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Friday, March 16th, 2018, 01:06 UTC
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[09:27:32] stuarta: morning all
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[10:44:38] stuartm: OSD is not working anymore on my RPi frontend ...
[10:44:47] stuartm: g'morning stuarta
[10:46:22] ** stuarta waves **
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[14:11:12] peterbennett: stuartm: What did you do to mess up your rpi frontend?
[14:27:59] stuarta: sigh, i haven't got very far on migrating this week :(
[14:28:30] stuarta: on the upside, i've moved the development VM to my backend, so i can get to it when i want to work on it
[14:41:29] stuartm: peterbennett: bought a Pi 3+, and had to upgrade the install from Jessie to Stretch, recompile after which OSD isn't rendered (it's there just not visible) I need to check the logs when I have time.
[14:41:54] stuartm: suspect it's something relating to opengles not working
[14:42:07] stuartm: even though it was compiled with support
[14:42:32] stuarta: stuartm: did you "upgrade" or reflash the SD card with the new version?
[14:44:05] stuartm: upgrade, since I had to do a lot of customisation which I hadn't documented and didn't want to lose
[14:44:05] stuarta: the latter is a much better idea
[14:44:25] stuartm: yeah, it would be, if I had kept track of all the changes I'd made to various configs
[14:44:49] stuartm: I'm not using mythtv from packages either
[14:46:08] stuarta: nor me, it's a lovely 4hr build time
[14:46:09] stuartm: may eventually end up starting from scratch, once I've had time to go through and figure out what stuff I need to backup
[14:46:20] stuartm: I did the build overnight
[14:46:31] stuarta: i took the approach that SD cards are cheap, and bought 4.
[14:47:09] stuartm: yeah, that would have been a good idea ... didn't think of doing a fresh install on a clean card
[14:47:18] stuartm: doh
[14:47:19] stuarta: doh
[14:48:44] stuartm: at least initially I'd hoped to get away with just swapping the card from the old pi to the new, but there were missing deps and firmware for the new hardware which hadn't been ported to Jessie
[14:49:54] stuartm: another case of my laziness ultimately creating a lot more work
[14:52:07] kwizart: btw on raspberry pi :
[14:52:24] stuartm: ok, think I may have figured out the issue, there were some libgles package upgrades in the raspbian repo which weren't in the standard debian repo and I've forgotten to switch the raspbian repo from jessie to stretch
[14:54:25] stuartm: kwizart: interesting
[14:58:05] stuartm: I might find the time/motivation to try again and bring down the memory footprint for mythfrontend. Relook at the painters to use compressed textures instead of bitmaps for one. Never been happy with it.
[14:58:37] stuarta: oo very interesting, been waiting for further developments from him on the rpi media interfaces
[15:04:09] peterbennett: stuarta: stuartm You could try my raspberry pi package MythTV light- I use it myself
[15:05:58] peterbennett: stuartm: So you took a SD card form a PI3 then put it in a new PI3+ and upgraded it to stretch. I think that is risky.
[15:12:48] peterbennett: stuartm: Note that to run mythfrontend on stretch you have to recompile it on stretch or use the stretch package. There are library changes in stretch.
[15:15:34] peterbennett: stuartm: Sorry I see now rereading that you did recompile.
[15:19:48] stuartm: peterbennett: I tend to be running versions of mythtv from master, which is why I'm not using packages
[15:20:26] stuartm: right now it's actually a very old pre 29 version of master because I've been too busy to upgrade my backend
[15:20:49] peterbennett: stuartm: I do have a package for master, it is called version 30
[15:21:34] peterbennett: stuartm: It is not the very latest but I try to update it when there is something important that affects raspberry pi
[15:24:22] stuartm: I'll keep it in mind
[15:25:02] stuartm: though if I do end spending any time on frontend fixes (I still have stuff pending on UPnP), then I'll have to be building from source anyway
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[16:03:20] stuartm: . . . deoCore_APIs
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[17:02:38] MythBuild: build #549 of master-ubuntu-testing-64bit is complete: Failure [4failed unit test core] Build details are at . . . t/builds/549 blamelist: Peter Bennett < >
[17:07:33] stuarta: that test i think is too short. when a builder is loaded / slow it fails
[17:07:37] peterbennett: That build fail looks bogus to me.
