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Tuesday, December 12th, 2017, 00:50 UTC
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[07:17:57] dekarl: Roklobster: good morning :)
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[09:10:28] stuarta: morning all
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[12:58:53] stuarta: sigh, new storage backend osuosl have moved us to is dog slow :(
[13:00:01] SteveGoodey: Hence nginx error! now and again?
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[13:01:18] stuarta: possibly, my monitoring keeps triggering
[13:01:44] stuarta: it's on the order of 10x worse performance just rendering the basic
[13:12:00] stuarta: i've sent the relevant graphs through to osuosl for comment
[13:20:10] stuarta: now to decide when to switch code to this server, which isn't working very fast as a consequence :(
[13:43:48] stuarta: but it's probably better than the server which is dying :-/
[13:59:08] jheizer: wow, the www site is way way slow
[14:03:10] jheizer: 7.5s
[14:17:03] stuarta: yeah it's crappy since they moved the storage
[14:19:15] stuarta: uggg
[14:20:08] stuarta: and the website response times
[14:20:16] stuarta: guess when the maintenance was done
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[14:22:36] jheizer: holy IO wait
[14:23:31] stuarta: yeah :(
[14:23:38] stuarta: 90% max is crap
[14:23:54] stuarta: 26% on average is diabolical
[14:24:13] stuarta: used to be <7% on average
[14:29:20] ** stuarta emails that to osuosl support as well **
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[17:00:45] stuarta: #13811
[17:00:45] ** MythLogBot **
[17:00:56] stuarta: #12811
[17:00:56] ** MythLogBot **
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[17:21:54] stuarta: sigh, uptimerobot is down
[17:22:08] stuarta: ergo, public monitoring broken
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[17:32:11] stuarta: bah, now it works just fine
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[20:09:36] ** stuarta yawns **
[20:29:00] ** gigem nods **
[20:32:26] stuarta: i am sitting here staring at my screens and i dunno what i'm even doing....
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[20:40:28] ** enyc meows **
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[20:42:30] jheizer_: Reading an API doc that is half chinese half english. And I'm pretty sure the engligh came from google translate.
[20:42:37] ** jheizer_ eyes glaze over **
[20:42:53] stuarta: i think i need alcohol
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[20:45:19] jheizer_: "To encrypt the sensitive information that prevent been peep."
[20:45:25] jheizer_: No peep plz
[20:45:30] jheizer_ is now known as jheizer
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[20:46:29] jheizer: HAhaha, nope. Not google translate. It does a better job than the english that is there.
[20:47:58] Panic (Panic!~Panic@ has joined #mythtv
[20:50:23] peterbennett: We usually call it Chinglish.
[20:51:30] Panic: No, only assholes call it that
[20:53:17] peterbennett: How about Engrish? Is that better?
[20:58:25] stuarta: peterbennett: on another note, i've tested patches 001–004 of the ffmpeg api changes, and they work fine. building with 005 as well now
[20:58:45] stuarta: at least with the content i have
[20:59:28] peterbennett: OK good
[21:00:38] peterbennett: stuarta: Still many more to go.
[21:00:46] stuarta: i have no doubt
[21:01:04] stuarta: phase 1, in place replacement
[21:01:28] stuarta: phase 2, optimize decoder implementation
[21:01:37] stuarta: phase 2 will be "fun"
[21:01:40] peterbennett: stuarta: One problem – I cannot test Apple MAC, Windows or crystalHD
[21:01:47] stuarta: nor me
[21:01:59] stuarta: jya should be able to test osx
[21:02:37] stuarta: dblain should be able to test windows
[21:02:40] peterbennett: I would like jya also to review the code make sure I am not doing something wrong
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[21:04:42] peterbennett: I would be interested in knowing if you also see the improvement in DVD Menu after the changes. I am not sure why that seemed to get fixed
[21:04:56] peterbennett: I don't understand how those menus work.
[21:05:14] stuarta: don't use dvd's at all with my setup
[21:05:21] stuarta: probably need to add something for testing
[21:05:50] stuarta: especially since one day the media monitor needs support for udisks2 and whatever that new thing is, adding
[21:07:16] peterbennett: Juat pop in a DVD of My Fair Lady and when it gets to the menu where play, languages, special features can be selected, you cannot see the underline of the one that is currently selected. With the changes it works every time for me.
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[21:07:54] stuarta: hah
[21:08:42] jheizer: I've got an old mac mini sitting here. If someone can point me to build instructions for it I can give it a go at some point.
