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Monday, November 14th, 2016, 00:40 UTC
[00:40:20] arescorpio (arescorpio! has joined #mythtv
[01:21:07] jya: can we use Qt 5.7 with myth?
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[04:21:48] [Kid] ([Kid]! has joined #mythtv
[04:22:14] [Kid]: having an issue after compiling from source.
[04:22:15] [Kid]: FATAL: Unable to load the QT mysql driver, is it installed?
[04:22:20] [Kid]: any ideas on this?
[04:24:35] gregl: [Kid], is the driver installed? I had the same error last time i compiled and the driver wasn't installed
[04:24:47] [Kid]: i believe it is
[04:24:56] [Kid]: what is the package name for deb
[04:25:08] gregl: What distro are you using?
[04:26:49] gregl: Do you use synaptic? If so check in synaptic and see if its installed..
[04:27:19] [Kid]: Debian
[04:27:26] [Kid]: synaptic?
[04:27:29] [Kid]: never used it
[04:27:35] [Kid]: just aptitude
[04:28:44] gregl: synaptic is a package manager.. i find it usefull. Its one of the first programs i install..
[04:29:01] dekarl1 (dekarl1!~dekarl@mythtv/developer/dekarl) has joined #mythtv
[04:29:56] [Kid]: interesting
[04:30:08] [Kid]: what is the command to install with synaptic?
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[04:30:11] [Kid]: i just installed it
[04:30:50] [Kid]: when i run mythbackend i get Qt version: compile: 5.3.2, runtime: 5.3.2
[04:31:03] [Kid]: so i would have thought it was installed
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[04:40:31] [Kid]: gregl, any ideas/
[05:03:36] [Kid]: i have qt installed
[05:03:43] [Kid]: it is something about connecting to DB
[05:03:47] [Kid]: i think
[07:14:37] SteveGoodey (SteveGoodey! has joined #mythtv
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[09:00:20] Merlin83b (Merlin83b!~Daniel@2a00:1ee0:3:1337:71fc:5490:91f5:6e22) has joined #mythtv
[09:05:03] stuarta: jya: no to qt5.7, ubuntu lts has 5.5 and that is our biggest platform
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[10:03:39] dmfrey (dmfrey! has joined #mythtv
[10:15:26] stuarta: jya: you can always check the stats here
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[10:46:42] jya: stuarta: what is that for?
[10:46:52] jya: I mean what is this in reference to?
[10:47:24] stuarta: jya: i was reading scrollback and you asked if we could use qt5.7
[10:47:57] jya: ah
[10:48:35] jya: it was more in relation of being to compile with Qt 5.7
[10:48:42] jya: and the answer is yes...
[10:48:57] stuarta: oh right, yeah it'll work fine with 5.7
[10:49:01] jya: I had to do some tweaks related to the 5.7 requirements of C+11 being enabled
[10:49:11] stuarta: feature set wise, we need to be compatible with 5.5
[10:49:40] stuarta: btw, shall i get devel/ffmpeg added to the buildslaves?
[10:49:52] jya: problem is 5.5 doesn't install on macOS 10.12
[10:49:59] ** stuarta thinks it's worthwhile **
[10:50:16] jya: stuarta: you can yes.. I don't foresee much problem, it was the simplest resync I've ever had to do really..
[10:50:26] jya: it took me a while, but nothing difficult, just time consuming
[10:50:40] stuarta: nice, i was hopeful of that since it was 3.0 -> 3.2
[10:51:03] jya: getting myth to compile on 10.12 however, that was another wasted day today. started at 9AM and only got it to run around 4PM
[10:51:13] stuarta: ugh
[10:51:52] jya: couldn't compile on 10.12 any of the requirements (libcurl no longer supporting SSL), same shit with mysql...
