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Tuesday, November 15th, 2016, 00:44 UTC
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[08:56:28] stuarta: jya: there is a windows build for master
[08:56:48] stuarta: . . . s-msvc-64bit
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[09:09:40] jya: stuarta: the error shown with the new ffmpeg is there: . . . d/logs/stdio
[09:10:02] jya:
[09:10:16] jya: this is happening well before the configure script is run
[09:10:25] jya: it's while building the dependencies.
[09:10:51] jya: so my guess is that in the new builder you've created, the dependencies haven't been built yet.
[09:11:16] jya: maybe the version of windows/VS has changed since they were first compiled in the current builder
[09:11:35] jya: maybe you can copy the dependencies libs from the working builder to the new one
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[09:12:07] stuarta: most likely, dblain sometimes needs to poke stuff on that buildslave before it'll build
[09:12:42] stuarta: dblain: can you take a look at why the windows buildslave fails to build the ffmpeg resync branch?
[09:23:02] stuarta: if it's a dependency then it may well just build when merged
[09:23:26] stuarta: since in theory the dependency is already built
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[13:34:20] [Kid]: what is the easiest way to import guide data to myth if i have a URL to a XML file?
[13:41:55] ikevin: xmltv
[13:54:07] [Kid]: i just installed the package
[13:54:13] [Kid]: via aptitude
[14:00:06] [Kid]: now i see the options in mythtv-setup, but i don't see where i can give it a custom xml URL
[14:09:58] ikevin: see:
[14:11:59] ikevin: you can also take a look at
[14:17:31] [Kid]: ikevin, thanks man.
[14:17:37] [Kid]: i think that second one is what i need
[14:17:45] [Kid]: and then just run it on a cron job
[14:17:52] [Kid]: cause i need it to update frequently
[14:39:27] [Kid]: ikevin, does the xmlfile parameter accept URLs from the mythfilldatabase command
[14:39:40] [Kid]: it doesn't work for me
[14:40:47] ikevin: i'm not sur, use things like wget -O /tmp/tmp.xml && mythfilldatabase <options> && rm -f /tmp/tmp.xml
[14:41:16] [Kid]: ahh thanks!
[14:42:18] stuarta: [Kid]: fyi these are questions for #mythtv-users in future please
[14:42:26] [Kid]: yes, sorry
[14:42:38] [Kid]: i meant to put them in there and didn't realize what chan i was in
[14:42:49] stuarta: np, it happens
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[14:54:41] dblain: MythBuild: force build ffmpeg-windows-msvc-64bit
[14:54:41] MythBuild: build #2 forced
[14:54:42] MythBuild: I'll give a shout when the build finishes
[14:54:59] MythBuild: Hey! build ffmpeg-windows-msvc-64bit #2 is complete: Failure [4failed Configure and Build]
[14:54:59] ** MythLogBot **
[14:54:59] MythBuild: Build details are at . . . bit/builds/2
[14:58:13] dblain: MythBuild: force build ffmpeg-windows-msvc-64bit
[14:58:13] MythBuild: build #3 forced
[14:58:13] MythBuild: I'll give a shout when the build finishes
[15:12:17] stuartm: [Kid]: how frequently does it update? mythfilldatabase will be run automatically once a day, for 99.9% of people a cron job would be unnecessary
[15:13:48] [Kid]: that is true
[15:13:54] [Kid]: for guide data it isn't that often
[15:14:03] [Kid]: it is the channel scan i was thinking about
[15:14:36] stuartm: channel scan via xml data?
[15:14:53] [Kid]: no, sorry
[15:15:06] [Kid]: i meant i needed the channel scan to run more frequently
[15:15:08] [Kid]: not the guide data
[15:15:10] stuartm: ah, ok
[15:15:38] [Kid]: not sure what is going on with my HTTP recorder scan though
[15:15:53] [Kid]: it is only finding one channel from my m3u link
[15:15:56] [Kid]: weird
[15:17:07] [Kid]: i wonder if it is just picking up the last one in the list
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[15:58:51] MythBuild: Hey! build ffmpeg-windows-msvc-64bit #3 is complete: Failure [4failed Configure and Build]
[15:58:51] ** MythLogBot **
[15:58:51] MythBuild: Build details are at . . . bit/builds/3
[16:19:19] dblain: seems to be an issue with libmythmetadata
[16:21:44] stuarta: the compiler output doesn't make sense to me, what is it trying to say?
