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Wednesday, November 23rd, 2016, 00:07 UTC
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[01:15:30] MythBuild: build #3834 of cppcheck-master is complete: Success [3build successful] Build details are at . . . /builds/3834
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[09:14:55] stuarta: hmmm, that doesn't make any sense, why did the buildbot trigger a build this morning when it had already done one earlier?
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[09:22:20] warpme: jya: excellent work with Mozilla50. Currently this is single browser where I can get working HTML5 streaming (webm) from mythweb. When it works – it works really nice. Unfortunatelly it works only for some recordings. Other recordings (even from the same channel) are not working (Mozilla is in constant preloading state). It is definitelly encoder or Mozilla issue as using working .ts file for non-working recording makes it working. I need s
[09:22:25] warpme: or Mozzilla player
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[09:34:48] warpme: jya: interesting is that mediainfo for working and non-working .ts files shows almost identical info. Only difference is in size, bitrate and Delay relative to video.
[09:35:58] jya: warpme: can you extract a copy of the webm not playing?
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[09:39:21] warpme: jya: yes. I'm trying to do exactly this now (working and non-working .webm files). give pls me some time...
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[09:41:31] jya: warpme: glad you like it.. lots of work went into the gecko media player... we've added HW vp9 acceleration in 52
[09:43:25] jya: did you get the chance to verify the digital bitstream with myth? i've fixed it yesterday
[09:44:48] warpme: jya: regarding SPDIF in ffmpeg3.2: ofcourse. Works perfectly. Thx!
[09:48:16] stuarta: jya: looked a nice simple change, i wish the rest of the conversion to ffmpeg api was that simple!
[09:49:20] warpme: jya: FYI: i need to look on ffmpeg3.2 regression for .flv streaming. In 3.2 faster preloading in background simple not works. Must switch mythweb to system installed ffmpeg (v3.1)
[09:50:05] jya: flv you mean flash with vp6 codec?
[09:50:17] jya: of flv which is flash name for mp4?
[09:51:00] jya: any issues you have, please open a bug, with steps on how to reproduce it.
[09:51:07] jya: would that be flv encoding?
[09:51:13] jya: do we even support that?
[09:51:30] warpme: jya: not sure. I don't know what codec ffmpeg uses when user asks for flv format. Isn't it H264?
[09:52:29] warpme: jya: current mythweb streaming (flash based) uses flv format and flow player on browser side
[09:53:15] warpme: jya: did You test HLS with recent 3.2 resync?
[09:53:17] jya: warpme: i'm thought the encoding was done using a plugin
[09:53:34] jya: warpme: I did... well, i tested that mythconverg generated valid data
[09:53:40] jya: and the .ts generated were all good
[09:53:46] jya: mythconvert
[09:59:45] warpme: jya: yes. HLS works. but for me it is unusable on i.e Torc. Issue is I think audio related. Isn't that now HLS in myth uses exclusivelly ffmpeg build-in AAC encoder?
[10:12:44] warpme: jya: regarding my webm issues: I encoded 2 recordings (those with streaming in Mozzilla OK and NOK) to webm files and tried to play them in Mozilla as files. Both plays OK. I also looked on them via mediainfo. They are identical (except bitrate, duration and Delay relative to video). But still one from them gives Mozilla webm streaming OK while other not. I'm simply out of ideas...
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[11:04:26] jya: warpme: yes, now we always use FFmpeg built-in AAC encoder. HLS works well on the mythtv Apple TV app. It's very smooth actually
[11:04:32] jya: haven't tried torc in a while
[11:05:12] jya: if you post the two webm somewhere, I can have a look
[11:05:27] jya: though if the file themselves play locally, it should be the same over the network
[11:38:39] warpme: jya: I found it. it was typo in code producing HTTP header. Now it works. Well – it works so nice in Mozilla that for me HTML5 streaming makes HLS or flash streaming practically not needed. Only thing I miss is player progress bar type. Flash has stype "played/total" while Mozilla player has "so far downloaded". Any way really nice work with Mozilla!
