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Wednesday, January 2nd, 2019, 01:04 UTC
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[02:03:41] markspieth: peterbennett: firestick is s905 isnt it. I have a s912 box but thats not quite the same. It also has strange rendering issues which I am yet to get to the bottom of but suspect its related to the shield 4k issue.
[03:56:30] gigem: jpabq: I saw that price earlier. mark___ is in the UK, though. The price is considerably higher. :(
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[09:32:07] stuarta: dang mark dropped off and his latest commit broke the rpi build
[09:33:32] ** stuarta ponders system upgrade **
[09:42:53] mark___ (mark___! has joined #mythtv
[09:51:18] mark___: stuarta: what did I break?
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[09:52:01] stuarta:
[09:52:24] stuarta: mark___: ^^^ mythrender_opengl2es.cpp doesn't build on rpi
[09:52:45] ** stuarta is adding email notification to buildbot9 master **
[09:53:11] stuarta: lemme finish restarting that before
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[09:53:59] stuarta: mark___: okay try now
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[09:57:03] mark___: stuarta: OK – i'll sort that
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[10:04:00] stuarta: mark___: thanks
[10:09:43] stuarta: damn, my rpi builder seems to be offline. thought i left it running when i left the house
[10:10:32] DevMythBuild9 (DevMythBuild9! has joined #mythtv
[10:13:39] stuarta: ah, there it is
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[11:54:53] natanojl: stuarta: Is there any chance we could use something like Gerrit to push commits to so that builds can be made before merging rather than after?
[11:58:08] Steve-Goodey (Steve-Goodey!~steve@2a00:23c5:7da3:4501:7a84:3cff:fedf:a99) has joined #mythtv
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[12:11:04] stuarta: natanojl: the new buildbot master supports a "try" scheduler which can attempt builds from pull requests (iirc) which might be of use
[12:21:27] natanojl: stuarta: Sounds interesting
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[13:13:11] stuarta: natanojl: yeah quite
[13:22:37] ** enyc meows **
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[14:04:39] peterbennett: mark___: The blank video is intermittent
[14:13:00] peterbennett: mark___: The video is blank upon starting playback. Strangely if you bring up an OSD (e.g. information) you can see the video playing through the OSD but the rest of the screen is still blank. STopping playback and starting again normally fixes it so you see the video.
[14:15:54] SteveGoodey (SteveGoodey!~steve@2a00:23c5:7da3:4501:7a24:afff:fe9d:c233) has joined #mythtv
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[14:18:08] stuarta: peterbennett: certainly sounds like an opengl issue
[14:29:35] mark___: peterbennett: and just to confirm. Only ever happens with video (not UI), only non-YV12 and not tied to any particular source/display resolution. Do you have any overscan/zoom type adjustments?
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[15:02:11] peterbennett: mark___: Only with video with YV12. The "extra stage" fixes it, I think UYVY uses the extra stage.
[15:04:01] peterbennett: mark___: The display resolution is 4K, no overscan/zoom adjustments
[15:05:08] peterbennett: mark___: Did you remove the BGRA and now there are only YV12 or UYVY options?
[15:08:24] peterbennett: mark___: We should really be able to play up to 1080 on regular fire stick and up to 2160 (4K) of fire stick 4K. But it barely manages 1080 on fire stick 4K and drops about 50% of the frames playing 1080 on regular fire stick.
[15:09:46] stuarta: dang it, beirdobot doesn't rebuild under f28 :-/
[15:13:31] mark___: peterbennett: I removed the UYVY custom handling code. 'regular' UYVY encodes one pixel into one sample. The custom code packed 2 pixels into one sample – 2 Ys (luminance) and the shared, sub-sampled chromas. This required the extra stage to ensure 1 to 1 mapping of source to destination samples but still broke down with low precision floats in the shader.
[15:14:55] mark___: So,other than a fallback path, current options are UYVY (without the custom packing) and YV12. UYVY is what was always the default and YV12 is unchanged.
[15:15:49] mark___: clear as mud:)
[15:15:58] peterbennett: mark___: I wish I understood this stuff
[15:16:43] peterbennett: mark___: Regarding the blank screen, I found by experimenting that if I add the extra stage with YV12 it does not happen.
[15:17:02] stuarta: peterbennett: i started trying to get my head around it, which is why i ended up putting together
[15:17:34] stuarta: which implements the basic triangle (aka opengl "hello world") using pure Qt5 opengl
[15:17:44] peterbennett: mark___: Actually just running the extra stage on the first frame fixes it but I could not figure an easy way to make it do the extra stage on only 1 frame.
[15:18:20] stuarta: mark___: as an fyi, Qt does some interesting things wrt to shaders. if you write it in opengles, it'll strip the precision as required for opengl
[15:18:42] stuarta: so you can have a single source program for both opengl and opengles implementations
[15:20:46] stuarta: and you leave out the version string and it puts the right one in
[15:21:19] peterbennett: stuarta: I started also with the OpenGL ES book and some simple samples, but it is like I am in first grade and trying to understand university level code when I look at the MythTV OpenGL code.
