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Saturday, November 5th, 2016, 00:18 UTC
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[00:42:48] dmfrey: MitchCapper: yeah it was for troubleshooting video hls encoding. I only did the begining since you mentioned the other night there was something at the start. I can grab the whole log post somewhere if that helps.
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[02:43:57] kukks: stuarta: you around?
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[04:58:44] kukks: I posted a debug log to when scanning the new german HD TV stuff at channel 42 which is using 642 MHz
[05:01:58] kukks: That multiplex contains 6 TV-streams, the first 2 are public (not scrambled). The other 4 are scrambled (private commercial stuff)
[05:11:23] kukks: btw – i have prepared some info about my hardware/software environment and the current state of my findings. I think it should be placed somewhere in a mythtv development area – not on a pastebin
[05:26:30] kukks: A "w_scan" outcome:
[05:26:32] kukks: ===================
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[05:58:25] kukks: i need some sleep. I have nearly *no* experience with mythtv development – but possibly i can help to fix some missing stuff ... :-)
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[09:45:29] stuartm: dekarl1: you were right about the unknown Service type
[09:45:56] stuartm: kukks: which version of MythTV are you running?
[09:46:10] stuartm: the issue you are seeing has been resolved already
[09:48:10] stuartm: on the 4th September in master, perhaps those changes weren't backported to 0.28-fixes
[09:49:27] stuartm: kukks: I've backported the fix to 0.28-fixes branch
[09:50:14] stuartm: if you pull that, or wait for packages (24 hours from now if using Ubuntu) then you should be set
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[10:25:19] dekarl: ahh, there it is (Unknown 1f)
[10:26:15] dekarl: kukks: how do you scan? "all channels" or "tv only" or "radio only"?
[10:27:22] dekarl: E [9638/9671] DVBRead channelscan/channelscan_sm.cpp:722 (UpdateScanTransports) – ChannelScanSM(/dev/dvb/adapter0/frontend0): unknown delivery system descriptor
[10:28:42] dekarl: network_id=-1 looks strange, too. "Setting NIT-ID to 4294967295"
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[12:33:33] stuartm: dekarl: that service type was only committed two months ago, I'm guessing that he's not running master and therefore didn't have the necessary change
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[16:35:19] MythBuild: build #210 of master-debian-jessie-rpi2 is complete: Success [3build successful] Build details are at . . . 2/builds/210
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[21:37:30] kukks: stuarta: i'm running mythtv-*-0.28+git.20160823.d9182ff-2.1.x86_64 (all packages) from the Packman repository (opensuse 13.2)
[21:39:08] kukks: stuarta: i've now cloned the mythtv git repo and saw your latest backports to the 0.28-fixes branch
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[21:40:38] kukks: now comes the problematic part: building it on opensuse.
[21:41:33] kukks: the spec file from the packman repo seems to be very tricky
[21:44:06] kukks: dekarl: i was scanning "tv only"
[21:46:55] kukks: dekarl: did a selective scan at 642 MHz only
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[21:49:35] kukks: dekarl: btw – til now was not able to get the commandline scanning working, like: mythtvsetup --scan <parms> Could someone please give me an example?
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[23:04:12] stuartm: dekarl: another reason to push out a 0.28.1 release
[23:04:32] stuartm: although I'm sure there is more that can/should get backported
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