[11:39:39] jya: what did you do to stream webm?
[11:40:11] jya: if you install . . . dia/?src=api
[11:40:38] jya: you'll be able to get lots of details about the stuff being played. simply open a new tab in the current window, and type about:media
[11:40:52] stuarta: stuartm: fyi, when it comes to SSL cert renewal time we *MUST* include a subjectAltName. Firefox50 has started enforcing by default for certs issued after 23 aug 2016 that the CN of the certificate must also be present in the subjectAltName as per the relevant RFC
[11:41:18] stuarta: it can be turned off, but it's a better to do it right to begin with
[11:42:49] warpme: jya: milion thx for hint for about-media. Definitelly I'll look on this. For encoder I'm using ffmpeg launched on server side.
[11:43:22] enyc: stuarta: is that down to CA itself, or the tool used to generate CSR ?
[11:43:42] jya: warpme: is that some scripts you've written? can you access it directly from mythweb?
[11:44:46] jya: Is there an easy to say "delete all programs recorded over 3 years ago" ?
[11:45:01] warpme: basically I developed mythweb support for HTML5 streaming (via webm). Now users will not neeed any flash playsers. ALso I hope this will allow road warriors to watch mythtv on any device – also on slow connections (as user can select res/bitrate on mythweb settings)
[11:45:02] jya: my recordings list is enormous, having 32TB of storage.
[11:45:16] jya: getting into mythweb recordings screen takes several minutes now
[11:45:52] warpme: jya: I'm in work and must run for 2–3h. will back soon.
[11:46:05] jya: off to bed then
[11:46:27] stuarta: enyc: if the CA is doing it's job moving forward, they will reject CSR's without a SAN
[11:46:38] warpme: oh – have nice sleep then!
[11:47:06] stuarta: it's in the CSR, and therefore in the cert, some of the gui tools will do it by default, openssl command line needs some hoop jumping to make it work
[11:48:40] enyc: some seem to like using letsencrypt now, no problems there, so long as you don't want complex wildcards ...
[11:49:40] stuarta: yeah letsencrypt is relatively easy, if you don't mind the 3 month duration of the cert
[11:50:28] enyc: i have a mishmash of different CAs on different systems / servers etc ;p
[11:51:24] stuartm: stuarta: noted
[11:52:06] stuartm: I suspect that Gloalsign will do that automatically, but I'll make sure when the time comes around
[11:52:57] stuartm: oh, adding it to the CSR ... yeah, right, well I'll update the config now so I don't forget
[11:53:00] stuarta: yeah, they should enforce it
[11:53:23] stuarta: now i need to read up about wildcards in SAN's. i think it's okay
[11:53:42] stuartm: until this year not all browsers supported SAN
[11:53:55] stuarta: well now it's mandatory
[11:53:58] stuartm: so it's interesting that Firefox is now enforcing it
[11:54:03] stuarta: lemme find the mozilla bz for background reading
[11:54:16] stuarta:
[11:55:26] stuartm: I think IE6 was the big one, hence when I used a SAN cert at work we made a concious choice to exclude the 1–3% of users out there with ancient browsers
[11:57:53] stuartm: will have to read the background to understand why SAN is mandatory now even for a single domain certificate, there must be a good reason but it seems strange for the common name to also be an 'alternative name'
[11:59:03] stuarta: the original description in the above bz describes it
[12:02:28] stuartm: right, just looking for a more detailed explanation of the issues with SCN other than "implicitly determining if the CN is intended to be a FQDN or IP address, dealing with multiple CNs"
[12:03:25] stuartm: for example, if you specify SCN as an IP and have no SAN, what's the confusion? The certificate is only valid for the IP and not any domains which point to that IP ...