[10:52:26] jya: then it's the C++11 because they use a different ABI format in the Qt framework
[10:52:30] jya: like, how dumb is that
[10:52:33] stuarta: sounds painful
[10:52:36] jya: 5.7 requires C++11
[10:52:55] jya: yet, they set the target framework as 10.8
[10:53:00] jya: 10.8 doesn't have C++11 runtime
[10:53:05] ** stuarta facepalms **
[10:53:06] jya: so it just can't compile
[10:53:26] jya: I had to manually modify all the makespec and many headers from 10.8 to 10.9
[10:53:42] jya: it's like Qt doesn't even test the binaries they ship
[10:53:56] stuarta: that's crappy
[10:56:08] dmfrey (dmfrey! has joined #mythtv
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[10:57:29] MythBuild (MythBuild! has joined #mythtv
[10:58:44] stuarta: now do I drop the 0.27 buildslaves??
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[11:09:01] MythBuild (MythBuild! has joined #mythtv
[11:14:51] stuarta: jya: building now
[11:17:55] stuarta: jya: freebsd configure didn't work
[11:18:57] jya: let me have a look
[11:19:17] stuarta: . . . bit/builds/0
[11:20:08] stuarta: it'll throw any further errors in #mythtv-commits
[11:23:45] pppingme (pppingme!~pppingme@unaffiliated/pppingme) has quit (Ping timeout: 258 seconds)
[11:23:52] jya: ah it's not going to #mythtv anymore?
[11:25:32] stuarta: well it does if you request it here
[11:26:43] stuarta: to keep the noise down i requested it there
[11:30:05] jya: stuarta: libfaac support was removed in FFmpeg, they felt that their own AAC encoder was just as good
[11:30:38] stuarta: right, so the freebsd configure shouldn't call it
[11:30:43] jya: yes
[11:30:45] stuarta: lemme check the build definition
[11:30:59] jya: I will remove all trace of it, and make sure our aac encoder will continue to work with the new one
[11:31:22] jya: very happy with Visual Studio Code on linux
[11:31:30] stuarta: really? wow
[11:31:32] jya: getting mythtv working there was a breeze
[11:31:56] jya: just open the mythtv folder, set up the debugger
[11:31:57] jya: done
[11:32:03] stuarta: what about any of "--enable-libmp3lame" "--enable-libx264", "--enable-libvpx" "--enable-libxvid", "--enable-nonfree" ??
[11:32:47] stuarta: they all still good?
[11:32:52] jya: yes
[11:32:57] stuarta: ok
[11:33:01] jya: mp3lame is still supported
[11:33:11] jya: there's no other h264 encoder, and same for VP9
[11:33:22] jya: only libvpx supports vp8/9 encoder
[11:33:46] jya: xvid okay (or we using it anywhere?)
[11:34:06] stuarta: doubt we are using it, but that's what's on the configure line
[11:40:06] stuarta: removed libfaac from the freebsd configure line, just waiting for the other builders to finish before I reload that
[11:40:16] stuarta: s/that/the build master/
[11:40:17] jya: stuarta: do you have an encoder setup to use AAC (like hls?) ?
[11:40:25] stuarta: me, no
[11:45:30] jya: ok.. aac encoding should still work
[11:45:39] jya: the AAC encoder is searched by name "aac"
[11:45:47] stuarta: well the windows build broke, we'll need dblain to decipher that one
[11:46:16] jya: ah no
[11:47:25] jya: . . . ode.cpp#L499
[11:48:07] jya: we could drop libmp3lame then
[11:48:12] stuarta: \o/
[11:48:15] jya: it was only used if libfaac was configured
[11:48:28] jya: was 1-libfaac, 2-mp3lame, 3-aac
[11:48:48] jya: so we don't have 1, but have 3 which is now as good as 1 was
[11:48:56] jya: so I think we should go with aac all the time
[11:49:09] jya: we should work on making all of that more open source
[11:49:19] jya: aac, h264, h264, beurk
[11:49:23] stuarta: is that the only place we use libmp3lame?
