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Sunday, March 19th, 2017, 00:15 UTC
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[13:57:12] JohnBergqvist: Can someone explain the following mythweb code? It's modules\tv\classes\Program.php
[13:57:20] JohnBergqvist: if (in_array($data['airdate'], array('0000-00–00', '0000', '1900-01–01')))
[13:57:20] JohnBergqvist: $this->airdate = $data['originalairdate'];
[13:57:20] JohnBergqvist: else
[13:57:20] JohnBergqvist: $this->airdate = $data['airdate'];
[13:57:57] JohnBergqvist: i mean, what's it trying to achieve?
[13:58:49] JohnBergqvist: is it tryign to check if the original airdate is blank, or just matches those 3 formats?
[14:00:03] JohnBergqvist: i think im getting confused between airdate & originalairdate
[14:05:15] JohnBergqvist: It doesn't help that i've got starttime & endttime, airdate (which is actually a year) and originalairdate
[14:05:50] JohnBergqvist: those are in the DB itself
[14:06:10] JohnBergqvist: yet in mythweb, airdate & origininalairdate are seemingly being mapped to each other & vice versa
[14:28:42] clever: i think if the airdate is invalid, it will display the originalairdate instead
[14:40:10] JohnBergqvist: hmmm
[14:40:39] JohnBergqvist: well the airdate field in the DB is a year, so it'll only be 0000, so why put in the rest?
[14:41:33] JohnBergqvist: i could understand if it was the other way around, because originalairdate in the DB is a string
[14:51:01] JohnBergqvist: well ive submitted a Pull Request anyway.
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