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Friday, March 23rd, 2018, 01:42 UTC
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[02:50:23] tgm4883: peterbennett: looks like arm64 and armhf builds fail because of missing crystal hd packages. Is this something that exists somewhere or should I be disabling crystal hd support on those arches?
[02:54:55] tgm4883: actually, nevermind, we had it disabled. stuarta I think you've got a typo here . . . 8e89aca83d88
[02:57:15] tgm4883: I think that should still be ifeq rather than ifneq
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[07:18:12] stuarta: tgm4883: no, it's not a typo. it just looks wrong
[07:19:37] stuarta: tgm4883: the result of the filter is compared against the empty string, so if the filter matches it returns the matched string which is not equal to the empty string
[07:20:38] stuarta: tgm4883: however i had no success in setting up a build environment to test even the x86 variants
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[12:06:22] peterbennett: tgm4883: stuarta As far as I remember, crystalhd was by default disabled for all configures, you had to explicitly enable it if you wanted it.
[12:06:47] peterbennett: tgm4883: stuarta And yes it should be disabled for arm architectures
[12:08:15] hampton: I think its enabled by default, and then if a test for the libraries failed it is disabled. All I remember doing to enable the feature is adding the crystalhd libs. suddenly
[12:08:30] hampton: s/suddenly//
[12:10:21] peterbennett: hampton: When I did the testing for the ffmpeg refresh I found it was not building crystalhd until i explicitly enabled it.
[12:10:49] stuarta: peterbennett: yes, that's correct, and the ubuntu builds explicitly enable it. i was trying to adjust the packaging scripts to not force enable it on armhf & arm64
[12:10:59] peterbennett: Maybe I am wrong but that is how I remember it. Maybe something changed.
[12:11:19] stuarta: --enable-crystalhd force enables it, and then dies when the relevant libs aren't found
[12:11:35] stuarta: which is the problem affecting the ubuntu arm64 and armhf builds
[12:12:10] hampton: My default is 'configure --enable-silent_cc', and all the video output options show 'yes' except for OpenMax.
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[13:06:28] tgm4883: stuarta: we weren't enabling it before on the armhf builds, so I think that just needs some testing
[13:08:20] stuarta: tgm4883: the change i made was to attempt to not pass in --enable-crystalhd on arm64/armhf
[13:08:30] stuarta: still seems to be passed in tho :(
[13:08:40] stuarta: dunno if packaging updates need manually rolling in?
[13:08:58] stuarta: tgm4883: --enable-crystalhd was being passed explicitly for all builds
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[13:11:15] kwizart: iirc libcrystalhd relies on some x86 asm, it can be ifdef'ed but still...
[13:11:50] stuarta: package doesn't exist on arm64/armhf, so if it's not explicitly enabled, configure should disable it and the build continue
[13:12:15] stuarta: problem is, it's explicitly enabled in the build scripts on the ppa autobuilder
[13:15:16] tgm4883: stuarta: are you sure they previously were? I'll check when I get back to a computer, but I don't think that coffee had changed in awhile. It's not failing for v29 currently with the old code
[13:19:31] stuarta: that was my understanding from reading the logs
[13:19:40] ** stuarta heads out for a bit **
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[15:20:29] ** stuarta ho hums **
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