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Monday, November 7th, 2016, 00:32 UTC
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[09:00:46] stuarta: stuartm: dekarl no point pushing 0.28.1 until we fix the mythtranscode deletes the file bug
[09:04:01] stuarta: i've just upped that bug to blocker, we have 2 other criticals to either fix or re-evaluate
[09:15:02] stuartm: I've got a vague feeling I might have been in some way responsible for that, I remember making a change at some point to fix a transcode cleanup related bug
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[11:52:07] stuarta: #12385
[11:52:07] ** MythLogBot **
[11:52:12] stuarta: #12698
[11:52:12] ** MythLogBot **
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[12:11:42] stuarta: stuartm: i'm looking at the logfile on #12845, it looks to me like we delete the tmp files before doing the rename
[12:11:42] ** MythLogBot **
[12:12:16] stuarta: at least, that's the way it reads, since the .ts.tmp file is missing when it tries to do the rename
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[12:25:45] ** stuarta ponders other causes of the missing .tmp file **
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[14:54:55] stuartm: is the tmp file .ts.tmp or something else, like .mpg.tmp ?
[14:55:16] stuartm: has it written the temp file under a different name or to a different location?
[14:55:41] stuartm: N.B. I've not logged at those logs yet
[14:55:43] stuarta: it's appending .tmp to the original filename
[14:56:13] stuarta: in the case of the logs .ts.tmp
[14:56:27] stuarta: mythtranscode: Error Renaming '/media/recording-tv-2/1502_20160804020000.ts.tmp' to '/media/recording-tv-2/1502_20160804020000.ts'
[14:56:30] stuarta: 263 eno: No such file or directory (2)
[14:56:30] stuartm: no promises, but I'll try to look at the code tonight
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[15:53:24] peterbennett: Ticket #12917 reports mythfrontend crashes on exit with Ubuntu 16.10, in the destructor for QNetworkConfiguration. I don't feel inclined to install 16.10 to try it.
[15:53:24] ** MythLogBot **
[15:54:15] peterbennett: Maybe there is a new version of QT involved, or maybe that user has something corrupt in his system.
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[16:09:04] stuarta: peterbennett: yeah, it's odd that one
[16:22:55] stuarta: peterbennett: btw, meant to ask you, are you aware of Qt's deleteLater()??
[16:23:52] peterbennett: stuarta: No. I am new to QT
[16:24:37] stuarta: it's for situations where you would normally delete an object, but it might be in use else where.
[16:24:38] peterbennett: stuarta: Or Qt is new to me
[16:25:12] peterbennett: stuarta: Seems like that is what I needed for the osd_painter issue I recently had
[16:26:05] stuarta: i think it needs to be a QObject, but the idea is you deleteLater it when you are finished with it, and so does everyone else, and when everyone has truely finished with it, does it get cleaned up
[16:26:13] stuarta: i'm sure the qt docs explain it better
[16:26:14] stuartm: main purpose of deleteLater() is to allow events which are queued up and which might use that object to be processed before it is deleted
[16:26:39] stuarta: peterbennett: that's why i brought it up
[16:26:40] peterbennett: stuarta: There is a whole set of classes in MythTV for referenced counted objects that get deleted when the reference count gets to zero. What is the difference between that and the deleteLater?
[16:26:41] stuartm: deleteLater() delays the actual deletion until after all queued events are processed
[16:26:52] stuarta: ^^^
[16:27:02] ** stuarta is glad somebody knows the finer details **
[16:27:11] stuartm: avoids crashing and other weird behaviour which might otherwise occur
[16:27:45] peterbennett: The problem that existed was that the osd_painter was being used by the threaded image loads at the time it was deleted.
[16:28:02] stuartm: peterbennett: not so much about reference counting as it is to do with events as mentioned above, QT events, signals/slots etc
[16:28:59] peterbennett: Image loads are started in separate threads so there could be a lot of them. Maybe deleteLater would not have helped.
[16:29:09] stuartm: generally it's a good idea for any object deriving from QObject (directly or indirectly) to be deleted using pointer->deleteLater() instead of delete pointer;
[16:29:14] stuarta: maybe not, but it's worth knowing about it
[16:29:35] stuartm: good idea === safer
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[16:30:43] stuartm: in the case of objects which implement reference counting (e.g. MythImage), it's probably the case that they already call deleteLater() at the point of deletion
[16:31:02] peterbennett: I don't think I have seen deleteLater used, but I will keep it in mind
[16:31:41] peterbennett: It seemed to me that the MythPainter should have used reference counting but that would have been a major change.
[16:31:48] stuartm: it's used a lot more in the UI side of things and at a few places in the MythEvent handling
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[17:39:29] peterbennett: We have been spammed
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[18:23:59] stuartm: last minute panic from Trump nuts
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[18:59:07] ** jheizer_ sighs **
[18:59:12] jheizer_: my poor poor country
[18:59:21] jheizer_: @above spam
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[21:44:58] ** stuarta yawns **
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