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Monday, November 28th, 2016, 00:53 UTC
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[01:33:17] kukks: jya: Hi. I'm aware of those cmdline options. In case of the special "av_dlog()" messages it was a bit more complicated. As can be seen in "log.h", both FF_API_DLOG and DEBUG must be defined to get those av_dlog() messages. I got that working in the meantime using ./configure options
[01:47:03] kukks: btw – I'm atm trying to get mythfrontend working with the (new) upcoming german DVB-T2 HD stuff. Did a lot of dvbsnoop stuff – but finding the missing pieces in the mythtv sources is really hard for me as a TV newbie :-)
[01:49:24] kukks: anway – if a more experienced developer needs some info (from dvbsnoop, etc.) – please drop me a note
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[03:31:08] kukks:
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[09:18:03] stuarta: gbee: i've seen no evidence of startssl ca's not being trusted, i use them and haven't seen any such issues
[09:19:27] stuarta: Hydr0p0nX: that may be the subjectAltName is now required problem
[09:24:17] ikevin: normaly startssl is untrusted
[09:25:12] stuarta: never had a problem with it
[09:48:27] enyc: ikevin: in where by who?
[09:49:05] ikevin: . . . te-authority
[09:49:11] ikevin: iirc, chrome do the same
[09:49:33] stuarta: so i'm using chrome with startssl certs right now
[09:49:46] stuarta: but they have been around for a while
[09:50:20] stuarta: another case of only new certs
[09:50:22] stuarta: right
[09:51:33] enyc: interestingly... "Apple products will trust individual existing certificates issued from this intermediate CA and published to public Certificate Transparency log servers by 2016-09–19."
[09:51:42] enyc: i.e. can't just backdate another certificate ;p
[09:54:37] ikevin: using LE is a good and stable alternative to startssl
[09:55:31] enyc: ikevin: yes, just different requirements, needs auto cert install etc, albeit arguably in a good way,
[09:56:46] gbee: and those tools don't work well with non-standard installs, more advanced configurations etc
[09:58:21] stuarta: gbee: that'll be my problem, i use the cert for email security. ie. IMAPS, SMTPS
[09:58:35] stuarta: 1 of my 2 anyway
[10:00:18] enyc: somehow need the LE provide for 'wrapper' scripts...
[10:00:42] enyc: e.g. cat key + new cert + intermediary + root together into THIS file then restarrt THIS service
[10:04:04] stuarta: yeah, that part is a pain
[10:04:23] stuarta: and different web servers want different bits concat'd in different ways and in different orders
[10:05:02] stuarta: like apache take the certificate, and the root certificate chain (ie. root + intermediates)
[10:05:26] stuarta: nginx likes root cert, with all the intermediates concat'd with the cert
[10:05:34] gbee: stuarta: likewise, I have cert for mail, and 2–3 other certs for virtual hosts on the server, the roots of each server use rewrites so basically all the scripts I tried were unable to work
[10:06:07] stuarta: gbee: you almost have to have an endpoint just for letsencrypt, it's a right pita
[10:06:19] enyc: at the very least it could have a callout for 'trusted' script with 'trusted and pre-validated input' to do the cert-replacement...
[10:06:34] stuarta: i might have to look at "cheap" ssl now...
[10:07:56] stuarta: i'm reading the relevant links to see if it's just wosign, or also startssl
[10:08:57] gbee: when I read up on it yesterday, it seemed Mozilla basically refused to trust StartCom the moment they were acquired by WoSign
[10:09:22] stuarta: that makes sense, startcom by themselves were fine
[10:10:45] enyc: warpme: I don't even see flash streaming option, and ASX not behaving for me ;p
[10:10:51] gbee: particularly since Wosign and Startcom never publically announced the acquisition – it looks like WoSign bought StartCom because StartCom was trusted
[10:11:46] enyc: gbee: aah yes and the backdating fun ;p
[10:11:53] enyc: gbee: . . . uary_2016.29
[10:12:22] stuarta: enyc: this is the full technical analysis . . . 4sMYUcVrR8vQ
[10:16:35] enyc: warpme: is there anything be useful to test with your html5 streaming? notably may be able to try various androids and linuxy variants......
[10:17:59] gbee: enyc: have you tried the webfrontend html5 streaming?
[10:18:22] enyc: gbee: hrrm i recall finding webfrontend problematic but not experimented recently! maybe can try!
[10:18:38] stuarta: enyc: did you log all problems as tickets?
[10:19:00] gbee: outstanding tickets against webfrontend ~1, outstanding tickets against mythweb ~1000
[10:19:29] stuarta: i don't believe you :-p
[10:21:01] enyc: stuarta: no, wouldn't have been at a time i was clued up to make decent issues or know what to expect or anything...
[10:21:36] enyc: i also recall it being in changelog webfrontend only experimental at present??
[10:21:44] stuarta: ah well, give it a try and log tickets please
[10:22:01] enyc: what is your understanding of its' status?
