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Tuesday, November 22nd, 2016, 00:49 UTC
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[09:27:15] enyc: dekarl: Aha! that doesn't list transmission in UK however... so I probably can't help
[09:30:27] stuarta: morning
[09:31:05] stuarta: i probably can, wtf we looking for?
[09:35:13] stuarta: dekarl: you can see roger's musing on mythtv-dev list
[09:44:45] enyc: stuarta: "< dekarl> enyc: a good start would be NIT/BAT/PAT/PMT/SDT/AIT from one of the new DVB-T2 HD muxes. hexdump + decode would be nice. just ./dvbsnoop -n 1 <PID of the table> without -nph (without no hexdump)"
[10:06:27] stuarta: right, it's worth reading roger's emails to the dev list, it explains somewhat what he's trying to do with those temporary ids
[10:29:20] stuarta: #12929
[10:29:20] ** MythLogBot **
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[15:56:21] dekarl: enyc, doh I was confusing the new german DVB-T2 and the good ole DVB-T2 in the UK :/
[15:56:50] dekarl: still, the same tables are interesting for channel scanning purposes
[15:57:18] dekarl: e.g. the AIT would help us to see MHEG5 vs HbbTV test broadcasts etc
[15:57:53] dekarl: stuarta, I have getting back to roger's other questions on "the list"... e.g. "what's the real primary key in DVB land" kind of questions...
[15:58:15] enyc: dekarl: hrrm.. I'm wondering what information site to lookup info on UK/Oxford transmitter well anyway....
[15:58:22] stuarta: my babelfish was struggling with his questions....
[15:58:31] dekarl: dman, missed a bunch of servers with 144GiB memory each for 300 EUR + change :/
[15:58:33] enyc: dekarl: last i checked there was only one dvb-t2 mux, but maybe there is more than one now
[15:59:17] dekarl: I sent them the pointers to the official frequency authorities, so they should cover europe
[16:14:37] enyc: hrrm not being helpfl with info there... suggests actually 3 dvb-t2 muxes now
[16:14:45] ** enyc checks mythtv-setup etc... **
[16:29:16] stuarta: enyc: there's only 1 dvb-t2 mux on crystal palace
[16:32:41] enyc: stuarta: but oxford... has this com7 com8 as well?
[16:33:37] enyc: stuarta: claims com7 com8 are DTG-6 which they define as DVB-2
[16:34:35] stuarta: been a while since i rescanned dvb-t2
[16:36:52] enyc: my mithtv-setup was misbehaving i will have to go down re-poke it later =)
[16:37:03] enyc: stuarta: do so first if you can and let me know what you discover!
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[21:00:43] stuarta: evening all
[21:06:52] Roklobster: morning
[21:24:46] Roklobster: is dev 0.29 stable enough to strt using?
[21:34:11] stuarta: well it's just had an ffmpeg resync
[21:35:04] stuarta: "should be" any early testers are welcome
[21:35:17] stuarta: i run it, but only on my dev box, not my prod one
[21:35:29] stuarta: which technically is the same box, but that's another story
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[21:40:16] stuarta: first cppcheck run for a while running now
[21:41:31] stuarta: changed it's schedule so it only runs once a day @4:15am when my backend is doing naff all else
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[21:45:47] Roklobster: ok. is that patch for the mysql/optimisedb issue in 0.29 or is that something i have to apply regardless?
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[21:48:28] stuarta: no idea which patch that even is
[21:49:44] Roklobster: in #12871
[21:49:44] ** MythLogBot **
[21:50:24] Roklobster: haha the last comment gives *me* credit. lol.
[21:52:06] stuarta: sphery was wondering about that ticket the other day
[21:52:21] stuarta: Roklobster: so it work's just fine for you with that patch?
[21:52:29] Roklobster: i need to apply it shortly
[21:52:35] Roklobster: once apt update is done
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[22:00:03] LePetomane: hmmm
[22:00:19] LePetomane: something has happened since i reported this error 3 months ago
[22:00:38] LePetomane: i haven't applied the patch by the perl script no longer throws a wobbly
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[22:01:12] Roklobster: so maybe the perl scripts deal with it now
[22:01:40] stuarta: dunno, report either way back to the ticket please
[22:02:28] stuarta: right, so i expect that cppcheck run to barf and timeout, but i've excluded all the test directories for the next run
[22:02:34] stuarta: i'll check back in the morning
[22:02:36] stuarta: nn all
[22:05:29] Roklobster: reported
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[22:29:16] enyc: hrrm
[22:29:22] enyc: I don't see anything in to give me a clue ;p
[22:29:57] enyc: clue what 0.29 will do, other than be newer ffmpeg and presumably somewhat-newer-codecs and usable native webfrontend maybe
[22:30:30] dekarl: its going to be great and getting rid of some old baggage we carry along for to long
[22:30:56] dekarl: oh, and its going to be released quicker (that was the plan at least)
[22:31:19] enyc: whats' happening about ffmpeg 'delta' ?  — is that managing ot get 'smaller' ?
[22:31:43] dekarl: I think jya can answer that best
[22:32:16] dekarl: I think the closest thing to a plan is . . . lestone=29.0
[22:32:35] enyc: thankyou
[22:33:06] enyc: stuarta: did you manage to rescan in crystal palace and actually get 3 dvb-t2 muxes over there ??
[22:35:09] enyc: dekarl: equally i wonder what the 'trigger' is for classing 0.28 a new point-release 0.28.1 ... major bugs fixed??
[22:36:37] dekarl: personally I think a good trigger would be "someone willing to get a .1 release backported into Ubuntu LTS and following" as the problem reports due to the last minute mysql changes are wasting everyones time
[22:38:03] jya: enyc: what's that about?
