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Saturday, November 12th, 2016, 00:29 UTC
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[03:03:53] dmfrey: dekarl: thanks, i did that through email reply. should have worked. i guess that only works from a commit message
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[07:43:02] dekarl: kukks: yes, Frankfurt need to find some time to play with that new DVB-T stuff and acquire some hardware samples... but ENOTIME
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[11:53:23] dekarl: stuartm: if a browser signals that it accepts content-type "applicationn/vnd.hbbtv.xhtml+xml" can the web frontend react to that and reply with a different html "theme"?
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[12:17:57] stuartm: technically yes, that would be possible, but nothing like that is currently implemented
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[16:33:11] kukks: is there an easy way (script) to get rid of messages like this: "ProgramInfo(17413_20150612190224.mpg): GetPlaybackURL: '17413_20150612190224.mpg' should be local, but it can not be found." Those have accumulated over time and annoy during debugging
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[16:36:41] kukks: those are not in the deleted group. I already removed those from the DB running ""
[16:39:39] kukks: ... and in the recorded group there are atm about 700 entries, so doing that manually would not be easy. Sure – with some SQL this is doable ...
[17:01:31] peterbennett: kukks: Why do you have so many missing files?
[17:06:41] kukks: peterbennett: i only store to a not removeable local harddisk. Could have been segfaults or my own fault (some months ago) – probably during my own *wrong* cleanups those days...
[17:08:26] peterbennett: kukks: should fix it, but there have been reports of problems when there are a huge number of deletions.
[17:09:27] kukks: peterbennett: atm i have about 50 of them
[17:10:31] peterbennett: kukks: That should be fine. It prompts before doing anything. People with thousands of deleted files have reported problems with
[17:15:13] kukks: peterbennett: thanks – i'll give it a try
[17:46:56] peterbennett: stuarta: Since #12893 does not need the ffmpeg change, I will move forward with it now without the ffmpeg part.
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[18:00:19] kukks: just for the IRC-log: peterbennet – did the job :-)
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[20:21:15] dekarl: peterbennett: I don't like external players. Its good enough for a demo, but can never be really integrated. (its bad enough with all the vod apps that the meta-vod-apps have to branch out to for playback, e.g. on android tv sticks)
[20:23:09] peterbennett: dekarl: Yes it would be a compromise
[20:24:11] peterbennett: dekarl: But it may be better than throwing the whole frontend away or trying to rewrite the player part.
[20:25:23] dekarl: peterbennett: actually I'm of completely opposite opinion :) Its easier to use a rock solid player (per device) and extend it to connect to our backend. e.g. by fixing its UPNP bugs and adding support for UPNP fanart etc
[20:26:45] dekarl: I really would love at least one good client to showcase all the hard work stuartm put into the upnp backend parts
[20:27:37] peterbennett: dekarl: Extend VLC to show program listings, setup recordings, and so on?
[20:28:03] dekarl: peterbennett: just getting it to work with a 0.28 backend at all would be a good plus
[20:28:29] dekarl: I'm not sure there is any client that supports the schedule and scheduling parts of UPNP/DLNA
[20:29:37] peterbennett: dekarl: Well like I was proposing, Mythfrontend can do teh MythTV part and then invoke the rock solid player to connect to the backend and play.
[20:29:44] dekarl: I started to update our UPNP client compatibility sheet for 0.28, any help is welcome . . . UPnP_Clients
[20:29:54] dekarl: it has links to the upstream bug reports where I knew them
[20:30:59] dekarl: peterbennett: the thing is, there is no good hbbtv client for the raspberry, or I'd suggest to take a look at that.
[20:31:24] peterbennett: I tried before but the only thing that I could get to work with UPNP was Windows
[20:32:37] stuartm: it's just not the recording/scheduling parts which would be needed, but support for stuff like MHEG and if you use VLC as the base you've also got to build in mythvideo, mythmusic, storage group support ... for me that's a non-starter
[20:33:26] stuartm: there's absolutely nothing wrong with our player, on the contrary, it supports stuff that even VLC chokes on
[20:34:13] stuartm: it just needs to be sync'd up (now if only ffmpeg would stop change the f'ing APIs every five minutes)
[20:34:54] peterbennett: stuartm: Yes – just that according to jya, ffmpeg changes may soon cause it not to work.
[20:35:08] stuartm: dekarl: fwiw, we support all the artwork that AFAIK is supported by UPnP/DLNA, but I'd need to double check to be certain
[20:37:24] peterbennett: stuartm: So is it worth while to attempt syncing the next ffmpeg (3.2 I think) at this stage, following jya's instructions?
[20:41:07] dekarl: stuartm, cool. That means I have to find someone to help get more art into our backend (starting with as it uses the same reference ids). Ohhhh and we'd need a client to support it, too.
[20:42:14] dekarl: I understood it, that the way our player makes use of ffmpeg means that we can't just hook into their hardware decoder support but have to write our own instead. (and other work that we have to duplicate)
[20:44:08] dekarl: and fwiw I don't think we should dump our frontend short term. Its still one of the best playback user experiences I know about
[20:46:45] peterbennett: Maybe as a side effort see if there are ways to integrate an external player as an alternative, so when ffmpeg requires us to rewrite there is an alternative.
[21:08:45] dekarl: hm, my backend reminded me that our IPv6 link-local support is still broken :(
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[22:28:17] enyc: dekarl: i've had no trouble just using static global addresses, and sensible ip6tables =)
[22:28:41] enyc: dekarl: after I sorted out that mysql listen address krefluffle in packaging
[22:33:31] enyc: dekarl: I note, OpenWRT seems to take the approach of providing ULA address range that can stay static regardless of changing IPv6 addresses from ISP...
[22:34:02] enyc: this then allows 'normal' local ipv6 addressing, none of this fe80: + interface-id type addressing required
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