[10:22:41] gbee: webfrontend itself isn't experimental, but a couple of components are
[10:23:01] enyc: which are?
[10:23:22] gbee: html5 streaming :)
[10:23:54] gbee: and the schedule editor hadn't received enough testing at release, but I've had no serious complaints about it
[10:24:05] stuarta: +setup ENOTIMPLEMENTED
[10:24:16] enyc: i see
[10:24:20] enyc: drrm not streaming for me
[10:24:20] gbee: WebFrontend != setup
[10:24:28] enyc: will test across different devices and browsers
[10:24:33] gbee: WebFrontend specifically was implementing 'frontend' behaviour
[10:24:58] gbee: WebSetup or whatever you call it was a separate module
[10:24:59] enyc: may be worthwhile testing the mythweb streaming part too etc... get ''something'' working and work out matrix of WHAT doesn't work
[10:25:02] stuarta: gbee: right, however should the "admin" section not be all the setup stuff? i mean some of it is already there
[10:25:41] enyc: more to the point... where would ''network'' settings go? bind addresses etc etc...? you woludn't want them all in a web-only setup ?
[10:25:43] gbee: stuarta: it should, but that's separate to the WebFrontend, it just happens to be access via the same menu
[10:25:58] gbee: accessed
[10:26:08] stuarta: right
[10:26:27] gbee: to the point, anything under 'Admin' wasn't written by me (except webfrontend settings menu)
[10:26:46] stuarta: ok, np
[10:27:09] gbee: it was written at least 18months or more earlier by Chris Pinkham and Robert McNamara
[10:27:51] gbee: and for the sake of clarity – 'admin' === Setup in the actual menu
[10:28:58] stuarta: and it needs work
[10:29:49] gbee: a lot of work, perhaps a re-write in places
[10:30:24] stuarta: agreed
[10:30:26] gbee: note, the WebFrontend isn't finished yet – basic, day to day functionality is there but there's still stuff to do and improvements to make
[10:30:33] enyc: gbee: understood
[10:31:13] enyc: and mythweb got patched to make it ''still usable'' (mysql_ phpfuncitons deprecated etc) therefore
[10:31:46] stuarta: enyc: yes, that's all that's happening to mythweb really. i'll apply patches to keep it running, but i'm not writing any code for it
[10:32:30] enyc: stuarta: but no reason i shouldn't test the html5 patch above which looks vaguely sensible, and compare what players//frontends I can//can't get working html5 on what devices, able to make useful webfrontend tickets etc
[10:32:48] enyc: especially if something can work with a certain device and mythweb but not on webfrontend ;p
[10:33:02] stuarta: yep
[10:33:46] enyc: stuarta may hopefully figure out the mythbackend-wont-stop issue who knows =))
[10:34:24] stuarta: getting a core is easy enough, it's getting the time to actually do it
[10:34:36] stuarta: s/it/the debugging/
[10:34:41] enyc: I'm wondering if my ''edit transports'' error may be worth comparing with a 'from clean database, clean dvb-t scan'.
[10:35:31] enyc: ok understood wil get back to that... right now offf to screwfix and parts to get ;p
[10:35:47] gbee: the 'TV' menu is the one which encapsulates the WebFrontend behaviour implemented by me, the 'Video' menu is also webfrontend but was a contribution from someone else and functionality is limited
[12:06:15] stuarta: fixes/0.28 is edging ever closer to being 50% of the installed base
[12:06:22] stuarta: it's up to 49.2%
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[12:40:45] ** stuarta votes for merging **
[12:41:09] gbee: seconded
[12:46:55] ** stuarta sets flag +inprogress **
[12:59:34] stuarta: although i can't decide if it should be merged or cherry-picked, the cherry pick is cleaner, but loses the fact that it's actually a merge
[12:59:55] stuarta: not to mention, i think the merge will cause github to autoclose the pull request
[13:30:55] stuarta: ffs, forgot to reference the ticket
[13:31:15] gbee: seeing some serious artefacts on seeking with some h.264 recordings in master
[13:33:14] gbee:
[13:44:28] stuarta: normally only see that on a damaged recording
[13:53:12] stuarta: gbee: what do you think of
[13:53:22] stuarta: personally, i like the idea
[13:54:50] gbee:
[13:55:56] gbee: stuarta: it's a good idea, I remember having an issue with the implementation though. I was planning to rewrite the route handling around angular's ui-router which would fix the inability to bookmark pages
[13:56:23] stuarta: ah, you going to go angular for the web frontend?
[13:56:36] gbee: yeah, decided that's probably the way to go with it
[13:57:31] gbee: I also reasoned that being able to bookmark was a low priority since it's not likely for example that you'll need to regularly return to the schedule editor for a particular programme and everything else is accessible with just 1 click from the menu
[14:27:35] stuarta: the only suggestion I have, is I regularly use F5 to reload pages, and if there's nothing to tell it where to go back to you end up on the front page again.
