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Friday, November 25th, 2016, 01:22 UTC
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[08:12:45] gbee: the issue cbovy reported yesterday – I suspect it was only fixed for that particular recording. The first time the API is called it doesn't know what the resolution of the file will be, that decision is made by the transcoder only after the API has returned, the second time it does know because the recording was already transcoded and the new resolution/filename has been written to the database
[08:12:57] gbee: so it would fail first time, work the second time
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[08:50:49] stuarta: enyc: i've seen mention, might be in a ticket, it's related to having used the webfrontend, however i don't always use that, so i'm not convinced about that. I do however pretty much always use mythweb to see the status of the backend, and that calls some of the same paths
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[10:28:46] enyc: stuarta: im not convinced either, im fairly sure ih dappens anyway
[10:29:33] enyc: stuarta: can you do anything to debug this fails-to-stop ???
[10:31:58] stuarta: yeah, i just need to get it to the stuck state, use gcore to grab a coredump, then fire up the debugger and see why the threads haven't shutdown
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[10:47:19] enyc: another weirdness i've not narrowed-down the failure circumstances... not able to ''edit transports'' on my dvbtsource ... complains about not being able to query the adapter
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[11:49:30] warpme: jya: I need Your advice regarding Mozilla stability. I added HTML5 streaming support to mythweb ( . . . rt.tar.bz2). It works well except issue that Mozilla randomly just stopping playback. In such case only solutiuon is to reload page. It happens in random stream places. I think it is kind of Mozilla bug. May You advice me how to investigate this?
[12:00:21] stuarta: warpme: would be nice to get that integrated into mythweb proper
[12:03:37] warpme: stuarta: what is missing in context of integration with mythweb? Currently it works EXACTLY the same like flash. it has fallback to flash for non HTML5-video browsers and also it has ability to turn-off HTML5 streaming by user config. What is missing then?
[12:04:13] stuarta: warpme: nobody has tried to add it in, if it's pretty much a dropin, it would be lovely to get it committed
[12:06:01] warpme: oh in context drop-in – it is single patch over current mythweb. WHat might be missed is translations for other than EN languages....
[12:09:51] ** gbee mutters **
[12:17:05] stuarta: ffs amazon sold out of the 750Gb drives at £105.99
[12:17:25] stuarta: +SSD
[12:24:37] stuarta: which i find out just *after* i add some balance to amazon to buy it
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[16:18:24] stuarta: is this the right way for ubuntu 0.28 users to enable updates?
[16:19:23] stuarta: tgm4883: ^^^
[16:19:40] stuarta: or
[16:22:43] tgm4883: stuarta: aren't those the same thing
[16:23:05] stuarta: the ppa links look the same
[16:23:21] stuarta: both say "sudo add-apt-repository ppa:mythbuntu/0.28"
[16:23:43] stuarta: so what is the right way to enable the updated packages for those running 0.28?
[16:24:59] ** stuarta is getting bored of closing mythweb tickets **
[16:27:05] stuarta: ahah!
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[17:24:58] tgm4883: stuarta: sorry yea, that's the preferred way
[17:34:11] stuarta: np
[17:34:19] stuarta: and thanks
[17:43:52] peterbennett: I plan to update the wiki for the post-mythbuntu world
[17:44:04] peterbennett: When I get a round tuit.
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