[15:21:32] stuarta: i know what you mean
[15:22:04] stuarta: even the "default shader" which stuartm added (code which is basically a noop) didn't even make sense at the time
[15:22:04] mark___: peterbennett: re OpenGL and video playback. IMHO the easiest way to think about it is how I described it in one of my emails. YUV420P is planar YUV sitting in the CPU. We need packed RGBA(A) in the GPU. The UYVY code does some repacking in CPU and the rest on the GPU. YV12 does everything on the GPU. Advantages and disadvantages to each.
[15:23:37] mark___: wrt firestick performance: there are 2 areas that need fixing. most importantly, the decoded frames shouldn't be touching main memory – we need to figure out how to access MEDIACODEC decoded frames directly.
[15:23:40] peterbennett: mark___: Upon retesting yesterday with verbose logging and my November version I found YV12 actually dropping some frames but UYVY is not dropping any
[15:24:48] mark___: Second issue is all of the window hacks we have. Between MythRenderOpenGL, mythmainwindow and a couple of other places, there's a lot of 'crap'(TM)
[15:24:52] peterbennett: mark___: I got some information from Aman on accessing the frames directly.
[15:26:10] peterbennett: mark___: On the fire devices it seems to me that the GPU is underpowered and the main CPU has plenty of power, which may explain the YV12 anomaly above.
[15:26:37] stuarta: mark___: certainly there is a lot of legacy crap. what we need to do is make sure it works well enough for the release this month, and then look at complete refactor and rewrite
[15:26:40] peterbennett: I think with android maybe we need minimum possible OpenGL processing
[15:26:58] mark___: we need to focus on Qt5 opengl functionality, fix/remove all of the old UI windows and ensure we only ever have on render device/surface/context
[15:27:00] stuarta: mark___: which iirc my history, is one of the things you wanted to do a few years ago
[15:27:17] stuarta: mark___: agreed
[15:27:51] stuarta: i think it's a big enough piece of work it should live in it's own branch
[15:27:59] stuarta: which we can add to the build network btw.
[15:28:40] peterbennett: mark___: There are a few setups using QT and no OpenGL. Raspberry pi, and some people who have very old systems with broken OpenGL.
[15:28:46] stuarta: i proved the qt5 opengl stuff works across various platforms with my triangle tests
[15:29:06] stuarta: peterbennett: and post cutting fixes/30 is the time to drop legacy crap
[15:29:29] stuarta: will also need to work on setup via the backend
[15:29:50] stuarta: making the need to tunnel mythtv-setup to somewhere with a display a thing of the past
[15:32:47] peterbennett: stuarta: There seems to be no direction in the project. Everybody does their own thing
[15:33:12] stuarta: there never really has been
[15:33:23] stuarta: we probably should define some goals for v31
[15:34:02] mark___: peterbennett: I appreciate the current openmax video code doesn't need OpenGL but the optimal solution is to render via EGL (and hence OpenGL)
[15:34:47] stuarta: and long term, as the experimental opengl on rpi becomes less experimental that is a good thing
[15:35:20] stuarta: mark___: in theory it's possible to render openmax via EGL?
[15:36:39] peterbennett: mark___: sure, i just don't want to break existing users before that is working.
[15:39:09] mark___: stuarta: yes – will hopefully look at it in the next few days. If you look at the current VideoOutOpenMax there are 2 OMX components  – image_fx for deinterlacing (optional) and video_render for display. video_render displays to an X11 device. Should be simple to use egl_render instead
[15:39:35] mark___: which is broadcom specific
[15:39:49] stuarta: mark___: please stick it in a branch, as we want master stable to cut fixes/30 next week, with a view to release on 14th
[15:40:28] peterbennett: mark___: Raspberry pi video render displays to OpenMAX device which is actually full screen and not using X11
[15:40:51] mark___: stuarta: wasn't planning on committing anything
[15:40:55] stuarta: ok
[15:42:29] mark___: peterbennett: ah – ok. but the point is – it's another rendering device that we can't play with – OSD, UI integration etc etc
[15:42:35] peterbennett: On raspberry pi the main GUI runs under X11 window, but video and OSD ignore x11 and use full-screen API. I was surprised that it worked at all.
[15:42:51] stuarta: "unholy" is how i would describe it
[15:44:59] peterbennett: i could develop the entire gui to run openmax if i had a spare couple of years to spend
[15:45:32] stuarta: hah
[15:49:04] mark___: peterbennett: for the pi, I think we need to be pushing towards eglfs (i.e. no X11). This is what kodi etc do. Unfortunately, you need a properly built qt5 for that.
[15:49:48] mark___: oooh – pi build finally finished:)
[15:50:02] mark___: it's only been about a day!
[15:50:10] peterbennett: ?