[21:08:44] peterbennett: The DVD of Sound of Music does not have the problem even without the changes, Doctor Zhivago does have the problem but is fixed after the change.
[21:08:56] stuarta: doh, that broke it
[21:09:28] peterbennett: jheizer: Don't try it yet – I have not yet made the changes to the MAC code.
[21:09:47] peterbennett: stiarta: Problem with my patch?
[21:10:14] stuarta: it crashed on one of my test videos
[21:11:23] peterbennett: If you can let me have the video and tell me what your playback profile is, I can try it.
[21:11:46] jheizer: Yeah, whenever. I'll try to bring it up to date in the mean time.
[21:12:31] jheizer: Any time I've tried to update it over the years it always seems to break and be a diseaster.
[21:13:02] peterbennett: stuarta: Or tell me what type of video it is and the playback profile.
[21:13:55] Tobbe5178 (Tobbe5178!~asdf@2001:2002:51eb:d24e:84dd:1729:76d4:d374) has joined #mythtv
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[21:19:04] stuarta: peterbennett: giving you the video will be hard. it's 15Gb iirc
[21:19:06] stuarta: ;-)
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[21:20:47] peterbennett: stuarta: did you apply all 5 patches?
[21:20:56] stuarta: yes
[21:21:17] stuarta: ah, that looks like an issue "avcodec_find_decoder fail for 94215"
[21:21:26] stuarta: and 96273
[21:21:29] stuarta: x4
[21:21:49] peterbennett: stuarta: what type of video mkv/mpg/avi etc and what codec mpeg2 x264 etc
[21:22:37] ooshlablu (ooshlablu!~ooshlablu@2601:18d:4600:5f31:5de6:818:c02:ecb8) has joined #mythtv
[21:23:00] stuarta:
[21:23:47] stuarta: for reference 0x0005 and 0x000B streams are DSMCC (interactive streams)
[21:23:56] stuarta: now to find why it dies
[21:27:05] peterbennett: You can strip off the first 100 or so with dd
[21:27:22] peterbennett: Example : dd bs=1MB count=100 if=3763_20161107030000.tsx of=extracted_with_dd.ts
[21:28:49] peterbennett: Maybe I have some examples with interactive streams
[21:30:08] stuarta: lemme try and find if that is the problem or not
[21:31:15] peterbennett: I am pretty sure it is – some streams do not have codecs and I may be looking up a codec.
[21:31:31] stuarta: 0x00007ffff488cbc2 in AvFormatDecoder::ProcessDataPacket (this=0x3da0500, curstream=0x4788620, pkt=0x7ffe8c0013a0, decodetype=kDecodeAV)
[21:31:34] stuarta: at avformatdecoder.cpp:4089
[21:31:37] stuarta: that's where it faults
[21:31:39] stuarta: 4089 enum AVCodecID codec_id = gCodecMap->getCodecContext(curstream)->codec_id;
[21:31:49] stuarta: just after printing "avcodec_find_decoder fail for 96273"
[21:32:04] stuarta: so yes, that's the problem
[21:32:16] stuarta: lemme grab you a sample
[21:33:17] peterbennett: Yes that is wrong ..
[21:34:05] peterbennett: try enum AVCodecID codec_id = curstream->codecpar->codec_id;
[21:34:51] peterbennett: I thought I had fixed the data packets for that
[21:35:35] stuarta: so it reproduces with the sample i sent you the link for
[21:38:35] peterbennett: did you send a link?
[21:38:41] stuarta: in PM
[21:41:48] peterbennett: yes – Received Segmentation fault: Code 1, PID 56, UID 0, Value 0x03b743a0
[21:42:21] peterbennett: OK that should not be too hard to fix, I should have noticed it before.
[21:42:42] stuarta: not handling if there isn't a decoder for it?
[21:43:43] stuarta: as you can see by the filename, i've had that recording since 2009 ;-)
[21:43:56] stuarta: (the filename in the pastebin)
[21:43:57] peterbennett: I believe that there is never a decoder for data packets, I thought I had fixed that when I hut data packets with DVD, but I must have missed on case
[21:44:23] jheizer: macOS sierra update could not be verified. You can try again from the app store...
[21:44:28] jheizer: I swear macs hate me
[21:44:28] stuarta: that is the data packets specific for the interactive tv stuff in the uk
[21:44:42] peterbennett: How do you interact with it?