[17:08:13] peterbennett: I did not change anything related to timers
[17:08:25] stuarta: no you didn't. it's when it takes too long
[17:08:38] stuarta: ie. loaded buildslave
[17:09:20] peterbennett: So I would expect that one to fail all the time on Raspberry Pi
[17:09:55] stuarta: oddly it doesn't fail that often, but iirc the host for that buildslave is running several other slaves
[17:10:25] stuarta: whilst the rpi buildslave isn't running virtualized, and runs through the tests in a serial fashion
[17:11:20] stuarta: whilst if multiple slaves are hosts on 1 hypervisor, you can get vcpu starvation in the guests, leading to timer overruns, and hence test failures
[17:14:35] stuarta: s/hosts/hosted/
[17:15:03] stuarta: make sense?
[17:15:21] peterbennett: Yes
[17:17:16] peterbennett: The setup spin boxes are causing problems for some people. For some reason they don't like pressing right arrow 7000 times when they want a value of 7000.
[17:19:09] peterbennett: Maybe I should change the entry dialog to allow a text entry as well
[17:39:06] stuartm: spinboxes allow for faster changes with PgUp/PgDown
[17:39:50] stuartm: for anything like timeouts, I'd also set the step interval as something like 100ms, rather than 1ms
[17:40:45] stuartm: just guessing you're referring to the tuning timeout stuff since you're talking about values in the thousands, but I could be wrong
[17:41:17] stuartm: step interval 100, large interval as 1000
[17:43:03] stuartm: in fact, most of those could have a step of 500 or 1000, we don't even need 100ms granularity
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[18:58:21] peterbennett: stuartm: the complaints are around things like Network ID. That has to be in 1 increments since it can be anything and an approximate value will not cut it. I did point out that they can use page up/down but that is not obvious to most.
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[19:00:26] peterbennett: stuartm: You can also use Ctrl-S to get to the correct value but that is even less user-friendly – you have to know teh increment and key in an exact match to an entry
[19:00:50] peterbennett: #13204
[19:00:50] ** MythLogBot **
[19:02:18] peterbennett: stuarta: The change I propose in may be a compromise for those
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[19:08:58] stuartm: ahh, yeah, networkid would be an issue
[19:11:11] stuartm: well OSD still isn't working on the Pi, but the good news is that it's much more responsive. Menu navigation is noticably faster and tolerable, pbb loads faster < 1sec and playback also starts faster. Seeking is better. Altogether, a worthwhile purchase.
[19:31:37] peterbennett: stuartm: How do we get the word out that they can use pgup/pgdn? Maybe a message in the dialog?
[19:38:30] stuartm: help text maybe, I acknowledge that it's not obvious functionality and I couldn't think of a way to advertise it.
[19:41:10] stuartm: I did have a plan to use the coloured buttons on some remotes as a contextual hotkeys, so for widgets, that would show something onscreen (reserved space, the theme would have to support it) with a legend. Which might have been used to give simple visual indications and also avoid users have to bind lots of keys in many circumstances
[19:41:38] stuartm: not a novel idea, it was inspired by TVs/STBs which do the same. Something for the future.
[19:42:01] stuartm: libEGL warning: DRI2: failed to authenticate
[19:43:00] peterbennett: The spin box is on a small dialog that has only title, buttonlist, ok, cancel – So maybe just add an extra text area with message.
[19:43:50] peterbennett: How do we go about updating themes – they have many owners and likely some of the owners are no longer around.?
[19:45:03] stuartm: ok, seems to be a know issue with upgrades to Stretch ... linking the wrong libs, because the right ones are missing
[19:45:57] stuartm: peterbennett: that's an issue, but then the mythui setup stuff is also relatively new and so unmaintained themes will already fall back to the defaults in most cases
[19:46:52] stuartm: you can only do your best to update the core themes. At some point unmaintained themes should be cut loose (including Terra)
[19:52:04] peterbennett: stuartm: They library changes should be handled by the build and install
[19:53:38] peterbennett: stuartm: I create a directory /usr/share/mythtv/lib/ with links to the correct libraries
[19:53:52] peterbennett: If you install in a non-default location that may not work
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[19:56:19] peterbennett: stuartm: Somewhere in the build I told it to use /usr/share/mythtv/lib/ as the preferentila library location.
[19:56:31] peterbennett: preferential
[19:58:36] kwizart: why not /usr/lib/mythtv ?
[20:00:51] peterbennett: I don't remember if there was a reason
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[20:58:09] stuartm: peterbennett: yeah, unfortunately the links are broken because the VC versions are missing, the fix was apparently to run rpi-update which redownloaded and installed them
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