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Friday, March 10th, 2017, 01:09 UTC
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[16:45:28] peterbennett: stuarta: About IPV4 addresses.
[16:46:18] stuarta: yep?
[16:46:39] peterbennett: staurta: On my router I have public ip address and subnet mask
[16:46:52] stuarta: i would expect /24 as a mask
[16:47:10] peterbennett: If I connected my MythTV directly without the router and NAT that is what I would have
[16:47:41] stuarta: well yes, if you terminated the ppp link on your backend
[16:48:02] peterbennett: But I don't want connections from the subnet because that is other customers of comcast
[16:48:09] stuarta: correct
[16:48:23] stuarta: so in the case of the user on the mailing list
[16:48:45] stuarta: their "local" network, ie inside the router, is none of the traditional private subnets
[16:49:15] stuarta: he might have been given a /27 to work with
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[16:49:23] peterbennett: The way I read it, he is horrified to find people have IPV6 addresses open to the world
[16:49:40] stuarta: (btw. my /24 above is wrong, i would have expected /32 as the netmask for the external single ip)
[16:49:57] stuarta: well so am i, your router needs a security update
[16:50:13] peterbennett: sorry my subnet mask is
[16:50:22] stuarta: ok, interesting
[16:50:52] stuarta: what is really of interest is the ip's on your backend. drop me a PM with the output of `ip a`
[16:50:54] jheizer: Older US corps or universities internally have public IPs
[16:51:15] peterbennett: So that way anybody who has 75.67.203.* could connect to me
[16:51:19] jheizer: my university had a public ip, but incomming access was still funneling through their firewall so usage was restricted
[16:52:18] clever: dev wan proto kernel scope link src metric 206
[16:52:19] jheizer: Funny enough the wifi did not have that firewalling so you could host a public server on wifi, but not on ethernet
[16:52:29] clever: from my "ip route" on my router
[16:52:47] peterbennett: stuarta: Er – how do I do a PM again?
[16:53:03] stuarta: /msg stuarta <msg>
[16:53:27] stuarta: or email if that's easier
[16:54:06] stuarta: peterbennett: the theory is, pull the ip's (and hopefully netmasks) of the ip's on the backend. accept connections from those subnets
[16:54:56] peterbennett: (notice) *** Message to stuarta throttled due to flooding
[16:55:26] stuarta: yeah, i got enough
[16:55:38] stuarta: i think, to give you the idea
[16:55:45] dhampton: peterbennett: If you're referring to warlord I wouldn't I wouldn't attribute that to him. I've worked with him in the past and he's one smart cookie.
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[17:03:27] gary_buhrmaster: peterbennett: Comcast's "subnet" involves their CMTS configurations. Technically, on the interface, there are actually multiple sets of public IPs there (you can see them in the broadcast responses), you are just given one of the subnets allocated to the interface. And the mask will vary based on regional configurations, but /21 is not unusual.
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[17:04:31] peterbennett: dhampton: I guess I am misunderstanding warlord's email
[17:04:55] gary_buhrmaster: (CMTS configurations can be very complicated, and that is saying something for core network gear).
[17:05:34] peterbennett: gary_buhrmaster: Yes – my point is we should not trust the IPV4 external subnet. Most users would have their own 192.168.x.x subnet or nothing
[17:08:29] gary_buhrmaster: What is the address of an external subnet? There are provide that will provide a RFC1918 address to customers (L-TWC did that in some locations, which resulted in double NATing for many).
[17:14:27] peterbennett: OK so maybe we need to allow connection from public IPs that match your own subnet. If you are connected to a comcast public ip you may be letting in a limited number of your neighbors.
[17:15:04] peterbennett: I guess I better write this all up again.
[17:16:15] peterbennett: If we are allowing your own subnet in all cases, do we still need to allow the list of private ip's?
[17:16:33] gary_buhrmaster: ("neighbors" means anywhere in a region, perhaps hundreds of miles, it does not mean next door).
[17:19:00] peterbennett: gary_buhrmaster: My subnet allows 2048 people on the same subnet, I think.
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[17:26:09] gary_buhrmaster: The subnet mask is not relevant, the CMTS supports random people across the region, using multiple pools of adddresses. Anyone served by that CMTS may get any address out of the numerous pools available.
[17:26:30] gary_buhrmaster: (well, depending on the configuration).
[17:29:41] gary_buhrmaster: As CMTS's have gotten bigger (the battlestar (cBR-8) is a gorgeous device, both physically, and capacity wise), the idea that one has a single device supporting a neighborhood has long been incorrect.
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[19:08:56] dekarl: jpabq: cppcheck hints that there may be a typo in the ASI stream handler can you confirm/deny that?
[19:09:48] jpabq: dekarl: I will check.
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[23:08:53] dhampton: Given that myth requires qt >= 5.2 and qt stopped supporting the QT_NO_IPV6 define in 5.0, would it make sense to clean up all the QT_NO_IPV6 ifdefs in the code?

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