[15:50:28] mark___: pi zero
[15:50:32] peterbennett: should not take that long
[15:50:36] peterbennett: oh
[15:51:06] stuarta: you need a pi2, 2+ or 3
[15:52:46] peterbennett: with pi3 and increase the ccache buffer, use a hard drive, first build is a couple hours after that is 5 minutes or so
[15:53:59] mark___: stuarta: have had it running on pi zero before. going to set myself a challenge to get it working properly. save some memory with NPOT texture support, maybe look at texture compression (in the UI), optimise the rendering, maybe see if a can use the full openmax render path (rather than copying back to main memory)
[15:54:22] stuarta: crazy ;-P
[15:55:10] ** stuarta grumbles at the bot **
[15:55:59] peterbennett: mark___: I will try latest code on android this afternoon and report back.
[15:56:50] peterbennett: i need to sort out gdb. with each android update it stops working, very frustrating.
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[20:40:49] bumblebeebat12: Hey guys, need to rebuild an old system I have not used in a few years. Just wondering if had some experience with new hardware. In the past I used hd-pvr but there was a power surge and it might not be an option anymore. Are there any new HD capture methods that are compatible with most cable boxes. Thanks
[21:09:53] jpabq: bumblebeebat12: Hauppauge has released version 2 of the HD-PVR. Unfortunately, the way the designed the "driver" makes it incompatible to incorporate directly in MythTV. Fortunately, with the latest version of MythTV it can be done via an "External Recorder":
[21:11:44] jpabq: s/incompatible/impractical/
[21:32:26] gigem: Does anyone know who controls the permissions on the MythTV-Themes repositories on github? I want to make a small change to blue-abstract-wide and change release it as version 1.13.
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[21:34:47] stuarta: gigem: i do
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[21:36:40] ** hampton sighs **
[21:37:10] gigem: stuarta: Please, sir, may I commit?
[21:37:12] gigem: :)
[21:37:19] hampton: Something's changed in the HDHR code. I'm only allowed to record one thing ata time on my 4 tuner quatro.
[21:37:28] stuarta: gigem: what's your github login?
[21:37:52] gigem: Dunno. Let me look.
[21:38:02] ** stuarta chuckles **
[21:39:30] gigem: Username is gigem. Is that what you need?
[21:40:13] gigem: hampton: What mythtv version?
[21:40:20] hampton: latest master
[21:41:09] gigem: Do you have 4 mythtv capturecard/inputs defined, each using the same HDHR device ID?
[21:41:28] tonsofpcs (tonsofpcs!~mythbuntu@rivendell/member/tonsofpcs) has quit (Ping timeout: 264 seconds)
[21:41:28] gigem: Or are you using mythhdhrrecorder?
[21:41:52] hampton: I thought I had four inputs defined. Let me check.
[21:46:48] gigem: hampton: I'm going to remain connected but be unavailable for a [hopefully only] few minutes. I'm about to run an apt-get upgrade that will require logging out and rebooting.
[21:47:12] hampton: That was it. I know I had four inputs defined at one point. I must have lost them when I was testing the DB upgrade code.
[21:47:14] hampton: Thanks.
[21:47:54] stuarta: gigem: try now
[21:48:14] hampton: systemctl says: Status: "Master backend: 2 active recordings, 5 schduled." :-)
[21:49:12] ** hampton is tinkering with additional systemd support. **
[21:49:37] stuarta: :)
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[22:04:37] gigem: stuarta: "ERROR: Permission to MythTV-Themes/blue-abstract-wide.git denied to gigem." and "fatal: Could not read from remote repository."
[22:04:42] gigem: hampton: Okay.
[22:05:34] stuarta: hmm
[22:06:18] stuarta: gigem: you haven't accepted the invite yet
[22:06:31] stuarta: check your emails
[22:09:17] gigem: stuarta: Done. Push succeeded. Now what do I need to do to get the changes available for download by the theme manager? Is it in the wiki?
[22:15:11] gigem: jpabq: ^^^
[22:15:14] stuarta: gigem: nothing, runs automatically at 4am / 4pm GMT
[22:15:32] stuarta: sadly that bit is still on alcor :(
[22:15:32] gigem: stuarta: K.
[22:16:47] stuarta: anyone up for the project of completely rewriting theme packaging?
[22:16:59] Steve-Goodey: gigem: Do you mind me asking what the theme change does?
[22:17:14] ** stuarta ponders using buildbot network to package themes.... **
[22:22:38] enyc: I'm not uf for the pjoect BUT... I would say themes, test files, graphics, are known areas of copyright-mistakes in OSS packages, as I understand it
[22:22:56] gigem: stuarta: It uncomments the elements in the OSD, program_info window to allow the channel icon to be displayed.
[22:23:03] stuarta: Steve-Goodey: ^^^
[22:23:45] gigem: Oops. I though I was sure to press capital-S and then tab. :(
[22:23:52] stuarta: hah
[22:28:52] Steve-Goodey: gigem: ta.
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[23:15:31] markspieth: One problem I had with android is that you can only have 1 opengl surface. This caused me no end of problems for esp. deteching opengl version, whihc is why that hack exists.
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[23:29:34] stuarta: mark___: ^^^
[23:30:32] ** stuarta goes to bed. **
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