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Monday, September 24th, 2018, 01:35 UTC
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[08:20:19] stuarta: morning all
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[13:05:13] hampton: Morning
[13:07:22] ** stuarta waves **
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[20:39:05] gigem: markspieth2: I'm trying again to work on the slow resume issue on Android. I tried building Qt with -debug in hopes that gdb can tell me where thread is when it's taking 100% cpu. Everything looks like it builds but it won't run. See for what I think is the main error. Can you build and run Qt with extra debugging?
[21:14:42] gigem: peterbennett: contains a partial, proposed patch for configure --compile-type. Still missing is a way (--disable-stripping?) to disable stripping for --compile-type=release. I'd also be okay with disabling stripping by default and requiring --enable-stripping to do it.
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[22:10:01] markspieth: gigem: one thing to try is to use gdb, suspend and do a inf thr and see which threads arent in cond_wait or something in the kernel. You can pick the threads that are spinning fairly easily. If they are named, even easier to identify them. bt the suspect ones.
[22:10:31] markspieth: markspieth: as for debug symbols in qt, I thought that was easy too.
[22:12:21] markspieth: qt plugins are renamed in android with prefixes. These should still be built and the staging dir should indicate that these are deployed correctly. Do a dir diff to ensure you have all the files you expect in the qt debug build wrt non debug build
[22:15:16] peterbennett: gigem: I believe the packaging automatically strips whether for release or debug. The symbols are only kept in the linux side for remote gdb.
[22:15:22] markspieth: in I assume you added -strip no and -debug or perhaps -optimize-debug
[22:15:55] markspieth: The originals are still there for sym loading into gdb even though the deployed are stripped.
[22:17:01] markspieth: There are a lot of configure options in qt. IDK what most do.
[22:17:32] markspieth: Maybe sould try a build for IOS :-). qt supports it.
[22:18:25] markspieth: also for release qt builds, there is "-force-debug-info yes"
[22:18:45] peterbennett: I am having an interesting time trying to get MythTV working on the amazon fire stick android device
[22:18:59] markspieth: Also perhaps the asserts in debug mode are being tripped.
[22:19:32] markspieth: peterbennett: yes I saw. I assume they are s905 based as previously disucced
[22:19:42] markspieth: discussed
[22:20:57] peterbennett: markspieth: I dont know, the specs say Quad-core ARM 1.3 GHz. Supports 32-bit apps.
[22:21:16] peterbennett: gpu Mali-450 MP4
[22:21:26] markspieth: sounds about right.
[22:22:09] peterbennett: Seems to decode fast enough but the display is jittery.
[22:22:53] markspieth: gigem: from your log, looks like the platform plugin is not built or perhaps not deployed.
[22:25:35] markspieth: gigem: also for the compile type, what I use is release with debug syms. No profiling code as that really slows thing down. So an option like qt -force-debug in any mode would be good.
[22:31:47] jpabq: gigem: does Dolby Digital work for you on the Shield? If I enable DD 5.1, all I get is static via my preamp. I get the impression it works for peterbennett. I have tried every combination I can find in the Shield settings, but nothing make any difference. I even played with the audio synchronizationi delay settings. Mybe my preamp is just really picky?
[22:33:07] gigem: peterbennett: The configure patch is not specific to Android. As it stands, there is no way to get optimizion with -DNDEBUG, debug symbols and no stripping.
[22:34:55] gigem: markspieth: I know which thread it is. Thread 1 is always involved. Sometimes there is another thread but 1 is always spinning. I suspect it's special in some way, either platform specific or Qt's event loop. Backtraces don't show where it is, though. gdb always shows a truncated stack and a message about it possibly being corrupted.
[22:35:42] gigem: markspieth: All I did was uncomment -debug in the Qt configure in If that's not the right way, then please tell me. I'
[22:36:38] markspieth: gigem: this is the main dispatcher thread for java. The 2nd thread is the C++ qt dispatcher thread. That means java is spinning I think.
[22:37:09] gigem: I'm not as familiar with all of that as you are. Frankly, I tend to ignore all of the commented out stuff. I have no idea if it's useful or old, dead code left there for no good reason. I work with someone who does the latter. It irritates me to no end.
[22:37:40] markspieth: gigem: I dont really know what the right thing is for debug qt. Try some of the other combos. esp. --force-debug and use release.
[22:38:33] markspieth: Im not that familiar either. I dont like to throw useful snippets away. Yes some people dont like that.
[22:38:43] gigem: markspieth: That makes sense. I suspect something dealing with events and/or network traffic being ignored until resume. Then tons of time is needed to work off what was backlogged when Android kep mythfrontend from doing whatever it's supposed to do.
[22:39:41] markspieth: gigem: At least I think that is the thread usage. Had all sorts of problems with qt c++ thread not being the main/startup thread originally.
[22:40:40] gigem: jpabq: I can't test it. For my main TV, I actually use analog, 2.0 audio with a USB dongle. For my other TV, I use HDMI to the TV and that's it.
[22:41:44] peterbennett: jpabq: dolby passthru was working for me last time i tried it about 1 week ago.
[22:42:02] gigem: I tried posting to the Qt Interest list but because I had unsubscribed, it got rejected. There got to be someway to find out what that thread is doing when it's spinning like crazy but I can't find it.
[22:42:19] peterbennett: jpabq: However that was before the 7.1 upgrade, I have not checked it again.
[22:43:01] peterbennett: I have to move the shield to test the dolby, it is at teh moment on a tv without surround sound
[22:43:10] jpabq: peterbennett: It has never worked for me, on any version of Android. Probably some intereaction with the OpenSLES(?) driver and my preamp.
[22:43:35] gigem: markspieth: What's also weird is that it still happens when mythfrontend is put into stand by mode. In that case, mythfrontend shouldn't be trying to do anything but sitting there waiting for the use to manually exit stand by mode. Yet it too spins like crazy when resumed.
[22:44:07] peterbennett: jpabq: what type of sound system is it? does it take hdmi or optical input?
[22:45:18] peterbennett: jpabq: I have it set up as hdmi into TV, then optical out from the TV into a Onkyo receiver
[22:45:19] jpabq: HDMI. I have an Anthem AVM 60 preamp. DD works fine from the Amazon Video app. Youtube is just stereo, always it seems. I can select DD from Myth, but if I do I just get static.
[22:46:07] jpabq: I am waiting for Amazon to add Dolby Atmos to their app on the Shield.
[22:46:53] peterbennett: It may be an issue with the IEC958 headers on the dolby out from MythTV. Perhaps something does not like them.
[22:47:11] peterbennett: Or maybe something wants them and they are missing.
[22:47:15] jpabq: I can try hooking it directly to the TV, just to see if it works.
[22:47:23] markspieth: gigem: I cant see the spinning though on my shield. resume seems to work perfectly.
[22:47:59] peterbennett: Try it how I have it – hdmi to tv then optical to amp.
[22:49:44] markspieth: jpabq: peterbennett: I have problems with passthrough on my amp (linux). Turning on stretch makes it reencode even when going back to x1. May fix some things esp. the screech someone else is seeing.
[22:50:13] gigem: markspieth: Really? How long do you let yours sit? I get it pretty much everytime I let it set overnight and most times when I let it set for more than 5 or 6 hours.
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[23:26:49] markspieth2: gigem: not 5 hrs but it did suspend and switch the tv off. press a button on remote, display comes back on and press pause and it resumes almost instantly. be nice to know what is different with your setup. I am using the airmouse to do all this though.

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