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Wednesday, November 30th, 2016, 00:38 UTC
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[08:55:59] stuarta: morning all
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[11:04:35] stuarta: kukks: well done tracking down your dvb-t2 issue
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[14:56:15] kukks: stuarta: thanks. Well, it took me some time wading around through all the thousands of source code lines... (all new stuff to me, also all the parms and variables around video and audio)
[14:56:57] kukks: stuarta: i also built recent git master with that small patch – is now also fine so far with DVB-T2 HD :-)
[14:57:37] kukks: stuarta: as i already mentioned, tuning takes much longer in master (up to 8 seconds or so). All services, not only HD ones
[15:07:34] kukks: stuarta: compared to KODI mythtv PVR, mythfrontend shows much more tearing with HD. The used NVidia 750 Ti does not support VDPAU for HEVC (h.265)
[15:09:24] kukks: stuarta: but CPU usage is very low in both cases – fast 4 Core Intel i5
[15:13:51] kukks: this is not my development machine – just the TV box ....
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[17:08:40] vfw: Anyone know settings for One Source Cable?
[17:09:00] vfw: (Using HDHomerun prime)
[17:19:48] vfw: Hello?
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[18:14:10] warpme: kukks: long tuning in master is result of recent ffmpeg resync to v3.2. In my case chage for DVB-S2 HD channel is average from 1..2sec to 6..8sec.
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[19:53:20] vfw: I'm having trouble with settings for HDHomerun Prime (cable tuner) (3 tuners).
[19:53:47] vfw: Am I supposed to have 3 input connections?
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[20:52:37] vfw: I'm having trouble setting up Input connections. My turner(s) are HDHomerun prime (3 tuner cable).
[20:52:57] vfw: I should have 3 video sources, and three input connections. Right?
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[20:54:23] vfw: How do you delete an input?
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[20:54:45] membiblio: How would I troubleshoot a schedules direct problem? SD Says membership ok – mythfilldatabase says expired nov 18th but no year and the output is cryptic to say the least
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[20:56:13] gigem: vfw: You want the #mythtv-users channel.
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[21:35:43] dekarl: stuarta, ok if I commit this?
[21:36:12] membiblio: sharing a fix – schedules direct downloading but not updating myth: delete files in /tmp, if there is a mythupdate file in /tmp not owned by myth or you run manually and leave files not owned by myth then myth can not update guide data
[21:36:38] membiblio: thank you to schedules direct :)
[21:40:07] knowledgejunkie: Just been asked about when (seems like 1/2 days after the recording IIRC) the scheduler/mfdb deletes OneRecord rules once they have successfully recorded. Whilst I grep the source could anyone point me in the right direction please?
[21:44:40] stuarta: dekarl: why do you not want to keep raspian separate?
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[21:47:36] dekarl: stuarta, its just debian recompiled, why should it be separate? We fold MythDora into Redhat and MYthbuntu into Ubuntu (well, the last one is a bad example)
[21:47:56] dekarl: no points in balkanizing the OS list more then need be
[21:49:28] stuarta: probably should add gentoo then that should just about remove other from the list
[21:49:56] dekarl: was thinking that, too
[21:50:02] stuarta: now by your logic, linuxmint should be ubuntu, since that's just another ubuntu derivative
[21:50:23] dekarl: well, then we should fold Ubuntu into Debian ;)
[21:50:46] stuarta: i would personally prefer to keep raspian separate, as it's a specific distro for the rpi, and i'm trying to see how the rpi userbase is going
[21:51:24] dekarl: hmm, I was wondering why Raspbian / ARM have different numbers
[21:51:31] stuarta: nothing else in the stats can be so easily correlated to being an rpi
[21:51:45] dekarl: is it so many non-raspberry-arm-boards in use? is it Ubuntu on the raspberry?
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[21:51:53] stuarta: arm would include those running all those other non rpi's
[21:52:12] stuarta: more likely other boards
[21:52:15] dekarl: can we pull a device into the stats?