[16:22:48] stuarta: well apart from the "cannot open include file: 'tfile.h'"
[16:23:06] stuarta: and several other files
[16:23:33] dblain: Original issue was with taglib. Looks like my temp workaround didn't install all needed header files
[16:46:41] dblain: MythBuild: force build ffmpeg-windows-msvc-64bit
[16:46:41] MythBuild: build #4 forced
[16:46:41] MythBuild: I'll give a shout when the build finishes
[17:10:10] MythBuild: build #4 of ffmpeg-windows-msvc-64bit is complete: Success [3build successful] Build details are at . . . bit/builds/4
[17:10:48] jheizer: woot
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[18:12:35] tgm4883: Looks like this never got backported to 0.28 packaging . . . 237497445d8f
[18:15:30] stuarta: you should be able to do it
[18:16:24] stuarta: tgm4883: i can do it now for you
[18:16:55] stuarta: done
[18:29:07] tgm4883: stuarta: thanks
[18:29:35] tgm4883: stuarta: if it's not too much trouble, could you do a minor change in mythtv is well to force a rebuild?
[18:29:40] tgm4883: just the readme file should be fine
[18:29:46] tgm4883: it just has to have a new commit
[18:30:21] peterbennett (peterbennett!~Peter@mythtv/developer/peterbennett) has joined #mythtv
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[22:04:33] stuarta: tgm4883: done
[22:05:50] tgm4883: stuarta: awesome, that should fix the issue of 16.10 users not being able to install the frontend
[22:06:03] tgm4883: which IIRC, there are launchpad tickets as well as mythtv tickets on that
[22:12:22] stuarta: dang, could have referenced a ticket in that! ;-)
[22:14:58] stuarta: tgm4883: out of at what point would we have had to have a new release ready if it were to be included? "feature freeze" ??
[22:15:18] tgm4883: yes
[22:15:24] tgm4883: feature freeze is no new features
[22:15:49] tgm4883: final freeze is the real date
[22:16:01] tgm4883: but feature freeze is the go/no-go date
[22:16:03] stuarta: okay, so assuming 17.10 is similar, we need to be done cutting a branch ~1st aug
[22:16:08] tgm4883: yea
[22:16:14] stuarta: ideally earlier
[22:16:28] stuarta: get it into the alpha's
[22:21:13] tgm4883: stuarta: that would be ideal I suppose, but I think most users use LTS for their MythTV needs don't they?
[22:21:53] stuarta: yes they do, so the idea is by the time we reach LTS release, we've ironed out the major issues
[22:22:20] stuarta: for those who never turn on the PPA at least the GA release will be decent
[22:24:05] tgm4883: Yep
[22:24:32] tgm4883: which is also why I think trying to release by an alpha might be unnecessary
[22:24:52] stuarta: well i needs to be in by feature freeze anyway
[22:24:55] tgm4883: IMO, MythTV can treat 17.10 as the beta for 18.04
[22:24:57] tgm4883: Yes
[22:25:02] stuarta: yeah
[22:25:24] tgm4883: Feature freeze is the go/no-go date. So we need to know for sure whether 0.29 is going to be in 17.10 by that date
[22:25:39] tgm4883: It doesn't have to be released at that point though, that would be the final freeze date
[22:25:48] stuarta: that's what we are trying to plan *NOW* and that's what we want to make work
[22:26:00] tgm4883: I should probably just give you a hard line and say feature freeze is the date, rather than give you a bunch of wiggle room ;)
[22:26:26] stuarta: by targetting 17.10 we give ourselves 6 months wiggle room :-p
[22:26:30] tgm4883: Actually, yes, that sounds way better. Feature freeze is the date
[22:26:32] tgm4883: :)
[22:27:46] stuarta: sheesh, that's only 9 months away!
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[23:02:48] enyc: stuarta: i'm getting surprisingly-helpful ipv6-pathway discussion in #osuosl — know exactly what they are doing seemingly... apparently some dns changes will soon better supprto ipv6 then they will enable more widely =)
[23:03:57] stuarta: wish there was an irc log for that channel
[23:08:26] markspieth (markspieth! has joined #mythtv
[23:31:14] enyc: stuarta: All I can say is there is "Ramereth" apparently in charge of the ipv6-enaxblement and reassuringly knows what they are doing seemingly, apparently turning on ftp server later this week likely etc....
[23:32:27] enyc: at least they are 'handling' it irght, unlike who $(%*$%($ed up outgoing email with no reverse dns and all this nice messup ;p

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