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Saturday, November 19th, 2016, 00:02 UTC
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[23:46:36] peterbennett: jya: Good morning
[23:47:02] jya: peterbennett: hi
[23:47:20] peterbennett: setConfiguration(const QNetworkConfiguration &config)
[23:48:17] peterbennett: jya: Pass value by reference, I am not an expert, i thought that was similar to passing by pointer – that the original object is passed not a copy of it
[23:48:37] jya: It isn't in usage.
[23:49:32] peterbennett: jya: Yes the usage is different but I think the effect is the same. You pass an object instead of a pointer but under the covers it garbs the object.
[23:49:37] jya: The object is const& it can only be copied from that point on. As there's no guarantee the object will still be live by the time the caller continue
[23:49:53] jya: Define garbs
[23:50:06] peterbennett: Sorry grabs
[23:50:27] jya: It can't.
[23:50:33] jya: Imagine doing this:
[23:50:38] jya: {
[23:51:05] jya: QNetworkConfiguration blah;
[23:51:23] jya: setConfiguration(blah);
[23:51:26] jya: }
[23:51:50] jya: If it had "grabbed" the data. Blah went out of scope.
[23:52:08] jya: If you were to continue using it; that UAF (use after free)
[23:52:27] peterbennett: Yes that would cause a problem unless the setConfiguration made a copy I think.
[23:52:41] jya: Exactly, it makes a copy
[23:52:54] jya: so right now you allocate on the heap
[23:53:32] jya: But never delete it. So setConfiguration made a copy, and the original is now in limbo. Will no longer be used and never be deleted
[23:53:35] jya: That's a leak
[23:54:15] jya: I'm on my phone. Son not the best place to type.
[23:55:07] jya: Passing by const reference, is like passing by value without the memory copy. It's aim for methods that will not need to use the argument once they exit.
[23:56:23] jya: If you want to keep it, you must copy it. If you kept a pointer to the object; or a reference to it: it would be very bad. It's actually a security risk now as you allow your code to read data that has been freed and is no longer referenced.
[23:57:25] peterbennett: Is it possible that this bad thing is what QT is doing?
[23:59:38] peterbennett: Or at least in the default case where you do not set it, maybe it is sharing one configuration object between multiple instances of QNetworkAccessManager
[23:59:51] peterbennett: I suppose I need to look at QT source

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