[21:52:27] stuarta: erm, probably
[21:52:50] dekarl: I forgot what it was, but there are Raspberry specific things in the data. I can try to find the bit of information if you care about it
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[21:54:17] dekarl: what's an APC? . . . i_systems.3F
[21:54:28] stuarta: nfi
[21:57:19] dekarl: looks interesting. an ARM board that goes into a Neo-ITX case like a good old main board. misses a storage interface though
[21:59:23] stuarta: link?
[22:04:17] dekarl:
[22:06:00] stuarta: ooh err, and they are giving them away if you fix bugs
[22:06:46] stuarta: tho looking at the list, you kinda already have to have one to fix the issues
[22:06:53] stuarta:
[22:07:41] stuarta: hmm, they last did a release Jan 2014, not terribly active then
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[22:10:20] dekarl: hm, there are so many boards coming out... e.g.
[22:11:06] dekarl: at the end its "can we use hardware accelerated OpenGL / video decode? Does HDMI audio / cec work?"
[22:11:08] stuarta: oooo, arm server board
[22:12:09] clever: stuarta:
[22:12:25] clever: and
[22:13:45] dekarl: boo, that reads like 4x8x48 cores, when its only 4x2x48
[22:13:47] dekarl: "only"
[22:14:14] clever: dekarl: and for storage:
[22:15:02] stuarta: that first one has some serious networking
[22:15:15] stuarta: sorry second one
[22:15:24] dekarl: clever, migth as well got opencompute or similar if you go down that route
[22:16:11] stuarta: want one
[22:17:21] dekarl: then throw Ceph/OpenStack at it?
[22:18:10] stuarta: between the storage one and the compute one, yes that would be a good workload
[22:18:16] stuarta: provided it has the memory for it
[22:18:22] stuarta:
[22:19:40] dekarl: ohh HEVC >1080p50, I thought the Odroid C2 might be the only board that supports it.
[22:23:42] ** stuarta goes to bed **
[22:26:24] dekarl: Shipping to Germany, 17 USD *per board*... But it has TS-in might be nice for HAM operators playing with D-ATV
[22:51:35] knowledgejunkie: dekarl: any known issues (0.28+) with the housekeeper not automatically removing completed kOneRecord rules?
[22:52:52] dekarl: knowledgejunkie: its the first time I hear about it
[22:53:27] dekarl: does it do anything beyond fill the database with old recording rules?
[22:56:33] dekarl: hmm, I have rules with type kOneRecord and lastrecord from July 2011 if that is what you mean?
[23:04:54] dekarl: tried following the cleanup code. wondering why its only cleaning up if it was matched by rules and thus ended up in oldfind
[23:09:59] knowledgejunkie: dekarl: I was asked earlier on twitter by a 0.28-fixes user. They are (or used to be?) removed automatically IIRC but theirs are no longer being removed.
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[23:31:57] gigem: knowle
[23:32:37] gigem: knowledgejunkie: I'm pretty sure the removal of one-time rules is done in the housekeeping.
[23:36:24] gigem: dekarl: Mine get deleted after they successfully record. Just as intended. I'm still on 0.27, though, so perhaps it got broken in 0.28. I hope to upgrade to 0.28 over the holidays.
[23:38:17] gigem: knowledgejunkie: Specifically, it's done in CleanupTask::CleanupProgramListings().
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[23:42:48] knowledgejunkie: gigem: thanks for the confirmation – I'm running 0.27-fixes too, but this evening have been backporting 0.28-fixes for Debian Wheezy so was planning to be upgrading to current stable release this week, once I've scanned outstanding bug reports :)
[23:43:44] knowledgejunkie: gigem: any way to run the housekeeping thread from the command line?
[23:47:36] gigem: knowledgejunkie: It doesn't look like it. That would be a good thing to add, though.
[23:50:19] knowledgejunkie: gigem: I'll have a closer look at CleanupTask::CleanupProgramListings() tomorrow and hopefully get some more info from the reporter
[23:50:49] knowledgejunkie: today my mythconverg database rolled over into its 13th year of service. Thanks everyone :)
[23:56:34] gigem: I think mine's at about 13.5 years now!

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