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Tuesday, March 13th, 2018, 00:07 UTC
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[09:05:01] stuarta: morning all
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[09:22:58] SteveGoodey: stuarta: You thinking of redoing the icon server?
[09:23:20] stuarta: i already did once, now it need doing again, with a completely new icon source
[09:23:39] stuarta: our prime candidate shutdown after seeing it's bandwidth bill
[09:25:17] SteveGoodey: Where do SD get theres from? (Have I asked this already?)
[09:25:31] stuarta: but then, they never put any size limitations on the icons that were uploaded to them
[09:25:41] stuarta: that i dunno
[09:29:08] SteveGoodey: Did the icon server store the icons or just link to other sources?
[09:29:41] stuarta: we store nothing, just returning a URL to the icon
[09:30:36] stuarta: however lyngsat added anti linking protection which means requests (to valid urls) are 404'd when we request them
[09:36:24] stuarta: hmm, wonder if our icon code handles SVG icons
[09:43:43] stuarta: that looks like another can of worms
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[16:07:00] peterbennett: Another blizzard. power goes on and off every few minutes.
[16:07:55] stuarta: lucky you :-/
[16:07:58] pvr4me: A UPS can be a cool thing
[16:08:23] peterbennett: I had a bad experience with a UPS before.
[16:08:52] pvr4me: ?
[16:09:20] pvr4me: I believe it is not recommended to lick the terminals!
[16:09:59] peterbennett: The UPS would randomly cut off the power to my computer when there was no power failure.
[16:10:18] peterbennett: It caused more power outages to the computers than it prevented
[16:10:45] peterbennett: I got it replaced under warranty but the new one was no better
[16:11:11] hampton: You could always get a generator. :-D
[16:11:13] pvr4me: So, more of an _I_PS…an interruptible power supply ;)
[16:11:34] peterbennett: I have a generator. It starts up after the power has been off for 30 seconds
[16:14:40] pvr4me: I have a UPS for my network gear. The cable modem takes up to a minute to reconnect to the network after a power loss and was sensitive to even _very_ brief blips.
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[16:16:28] peterbennett: hampton: I have a question for you.
[16:17:29] peterbennett: hampton: I added a call to a function but I don't need the response. I want to get rid of the compile warning that comes out
[16:17:50] peterbennett: I put (void) in front of the call but it still complains
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[16:26:10] hampton: That's what I would have expected to work. Let me look into it a little bit.
[16:31:42] peterbennett: hampton: the change is in . . . gpress.patch – not yet committed.
[16:36:22] hampton: This is odd. From the documentation it seems like the gcc default is not to warn of an unused result, unless the function is explicitly flagged to request a warning and I don't see that on the TranslateKeyPress function.
[16:36:49] gbee: peterbennett: It's funny you should say that about the UPS, four times in the past 6 weeks my machine inexplicably was powered off. Not shutdown, just off. No clue of anything wrong from the UPS or system logs. I've been trying to figure out how I would begin to determine whether the problem was the UPS, the PSU or the motherboard. Especially since it's happening at most once a week unpredictably.
[16:38:03] gbee: unfortunately, I've not even been present when it happens, first three times I wasn't even in the country.
[16:38:39] stuarta: doh :(
[16:38:49] peterbennett: gbee: exactly my experience. It was a few years ago. It would happen about one a week.
[16:39:07] gbee: what manufacturer was the UPS?
[16:39:07] stuarta: does that mean the ups is overloaded or getting old?
[16:39:58] gbee: mine is APC, it did have to contend with some real powercuts a couple of months back, including the battery being 100% drained, twice
[16:40:19] gbee: so maybe that's where I should start looking.
[16:40:41] peterbennett: gbee: I think it was tripplite but not sure.
[16:41:04] gbee: it's only 3 years old though, battery might be up for replacement but the device itself isn't that old
[16:41:36] peterbennett: this was about 10 years ago so the technology may have changed
[16:41:42] hampton: To be more precise, the default compiler option is -Wunused-result (which implies that it should complain), but that argument only applies to functions tagged with the warn_unused_result attribute.
[16:41:59] hampton: I've had good luck with APC UPSes.
[16:42:23] stuarta: dammit, i left my laptop with the development instance of the mythtv infrastructure at home :(
[16:42:48] stuarta: and i've stuff on there i've not committed to any git repo
[16:43:10] gbee: hampton: Is the attribute on the base class declaration of TranslateKeypress?
[16:43:52] gbee: looks like it
[16:44:00] stuarta: gbee: good to see you!
[16:44:04] gbee: mythmainwindow.h ln 54–56
[16:44:04] hampton: It is. Didn't look at the .h file
[16:44:08] gbee is now known as stuartm
[16:46:16] stuartm: stuarta: you shouldn't see me, I'm supposed to be working ;)
[16:47:05] peterbennett: So even putting in (void) is not good enough. I should remove the MUNUSED_RESULT
[16:48:26] stuarta: stuartm: me too ;-)
[16:49:42] hampton: Well, that's there because someone thought it was critical that the result always be checked. I would look back in git history to see who added it and why before removing it.
[16:50:31] peterbennett: So if you remove it, I assume it would still warn if I did not have the (void).