[12:04:06] stuarta: yeah, i'm not entirely sure when somebody decided that SAN's were mandatory
[12:04:31] stuartm: and similarly if you have multiple Common Names, but only have an SCN with a single domain listed, it's clear the certificate only applies for one of those given domains
[12:04:57] stuartm: so there must be more background to this and I'd like to understand the reasons :)
[12:09:30] stuarta: me too
[12:38:11] stuarta: sometime i wonder if the "webfrontend" should be named differently
[12:46:22] stuartm: it's not the most catchy name, but it was chosen to reflect what at the time was the end goal of replicating the majority of current frontend capabilities in a web application
[12:46:54] stuartm: and also to somewhat separate it from the fabled web setup utility
[12:51:36] stuarta: tbh, i thought they were one and the same
[12:52:02] stuarta: i see it as a web interface to the backend which contains setup + frontend capabilities
[12:53:00] stuarta: seriously cppcheck, why are you running back to back runs?
[12:54:13] stuarta: ahah!
[12:54:16] ** stuarta fiddles **
[12:54:23] stuarta: needs onlyIfChanged=false
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[12:57:47] stuarta: and it builds yet again...
[13:00:56] stuarta: given it takes 2.5 hrs on this system, which is also my prod backend, it's royally beginning to piss me off
[13:04:55] stuartm: cppcheck takes 2.5 hours!?
[13:05:14] stuarta: it's cpu bound and this system doesn't have much cpu
[13:05:19] stuartm: ah
[13:05:34] stuarta: it used to take 45m-1hr on the old machine which hosted various buildslaves
[13:10:47] stuartm: are you using the -j parameter?
[13:11:22] stuarta: not anymore, that helped a bit, but where it's hosted now, I want to keep the other cpu for the backends to run on
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[13:13:31] stuarta: i can't see us implementing #11679 without someone supplying patches
[13:13:31] ** MythLogBot **
[13:14:19] stuartm: PLP?
[13:14:33] stuarta:
[13:14:40] stuarta: seems to be subchannels
[13:16:14] stuarta:
[13:16:18] stuartm: umm, why? Since each multiplex already supports multiple channels, why have each channel within sub-divided into further channels? What's the benefit?
[13:17:12] stuarta: from the first link, it seems that it's to provide better overall use of bandwidth
[13:17:33] stuarta: but i agree, it's a lot of effort for not a lot of gain
[13:18:56] stuarta: anyone else vote closed:wontfix ??
[13:19:26] stuartm: my first thought was that PLP was just a new term for the multiplex
[13:19:53] stuartm: stuarta: maybe we should at least take a look at the spec and see what's involved
[13:26:37] stuarta: i'll note down those links in the ticket the
[13:26:39] stuarta: *then
[13:29:39] stuarta: hmmm #11098 is interesting
[13:29:39] ** MythLogBot **
[14:09:28] dekarl: stuarta, if "multi plp" is the same as "substream 1 = 8 tv services + substream 2 with the firmware update services and interactive stuff" then this could be seen on the german DVB-T2 HD
[14:11:15] stuarta: dekarl: could well be
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[14:25:37] stuarta: dekarl: do we have any raw data from those new dvb-t2 muxes yet?
[14:40:52] stuarta: enyc: yes there are in fact 3 dvb-t2 muxes on crystal palace now
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[15:39:46] dekarl: PLP is on the radio side? you can have one frequency that you license then put a low bandwidth multiplex on it with lots of forward error correction that can basically be received everywhere at 300 kph but also a high bandwidth multiplex with little error correction for roof top antennas
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[15:45:12] stuartm: dekarl: the 'physical' part did have me wondering if that was indeed the case
[15:45:12] stuartm: and the mention of mobile devices reinforced that
[15:45:12] stuartm: but I was going to read up on it tonight
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[16:48:55] dekarl: what i did not understand is if its on the digital radio side only or also on the analogue side
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[16:53:08] stuarta: i have no idea
[17:20:19] stuarta: sheesh 2h44m for that last cppcheck run, time to move it to 3am ;-)
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[17:40:54] stuarta: dekarl: #12820 looks good to cherry-pick to 0.28 and close
[17:40:54] ** MythLogBot **
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[19:21:39] dekarl: stuarta: done
[19:22:02] dekarl: I tested the mfdb fix lightly, worksforme
[19:29:15] stuarta: i've been on a hunt for stuff we can close out
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[19:34:05] dekarl: its appreciated! finish stuff that is basically done. when enyc comes around with a plan for debian inclusion we can cut 0.28.1 :)
[19:50:27] stuarta: we might not be able to manage that until we move to v29. debian doesn't like liblame
[19:55:01] stuarta: what i wouldn't mind, is getting all the critical & blocker bugs closed out, and do a 0.28.1
[19:55:56] stuarta: tgm4883: does mythtv exist in ubuntu proper, or only in the mythbuntu ppa's??
