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Thursday, June 15th, 2017, 00:00 UTC
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[06:54:16] stuarta: morning all
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[09:56:25] dekarl: stuarta, when I looked at it the various combinations of QT+GL / QT+EGL / with X11 / without X11 / with OMX / without OMX on the Raspberry gave me headaches :)
[09:57:11] stuarta: with wayland coming along more and more as the default, it's getting easier to switch away from anything oldskool x11
[09:57:31] stuarta: heck, one day we might even bother to write a wayland compositor
[09:57:39] ** stuarta chuckles away to himself **
[09:57:53] dekarl: as long as it has enough config options ;)
[09:58:01] stuarta: pfft
[09:58:14] stuarta: paul-h has been writing a frontend in pure qt
[10:01:54] stuarta: but yeah, the whole graphics output pipeline makes my mind curdle
[10:02:12] stuarta: at we haven't even covered other variations like VAAPI and VDPAU
[10:03:50] ** stuarta pushes a fix **
[10:03:56] stuarta: lets see what breaks from that
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[10:07:37] stuarta: might be time to switch back to raspian and see how I get on with that
[10:07:48] stuarta: be nice to see how thing actually run on there
[10:16:26] stuarta: dekarl: btw, have you given up on your 2 arm based build slaves?
[10:17:23] dekarl: not really, they NFS mount from a dead box, need to fix it. (dead video drive, but it stopped booting and I didn't get to fixing it with all the exiting new stuff at work and childs birthdays)
[10:17:34] stuarta: ah
[10:17:40] stuarta: das kaput!
[10:19:14] dekarl: and I thought it was unkaputtbar (didn't think that would be a proper english term...)
[10:21:22] stuarta:
[10:21:35] dekarl: <- no results? :(
[10:21:36] stuarta: well there you go
[10:27:42] MythBuild: build #313 of master-osx-64bit is complete: Failure [4failed compile] Build details are at . . . t/builds/313 blamelist: Stuart Auchterlonie < >
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[10:30:49] stuarta: ah well, it had to break on something...
[11:27:29] MythBuild: build #314 of master-osx-64bit is complete: Success [3build successful] Build details are at . . . t/builds/314
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[13:35:40] enyc: stuarta: raspbian continues to be special compile for all rpi variants? i wonder what raspbian stretch behaves like...??
[13:36:04] enyc: released in 3 days or something? but maybe rpi foundation still have changes/amendments to make for raspbian variant to be usable?
[13:40:29] stuarta: new release? hmm, i have plenty of memory cards. i bought like 4 in total when i bought the rpi, just so i could swap them around
[13:42:20] enyc: debian stretch release imminent
[13:42:31] stuarta: ah that
[13:42:34] enyc: but not sure by what point raspbian themselves will provide install images
[13:42:52] enyc: certainly you can install jessie and dist-upgrade to stretch
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[13:46:05] stuarta: that reminds me, i have a vm with stretch on it, but not an rpi
[13:56:20] enyc: stuarta: i wonder how important it is to test building on raspbian on an actually rpi a/b/b512/b+ that doesn't have ARM7, incase of compile options mistakes etc etc
[13:58:19] jheizer: What is/was there use to work as my builder was a pi1 at first. But it died.
[13:58:32] jheizer: FWIW
[14:02:09] stuarta: probably only interested realistically in rpi2 or later
[14:02:25] stuarta: earlier version don't really have enough memory
[14:05:52] enyc: stuarta: in which case, you don't need (and arguably don't want) raspbian
[14:06:25] enyc: stuarta: armhf debian or ubuntu, matters
[14:06:35] stuarta: unless i'm mistaken, isn't raspbian the only one with the relevant libararies for the hardware?
[14:06:50] enyc: stuarta: hrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrm good question, some video driver binary thing ?
[14:06:59] stuarta: yes omx
[14:09:00] enyc: stuarta: not 100% sure this needs sorting out, peterbennett may know...
[14:09:08] enyc: stuarta: #debian-arm can be helpful place
[14:09:37] stuarta: right now raspbian is the only target we aim at, the others are just to variable
[14:09:55] stuarta: it's the default rpi os so it makes sense
[14:09:59] enyc: raspbian is really jsut a special version only needed for A/B/B512/B+ ...
[14:10:26] enyc: i've seen many discussions of media centre distros etc etc all targetting rpi2+ only and using armv7 instructions
[14:10:38] enyc: raspbian compiles for the older cpu type you see
[14:10:53] stuarta: hmmm
[14:11:52] enyc: e.g. <- have separate builds for older / newer rpi
[14:12:39] jheizer: The old everyone uses rasbian because everyone uses rasbian
[14:12:39] enyc: Adding the frontend to openelec on rpi2 would actually be a good target to try for imho =)
[14:14:12] stuarta: well we do have a debian jessie rpi2 builder
[14:15:05] enyc: stuarta: ok, thats just armhf then if i'm not mistaken
[14:16:01] stuarta: that actually belongs to jheizer :)
[14:17:03] jheizer: Its now a 3 actually and yes jsut running rasbian
[14:17:51] jheizer: though I could switch it back to a 2 if needed. I needed to steal the lower powered 2 for a project but haven't had time to do it anyway.
