed for Live TV
[02:54:54] markspieth2: remove the disable mheg configure opt and see. haven't done that yet.
[02:55:23] markspieth2: yes mheg for live TV and fancy guides
[02:56:04] markspieth2: red button extra content too supposed to launch hidden channels.
[02:56:20] peterbennett: In a recording you can use mheg to find out what the weather forecast or news report was when the program was recorded
[02:56:43] gigem: live TV/interactive TV. Close enough! :)
[02:56:59] gigem: FWIW, kodi has no problems with the sample too.
[02:57:29] markspieth2: if the stream is in the ts then mheg should work on recordings too
[02:57:47] markspieth2: usually a private pid
[02:58:30] peterbennett: markspieth2: Yes – I have a copy of a recording from somebody in the UK that I use for testing mheg.
[03:04:12] markspieth2: are you OK with updating qt to 5.11.1 for v30?
[03:04:49] markspieth2: I've been running it for ages. thought I had pushed it
[03:05:33] gigem: IF it works, it's fine by me.
[05:42:04] gigem: So close and yet so far. I got fribidi and libass to build. I had to tweak mythtv's configure to get the libass check_lib to pass because it failed without a "-lfribidi". There's possibly some rpath magic when building libass that might fix that. The mythtv link would have probably ultimately failed without the same addition. It never got that far because the ffmpeg configure failed on libass too. It
[05:42:06] gigem: insists on using require_pkg_config and pkg-config and I'm not sure of even a temporary hack to get around that yet.
[06:08:24] markspieth2: still have issues in mythbuild for libass. needed -liconv in checklib. libass configure opt --disable-require-system-font-provider
[06:09:23] markspieth2: mythbuild missing freetpe syms which is probably due to extra lib ordering.
[06:20:06] markspieth2: problem is libextra has lfreetype before lass. need to figure out why and how to fix
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[07:15:07] markspieth2: OK I've push fixes for libass comp under android. I have not tested whether it actually works or built other targets. you need to pull the config updates. they area a bit nasty so if you have better ways, go for it.
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[11:01:26] mark___: oh – ffs – qtwebkit mia
[11:01:35] mark___: losing the will to live
[11:02:34] mark___: anyone know what is pulling in the qtquick and qtqml dependencies in libmythui? I didn't think we used them
[11:04:57] mark___: peterbennett: sorry for not getting back to you last night. have lost sight of the wood for the trees. I was making a fatal mistake in my analysis last night. Need to have another rethink.
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[13:55:25] markspieth2: mark___: I suspect its in the to file unnecessarily.
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[16:27:22] peterbennett: markspieth: markspieth2: I see you have added fribid1, fontconfig and ass and that ass depends on fribid1. Do we need to build fontconfig?
[17:12:05] gigem: I was able to build libass without fontconfig. I'm about to look at markspieth2's changes.
[17:17:41] peterbennett: gigem: I had one error in configure – see my email
[17:18:33] peterbennett: gigem: After that it built successfully with libass enabled
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[19:33:47] gigem: peterbennett: Mine built too but it doesn't display subtitles. I can't look at it any more until probably late tonight. The weather is too nice and the Christmas decorations aren't going to take themselves down.
[19:38:17] peterbennett: gigem: The weather here is cold and wet
[19:46:19] gigem: Sunny and 65+. The same tomorrow and Monday but windier.
[19:49:14] peterbennett: I am in Massachusetts. I don't know where you are.
[19:49:35] peterbennett: I also see no subtitles on android :(
[20:07:48] markspieth2: apologies for the configure issue. bugger that it doesn't show sub's. looks like fontconfig is requuired. I was hoping not.
[20:08:12] markspieth2: the wa
[20:10:48] markspieth2: the way I built it was without. I will have to dig more. fontconfig build currently does not work.
[20:13:26] markspieth2: yes the errorred line removes free type and appends it so that lib ordering is correct. will fix when I get up.
[20:16:46] peterbennett: markspieth2: Go back to sleep :)
[20:19:42] gigem: peterbennett: Dallas.
[20:20:22] gigem: markspieth2: It should work without fontconfig. I checked vlc and it uses libass without fontconfig on android.
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[20:36:50] warpme_: mark___: webkit stuff... ough I know Your pain :-(
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[20:38:08] warpme_: spent hours to replicate qt .pc and specs hand generation to mimmic qt5.12 offering webkit. finally it works but i know this is PAIN
[20:39:08] peterbennett: gigem: I tried uninstall fontconfig on the Linux system and it will not uninstall, complaining about libquicktime2 and vlc-plugin-video-output
[20:43:51] peterbennett: I wanted to test mythfrontend on linux without fontconfig
[20:47:02] gigem: peterbennett: I don't know if that's possible. mythfrontend might have a direct dependency on fontconfig. I'd try uninstalling the system libass and building your own libass without fontconfig (--disable-fontconfig) when running the libass configure.
[20:48:06] peterbennett: Sounds like too much trouble for a simple test
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