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Friday, November 18th, 2016, 00:14 UTC
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[02:31:06] gary_buhrmaster: stuartm: The answer to X11's keycodes limitations is Wayland (or Mir if you follow the ways of the Canonical). Or careful modification of the keymap files.
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[08:49:20] stuarta: gary_buhrmaster: ack, i'll setup a slave with that name and send you the password
[08:49:57] stuarta: stuartm: as gary_buhrmaster said, the way forward is Wayland, i'm running it on my systems and it works quite well, and mythtv doesn't seem to even notice, plus it seems faster :)
[08:50:03] stuarta: X is faster that is
[08:52:22] stuartm: X or Wayland is faster?
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[08:54:06] stuarta: sorry Wayland seems faster than X on the same machine
[08:54:16] stuartm: heh, screwed up their certificate and as a result chrome refuses to load their site
[08:54:52] ** stuarta facepalms **
[08:56:01] stuartm: or at least it does on my desktop, works fine on the laptop suggesting they've already fixed the issue but the browser is caching an old copy of the certificate
[08:56:43] stuarta: yeah, works here too
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[09:05:00] stuarta: interesting
[09:10:25] stuarta: not entirely sure that mythproto would map onto it
[09:13:28] stuarta: it would be an interesting exercise, although probably utterly pointless waste of time
[09:22:39] enyc: hrrm failing here
[09:23:30] enyc: same NET::ERR_CERTIFICATE_TRANSPARENCY_REQUIRED on https://www.wunderground.coml
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[09:59:15] enyc: as is hrrm
[10:03:14] stuarta: enyc: the first one is working here too
[10:17:57] stuarta: openwrt is fine too
[10:45:56] jya: are there been any changes back ported to 0.28 lately that could have impacted seeking in live TV? I upgraded last week and seeking has been completely broken since.
[10:46:53] jya: Actually even recordings it's mostly broken.
[10:47:02] jya: You fast forward and nothing happens.
[10:56:56] stuarta: <- that's the easiest way to see
[10:57:20] enyc: stuarta: looks like ubuntu recentel released chromium updatetta may fix this
[11:23:29] stuarta: you wonder why mythtv is hard to contribute to when you look at
[11:23:38] stuarta: and it's collaboration diagram
[12:09:54] stuarta: jya: when were you thinking of merging the ffmpeg update?
[12:10:40] jya: Whenever I get confirmation that I didn't screw up :)
[12:12:20] jya: So, I'd like to get the windows build bot green again first.. and maybe pbennett can test the arm version
[12:13:16] jya: stuarta: I started to think on getting rid of the whole lot (avfd, mythplayer) and extract the decoding stack I've worked on for Mozilla over the past 2 years.
[12:13:58] stuarta: windows build is green
[12:14:56] stuarta: was fixed ~3days ago
[12:16:06] stuarta: on the getting rid of the whole lot front, i agree it needs a major broom putting through it, the v4l2 stuff is a great example of horrible, shitty, half implemented code
[12:16:56] stuarta: the dvb stuff needs to move to DVBv5 API, as that handles modern devices much better
[12:17:19] stuartm: drop support for xvideo
[12:17:33] stuarta: yep
[12:17:45] stuartm: that allows for OSD rendering to be simplified among other things
[12:18:09] jya: stuarta: master was merged into 0.28 again in august???
[12:19:08] stuarta: no, i don't believe it was
[12:20:07] jya: When did 0.28 start?
[12:20:20] jya: When did we branch I mean?
[12:20:40] stuartm: I'm fine with a clean sweep on the decoding/player side as long as functionality and integration isn't lost as a result. It has to be able to handle all the MythTV features, from playback from storage groups, to DVD Menu and MHEG, timestretch, zoom etc
[12:21:05] stuartm: jya: April
[12:21:20] jya: stuartm: that won't be affected, that's just the IO layer, I would keep that backward compatible.
[12:21:35] stuarta: jya: does it still use ffmpeg?
[12:22:25] stuarta: curious how it's licensed too
[12:23:09] jya: Oh it would still use ffmpeg...