[16:51:01] peterbennett: That should be good enough, by putting in (void) I am saying that I accept that I am not checking the result.
[16:53:11] peterbennett: stuartm added the TranslateKeyPress and David Blain added the MUNUSED_RESULT
[16:53:11] hampton: If you remove MUNUSED_RESULT the compiler will stop complaining because you have "(void)". Whoever added MUNUSED_RESULT was making an explicit statement that you shouldn't ever use "(void)" to ignore the result of that function.
[16:53:56] stuarta: surely you would want to know if the keypress was handled or not?
[16:54:55] peterbennett: If you pass false into the allowJumps parameter the routine never handles it and always returns false
[16:55:45] stuartm: the unused result was added for a reason
[16:55:55] hampton: It was actually Paul Harrison that added the attribute in a1d6ce3e
[16:56:37] stuartm: the warning I mean, not that I really remember exactly why, but it wasn't done on a whim
[16:56:46] hampton: Apparently TranslateKeypress can handle the event, so you need to check and see if that happened.
[16:57:15] hampton: The log message for a1d6ce3e explains the reasoning.
[16:57:37] ** hampton has to run meet a contractor **
[16:58:01] peterbennett: If you look at the code you can easily see that if allowJumps is false then false is always returned.
[16:59:35] peterbennett: The only return true statements are inside if (allowJumps && something). Probably the allowJumps was added later.
[16:59:46] stuartm: that sounds fishy
[17:00:33] peterbennett: It makes sense, the routine only handles it if it is a jump. Otherwise the caller must handle it.
[17:01:42] peterbennett: So to keep everybody happy I will check the result and if it is true, put out an error message.
[17:02:08] peterbennett: That should not happen
[17:02:43] stuartm: well documentation helps here "
[17:02:44] stuartm: true if the key event has been handled (the keypress was a jumpoint)
[17:02:46] stuartm: false if the caller should continue to handle keypress
[17:03:44] stuartm: the intent was that TranslateKeypress only returns true for jumppoints, otherwise, in MythUIScreenType derived classes, where we're handling screen specific keypresses, it will then continue on to handle the keypress events
[17:04:17] stuartm: if it's a jumppoint we don't want to handle the screen specific key bindings, we just want to skip right to transitioning to the jump location
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[17:06:32] stuartm: if any caller for TranslateKeyPress ignores the results, then it may potentially go on to handle the keypress itself when it should ignore it (for jumppoints)
[17:06:39] stuartm: should Peter come back ^^
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[17:08:29] stuartm: MythScreenType::keyPressEvent() is the prototype for this behaviour, read that and it becomes clear why we enforced the use of the result
[17:09:19] peterbennett: OK.
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[18:02:37] MythNotifyBot_: Service: 08HTTP Trac is 07Up – 08HTTP 200 – OK
[18:04:00] peterbennett: I am setting up a new keymapping for BOOKMARK so that you can change the keys used for setting bookmarks.
[18:04:49] peterbennett: I can set the default t he same as current, but I think that using spacebar for pause would be more logical than for setting bookmarks.
[18:05:08] peterbennett: Is there any support for changing it?
[18:06:07] peterbennett: I think Ctrl+K for setting a bookmark is better, since K is for jumping to a bookmark.
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[18:23:31] gigem: peterbennett: When I setup my Harmony Hub buttons, I needed to change the binding for Pause because the key it sent was the same as for Play. I wound up choosing Space because it caused most other players to pause. In short, I agree with your proposal.
[18:25:02] peterbennett: gigem: For me, setting a bookmark is something I never use (apart from the automatic bookmark when I exit), so the fact that it is on the most prominent and most used keys seems inappropriate.
[18:25:54] peterbennett: But I wonder how much use it gets in the general users of MythTV.
[18:27:46] peterbennett: gigem: I am writing an email to mythtv-dev to get feedback on this.
[18:46:49] jpabq: peterbennett, tripplite makes create surge suppressors. However, I will NEVER, EVERY buy another one of their UPSs — pure junk.
[18:53:45] gigem: peterbennett: I agree. The only time I use manual bookmarks is when my frontend gets wonky and I want to make sure there is a bookmark reasonably close to where I was before the next crash.
[18:54:45] peterbennett: jpabq: So you are saying other brands may be OK?
[18:56:08] peterbennett: jpabq: I have been reluctant to but one since that experience
[18:56:22] jpabq: peterbennett: Yes, APC generally are fine. I also have an EATON which is good quality, but the damn fan never turns off, so is only useful if you don't care about noise.
[18:56:47] peterbennett: OK thanks, good to know
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[19:17:27] Steve_Goodey: tgm4883:
[19:18:58] Steve_Goodey: Wondering if this is the same problem as affected v29 fixes updates?
[19:19:26] tgm4883: Steve_Goodey: nope, something different
[19:19:46] Steve_Goodey: Figures! :-)
[19:31:24] tgm4883: Steve_Goodey: I need to figure out why libcec-dev isn't being installed
[19:31:30] tgm4883: . . . LDING.txt.gz
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[20:26:38] hampton: peterbennett: I think I've had various APC UPSes under my desk for probably 20 years now. Never had a problem with them.
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