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Thursday, November 17th, 2016, 00:23 UTC
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[09:38:42] stuarta: nice user supplied fix on #12845 also covers #12385 #12915
[09:38:42] ** MythLogBot **
[09:38:42] ** MythLogBot **
[09:38:42] ** MythLogBot **
[09:41:41] stuarta: that's the transcode delete's original file bug
[09:46:41] stuarta: stuartm: you in any position to assemble and test a fix from the above?
[09:57:41] stuartm: I should be able to do so this weekend, if not before then
[09:57:54] stuartm: not today though
[10:02:30] stuartm: an XKCD for MythTV users –
[10:03:37] stuarta:
[10:04:36] enyc: '=)
[10:10:03] enyc: Debugging question: How should I be debugging frontend display tearing, that *isn't* 'typical' frame timing issue with top-to-bottom horizontal tear. — seems to be triangular tearing as if upperleft and bottom right of screen are separate triangles output! ... on an ATI integrated graphics on an AMD64 system, mythbuntu 16.04 / XFCE and mythfronted+backend fixes/0.28 — not max'ing out CPU, attempted to
[10:10:09] enyc: change 'painter' mode etc with no change...  ??
[10:10:46] enyc: [side-note, I also have a low-rate video that stutters/timing issues via mythfrontend 'play videos' but works ok with VLC ...]
[10:11:35] enyc: happy to do things like adding a video-card and comparing with last fixes/0.27 etc etc....
[10:16:28] stuarta: different painters are worth trying, also vsync settings
[10:18:06] enyc: as per  ?? or something else I should look at when i can be infront of the frontend next week?
[10:18:37] stuarta: tbh, it's not my area of expertise. i didn't sign up for computer graphics at uni ;-)
[10:19:29] stuarta: heh, that's a pretty good page
[10:20:40] enyc: that doesn't explitly show how to change vsync settings
[10:22:12] stuarta: first check the logs and see what (if anything) it says about vsync
[10:22:23] enyc: as it says, noted, and that page gives clues
[10:22:35] enyc: ok ,will investigate next week etc.
[10:22:36] enyc: thankyou
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[17:51:55] gary_buhrmaster: stuarta: Fedora 25 is a GO. If you provide the buildbot slavename/password (I presume the slavename will be garyb-f25–64bit, but you might change your standards?), I'll set up the buildslave. Thanks
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[19:27:31] peterbennett: Why would anybody install MythTV on centos?
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[19:28:53] peterbennett: If you like that world you should use Fedora?
[19:44:34] enyc: peterbennett: becauseyou wanted the LTS version but without paying for redhat enterprise version?
[19:49:26] peterbennett: enyc: Yes, but I think that is geared to business so probably has some things that do not work well with MythTV.
[19:50:55] peterbennett: enyc: I have not used the redhat versions but there is one ticket for somebody who installed on centos and everything is crashing.
[19:51:10] enyc: peterbennett: interesting question, can't comment... i know there USED to be things like MAX_HZ and so forth, but got the impresion linux was more 'flexible' to cope more scenarios these days =)
[19:52:28] enyc: had success with debian and devuan, however =)
[19:52:44] enyc: and ipv6... got packaging sorted out for all the above
[19:54:54] peterbennett: ah devuan = debian for systemd haters
[19:55:57] enyc: yes. afaict mythtv works all happily with and without systemd libs and with sysvinit or upstart or systemd as init so can be quite agnostic to all that mess at the moment thankyou
[20:03:04] enyc: 0.28 (NOT 0.27) uses dh-systemd [recently corrected in wiki] at dpkg-buildpackage time...
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[20:33:23] dekarl: does anyone still use lirc for control? or has the /dev/input ir stuff landed?
[20:34:14] dekarl: ^- wondering after looking at the v29.0 ideas and what mythbuntu-control-centre has ever done for me ;)
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[20:55:14] stuartm: thought that was added at least three years back, unless I'm misunderstanding the question
[20:57:45] stuartm: it had a fundamental flaw though, lots of the mapped keys aren't supported through X11 and are therefore not visible to mythfrontend
[20:58:27] stuartm: so you have to disable it and fall back to using lircd
[21:02:50] dekarl: I thought thats a qt bug...
[21:03:29] dekarl: but lirc setup is what mcc did for me :)
[21:04:10] jheizer_: I use lirc as that is what MMC does. Only thing I've ever used it for really.
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[23:20:02] stuartm: dekarl: nah, it's an underlying limitation of X11 because it's a 25 year old protocol. They only allowed for 256 key codes to be sent via X11, and most of the modern media keys which are supported in the kernel still can't be sent to applications running on top of X
[23:21:42] stuartm: Jarod (Redhat) was one of the guys who worked on the input stuff for the kernel and when I pointed this limitation out to him, his response was something along the lines of "oh ... shit"
[23:22:27] stuartm: he checked with Redhat's X11 guy, and basically the answer to when this might be fixed was when X12 is released (i.e. probably not for a very long time)
[23:23:57] stuartm: they basically stopped releasing new versions of the protocol at X11 because they wanted to maintain compatibility with other flavours of unix (BSD etc)
[23:25:33] stuartm: it's theoretically possible for a linux only extension to the X11 protocol to be created, this is how they've handled some other stuff over the years, but keycode handling is pretty near the core of the protocol and basically there doesn't seem to be a whole lot of interest in it
[23:26:34] stuartm: if it it happened, Qt and others would have to be modified to support it and that again would probably take years
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