[12:23:21] jya: As decoder that is.
[12:24:01] jya: Can reuse ffmpeg as demjxer too, but they are now split as Mozilla uses their own demuxer right now and don't rely on ffmpeg for that
[12:24:05] stuarta: i'd love to rewrite the whole device handling, but I doubt i'll ever have the time
[12:25:16] jya: Basically, the avfd is replaced with a decoding state machine, that handles the interaction between the user commands and actual playback (such as A/V sync)
[12:25:39] jya: The retrieval of decoded data is done independently, with an asynchronous interface.
[12:26:14] stuarta: looking at some of the more recent(ish) ffmpeg stuff, it be decoupled more than before
[12:26:19] stuarta: +can
[12:26:21] jya: There's no locking/mutex involved. If the video decoder is late, it doesn't block the whole chain like Avfd does now
[12:27:13] stuarta: \o/
[12:27:22] jya: Our player, if video decoding is two slow, playback is just broken. It can handle a couple of frames late, but can never recover from more than that.
[12:27:41] stuarta: that sounds like we can still show static content while the decoder is catching up?
[12:27:52] stuarta: or while playing a radio only stream?
[12:28:17] jya: I'm quite pleased with the new media architecture found in gecko.. it's state of the art c++ , all async using promises.
[12:28:53] jya: Yeah, the behavior is similar to the flash player. If video is late, audio continues to play uninterrupted.
[12:29:18] jya: This approach was chosen for better handling of live streams.
[12:29:45] stuarta: which we suck at
[12:33:27] jya: Well, seeing that we record the whole lot, I guess we can afford to pause. That's not an option in a web browser.
[12:34:01] stuarta: true
[12:34:40] jya: But I want to get rid of that awful loop in MythPlayer, with multiple mutexes used with various threads, callbacks. You never know which thread does what etc.
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[12:35:26] jya: How it currently decode one audio packet, then one video packet and hope that playing them will still all be dandy
[12:36:17] stuarta: that is sadly true of most of the core of mythtv, it's near impossible to know what does what
[12:37:52] jya: The relation also between the avfd and the MythPainter is also... puzzling
[12:38:59] jya: Somehow I feel dropping the entire code and concentrating now on the backend. Or even rewriting the player from scratch may be an easier task than fixing what's there.
[12:40:03] stuarta: right now, if we focus on the backend, with the integrated setup stuff stuartm has been working on, we can make that nice and clean
[12:40:30] stuarta: then with being friendly to 3rd party frontends, we get the time to think about rewriting our frontend
[12:40:53] stuarta: paul-h has been experimenting with a qml based frontend, which looks interesting
[12:41:14] stuartm: not I ... I've not really touched setup stuff
[12:41:17] stuarta: that's in here
[12:41:46] stuarta: stuartm: i mean the "web frontend", finishing it off means adding support for everything setup
[12:41:56] stuarta: which i know doesn't exist right now
[12:42:45] stuartm: fwiw, I really wouldn't drop mythfrontend – without it my whole mythtv setup wouldn't make sense, you still need a client for scheduling, playback etc
[12:43:27] stuarta: well yes, but the bit I want to target, is needing to ssh into the headless backend server, to run mythtv-setup to do capture card setup, channel rescans etc
[12:44:51] stuarta: scheduling, playback should be in the client/frontend
[12:47:51] jya: stuartm: a plain web page could do.
[12:48:34] stuartm: jya: for playback?
[12:48:38] jya: There's a HLS.js player, allows to play HLS stream on any desktop players
[12:48:44] jya: Yep
[12:48:52] stuartm: on my tv with a remote control?
[12:49:25] jya: If we have a proper backend interface that can output the stream in a playable form.
[12:50:04] jya: You may want a dedicated front end, but there are plenty of those out there already. Sure they may not be mythfrontend
[12:50:19] jya: I kinda like the Apple TV app
[12:50:43] jya: It shows the recordings grouped in series in order of the last one recorded.
[12:50:48] jya: Plain and simple.
