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Saturday, March 25th, 2017, 00:20 UTC
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[00:40:40] justinh: hi all. I have a question about the channelscanner code – trying to understand why scanning for channels is failing to produce valid channums from UK freeview LCNs
[00:42:55] justinh: QMap<qlonglong, uint>::const_iterator it = ukChanNums.find 1364 (((qlonglong)info.orig_netid<<32) | info.service_id);  — what will this do? I've looked in channelscan_channel & it seems all the orig_netid fields are 0 – which I guess means myth thinks it hasn't seen this network before – but I know it has. networkid 9018 has been with me since I moved house over 2 years ago
[00:43:39] justinh: it has because that;s the networkid of all the transports in dtv_multiplex – and it's the one currently being broadcast too
[00:47:45] justinh: ah wait I'm mixed up. it's netid which is 0 in the channelscan_channel table. orig_netid are all 9018 which is correct
[00:48:30] justinh: anyway 9018 is definitely the networkid & the usual scan utils are picking that up corrctly too – so is myth's scanner by the look of things in my log here
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[08:07:14] dekarl: 9018 ist "DVB-T UK" at
[08:07:57] dekarl: network_id is mostly unused for DVB-T around here, 9018 is the original_network_id. But we have them mixed up all over the place (like many code bases do)
[08:09:31] dekarl: orig_netid << 32 | service_id is creating a key from the theoretical primary key of the channel. If you have the same tv service on two multiplexes you may see a collision that should be "mythically resolved" with prefering the stronger signal
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[10:03:00] justinh: dekarl: ahhh. Well as far as I can tell I can't receive multiple signals – and besides I was scanning existing transports
[10:37:21] dekarl: justinh, sometimes, when you are between transmitters, you receive the same multiplex multiples times. e.g. over here we have 5 regional and 1 national mux. so in the center of 4 transmitters you get 4 instances of the national mux with identical tv services
[10:37:56] dekarl: there is a collision in original_network_id | transport_id in this case
[10:38:11] justinh: eew
[10:38:37] dekarl: its all nicely documented in the spec, but not implemented in our channel scanner :)
[10:39:22] justinh: I'm not sure it's that which is the problem. a blind scan only ever finds the transports I have defined already
[10:39:24] dekarl: a good improvement would be to ensure that the orignal_network_id is properly scanned / added (in cases where it was not scanned earlier)
[10:39:43] dekarl: then all the UK specific voodoo can be activated based on ONID
[10:40:21] justinh: looking in the channelscan_channel table for the scan I tried last night none of the channels have in_nit set
[10:40:37] justinh: and the LCN is broadcast in the NIT in descriptor 0x83
[10:40:50] dekarl: I'm not sure what "in_nit" means
[10:45:31] dekarl: the LCN is in the NIT? huh?
[10:45:49] dekarl: I think the NIT only has a transport stream loop
[10:46:00] justinh: lcns are defined in descriptor 0x83 which is only in the NIT AFAICT
[10:46:18] dekarl: let me look. I'd have expected it in the SDT
[10:46:53] justinh: channelscan.cpp around line 1804 I think
[10:47:26] dekarl: I'm looking at the spec :)
[10:47:53] justinh: I took captures of dvpsnoop parsing the SDT & couldn't find 0x83 descriptors in there but they're in the NIT snoop grab I took (0x11)
[10:48:04] justinh: *dvbsnoop even
[10:52:26] dekarl: "The Logical Channel Descriptor is inserted in the second descriptor loop of the Network Information Table." source . . . rch_2010.pdf
[10:52:36] dekarl: guessing that AU follows UK more or less closely
[10:52:43] justinh: :)
[10:53:12] justinh: could still be my local tx doing something funky but my tv & other linux scan apps get the LCNs ok
[10:53:31] dekarl: ahh, the logical_channel_descriptor has its own embedded service loop
[10:53:50] justinh: and other UK users aren't reporting problems
[10:53:56] dekarl: I was asuming it is a descriptor that goes into the service loop of the SDT
[10:54:39] justinh: UK TV is a bit of a pain. they shuffle LCNs around quite often & even move services between transports
[10:55:32] dekarl: that makes one wonder if passice channel scan could be a thing (similar to passive EIT scan)
[10:55:39] justinh: my rescan was brought about by tinypop, a Sony kids' channel moving to a 'local' low powered transmitter (on the same site as the main one)
[10:56:13] dekarl: but that only works if the tables are properly managed with all services present and only running status being fiddled with while they are off air
[10:56:13] justinh: dekarl: that doc says it recommends STBs do LCN updates in their sleep lol
[10:57:16] justinh: oh wait or was it another doc I read? anyway...
[10:58:07] justinh: it might be I'm the only mythtv user using this transmitter. I'm gonna try a fresh database & rule out the possibility it's my ancient – fiddled with database not causing this
[10:59:06] dekarl: maybe you can collect a specimen with hexdump that we can turn into a unit test to see if something is fishy
[11:39:44] justinh: oh a dump of a transport you mean?
[11:40:25] justinh: can easily arrange that :)
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[12:28:49] dekarl: just the dvbsnoop of the NIT (and other interesting tables) decoded + hexdump (for turning it into a test case like . . . specimen.cpp if there is anything fishy in it)
[13:08:20] justinh: ahhh right
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