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Thursday, November 24th, 2016, 00:03 UTC
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[02:21:34] enyc: dekarl: Apparently the copyright file can be one "*" if thats the whole truth, "We only get down to listing files which are exceptions to the general licencing."
[02:22:27] enyc: dekarl: r.e. "(c) MythTV Developers" rather than individual authors — "If that's what the project says, then yes that's fine. Many projects do something like this. We really don't care who wrote every file if you don't. In fact we don't care much at all who wrote what. We mostly care what licence it is."
[02:22:57] enyc: dekarl: "don't care if "Mythtv Developers" is a collective, company, set of individuals. The project may want to track this, but Debian isn't too bothered."
[02:23:12] enyc: dekarl: "All we really ant is due diligence that everything is free software."
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[08:59:22] stuarta: enyc: the problem debian will have is a) liblame b) the codecs ffmpeg implements, whilst the code is free, are potentially subject to IP claim
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[09:00:55] stuarta: enyc: ie. that's the reason rpi users must buy an mpeg license, to pay the licence fee to use mpeg2
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[09:12:18] enyc: stuarta: debian already contains both ffmpeg and libmp3lame0 packages
[09:12:49] enyc: stuarta: rpi license key is for _hardware_ decode enablement
[09:15:03] enyc: stuarta: i'mb sure debian project asked these questions and decided the software-patent problem wasn't an issue for them, or something. Again I can ask for clarification
[09:22:34] stuarta: oh okay, that's pretty cool then...
[09:30:43] stuarta: dekarl1: one thing i've noticed, is libdvbv5 contains the ability to open a dummy dvb device. this should allows us to build in more automated tests on the dvb side
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[11:12:23] cbovy: tvplayer.qsp is requesting /StorageGroup/Streaming/14003_20161123165300.ts.640x360_600kV_64kA.m3u8, but file does not exist. The file which exist is 14003_20161123165300.ts.640x368_600kV_64kA.m3u8 (mind the 640x368 vs 640x360).Anyone can confirm this using WebFrontend and playing recordings using JWPlayer?
[12:19:10] stuarta: interesting
[12:47:41] stuartm: hmm, so it's requesting a file of size 640x360 from the backend, but the hls transcoder is adjusting that to 368 (maintain aspect ratio or multiple of 16) and it's writing out the filename with the altered dimensions. The player expects the naming of the file to match what is requested, the transcoder is in the wrong for naming the file according to actual resolution instead of requested resolution
[12:51:12] jya: Shouldn't name the file per the resolution anyway...
[12:51:56] jya: And it's even more wrong for the client to fetch a particular name. It should only retrieve file name as defined in the m3u8 playlist
[12:58:50] stuartm: jya: it's the playlist which has the resolution in it
[12:59:03] stuartm: "StorageGroup/Streaming/14003_20161123165300.ts.640x360_600kV_64kA.m3u8&quo t;
[12:59:18] stuartm: so it's fetching the playlist and not finding it
[12:59:28] stuartm: at the url which was returned by the API
[13:04:46] stuarta: wow, i first reported mythtv issues back in '05 in little ole ticket #414
[13:04:46] ** MythLogBot **
[13:05:17] stuartm: i.e. it calls the start stream API, gets back the filename of the playlist which it then requests from the backend – this much could/should be condensed down to a single API that returns the playlist directly so instead of the two step process where it fetches the name of the playlist then passes that to the player, it just directly calls the API from the player – except that the player tends to time out waiting for that first chunk to be
[13:05:18] stuartm: written in my experience
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[13:05:39] jya: stuartm: ok.. that's bad. Did you open a bug? If not can you, I'll look at it tomorrow
[13:06:18] stuartm: cbovy: can you open a ticket?
[13:07:29] jya: With step on how to reproduce it too. Thanks.
[13:09:11] cbovy: yes, I'll do that.
[13:10:10] cbovy: tvplayer.qsp has some comments about workaround about aspect ratio.
[13:18:43] stuarta: think i'll close #11679 the 1 user who wanted it stopped using mythtv 2 years ago and worked around the problem in the driver instead.
[13:18:43] ** MythLogBot **
[13:19:07] stuarta: dekarl1: unless ^^^ is the way dvb-t2 is working in germany?
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[13:21:24] stuartm: jya: our HLS stuff is still pretty fragile, it's fine as a proof of concept but there's a lot I'd change about it
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[13:21:56] stuartm: and I had plans to add support for dash, to support the other half of browsers etc
[13:25:15] stuartm: ondemand transcoding, ability to change resolution on the fly, auto-selection of appropriate bitrate and resolution depending on device/connection and perhaps most importantly cleaning up transcoded segments sometime after playback (in housekeeper)
[13:25:43] stuartm: support for subtitles etc would be nice too
[13:27:35] stuarta: i like you optimism ;-)
[13:27:39] stuarta: *your
[13:28:54] stuartm: there's more than that obviously, that's just the stuff which I can think of right now, it's been a while and I know there's at least one higher priority item I'm forgetting
[13:30:48] jya: stuartm: having an on-demand streaming server is something I had intended to do before I got the job at Mozilla..
[13:30:56] stuartm: Ahh, the plans I had when I actually had free time
[13:31:21] jya: Maybe one day :)
[13:31:38] ** jya off to bed **
[13:33:42] stuarta: you can by "round tuit's" on amazon now
[13:33:48] stuarta: ;-)
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[13:51:36] cbovy: strange, not able to reproduce myself anymore. Now it fetches correctly the 640x368... Let me keep an eye on it and raise a ticket if happens again.
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[13:59:16] warpme: jya: regarding my yesterdays comments about .flv issues after ffmpeg3.2 resync: FYI #12936
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[15:41:23] enyc: Hrrm not 100% checked everything but seemingly runnig mythtv-setup on mythbuntu 16.04 — selecting 'stop backend and continue'  — does'nt actually stop backend...
[15:42:04] stuarta: wonder if that's the have to kill the backend twice issue
[15:58:57] stuarta: really should debug that, as I see it pretty much every time i try to update my backend
[16:14:38] enyc: i'm also not able to list the transports on the dvb-t-only tuners via 'edit transports' but they are still 'working'
[16:15:04] enyc: seemed to be able to get it to scan 'existing' transports with allowed to look for new transports, so should have all oxford transports
[16:15:25] enyc: (without picking up mendip wrong-directon poor-signal etc...)
[16:16:30] enyc: stuarta: did this creep in systemd change or nothengi todo with that i wonder
[16:16:41] enyc: might be somethnig as silly as ''use correct service command'' ...
[16:21:47] stuarta: nah, some of the threads don't shutdown right, probably a deadlock
[16:30:08] tgm4883: enyc: this is what is being used to shutdown the backend after that popup . . .
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[18:08:09] enyc: stuarta: any clue under what circumstances it does//doesn't happen?
[18:09:08] enyc: i recall very much the sysvinit stop script using the kill-after-timeout parameter to 'stop' properly... can only guess this is, usually, 'masking' a problem of that nature =)
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[22:14:49] jya: warpme: did you see the fix submitted by ffmpeg? did you try it? should fix your problem.
[22:15:19] jya: he has reverted to the original behaviour, it's now optional to prevent non-seekable stream
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[22:30:44] dekarl: stuarta: interesting workaround, but I have no idea :)
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