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Sunday, September 9th, 2018, 01:04 UTC
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[11:20:45] ijc: (Somewhat) related to is the reason for there being two very similar APIs that one is old/deprecated and one is new/current? If so I guess mythproto is the (relatively) new one and mythmusic has not been ported?
[13:26:39] markspieth: I did some more testing today with shield pausing (not AVSync) with mediacodec normal. Material was 1080i with ads. Skipping ads worked well, pausing during playback and letting CEC to kick in (TV off) then pressign a key, mythtv returned immediately and play started playback immediately from where it was paused. Pausing to screen saver was also ok, unpaused where the material was paused.
[13:27:33] markspieth: Screensaver suspend when not in playback also behaved itself (with and without CEC). So it looks like pausing works well (for me at least).
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[17:10:13] gigem: markspieth: I think that's partly due to switching to android:noHistory. That doesn't seem to be affected by the screen save like hooking into onPause was. I still think we need to pause and even exit playback on some events. How can events seen in be passed on to c++ code?
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[22:03:04] markspieth: gigem: I have not added that stuff yet. Still on about 3 weeks old baseline. So it cant be that.
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