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Tuesday, January 1st, 2019, 04:12 UTC
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[04:14:04] gigem: mark___I don't know if this is a regression from your changes since Christmas or not. Because the colors were messed in for non-YV12 right before Christmas, I hardly tested that configuration. As for this iteration, check the email thread entitle "Android OpenGL Performance". I am only seeing a problem with non-YV12 1080i on my Shield. It seems peterbennett is seeing more issues. I put a short -v
[04:14:06] gigem: playback log at Unfortunately, it's not with loglevel debug. I'll probably have to build a custom apk to get that. I couldn't see how to set the debug level using the frontend, control interface. I also tried enabling the extra shading stage and tried all other deinterlacers. None of those changes made any difference. Do you have Shield you can test on yourself? If not, I
[04:14:08] gigem: can get your one.
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[15:09:13] mark___: gigem: No- no shield here:( free toys always welcome though.
[15:09:49] mark___: gigem,peterbennett: I'll reply in more detail on dev list later – but in summary
[15:11:47] mark___: YV12 performance *shouldn't* have changed. As mentioned before, I would expect non-YV12 to be a little slower on CPU limited devices – esp. non-MMX. It needs some NEON optimisations for android/pi etc
[15:13:26] peterbennett: mark___: The shield is a very powerful device so it should not be suffering a slowdown. The fires stick 4K has been working very well for me using mod-november version, but with the latest code it is not good.
[15:13:32] mark___: what would be useful is some complete logs from those devices showing, for example, the OpenGL extensions available. There is a remote possibility that 300e543 will degrade YV12 performance
[15:16:05] peterbennett: ** mid-november version
[15:17:54] mark___: peterbennett: are you sure there aren't other changes? either in mythtv code or OS?
[15:19:06] peterbennett: mark___: OS is the same, because I loaded up 2 identical fire sticks with mid-november and latest version and ran them both.
[15:20:11] peterbennett: mark___: There have been lost of mythtv changes recently, but from the log messages it seems the decoding keeps up but the rendering causes frame dropping.
[15:20:36] ** peterbennett Has to leave this conversation now **
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[15:21:58] mark___: peterbennett: need to head out – but I'll be back later. hopefully we can work out which changes are causing the issue.
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[17:06:51] gigem: mark___: Email me your shipping address.
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[17:16:48] mark___: gigem: will do:) thanks
[17:17:48] mark___: gigem: wrt android build – how hard/time consuming is it to push a new build to your devices? and logging has to be pre-configured?
[17:43:19] peterbennett: mark___: Once the android build is set up it takes only a few minutes to build and push to the android device.
[17:43:58] peterbennett: mark___: the time consuming thing for android is the library build, which takes hours, but only needs to be done once
[17:44:24] mark___: peterbennett: is there a minimum android version?
[17:46:49] peterbennett: mark___: yes – there is an "old build" for older devices but I could not get that to work.
[17:47:37] peterbennett: mark___: not sure what exactly is the minimum version, markspieth would know more , he set up the android builds
[17:48:25] peterbennett: mark___: There are three build options – 32bit, 64bit and old. Each requires the many-hour build of libraries first.
[17:49:42] peterbennett: mark___: the shield supports 64bit, the fire 4k is 32bit
[17:52:07] peterbennett: mark___: The fire tv 4k were on sale for 2 for $60, I think that sale is ended now but the previous sale price was $35 each, regular price $50 so it is the lowest priced mythfrontend option and as a bonus also supports many streaming services.
[18:03:51] mark___: peterbennett: thanks. Need more time! doesn't help that I've been called up for jury service as of next week :(
[18:04:18] mark___: peterbennett: I've reviewed the opengl commits I've made.
[18:04:20] mark___: . . . istfile1.txt
[18:05:18] mark___: focusing purely on YV12 performance  – there are a couple of possibilities but nothing obvious
[18:19:13] gigem: mark___: What peterbennett said. The hardest part is setting up the Android SDK and NDK and making sure you have all of the other tools installed. There are some annoying aspects to the build process, but they are mostly just that, annoying.
[18:57:08] jpabq: gigem: The nVidia Shield is $150 @ Amazon, but they also have a 5% off coupon available for it.
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[19:20:07] peterbennett: gigem: How do I use the command socket to enable playback logging?
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[20:09:30] peterbennett: anybody know why dbbackup output files got considerably smaller with schema version 1350? I am concerned that maybe the backup is no longer working properly.
[20:10:49] peterbennett: Maybe the upgrade did a cleanup
[20:11:09] jpabq: peterbennett: the backup size did not change significantly for me.
[20:12:21] peterbennett: I just noticed it on my dev machine.
[20:12:55] peterbennett: The backups that were done as part of the upgrade were 23 MB but after the upgrade the backup is 13 MB
[20:13:17] gregl (gregl! has joined #mythtv
[20:13:21] jpabq: Oh, I may not be running that schema version on my production machine yet... On my dev machine I DO see the size drop.
[20:13:48] peterbennett: upgrade from 1348 to 1350
[20:17:18] peterbennett: I have not actually looked at how the backup works or what the upgrade did
[20:18:07] jpabq: I am running that on my production machine. I don't know why it is not showing the size change that the dev machine is.
[20:20:12] peterbennett: It could be nothing. I do not run optimize on my dev, I don't know if that has an impact
[20:41:28] peterbennett: backup using mysqldump is the same size so it must be correct. I think the difference is due to me not having run mythfilldatabase recently in dev.
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[21:19:03] natanojl: peterbennett: Do you mean via mythfrontend network control? You just connect to port 6546 (e.g. nc localhost 6546) on the frontend and execute set verbose playback
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[22:04:19] markspieth: Min android build should be 21 which is android 5.0 I think. old is WIP and sort of works for 4.4 which I have a projectrot for and cant upgrade.
[22:04:51] markspieth: android lib buld only takes about 20 min for me with a ryzen 7. V nice.
[22:05:08] markspieth: BTW back from vacation/hols.
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[23:17:50] peterbennett: natanojl: Thank you that is what I was looking for
[23:27:38] peterbennett: markspieth: Lots of android woe here – I cannot get gdb to work on fire stick 4k any more and the latest version of mythfrontend behaves very badly on the fire stick 4k.
[23:33:34] natanojl: peterbennett: yw
[23:41:57] natanojl (natanojl!~jonatan@mythtv/developer/natanojl) has quit (Ping timeout: 268 seconds)
[23:58:18] mark___: peterbennett: the blank video with firestick 4k – is it intermittent or entirely consistent?

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