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Sunday, March 5th, 2017, 00:02 UTC
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[04:09:42] kang0: How to record movies from my tv
[04:09:55] kang0: What's difference between mythtv and kodi
[04:09:59] kang0: I have kodi
[04:10:57] pvr4me:
[04:11:48] kang0: pvr4me can you explain briefly
[04:12:10] kang0: Can it steam media or videos from Internet
[04:12:13] pvr4me: What did you not understand?
[04:12:21] kang0: (kang0) What's difference between mythtv and kodi
[04:12:31] kang0: I can't figure out
[04:12:41] kang0: I guess myth is for recording
[04:12:50] kang0: (kang0) How to record movies from my tv
[04:12:50] pvr4me: Yes
[04:12:59] kang0: Can myth do it?
[04:13:20] pvr4me: Get tuner hardware, set up Myth and away you go
[04:13:51] kang0: Myth don't work without tuner hardware?
[04:14:14] kang0: Or its required for recording only?
[04:14:36] pvr4me: As the linked page says Myth is “ultimate Digital Video Recorder”
[04:14:53] kang0: Then why hardware is required?
[04:15:15] kang0: To convert from analog to digital video?
[04:15:25] kang0: Tv has analog videos?
[04:16:05] kang0: What's Function of tuner hardware?
[04:16:15] pvr4me: Most broadcast and cable TV is now digital. Current tuners allow Myth to receive those streams
[04:16:18] kang0: Which are commonly used tuners?
[04:16:41] pvr4me: Where do you live?
[04:16:50] kang0: India
[04:16:56] kang0: I guess we have digital
[04:17:00] kang0: I am not sure though
[04:17:11] pvr4me: I use HDHomerun tuners to receive high def TV over the air
[04:17:13] kang0: What's difference between cable and broadcast
[04:17:21] kang0: Tv
[04:17:39] pvr4me: I don’t know the situation in India
[04:18:20] kang0: What do you mean by "current tuners"?
[04:18:28] kang0: Is it separate hardware?
[04:18:33] pvr4me: Anyway, it is late here and the hockey game is back on
[04:18:38] kang0: Ok
[04:18:45] kang0: Enjoy
[04:19:12] pvr4me: Tuners are usually PCIe cards or external boxes connected by ethernet or USB
[04:20:30] pvr4me: Myth works with anything supported by the Video for Linux project and certain other tuners (notably the HDHomerun series by SiliconDust)
[04:20:33] pvr4me: gtg
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[04:27:20] Shawn|4650M: howdy
[04:27:35] Shawn|4650M: anyone here familiar with tivo?
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[04:33:31] fun: Can someone send me log
[04:33:46] fun: For last 15 mins on this channel
[04:51:46] gregl: fun,
[04:53:14] fun: Thanks
[04:53:22] fun: That's what I needed exactly
[04:54:51] Shawn|4650M: well, it seems I bought a paperweight
[04:55:02] Shawn|4650M: tivo series 4 premier is even more locked down
[04:55:08] Shawn|4650M: but its more powerfull
[04:56:16] gregl: Shawn|4650M, I don't think you will get many people on here that use Tivo...
[04:56:27] Shawn|4650M: ah
[04:56:53] Shawn|4650M: I just bought one from goodwill for $10 hoping to turn it into a media center :(
[04:57:34] gregl: Rip the hard drive out and junk the rest..
[04:58:04] Shawn|4650M: I jumped on assumption too fast, will probably take it back and get my money back
[05:00:13] gregl: I don't believe there is anyway to make a tivo into anything useful,except getting a subscription and using it as tivo..
[05:00:40] Shawn|4650M: true...
[05:00:45] Shawn|4650M: they are too good at what they do
[05:01:08] Shawn|4650M: I have a tivo series 2, though theres no easy hack either
[05:01:19] Shawn|4650M: and that doesn't support HD
[05:03:15] Shawn|4650M: oh hey seems the tivo series 4 supports youtube
[05:09:16] Shawn|4650M: I dont have a tivo remote, but I do have a universal remote
[05:10:22] fun: gregl: hi
[05:10:41] fun: Can you explain me about hdhomerun or similar hardware
[05:10:44] fun: Function
[05:22:40] fun: Can mythtv stream videos like kodi?
[05:23:08] Shawn|4650M: does tivo have a universal remote code for those who dont have a tivo remote?
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[10:04:36] dekarl: you can always start a service like oztivo for your area ;)
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[10:31:20] dizygoth: dekarl: 12809: Ok, I'll push #12296 as well, as it's related and Warpme has also been using that. Few other people do.
[10:31:20] ** MythLogBot **
[10:32:08] dizygoth: dekarl: Won't be for a while. I've just updated/rebased & need to test again. Also need to fix GetBookmark service to keep Kodi boys happy.
[10:32:28] dizygoth: dekarl: Cutlist: Good point, for another day...
[10:32:49] dizygoth: dekarl: Screenshots: Agreed. They were just to show 'what's possible'
[10:47:54] SteveGoodey: dizygoth: Kodi! Thought they wre the enemy :-)
[10:50:07] SteveGoodey: dizygoth: Was it you who banned that spammer on the forum? If so thanks. Unfortunately I don't seem to have the access to do that, only delete posts.
[11:03:12] stuarta: SteveGoodey: in theory you do have permissions to ban users
[11:03:28] stuarta: if it doesn't work i can look some more
[11:10:42] SteveGoodey: stuarta: I did some searching on banning users but seems in the moderator control panel the banning tab is missing?
[11:11:38] stuarta: hmmm
[11:13:49] stuarta: SteveGoodey: reload and see if it's any different
[11:17:28] SteveGoodey: stuarta: Yup, that's fixed it, thanks.
[11:17:44] stuarta: thanks, and happy banning! :)
[11:18:12] stuarta: helps if you give the moderators group full moderator privileges rather than none
[11:18:36] dizygoth: SteveGoodey: Yes, but by the time it goes out on RSS we've already lost.
[11:19:46] dizygoth: stuarta: I've no idea how the forum works. Is it possible/easy to have a moderators RSS that goes out 1hr before the public one ?
[11:19:54] stuarta: no idea
[11:20:16] stuarta: same thing happens on the forum too, we get a rash of spam, which we cleanup, and then it goes away for a while
[11:20:26] stuarta: s/forum/wiki
[11:21:21] stuarta: sigh, everything needs an upgrade again. forum, wiki, OS
[11:21:31] stuarta: not to mention the remaining migrations from alcor
[11:22:07] ** stuarta wanders off again **
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[15:37:31] dekarl: dizygoth: I still have
[15:37:48] dekarl: #12749 on "the list for cold winter evenings" ;)
[15:37:48] ** MythLogBot **
[15:38:55] dekarl: might as well throw in bookmarks (once they are exposed easily to the scripting engine) as another kind of "chapter" / "cut point"
[15:40:10] stuarta: i have merging roger's eit rework for those evenings
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