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Wednesday, December 20th, 2017, 00:00 UTC
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[09:11:42] ** SteveGoodey Taps fingers waiting for forum response **
[09:12:10] SteveGoodey: and gets nginx error!
[09:14:01] stuarta: arse
[09:14:08] stuarta: wtf is up with it again.
[09:14:17] stuarta: this new storage at the hosting provider is shit
[09:15:02] stuarta: io wait is still shit
[09:15:38] SteveGoodey: Did osusl respond to your graphs?
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[09:16:04] stuarta: they said at the time migrations were still ongoing and some balancing remained to be done
[09:16:52] SteveGoodey: Cough 'Fobbed of' Cough?
[09:16:52] stuarta: now meant to be complete
[09:17:21] stuarta: a little, gave them the benefit of the doubt that time
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[15:33:27] paul-h: stuarta: have you got time to update the radio streams again
[15:34:43] stuarta: sure
[15:34:54] stuarta: drop me an email
[15:35:33] paul-h: OK will do thanks
[15:35:49] stuarta: np
[15:49:05] stuarta: paul-h: done, hopefully it'll make the 4pm sync
[16:04:02] stuarta: maybe it's 4:30pm :-/
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[16:43:20] stuarta: paul-h: looks like it's updated
[17:08:14] paul-h: cool thanks stuarta
[17:08:26] stuarta: np
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[17:20:28] stuarta: ugh, why do we keep opening connections to the x server all over the place
[17:21:38] stuarta: it's just a horrible mess
[17:21:38] peterbennett: stuarta: ?
[17:21:58] stuarta: oh i'm looking at how to put in wayland support
[17:22:12] stuarta: in order to get vaapi to work again under f26 and newer
[17:22:16] peterbennett: Surely QT handles it all
[17:22:29] stuarta: i don't think so
[17:22:37] stuarta: not that we use Qt for much of that
[17:23:02] stuarta: bits of Qt yes, but we still open direct X connections
[17:23:17] stuarta: grep for "MythXDisplay" in libs....
[17:25:09] peterbennett: Maybe for Xvideo rendering
[17:25:19] stuarta: and bits of vdpau connections
[17:25:22] stuarta: and for vaapi
[17:25:26] stuarta: it's just shit
[17:26:13] peterbennett: Does OpenGL work for wayland?
[17:26:38] stuarta: yes, the opengl stuff is still working
[17:27:10] peterbennett: It seems that using GPU for decoding is less important now, most systems should have enough power to decode using ffmpeg.
[17:27:14] stuarta: it's the fact that behind the scenes they moved to using DRI3 in wayland, and vaapi to wayland via x connections uses DRI2
[17:27:35] stuarta: yes they do, i'd still like to use the gpu if I can
[17:30:05] stuarta: as i've investigated this, it's clear that some significant clean ups are due, and more use of the Qt provided abstraction is warranted.
[17:31:37] peterbennett: I have fixed all the ffmpeg deprecated stuff except for about 4 places. All seems to be working that was working before.
[17:32:12] stuarta: i'm very happy with what you have done
[17:32:30] stuarta: tbh, it's ready for wider testing by dropping it in master
[17:32:53] stuarta: right, i need to head out for ~3 hours or so, back later
[17:33:33] peterbennett: transcode is not working for most cases and NuppelVideo seems to be not working, but those were not working before.
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[17:52:48] SteveGoodey: That guy's like a ninja. He pops in, has a quick conversation and then disappears again.
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[21:18:34] gigem: SteveGoodey: Somebody needs to show him how to run a persistent client that can be checked from anywhere. Years ago, I used to confuse everybody when I ran one client at home with one nick and another client at work with a different nick. At the other developers insistence, I finally found an acceptable text based client that I could keep running in screen and attach to from where every I was.
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[22:21:47] stuarta: irssi + screen
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[23:45:52] gigem: stuarta: weechat + screen! :)

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