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Monday, March 13th, 2017, 03:28 UTC
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[12:16:04] stuarta: dekarl: looks like we can close #12047
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[14:27:11] warpme: jya: EXCELLENT work with Mozilla 52 as HTML5 streaming player. #12943 gives me perfect playback with nice in-advance backgroud downloading. Looks like recent Mozilla will become #1 browser for mmedia playback. Current Chrome is crap here, while Safari not supports webm at all…. once again: perfect work with v52
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[16:58:01] stuarta: damn, the latest chrome update has revoke trust for the CA for *all* certs, was only meant to be those issued after a certain time
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[17:39:25] SteveGoodey: stuarta: Can you reenable wiki registrations? I suggested to a forum user add something forgetting he can't register!!
[17:49:51] gary_buhrmaster: stuarta: Google had indicated that startcom will slowly loose all trust, and with 57 only sites in the top 1M alexa would be allowed (I am guessing you missed the top 1M list)
[18:02:12] dekarl: gary_buhrmaster: a programme runs from start_time up to, but not including, end_time. So pushing 23:59:60 to 00:00:00 the next day is a good workaround
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[18:15:51] dekarl: stuarta, yes it sounds like that
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[19:11:34] gary_buhrmaster: dekarl: right, but that says nothing about the actual ending internally from the source and/or the grabber. So pushing the time is just as broken as trimming it. Both are potentially wrong without the actual facts of the real source, and that data (if it ever existed) is no longer available.
[19:12:25] gary_buhrmaster: dekarl: Time is hard. Leap seconds are extremely hard, and almost no one gets them right. That is why some people want them to disappear.
[19:15:25] gary_buhrmaster: dekarl: Since stopping the slowing of the earth's rotation is not currently viable, the most common proposal is to ignore the offset, and figure that eventually someone can add in a leap-minute if anyone cares enough.
[19:16:49] gary_buhrmaster: (that could be fun, in a couple of dozen years, the there will be a december 31st, 23:60:59........)
[19:18:16] gary_buhrmaster: well, it may be more than a couple of dozen, I think I remember someone coming up with a statistical estimate based on historical leap-second intervals (which have large error bars, of course)
[19:20:44] gary_buhrmaster: Whatever choice is made, it is mostly just a wash anyway. Just trying to avoid losing all the programme date for those specific cases.
[19:30:14] dekarl: yes, lets just design the interface so leap seconds do not matter :) we have schedules direct developer connections after all :)
[19:36:27] dekarl: actually its not that hard to do the math... keeping time is hard. but "what you need for an EPG" is easy peasy with good libraries
[19:51:27] stuarta: gary_buhrmaster: re the startssl certs, they had already decided to turn them off for certs issued after a certain date, that i don't mind, but now they are invalidating them for still valid certs, which is bloody annoying
[19:57:52] gary_buhrmaster: stuarta: yep, they sort of warned people about that that was the plan, but not in all the best places, apparently.
[20:16:48] stuarta: they did it a while back, they just now changed to invalidating others
[20:21:06] gary_buhrmaster: stuarta: right, exactly as they said they would do with slowly increase the pain. Today only the alexa 1M are still allowed, and presumably some future release the top <nnn>. I do not recall their exact countdown).
[20:21:17] stuarta: actually i think i'm getting confused with the requirement for subjectAltNames
[20:22:02] gary_buhrmaster: stuarta: (where "today" means with Chrome 57 for only the alexa top 1M).
[20:25:16] gary_buhrmaster: stuarta: In any case, time to get off startcom. letsencrypt works adequately for some, but clearly not all, and it is never nice to be forced into a migration at someone else's timeline.
[20:27:17] stuarta: yeah it's only my personal site (which only i access) so not *that* bothered, i just didn't want to have to do it before it needed renewing
[20:27:36] stuarta: it's just annoying to have to do it ahead of time
[20:40:28] stuarta: interesting i can probably use letsencrypt for mythtv sites as well
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[22:30:37] stuarta: well got it to work. that's enough for today
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