[21:45:02] stuarta: the remotes have red/green/blue/yellow buttons
[21:45:13] stuarta: it's normally, press red button for......
[21:45:40] stuarta: eg, when the olympics are on, they show different sports on "red button" channels
[21:46:06] stuarta: and the intended way of accessing them is to use the interactive stuff to select what you want to watch
[21:46:28] peterbennett: So that also works with a recording?
[21:46:33] stuarta: other stuff they do, replaces the legacy teletext, to provide stuff like weather maps you can navigate around
[21:46:51] stuarta: sort of, the later does as it's all on the same broadcast
[21:47:00] peterbennett: We do not have interactive TV or teletext here.
[21:47:02] SteveGoodey (SteveGoodey! has quit (Quit: Konversation terminated!)
[21:47:12] stuarta: the olympics example won't, because the "red button" channels are actually different channels
[21:47:22] peterbennett: Just building with that one line change.
[21:49:00] peterbennett: OK works now.
[21:49:28] stuarta: just running a test here too
[21:49:32] jya: peterbennett: do you have your bugs somewhere else than trac?
[21:49:40] peterbennett: Just make that one line change I pasted above.
[21:49:43] jya: Like github branch?
[21:50:15] peterbennett: I still have some avcodec_find_decoder fail for 94215 – I better look into that.
[21:50:34] stuarta: 0x00007ffff488c154 in AvFormatDecoder::ProcessDSMCCPacket (this=0x47d2020, str=0x47e2c40, pkt=0x7ffe9c007300) at avformatdecoder.cpp:3977
[21:50:37] stuarta: 3977 dataBroadcastId = ctx->flags;
[21:50:50] peterbennett: jya: I have committed them to my repository in github at bennettpeter
[21:50:59] ** stuarta needs to switch us over to github **
[21:52:03] peterbennett: jya:
[21:52:08] peterbennett: master branch
[21:52:46] peterbennett: stuarta: Is that another segfault you mentionn at 3977?
[21:53:19] stuarta: yes
[21:53:55] stuarta: it's trying to deref a null AVCodecContext
[21:54:15] peterbennett: yesy I see in AvFormatDecoder::ProcessDSMCCPacket
[21:54:34] stuarta: trying to work out if "AVCodecContext *ctx = gCodecMap->getCodecContext(str);" is correct
[21:54:46] peterbennett: yesy it needs the same fix – should use codecpar
[21:55:35] stuarta: then i suspect that'll go for subtitle streams as well
[21:55:40] peterbennett: should be dataBroadcastId = str->codecpar->flags
[21:56:06] peterbennett: and remove the AVCodecContext *ctx = gCodecMap->getCodecContext(str);
[21:57:10] stuarta: carouselId will be wrong too
[21:57:32] peterbennett: No – subtitles have a codec, at least some of them do.
[21:57:36] stuarta: should be `carouselId = (unsigned) str->codecpar->sub_id;
[21:57:38] stuarta: ?
[21:58:38] peterbennett: hmm
[21:59:56] stuarta: hmm indeed
[22:00:00] stuarta: won't even build
[22:00:54] peterbennett: I dont know what sub_id is
[22:01:46] stuarta: it's related to the internals of DSMCC
[22:02:08] peterbennett: I will have to look into that
[22:02:12] stuarta: where the content is delivered on a carousel (think of a slide projector)
[22:02:18] peterbennett: How do you invoke the error?
[22:02:24] stuarta: watch recording
[22:02:35] stuarta: need a longer sample?
[22:02:45] peterbennett: I watched that 100MB to the end (about 1 min) with no crash
[22:03:29] stuarta: lemme see if I can grab a different portion
[22:04:17] peterbennett: I have to leave. If you find a piece that causes the crash email a link.
[22:04:24] stuarta: sure
[22:05:08] peterbennett (peterbennett!~peter@2601:183:100:764c:d151:ea8b:a42:3941) has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
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[22:14:58] ** hampton wonders if he should start the F27 update before leaving for dinner **
[22:18:11] stuarta: hmpf. test laptop just hard crashed and restarted
[22:29:59] andreaz (andreaz! has joined #mythtv
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[22:43:20] hampton: hopefully thats an ffmpeg test, not a f27 test. :-)
[22:44:25] stuarta: still on f26 ;-)
[22:44:35] stuarta: pretty sure it's hardware related
[22:44:37] stuarta: slowly dying
[22:51:30] andreaz (andreaz! has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
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