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Wednesday, November 16th, 2016, 00:54 UTC
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[01:05:18] [Kid]: can you use local .m3u for scanning of channels in IPTV recording capture card?
[01:05:41] [Kid]: dangit
[01:05:48] [Kid]: i asked in the dev chan again
[01:34:40] kukks: again german upcoming DVB-T2 HD: i'v now switched to mythtv git master. As with "fixes/0.28", i notice the following when using mythfrontend to watch such a HD live-channel: the sreen clears to black, but after a short delay the right sound appears. After some more seconds the frontend freezes (Waited too long for decoder to fill video buffers. Exiting.. Then never endig msgs: Player(0): Waited 100ms for decoder to pause
[01:35:45] kukks: Interestingly enough, that HD program is recorded correctly to hardisk (into the live subdir) – and can lateron be viewed (HEVC, and AAC or EAC3 audio)
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[01:36:52] kukks: Also just recording – not watching that TV channel – works as expected.
[01:38:10] kukks: Which extended debug option "-v ...,.." would you recommend for the frontend and backend? To get more information...
[01:38:50] dmfrey: is it possible to strip a 30 mb chunk of a .ts file that is playable. I need to test something with a small file I can easily pass around
[01:38:59] kukks: Sorry, I'm really new to mythtv internals...
[01:44:46] kukks: btw – as expected due to api/protocol changes, the current KODI PVR for mythtv does not work anymore (with mythtv git master)
[01:57:54] kukks: dmfrey: in case you're on *nix, have a look at the truncate cmd. Would be brute force, but should work (just a hard end)
[01:58:26] dmfrey: yeah, i just need a small test file
[01:58:35] dmfrey: let me take a look
[01:59:04] dmfrey: does that truncate the original, or can i send that off to an external file
[02:00:22] kukks: dmfrey: it truncates the original – so better work on a copy
[02:02:45] dmfrey: ok, thanks, i will check it out
[02:11:30] kukks: dmfrey: i just tried it: truncate 1515_20160909140242.ts -s 5MB  – and then watched the truncated file with smplayer
[02:18:22] kukks: hopefully the ts player will catch the "hard ending"
[02:22:49] kukks: dmfrey: probably "ffmpeg" does a better job here – but i'm *really* not used to it
[03:32:33] kukks: in case some developers would like to have a closer look: Failing mythfrontend outcome when DVB-T2 HD live TV view is selected (running mythtv git master) Is that an "ffmpeg" issue?
[03:33:43] [Kid]: which source file contains the code that scans and parses the m3u file for the IPTV recorder on the capture care?
[03:33:46] [Kid]: card*
[03:42:46] kukks: Btw – as i already mentioned before, the used TV-card has 4 tuners – and i configured 4 multiplexes per channels (== 16)
[03:48:26] kukks: with hevc, 6 multiplexes per channel wlll be used ... (are already used on the test-channels)
[04:00:44] kukks: btw – what is the underlying problem (in mythtv) regarding usage of "most recent ffmpeg *stable* sources"?
[04:17:43] kukks: when i built "tvheadend" some days ago, i had the impression that they use WGET <some recent *external* stuff>.. in their build phase – i might be wrong here. And that approach seems to be questionable for proper builds (no "global" fixed view of the current state)
[04:21:59] kukks: i used the git master there, I'm sure that release versions willt be build completely differently...
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[07:22:34] dekarl: kukks you got the terms switched around... per frequency you usually have one multiplex in mpeg2 transport stream format which carries 4–6 services
[07:22:56] dekarl: pro-tipp avoid the word channel due to the many meanings it has ;)
[07:23:32] dekarl: [Kid]: here is the test code . . . order.h#L102
[07:24:40] dekarl: and here is the parser . . . her.cpp#L290
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[09:02:41] stuarta: enyc: yeah ramereth is one of the guys in charge
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[12:39:11] ikevin: any dev can tell me if myth frontend and backend + mp4 dvb tunner run fine in rpi3?
[12:40:40] stuarta: it works as a frontend, bit limited for a backend, tho you may have some success
[12:59:00] stuarta: sigh, looks like lygnsat have modified their anti-linking protection again
[13:09:36] stuarta: really might have to put some work into using with the channel lookup service
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[17:58:55] dekarl: stuarta, just zapped around "germany" at thelogodbd and it has potential but needs TLC
[18:01:55] dekarl: also I'm not seeing a way to merge duplicates and connect channels with identical logos together (let alone connect the SD and HD simulcast channels into a pair)
[18:02:30] dekarl: e.g. how to fix that? its the 3sat (SD) logo on a completely different channel
[18:03:40] dekarl: I'm to old to start writing explanations in a forum, when I'm used to simply editing the data. (wiki style, maybe putting the changes into a approval log)
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[20:17:07] tgm4883: should be fixed now in the 0.28 PPA
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[20:42:18] stuarta: dekarl: we would have to pull it as a data source to our channel lookup service
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[20:56:35] stuarta: dekarl: on the other hand, it's another place where the users can actually help themselves
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