[22:38:04] enyc: if you can get something resembling a debian copyright file and manpage/whatever for any 'undocumented commands' wookey may well be able to sponsor into debian soon at least.... but I don't know about ubuntu world
[22:38:43] enyc: jya: i was just wonedring what the size of ffmpeg delta / relationship with upstream is lke these days... managing to need 'less' changes from upstream ?
[22:39:06] jya: I can tell you the size of the diff :)
[22:39:32] enyc: jya: are upstream being 'better' so need less diff than used to have ;p
[22:40:23] jya: the changes have now been almost fully separated ; also in the previous 3.0 release, most of the ffmpeg code we used to rely on and always gave us grief because of conflicting changes got removed entirely from FFmpeg
[22:40:34] jya: the code had been deprecated for a while
[22:40:53] jya: so I had to resurrect the code, and place that in our own unique source
[22:40:57] enyc: thats helpful especially for applying upstream security updates...
[22:41:16] jya: the good news with that is that it now makes resync much easier, as there's almost nothing left to conflict
[22:41:35] jya: the major differences with upstream are:
[22:41:46] jya: 1- unique mpegts demuxer
[22:42:09] jya: 2- callbacks to handle change of resolution / content
[22:42:43] jya: 3- extra parameters to internal function to handle some flags like having audio / having video and having dual language
[22:42:54] jya: 3) is what's causing the most pain to maintain
[22:43:17] enyc: and you wonder how much of this upstream might accept as a patch these days?? not interested?
[22:43:19] jya: the reason for 1, is that we support additional subtitles handling
[22:43:45] jya: the only thing worth submitting would be the subtitle handling
[22:43:56] jya: everything else we've sneezed on that code, is more akin to hacks to me
[22:44:20] jya: the callbacks are awful, they aren't thread-safe, and we could do without
[22:44:31] jya: but not without a big rewrite of avformatdecoder
[22:44:35] enyc: ;p
[22:45:17] jya: problem with the subtitle thing, is that the demuxer API has so changed over the years, none of the code we have is directly applicable to the ffmpeg mpegts demuxer
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[22:45:51] jya: it would be a significant effort , and I don't know enough about the TS container to take on that task myself; would take me too much time, time I do not have
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[23:08:13] sphery: Roklobster: The patch hasn't been applied, yet. It may well be that your database configuration now how a SQL mode that's compatible with MythTV's SQL usage (i.e. not one of the strict modes).
[23:09:08] sphery: Ideally that patch would be applied, but I don't have a working dev system, so I won't be able to get it committed for a while. I was hoping someone else might do it in the meantime.
[23:09:33] Roklobster: sphery: i didn't make any changes to myysql
[23:09:36] sphery: btw, that's regard #12871
[23:09:36] ** MythLogBot **
[23:09:39] Roklobster: (if I did I don't remember)
[23:09:44] sphery: possible that your package manager did?
[23:10:02] Roklobster: it's mythbuntu 16.04 so maybe
[23:10:03] sphery: or even an upgrade of MySQL--they seem to be doing a lot of changes to their default SQL mode, lately
[23:10:20] Roklobster: RIP mythbuntu
[23:11:12] sphery: btw, nice to meet you (by your other name). I didn't realize that you were the reporter on the ticket.
[23:11:28] Roklobster: hi yes no worries
[23:11:40] sphery: anyway, glad it's working for you, and I hope to get that patch in before long
[23:12:21] Roklobster: yeah the opimisations dekarl (or you?) put into it a while back do speed up mythtv
[23:12:54] Roklobster: jya: do you think you'll ever do some deint work for VAAPI?
[23:16:01] jya: Roklobster: I was talking about that 2 days ago.. I may see about working on some filters with the new VAAPI APIs
[23:16:11] jya: they have a few options for deinterlacing
[23:18:30] Roklobster: ah great – i have been running with intel 510 for a while now. mp2/264/265 work great with it. quite a few dvb-t channels now don't seem to need deint presumable because they are HD or on h.264 The lack of deint isnt too noticable though – just small text like in the bloody funeral insurance ads
[23:18:59] jya: well, there's is deinterlacing available, only bob, but better than nothing
[23:19:25] Roklobster: hmmm, i have set it but doesn't seem to work the missng lines are noticable. not a drama.
[23:19:34] Roklobster: unless that is how bob is
[23:20:04] Roklobster: deint on my old gt210 card worked well.
[23:20:10] Roklobster: but it's 7 years old and going to the tip
[23:20:54] Roklobster: i am happy to test out the filters and i keep the vaapi repos up to date
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[23:26:08] jya: bob reduce the vertical resolution by half
[23:26:17] jya: there's a vaapi repo?
[23:26:38] jya: what's wrong with a 7yo graphic card, if it still works?
[23:30:42] Roklobster: oh ok so bob is working as expected.
[23:30:46] Roklobster: see this
[23:31:10] Roklobster: TBH the nvidia card seemed to have issues, like display freezing and needing a reboot.
[23:34:54] Roklobster: ooops i mean this one
[23:35:10] Roklobster: he's a but behind
[23:35:13] Roklobster: bit
[23:39:17] jya: Roklobster: not sure of the advantage of using this repo over the plain ubuntu one.
[23:39:23] jya: same version of libva (1.7.1)
[23:39:46] Roklobster: hmmm, i was hoping for newer versions like 1.7.3 for 16.04
[23:40:15] jya: well, that repo you linked to doesn't have that
[23:40:23] Roklobster: not yet
[23:40:24] Roklobster: ;)
[23:40:32] Roklobster: i was up to date a few months ago
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