[19:56:21] ** stuarta answers his own question **
[19:56:32] stuarta: it's in ubuntu proper, as I can see the packages available on my backend
[19:56:57] stuarta: so an 0.28.1 for ubuntu proper is what i'd like to see
[20:02:03] tgm4883: stuarta: getting it into Ubuntu 16.04 is problematic
[20:02:16] stuarta: hmmm
[20:02:31] stuarta: but 16.10 is okay?
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[20:08:02] stuarta: tgm4883: that's interesting, considering they are still updates to the released packages in 16.04
[20:27:06] MythBuild: build #208 of master-ubuntu-testing-64bit is complete: Failure [4failed unit test core] Build details are at . . . t/builds/208 blamelist: Stuart Auchterlonie < >
[20:28:20] stuarta: huh what?
[20:29:34] stuarta: hmm, a timer test failure.. lets retry that
[20:29:49] stuarta: MythBuild: force build master-ubuntu-testing-64bit retry
[20:29:49] MythBuild: build forced [ETA 6m02s]
[20:29:49] MythBuild: I'll give a shout when the build finishes
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[20:34:12] MythBuild: build #209 of master-ubuntu-testing-64bit is complete: Success [3build successful] Build details are at . . . t/builds/209
[20:36:26] tgm4883: stuarta:
[20:43:58] stuarta: tgm4883: no worries, we stick with PPA's then
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[21:27:10] enyc: stuarta: ok excellent i'lltry to convince mine o retune etc etc!
[21:31:54] enyc: dekarl: main things thats' needed is a debian copyright file, i.e. somebody who can ese where everything came from, what licenses, all the rest of it... I had notes on 'copyright-scan' and all that.
[21:32:32] enyc: dekarl: but somebody in the know who can realistically fill in the details, knows all about where non-free graphics on non-free test files may have got in, etc etc...
[21:33:54] enyc: stuarta: i suspect ubuntu is more of a matter of 'who you know' .... if enough people make complaint that 'itsa ll broken' — need 0.28.1 ... etc...
[21:34:43] dekarl: the last minute mysql update really shines through in the bug reports
[21:35:45] stuarta: that's an understatement
[21:36:34] enyc: ok so try to leveage that
[21:37:18] enyc: get the other blockers sorted, 0.28.1 released, and then push via all channels and all ubuntu-bug-reports etc that we really just need 0.28.1 SRU because total pain nuisance, as well as all these other problems also fixed.....?
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[21:56:54] enyc: bah! lost power glitch ;-(
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[22:03:31] enyc: dera
[22:03:33] enyc: argh
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[22:13:27] enyc: dekarl: who does know // can trace back, licensing/copyright status on all files, test files, graphics/themes, ... ? there must be nothing obviously non-free, copyright headers in files as much as possible then put together into debian copyright file ...
[22:18:49] stuarta: that is the bit that'll be an absolute nightmare
[22:19:14] dekarl: enyc: good one, tracking down all the rights is pure horror
[22:19:14] stuarta: much of it barely even has copyright notices, let alone licenses
[22:19:38] dekarl: the main project is gpl2 IIRC so every contribution has to be too
[22:19:46] enyc: apparently there must be nothing 'obviously non-free'
[22:19:55] dekarl: then there's the external stuff in our tree, can we just reference that somehow?