[11:49:24] jya: opus all the way
[11:49:29] jya: let me check
[11:49:47] stuarta: because I remember raising a ticket to remove mp3lame as a build requirement
[11:49:52] jya: VS Code says that's the only place libfaac is used :)
[11:50:03] ** stuarta does a happy dance **
[11:50:23] stuarta: hatchet time
[11:50:35] jya: same for CONFIG_LIBMP3LAME_ENCODER
[11:52:17] stuarta: #12019
[11:52:17] ** MythLogBot **
[11:53:05] stuarta: at absolute minimum we move #3 up to #1 and downgrade mp3lame to optional
[11:53:05] ** MythLogBot **
[11:53:05] ** MythLogBot **
[11:53:19] stuarta: but tbh, it might be time just to throw mp3 lame away
[11:54:31] jya: there's no method right now to set something as option
[11:54:34] jya: al
[11:54:41] jya: ah, my bad there is
[11:54:54] jya: there's an option HLSAUDIO
[11:55:11] jya: set by Chris Pinkham 59 months ago :)
[11:55:12] stuarta: what i meant is in configure, rather than erroring if lame isn't found, continue, then the conditionals in the code will "just work"
[11:55:44] jya: i'm going to drop that, aac always
[11:55:52] stuarta: fbm
[11:55:59] jya: fbm?
[11:56:04] stuarta: Fine By Me
[11:56:10] jya: ok
[11:56:21] stuarta: and we get to close the above ticket
[11:56:21] jya: you can enable libmp3lame
[11:56:27] jya: because ffmpeg does support it
[11:56:57] jya: going to drop this HLSAUDIO option too... aac always
[11:57:02] jya: it's only used for HLS that code
[11:57:09] jya: all devices supporting HLS support aac
[11:57:54] stuarta: yay, first green build in
[11:58:15] stuarta: debian jessie too
[11:58:39] stuarta: hopefully the rest won't take too long
[11:58:41] jya: I'm going to remove VDA support too and move to Apple VT instead
[11:58:57] jya: it can do both software and hardware, and I don't see the point of supporting 10.6 anymore
[11:59:13] jya: i think i dropped support for anything < 10.8 anyway when 0.28 came out
[11:59:37] stuarta: makes sense, even craig's builds target only the new stuff now anyway
[11:59:49] stuarta: +i think
[12:04:11] jya: stuarta: what's your libmp3lame bug #?
[12:04:41] stuarta: #12019
[12:04:41] ** MythLogBot **
[12:08:13] jya: in reference to this bug, I see no code related to libmp3lame other than in the hls encoder
[12:08:58] stuarta: you had some earlier comments about the analog encoder using it
[12:09:04] stuarta: but tbh, analog is dead
[12:09:29] stuarta: and the "modern" analog capture cards do the encoding for you
[12:09:38] stuarta: there's hardly any "lamegrabbers" left
[12:10:17] jya: oh i see something related to mp3 encoding in the nuppelencoder
[12:10:51] stuarta: i vote for: no lame -> disable nuppleencoder
[12:11:13] stuarta: there by making it optional
[12:11:40] jya: i don't see where it does encoding in there
[12:11:50] jya: been too long since i've looked at this code
[12:12:59] stuarta: phase 1 drop the previous one you noted in the hls transcoder
[12:13:10] jya: looking at V4LRecoder
[12:13:19] stuarta: that code is horrible
[12:13:19] jya: looks like it doesn't use mp3lame either
[12:13:28] jya: did the cards have a HW mp3 encoder?
[12:15:04] stuarta: i dunno what they have
[12:15:21] jya: oh i see
[12:15:33] stuarta: <- that's the webcam on the laptop
[12:15:36] jya: it wasn't using ffmpeg for lame encoding
[12:15:42] jya: but libmp3lame directly
[12:15:44] stuarta: even that seems to do some stuff
[12:16:11] stuarta: suspect it's just raw frames it throws out
[12:16:24] jya: ok so i need to redo...
[12:16:38] jya: will split aac / mp3 stuff, had done it all in one codec
[12:18:15] stuarta: thanks for your work on this, it's appreciated
[12:18:57] jya: was long overdue
[12:19:11] stuarta: yep
[12:30:57] SteveGoodey (SteveGoodey! has joined #mythtv
[12:44:32] stuarta: just the arm build slaves left to complete
[12:48:58] enyc: (aside):  — I notice osuosl have ipv6 of sorts, test address incl. reverse dns ... I wonder if support-request to enable ipv6 on all the mythtv-parts would be of any use =)
[12:50:44] enyc: want to avoid unpredictable ipv6 'auto' address, and get correct forward-confirmed reverse-dns, so email sending works etc...