[12:51:20] stuartm: I've not seen a front end that manages a fraction of the functionality e.g. I could use UPnP but the interface in most TVs sucks, no metadata etc
[12:51:52] stuartm: I agree that things could be simplified, but then again, a straight list won't work when you've got hundreds or thousands of recordings
[12:52:51] stuartm: there's plenty I'd jettison from mythfrontend, strip it back and simplify it, but there's also stuff there which IMHO is what sets MythTV apart from the crowd
[12:54:15] jya: Salvaging what we can may not be worth it... we get régressions all the time whenever someone touches it. Like now, I can't rewind in live tv. Will look at what's happening tomorrow.
[12:54:46] jya: Ah shit, my iPad upgraded gmail app, can't respond to mythtv-users anymore.
[12:55:42] jya: Alright bedtime for me. BTW I'm moving to France at the end of December for a couple of years, will be in a better time zone with you guys.
[12:56:03] stuarta: nice, let us know when you are in london, will have to catch up
[12:56:19] stuarta: *if
[12:57:51] stuarta: re #12927 we really should mark storage with a uuid, would also help with detection of unavailable storage
[12:57:51] ** MythLogBot **
[12:58:10] stuartm: incidentally, I don't know if the UPnP component of Panasonic TVs is provided by the FirefoxOS ... but there's room for improvement there – doesn't make use of metadata that's available like description, only allows one bookmark i.e. stop watching recording A and start watching recording B and you'll lose the bookmark on A
[12:59:11] stuartm: UI is functional, but a little boring too
[13:30:20] ** stuarta peers intently at libdvbv5 and associated libraries **
[13:30:54] stuarta: this is interesting . . . pport_v7.pdf
[13:35:57] stuarta: i'm also sorely tempted by libdvbpsi & libdvbcsa
[13:36:49] stuarta: maybe not the latter, thought that might have been useable as a CAM interface
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[15:33:39] stuarta: interesting, f25 is replacing udisks2 with storaged, and we haven't even implemented udisks2 yet!
[15:39:19] gary_buhrmaster: Out with the old, in with the new.
[15:41:58] stuarta: seems to be a drop in replacement for udisks2, not that i've ever used removeable media with mythtv
[15:43:16] gary_buhrmaster: btw, I have not followed storaged, is this something that is (perceived to be) likely to (eventually) roll out to many/all distros, or will the few, the special, the devuans, try to roll their own?
[15:43:31] stuarta:
[15:44:20] stuarta: it's probably going to be initially only on the fedora/redhat distros as it's main consumer is cockpit
[15:44:34] stuarta: which is the new fangled web interface to your server
[15:46:23] gary_buhrmaster: I know about cockpit. I was wondering about storaged because (as I have this vague memory) that udisks2 (once you went down the dependency tree) needed systemd libraries....
[15:46:55] stuarta: dunno
[15:48:02] stuarta: ah yes, there it is
[15:48:19] stuarta: in the requires "systemd >= 208"
[15:49:51] stuarta: although the library itself (libstoraged) doesn't require it
[15:50:21] gary_buhrmaster: [different topic] I played with cockpit a few times. If you come from a windows world where everything is a gui I guess it is fine, but I also move back to the cli. I'll give you my cli when you pry it from my cold, dead hands (stolen and modified phrase)
[15:54:51] gary_buhrmaster: Well, I converted to the systemd religion quite early, so I do not care, but there are some which have chosen another path. Thanks for checking on the dependencies
[15:55:50] stuarta: fwiw i quite like systemd overall
[16:04:11] gary_buhrmaster: So do I, actually (at least, mostly).
[16:04:33] stuarta: yeah there's the odd thing that makes you go eek but tbh, it's an improvemtn
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[19:49:27] dekarl: ^^
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[20:05:28] zZap-X: mythtv still exists
[21:54:06] dekarl: man, that mpeg section fiddling code roger is asking about looks as if someone wanted to impress peers by outsmarting the compiler with bit around shifting tables and other tricks... I wonder what the real reason is though.
[21:55:46] dekarl: e.g. what's wrong with 1u<<n to select bits?
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