[22:20:13] enyc: but need to do best to clearly label everything as best as possible
[22:20:36] dekarl: The format of the copyright file with one block per every single source file stating every author with individual contribution years was a big turn off
[22:21:17] enyc: i can ask questions =) it may not be needed to be that detailed.....
[22:21:18] dekarl: IIRC there was a script to scrape all information together, did you post that to a ticket or something?
[22:21:40] enyc: i'm not sure it amy have eben on one of my servers/webs somewhere
[22:21:43] dekarl: and it goes into the debian folder in our packaging repo?
[22:22:16] enyc: however, so long as it gets into the source package debian/copyright correctly
[22:22:49] enyc: but it may be the best thing to do is best-effort update copyrgiht header in wider source files, nso it 'auto-scrapes' correctly
[22:23:11] enyc: I will ask if (c) Mythtv Developers is sufficient for all the internal/GPL2+ stuff
[22:24:10] dekarl: thats a good point. I'm not sure there even is a legal MythTV entity. I'm only aware of "a bunch of like-minded people working on a repo"
[22:24:35] enyc: yes quite, and this can't have been the first project with this ''problem''
[22:24:44] stuarta: ugh, there is so much crap hard coded on the fact that a single fd is the interface to the hardware
[22:25:01] stuarta: and that's no longer the case with DVBv5 API
[22:25:54] enyc: dekarl: what are the ''externals'' and their state? who notes/stores what their license is ?
[22:26:13] enyc: apparently graphics-files and test-files are notorious for nonfree screwups ;p
[22:29:13] dekarl: most of the graphics are in the themes packages, I think we package one of them but thats it
[22:29:34] dekarl: some have lists with source of each and every background image
[22:31:56] enyc: that migt have to be cleaned-up / nonfree removed but core question i'm going to ask is about gplv2+ of ''mythtv developers'' with no formal organization
[22:35:18] dekarl: we have started to clearly separate externals into
[22:36:24] dekarl: got to start somewhere, likely still some individual imported files around our tree. Its moved over as they are stumbled upon and sorted out / updated
[22:37:21] dekarl: lets try this . . . yright-file/
[22:39:44] enyc: I've emailed wookey key quesiton on an existing thread
[22:41:00] stuarta: i don't think the svn repo is around anymore, it was all imported into git
[22:46:10] stuarta: sheesh, circular include files :(
[22:46:48] stuarta: well not quite
[22:56:15] Tobbe5178 (Tobbe5178! has quit (Read error: Connection reset by peer)
[22:56:29] enyc: anyway — in ubuntu, who was it from ubuntu//canonical who came on here and asked about ''0.28 in 16.04'' being ok and ''just did it'' ??  — I wouldn't rule out explaing to them the wideranging problems, the SRU process being less appropriate for this package not depended upon by others, and asking how to make a special SRU request...
[22:56:41] enyc: it may be somewhat a case of 'who you know' too =)
[23:08:46] stuarta: what/why on earth is there a concept of a master device related to a dvb device?
[23:09:01] stuarta: more to the point, who the heck uses it?
[23:10:20] enyc: stuarta: ask in #linuxtv more likely to get answer
[23:10:32] joki- (joki-! has joined #mythtv
[23:11:30] stuarta: no, this mythtv code for handling dvb devices
[23:11:35] enyc: oh ok
[23:11:43] stuarta: making very little sense right now
[23:12:22] stuarta: hmm, seems to be for secondary dvb cards, using a CAM from the master.. right
[23:12:36] stuarta: no doubt that'll break
[23:22:12] ** stuarta notes dvb_dev_find for later use **
[23:57:32] gregl (gregl! has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[23:59:38] gregl (gregl! has joined #mythtv

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