[12:56:30] stuarta: i've been chasing them for ipv6 for a while
[12:56:50] stuarta: it's move from being "on the university" to "on us (ie.osuosl)"
[12:58:02] stuarta: might be time to open a support ticket asking for ipv6 address(es)
[12:59:14] enyc: yes... just make sure you get reverse dns worknig before outgoing mail lists use it...
[12:59:34] stuarta: enyc: i'm well aware of the various requirements
[12:59:43] enyc: ok =) i've just seen this go wrong so many times ;p
[13:12:22] stuarta: sigh, arm builders gunna take a while, 1 of them is still in ffmpeg build
[13:20:50] stuarta: #12811
[13:20:50] ** MythLogBot **
[13:23:06] [Kid]: this could be a user/config question, but since there is activity in here, i thought i would ask. i got myth to compile, but i am getting a "MythCoreContext::GetBackendServerIP(): No address defined for host:" when running the backend.
[13:51:23] ShapeShifter499 (ShapeShifter499!~ShapeShif@unaffiliated/shapeshifter499) has joined #mythtv
[14:10:32] joki (joki! has joined #mythtv
[14:11:40] stuarta: [Kid]: that is definitely a #mythtv-users question
[14:11:43] jya: stuarta: ok, push the mp3 / aac stuff
[14:11:53] jya: ah shit, forgot to link the bug to the commit
[14:11:59] stuarta: doh
[14:12:24] [Kid]: stuarta, yeah, basically comes down to me not being able to configure Myth via CLI
[14:12:25] [Kid]: only
[14:12:29] [Kid]: have to have GUI
[14:12:43] stuarta: yep, that's the way it is
[14:12:50] jya: oh well... it's late , that code in the transcode.cpp is awful to read
[14:12:50] stuarta: ssh -X is your friend
[14:13:05] [Kid]: yeah X11 forwarding, going to learn how to do that
[14:13:18] stuarta: ssh -X
[14:13:20] stuarta: :)
[14:13:25] [Kid]: hahah
[14:13:28] stuarta: it's pretty simple, it sets everything up for you
[14:35:45] _iwc (_iwc! has joined #mythtv
[14:46:56] peterbennett (peterbennett!~Peter@mythtv/developer/peterbennett) has joined #mythtv
[14:52:07] peterbennett: jya: Thanks for doing the resync, I thought I was going to have to do it.
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[15:24:13] stuarta: freebsd is building now
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[15:50:31] MythBuild: build #2 of ffmpeg-freebsd10–64bit is complete: Success [3build successful] Build details are at . . . bit/builds/2
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[19:15:59] kukks: Hi. To be more uptodate during my tests i would like to switch from "fixes/0.28" to git master. I noticed, that a DB update would be done then (automatically). Is it lateron possible to switch back and forth between fixes/0.28 and master without DB corruption? Would that even work?
[19:18:15] kukks: Or is it even better to start with a fresh DB when using master?
[19:21:10] stuartm: it's not always possible to move back. When you upgrade a backup will be taken, but if you roll back to the backup then you'll lose any changes (including recording metadata) which happened post upgrade
[19:23:20] stuartm: there's no need to start with a fresh database, it all depends what you're aiming to do. If this is a production setup and you don't want to lose data about recordings etc then think carefully, but if that stuff doesn't matter to you then there's not a lot to lose except the time you'll spend on restoring the backup (if necessary)
[20:09:12] peterbennett (peterbennett!~Peter@mythtv/developer/peterbennett) has joined #mythtv
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[23:21:41] jya: stuarta: i thought windows compilation got broken, but the failures aren't related to the myth code but the dependencies.
[23:22:05] jya: there's also no windows builder for master. so can't tell if a regression got introduced or not
[23:26:12] mad_enz (mad_enz!~mad_enz@2607:f090:488d:2ab:ad0d:7b80:ca99:e408) has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)

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