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Friday, November 4th, 2016, 01:27 UTC
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[01:32:08] kukks: Hi all. What's a nice way to contact the mythtv developers about wanted/missing/useful additions? I'm living in Berlin (Germany) and would like to help implementing the new *special* DVT-T2 HD, which will be the default here in March 2017.
[01:46:13] kukks: I'm using a "TBS-6205 DVB-T2/T/C Quad TV Tuner PCIe Card" and nearly all is working fine with mythtv. The DVB-T2 multiplex-channel 42 is available here in Berlin since *many* months already – to test the new HEVC-stuff, etc.... I have lots of *nix* programming experience... :-)
[01:50:28] kukks: atm mythtv is just ignoring that new "german" DVB-T2 HD stuff. BTW – other backends (e.g. tvheadend) are already supporting it. But i would like to stay with mythtv. :-)
[01:52:07] dmfrey: MitchCapper: here is the start of the log on a new mkv hls transcode
[01:52:27] dmfrey: let me know if you want me to capture anything else
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[08:57:53] stuarta: kukks: in theory it should pickup the new stations / mplex. what do you mean by "ignoring" them?
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[16:04:01] dekarl: kukks, if you read the logs, can you capture PAT/PMT/SDT of the new mux with dvbsnoop (including hexdump)? Basically it should "just work" but I think no one ever tested it, so some simple piping may be missing
[16:04:25] dekarl: stuarta, did anyone add the new service types?
[16:05:18] stuarta: dekarl: which types were they? i added some a while ago
[16:10:55] stuartm: DVB-T2 with AVC works, I'm guessing here that it the HEVC multiplexes are doing something differently -
[16:12:52] stuarta: i suspect it might be slightly different signalling
[16:14:40] dekarl: I don't see any mention of HEVC
[16:15:36] dekarl: I'm not finding a list
[16:16:21] stuarta: dekarl: can you see if you can find anything where someone has captured the signalling?
[16:16:57] stuartm: right, I'd expect some changes to increase bandwidth at the expense of range – higher symbol rate, different modulation maybe
[16:17:23] stuarta: i'm thinking along the lines of the video pid's aren't properly identified or the like
[16:18:10] stuartm: actually, ignore all that, reading something which indicates that they went with HEVC to support more HD channels and not higher resolutions
[16:18:17] stuartm: I see HEVC and tend to assume 4k
[16:18:47] dekarl: I think it may be as simple as new values for service_type that we need to handle in IsDTV()
[16:18:59] dekarl: hence me asking for a dump of the actual PMT :)
[16:20:26] stuartm: wow, 11 HD channels on a DVB-T2 multiplex ... to me, that suggest they are shoe-horning them in at the expense of encoding quality
[16:21:29] stuartm: . . . ng-available
[16:22:03] stuarta: dekarl: yeah, that's exactly what i was thinking
[16:25:25] dekarl: around here . . . tors.h#L1487
[16:26:00] MitchCapper: dmfrey not sure if you are submitting that log to try and troubleshoot your video encoding issue (if so will probably need more of the log as I only see audio references so far) or the interlace issue, in which case can you confirm thats an interlaced MKV?
[16:26:15] stuarta: dekarl: bit further down in the IsHDTV() section
[16:26:27] stuarta: or even isUHDTV()
[16:26:30] dekarl: . . . v011501p.pdf – Annex I
[16:27:37] dekarl: page 77 / table 87 – 0x1F – HEVC digital television service
[16:28:40] stuarta: that's covered by IsUHDTV
[16:29:02] stuarta: so I wonder if he's running 0.27 and not 0.28
[16:29:05] dekarl: details about resolution / mono or stereoscopic is in the component descriptor
[16:29:21] stuartm: yeah
[16:29:59] dekarl: so we're back to square one. see a specimen and write some tests ;)
[16:30:28] stuarta: tests?!?!? what are these test things you speak of???? ;-p
[16:30:45] stuartm: anyone know what NVOD means in this context? We're skipping those types currently
[16:31:05] stuarta: N... Video On Demand?
[16:31:55] dekarl: stuarta, that's these mean critters that always spoil the surprise on production day
[16:32:25] stuarta: heh, the problem i have with TDD is not enough people write tests that should fail
[16:32:41] stuarta: ie. the write a test, make the test pass, then :shipit:
[16:33:01] stuarta: but no tests with bad data, strange input etc etc
[16:33:02] stuartm: could be, as in the old Sky style 'VOD' which wasn't on-demand at all, they simply had showings at 30–60m intervals and you had to wait until the next showing started
[16:33:30] stuarta: maybe the N stands for Not quite, or Nearly
[16:34:16] dekarl: stuartm, IIRC NVOD is the broadcast solution for pay-per-view with the movie starting every 30 minutes or so on half a dozen channels
[16:34:32] stuartm: tests that should fail are harder, you have to write code which generates random input and if the input is random every run the test would be subtly different
[16:34:35] stuarta: that's the old sky style
[16:34:50] stuartm: dekarl: yeah, that's what we're talking about
[16:34:55] stuartm: but thanks for confirming
[16:35:37] dekarl: good thing is, HbbTV is coming to UK and US, so we can have HTML5 + MPEG2-TS over HTTP for VoD
[16:36:08] stuartm: that's often the problem I have with unit tests, writing tests as the author of the code doesn't test my assumptions, it reinforces my mistakes
[16:36:14] stuarta: i saw something like that in the wild here briefly, but then it got shutdown
[16:36:40] stuartm: unit tests should be written by someone who didn't write or hasn't seen the code, based on the requirements and expectations
[16:37:10] stuarta: dekarl: it signalled an iptv endpoint via the mheg program
[16:37:21] stuarta: stuartm: exactly
[16:38:01] dekarl: stuarta, that's the established aka soon old way ;)
[16:38:30] stuarta: mythtv kinda worked with that
[16:38:45] dekarl: yes, we have zero HbbTV support :/
[16:38:59] stuarta: it happily recorded the mheg, so when you watched the program back you received the currently showing program, rather than your recorded one ;-)
[16:39:41] dekarl: Kudos to everyone who adds the mixing of DVB EIT/MHEG script + IPTV video/audio into a recorder
[16:40:01] stuarta: i wish i had the required skill level
[16:40:11] dekarl: recording either works like a charm
[16:40:20] dekarl: got to run, see you later
[16:40:25] stuarta: later
[16:46:04] stuartm: If anyone does it, I'd lay money on it being either Dave Matthews or LVR
[16:52:48] stuarta: dave matthews would be the one i'd have reached out to
[17:00:15] stuarta: i've been having far more fun exploring SSO for when I get around to upgrading the various other bits of our infrastructure
[17:00:26] stuarta: it's working pretty well actually
[17:02:31] stuarta: now i just need to work on protecting wiki, forum & trac, whilst upgrading them to latest
[17:06:57] stuarta: right, i'm done for the day.
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