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Sunday, March 18th, 2018, 00:14 UTC
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[12:12:26] stuartm: peterbennett: so I did a clean install of Raspbian Stretch, updated to the very latest packages, then installed mythtv-light
[12:12:29] stuartm: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory
[12:12:39] stuartm: just thought you'd like to know
[12:13:53] stuartm: now I did install mythtv-light with "--no-install-recommends", so my guess is that libxv is incorrectly included as a recommended dependency instead of a required one
[12:18:48] stuartm: libpulse0 is also not included as a required dep
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[13:55:07] peterbennett: stuartm: is not listed as a dependency or a recommendation.
[13:55:52] peterbennett: Maybe there is something different on the RPI3+
[13:55:54] stuartm: ok, it should be, the package was built with libXv enabled
[13:56:48] stuartm: I don't think RPI 3 b+ is any different, it's just that libXv is probably installed by default with the full Raspbian so no-one noticed until now
[13:57:02] stuartm: it's not included with Raspbian Lite
[13:58:09] peterbennett: I have never user raspbian lite
[13:58:15] peterbennett: used
[13:59:35] peterbennett: My package is not perfect, sorry. I figured out the dependencies from what was needed to get it working on Raspbian.
[14:00:14] stuartm: hey, no problem, just thought you'd want to know and fix that.
[14:00:21] peterbennett: There is one person on the forum who has it working on 3+ , he had to do the rpi-update.
[14:00:42] stuartm: yeah, with the missing deps installed it's working
[14:00:54] peterbennett: stuartm: Ok sure thanks, I will add that. Anything else that should be added? Did it work after installing that?
[14:01:26] peterbennett: Do you happen to know the package name for libxv?
[14:02:18] peterbennett: So libxv and libpulse ? Maybe I should rather build without xv and pulse if that is possible
[14:02:52] stuartm: still haven't got my build to work though, will try again with the clean install of Raspbian when I get more time. I couldn't get it to honour the link order I'd specified
[14:03:29] peterbennett: All of the competing opengl libraries are a nightmare
[14:04:12] stuartm: without pulse is possible. Without Xv ... may be possible but I've not actually tried for a long time and it may cause issues
[14:05:28] peterbennett: stuartm: By the way, there was a problem in my MythTV light respository I fixed yesterday, It was selecting the non-latest version.
[14:05:52] stuartm: with Xv there's a possibility of scattered places where it's being used without checking whether it's been compiled in
[14:06:18] peterbennett: The latest version I have there is v30-Pre-403. If you got the earlier version you may want to uninstall and install again
[14:06:19] stuartm: peterbennett: ok, I should be good as I did a completely fresh install this morning
[14:07:31] stuartm: that was less painful that I expected once I'd identified all my customisations
[14:07:49] peterbennett: The problem is that It thinks v30-Pre-249 is higher than v30~pre-403 and will continue thinking that .
[14:08:23] stuartm: heh
[14:08:41] peterbennett: Anybody who installed Pre-249 will not get any updates until 30.0 or later comes out
[14:08:59] stuartm: ugh, SD isn't properly marking stuff on C4 HD as HD, so it's preferring the SD variant
[14:09:57] peterbennett: Yes I long ago decided against using those HD markings on programs from Schedules Direct, They were unreliable
[14:09:59] stuartm: and they removed Channel 4 HD from the Freesat lineup (even though it's still available, it was just pulled from the Freesat EPG)
[14:10:52] peterbennett: I give higher priority to HD channels, that seems to sort it out best
[14:11:05] stuartm: I may have to modify mfdb to mark all programs on the channel as HD, or edit the grabber
[14:12:06] stuartm: preferring HD channels is problematic, say there's a programme with a lower priority on the HD channel vs the programme with a higher priority on the SD channel.
[14:12:35] stuartm: granted, most of the time it should work out OK, but that's the reason why I don't like using the channel priority
[14:13:29] stuartm: I miss the old uk_rt grabber, Nick really did put a lot of effort to fixing up the guide data
[14:14:36] stuartm: will file a report with SD on both those issues
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[14:16:40] peterbennett: So you set priorities on your recording rules and you don't want an HD one with a lower priority to prevent an SD one with a higher priority?
[14:17:30] stuartm: right
[14:18:01] peterbennett: I don't have that problem because I record very little on SD, and those that I do record on SD are old reruns and really are lowest priortity anyway
[14:18:04] stuartm: even though most of the time I have more than enough tuners to record everything without conflicts (there's so little worth watching on broadcast TV these days)
[14:18:37] stuartm: particularly infuriating to get back from being away to find a single episode from a series missing :)
[14:20:50] peterbennett: Do you have HD and SD copies of the same channel?
[14:22:01] peterbennett: Those are the ones where I set a higher priority on HD. If you have separate SD only channels you can also set those with higher prioity
[14:22:18] peterbennett: Or else, just set a lower priority on certain SD channels
[14:22:32] stuartm: yes, mostly because the SD ones are on different multiplexes, so in the event of conflicts there's a possiblity that it will still be able to record the show in SD using multirec rather than not record at all.
[14:22:35] peterbennett: Those which duplicate the HD shows
[14:22:55] stuartm: i.e. I'll take the SD showing over the HD showing, if the alternative is it not recording at all
[14:24:58] peterbennett: I have 6 tuners now so I never have conflicts, but before with 3 tuners I would examine the upcoming every week to see what was being bumped or recorded at a later time and tweak the individual recording priorities
[14:26:17] peterbennett: Adding libxv1, libpulse0 to the mythtv light dependencies
[14:28:25] stuartm: great, thanks
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[14:30:31] stuartm: I think I'll have to spend a few weekends working on a new theme, maybe pump the design team at work for ideas. Though whether I do that before or after re-working the WebFrontend ...
[14:35:49] stuartm: peterbennett: I meant to ask, is that CEC startup behaviour customisable? The stuff about powering on/switching inputs on frontend startup? I couldn't find it in the settings.
[14:36:14] stuartm: that was your work right?
[14:42:59] peterbennett: stuartm: Yes that is customizable
[14:43:23] peterbennett: It is not in the settings but can be done with overrides
[14:44:10] peterbennett: I have them documented somewhere
[14:44:16] stuartm: ok, thanks
[14:44:45] stuartm: I can dive into the code for that, just a bit busy at the moment, just wanted to know that it was possible
[14:45:11] peterbennett:
[14:46:12] stuartm: we should maybe cross-carry that info here –
[14:46:13] peterbennett: I have wondered about adding them to the settings but never got around to it
[14:46:27] stuartm: thanks
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[18:36:33] MythBuild: build #550 of master-ubuntu-testing-64bit is complete: Success [3build successful] Build details are at . . . t/builds/550
[18:47:46] stuartm: peterbennett: that long keypress stuff is a nice addition
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