[14:27:54] stuarta: eg. go to scheduled recordings, hit reload, and you are back on the front screen again
[14:29:13] stuarta: s/scheduled/upcoming
[15:30:20] ikevin: does it exists some build that include mythtv for rpi3 like libreelec?
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[16:13:36] stuarta: ikevin: there's a mythtv light for rpi floating around, see the mythtv-users list
[16:14:16] ikevin: i take a look
[16:14:20] ikevin: ty
[16:29:16] stuarta: i'm beginning to think we should just ditch listening on specific addresses and do a wildcard bind instead, as most users will be behind a standard router which will firewall mythtv from the interweb anyway
[16:35:17] ikevin: this maybe a good stuff to allow wildcard binding !
[16:37:18] ikevin: i've 5 media center on 3 different network, i actually use a vpn, so it's slow, if a native "interweb" is implemented it will be better
[16:37:57] stuarta: no, it's about the users regular issues with setting up backends such that they can connect
[16:38:12] stuarta: the wildcard bind won't care if the networking isn't up yet
[16:38:20] stuarta: when it does come up, it'll "just work"
[16:39:34] ikevin: oh :(
[16:45:11] ikevin: is there a way to see mythtv working over nat?
[16:55:23] stuarta: short version, no. use VPN :)
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[19:26:02] warpme: enyc: you mention „I don't even see flash streaming option”. Are you using PHP7? If yes then I think You need #12941.
[19:26:02] ** MythLogBot **
[19:28:12] warpme: regardning usefullness my work with HTML5 live streaming: when Mozilla will fix WEBM stability issue on Firefox – it should allow nice live streaming for recordings on any system where user can launch Firefox.
[19:38:06] dekarl: kukks: that's only the PMT?
[19:38:16] Roklobster (Roklobster! has joined #mythtv
[19:39:59] dekarl: mind to capture a full set (pat,pmt,sdt,ait,nit,bat) and post it to a ticket?
[19:42:28] willcooke (willcooke!~willcooke@ubuntu/member/willcooke) has quit (Quit: Do your hobbies)
[19:45:00] dekarl: we also know about stream_typ 0x24 already.
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[20:42:15] kukks: dekarl: will take those captures. Beside dvbsnoop, are there other tools for this purpose around?
[20:43:12] dekarl: dvbsnoop is my go-to-tools as it usually decodes most stuff. obviously MythTV is ahead of the pack sometimes ;)
[21:14:17] dekarl: I'm looking at bringing DVB / HDHR setup closer together... any objection? (add use_eit to HDHR, move timeout options around on the DVB side to match the HDHR options, try to let the card<->source connection fill fields with the only available value if there is only one)
[21:14:42] dekarl: currently wondering how to pick the default value for boolean settings...
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[21:24:28] stuarta: dekarl: toss a coin obviously ;-P
[21:29:10] peterbennett (peterbennett!~Peter@mythtv/developer/peterbennett) has quit (Quit: Leaving.)
[21:30:18] dekarl: stuarta, I tossed the coin already, now wondering how to keep mythtv-setup from tossing a coin :D
[21:31:08] dekarl: obligatory reference
[21:31:24] stuarta: :)
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[21:36:56] ** stuarta waves to peterbennett **
[21:37:15] peterbennett: stuarta: :)
[21:38:23] peterbennett: stuarta: It must be late where you are now.
[21:38:33] stuarta: 9:38pm
[21:38:39] stuarta: aka GMT
[21:39:07] peterbennett: stuarta: Are you in UK?
[21:39:12] stuarta: yep
[21:40:26] peterbennett: I will be passing through there in a couple of weeks time. Just two hours in the airport.
[21:40:52] peterbennett: On my way to South Africa for a vacation.
[21:41:08] stuarta: not even enough time to catch up and drink beer :(
[21:41:55] peterbennett: barely enough time to make it through security
[21:42:18] stuarta: indeed
[21:43:06] stuarta: have a good holiday
[21:43:13] peterbennett: Thank you
[21:47:44] kukks: dekarl: Will add more captures later tonight...
[21:50:11] dekarl: kukks: thanks, I already saw the mail notice :) NIT would be nice, too
[21:51:17] dekarl: CAT isn't that interesting as CI+ isn't really supported
[21:51:59] kukks: dekarl: ouch, forgot to mention NIT, have that on my list
[21:52:27] dekarl: if its on the list, then all is good
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[22:00:37] kukks: dekarl: "Das Erste HD" and "ZDF HD" use different (audio) codecs. Will also catch that...
[22:12:52] kukks: dekarl: should i include the hexdump in dvbsnoop (for some PIDs), or always use option "-nph" ?
[22:12:53] stuarta: and just like that mediawiki EOL 1.26
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[23:20:38] kukks: drop me a note when further info is needed
[23:57:20] ShapeShifter499 (ShapeShifter499!~ShapeShif@unaffiliated/shapeshifter499) has joined #mythtv

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