[14:19:01] enyc: if theres' something very weird (or "CPU autodetected at compile time") going on, the danger is the compile uses cpu feautures not available on BCM2385 older-pi, and it may not "fail" when running auto-tests on that system.
[14:19:34] enyc: zomg i remember the days of gentoo building lol ;p
[14:22:10] enyc: hrrm...
[14:22:50] enyc: . . . 503395.shtml <- specically talks about the OpenMAX hardware accelerated video!
[14:23:16] enyc: so its' not a raspbian thing, ubuntu-MATE works too etc... (i reccomend ubuntu-mate variant of 16.04 in general, unless you need hidpi displays)
[14:30:11] stuarta: okay, so that'll be in 17.04 as well, so i might try that on another card
[14:34:32] stuarta: ah only get the lts releases, which is fair enough
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[16:32:35] stuarta: enyc: i have to say ubuntu mate on the rpi looks really nice
[16:32:45] stuarta: i'll be spending some time building mythtv on that
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[17:59:23] davic: Does MythTV support Public Schedule 4.0?
[17:59:32] davic:
[18:25:52] stuarta: davic: that is a #mythtv-users question, but if there is an xmltv grabber for that source we can use it
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[18:45:29] peterbennett: stuarta: Can we close #13031 now?
[18:45:29] ** MythLogBot **
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[18:57:54] davic: stuarta: i'm the owner of so was just a question for the development team
[19:01:02] davic: stuarta: so mythtv only use the xmltv grabbers not their own?
[20:10:38] stuarta: davic: correct, we use the xmltv grabbers
[20:11:52] stuarta: peterbennett: are you happy with the fix on that? if so i can backport it to 0.28 then close
[20:12:41] peterbennett: stuarta: I have not looked at it. I can review it if you want me to.
[20:12:56] stuarta: i moved a few includes around :)
[20:13:11] peterbennett: stuarta: Sounds harmless
[20:13:27] stuarta: first attempt broke the osx build, but that's fixed now
[20:13:40] peterbennett: If it builds, shipit :)
[20:13:47] stuarta: :shipit: !
[20:15:37] stuarta: in the meantime i'm working on getting a first build on ubuntu mate on rpi
[20:15:45] stuarta: it looks *lovely*
[20:16:11] peterbennett: Yes – a number of things don't work on ubuntu mate. For example CEC.
[20:16:56] stuarta: i'll start with the main things, if they work i'm happy. i have only 1 cec enabled tv and that already has a frontend
[20:17:24] peterbennett: The libraries that come with ubuntu are a bit messed up, more so than on jessie. If has multiple copies of some libraries and we need to force certain ones to be used.
[20:18:06] peterbennett: I made some changes in the configure and / or the pro files to support it, I don't know whether they still work.
[20:18:56] peterbennett: I recommend sticking with raspbian
[20:19:24] stuarta: i have that as well. the bonus of having multiple memory cards
[20:19:45] stuarta: the arch linux one has now been stashed, in favour of an ubuntu mate one
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[20:32:00] stuarta: :shipit: complete
[20:34:30] peterbennett: excellent!
[20:37:16] stuarta: another bug off the list
[20:37:48] stuarta: although it did illustrate to me that our opengl usage is messy to say the least
[20:39:49] peterbennett: Yes and on raspberry pi it is extra messy with the multiple conflicting libraries, and the relationship between EGL, GL and GLES
[20:40:30] stuarta: sadly i'm not yet up to a proper foundational understanding of opengl yet
[20:40:44] stuarta: found a good wikibook on it tho
[20:43:14] peterbennett: I am working through a book on raspberry pi multimedia, trying to understand openmax, to sort out the interlacing and maybe the judder problems.
[20:46:18] stuarta: my current pet peve is all the ffmpeg deprecated api warnings
[20:46:34] stuarta: however i lack the knowledge to start, so i'm doing lots of reading
[20:48:39] peterbennett: did you find some useful tutorial on ffmpeg?
[20:49:02] stuarta: not really, there's the odd blog post
[20:49:21] stuarta:
[20:54:11] peterbennett: I think that is libav. it probably will differ more and more from ffmpeg.
[20:55:31] peterbennett: IMHO better to stay with ffmpeg
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[20:57:21] stuarta: iirc they reconverge in recent times, unless i've been imagining things
[20:58:43] peterbennett: "It has been suggested to merge the two projects back into each other but this has not happened. " from Wikipedia
[20:58:51] stuarta: basically there is no documentation for ffmpeg, they have doxygen, but those tell you next to nothing
[20:59:06] peterbennett: yes I have noticed that.
[20:59:10] stuarta: wikipedia++
[20:59:54] peterbennett: Gotta go.
[21:00:01] stuarta: later
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[21:15:02] stuarta: right, that'll be a while building, i'm off to bed
[21:20:15] davic: stuarta: alright, i'll fix a grabber for that then. Danke.
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[21:40:00] enyc: would it help or not-fix this to change to pkg-config finding all the includes?
[21:40:12] ** enyc was readying about ubuntu-mate etc **
[22:35:16] gary_buhrmaster: enyc: I think pkg-config is the proper way forward, but as I recall for the OMX libraries (if that is what you are talking about) there is nothing upstream, and the packagers choose not to step up for adding the configs (or at least that was true, maybe that has changed). So Myth (and other projects) have hardcoded various searches for the usual paths.
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