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Thursday, November 3rd, 2016, 00:32 UTC
[00:32:25] dmfrey: anyone seeing issues with tearing in HLS transcoded streams? I've been testing some on chromecast and noticing the HLS has some significant tearing
[00:33:02] MitchCapper: dmfrey are you talking de-interlace issues?
[00:33:30] dmfrey: yeah
[00:34:05] dmfrey: is there maybe something that could be done when generating the stream? the services api only has a few parameters to send
[00:34:44] MitchCapper: oh no i totally know the problem
[00:34:54] MitchCapper: let me find my bug as i bet you 99% it is the issue
[00:35:04] dmfrey: ok, thanks
[00:35:15] MitchCapper: the good news is its sort/of easy to fix.
[00:35:26] MitchCapper: bad news is you only get a few select resolutions to choose from.
[00:36:01] dmfrey: this works pretty good, btw. I'm streaming it to a chromecast from the app in my hotel room in indianapolis from my backend in PA
[00:36:25] dmfrey: that's ok, i only really need 1280x720
[00:36:27] MitchCapper:
[00:36:32] MitchCapper: no
[00:36:39] MitchCapper: like you get one of 4 resolutions to pick from:)
[00:38:15] MitchCapper: it would help if the default resolution was not also one of the bad resolutions as it gives a default poor experience for HLS then.
[00:39:10] dmfrey: yeah
[00:39:34] dmfrey: i default to 720p, because that the max that a chromecast would support
[00:39:51] dmfrey: brb, gonna check that file in your ticket
[00:40:16] dmfrey: no such file or directory
[00:40:25] dmfrey: something i'm missing?
[00:41:04] MitchCapper: not sure the attachments are part of the mythtv ticket system they come up for me
[00:42:15] dmfrey: no, when i looked for the file /usr/local/lib/mythtv/filters/
[00:42:40] MitchCapper: oh it may be in a different place on your system but sorry to solve your issue right now
[00:42:55] MitchCapper: decode to 960p or 480p those are the only *good* resolutions < 1080
[00:43:27] MitchCapper: so 480p upscaled to 720p locally will probably look better than the 720p streaming you are doing right now.
[00:44:04] MitchCapper: If you check your mythbackend log with verbosity turned up it may also give you the missing 'yadif' error during transcoding, im pretty sure thats not related though its just the only error i could find.
[00:44:05] dmfrey: let me see what specifically i'm sending in from the app
[00:45:18] dmfrey: /Content/AddRecordingLiveStream?RecordedId=%s&Width=1280
[00:47:11] dmfrey: so i could change to height of 960 or 480 to get one of those 2 resolutions
[00:47:47] MitchCapper: no 960/480 being the width
[00:47:59] MitchCapper: you should not set both with and height only one of them (and I generally set the width)
[00:48:27] dmfrey: ah, right
[00:48:58] dmfrey: i did find as well
[00:49:23] MitchCapper: the question is does your transcode log say it can't load it also:)
[00:49:55] MitchCapper: sadly ive been working on other HLS issues to solve this one yet, it clearly isn't an ffmpeg issue but I have yet to track down where the problem in alternate resolutions work
[00:50:33] dmfrey: gonna kick off a new transcode with that new setting in a few
[00:51:01] MitchCapper: yeah i would assume it should look far better
[00:51:26] dmfrey: i am wondering if this is why i can't get a decent hls on a video too
[00:51:34] dmfrey: this issue was for recordings
[00:51:49] MitchCapper: yes this applies to both
[00:52:06] dmfrey: i will kick both off
[00:53:10] dmfrey: what's that command again to bump up the logging for hls?
[00:53:19] MitchCapper: hopefully i can find a solution for #12778 so re-transcoding is faster
[00:53:19] ** MythLogBot **
[00:53:36] MitchCapper: i am not sure how many cpus your backend has, but assuming its more than 2 it would be a huge speed bump
[00:54:39] dmfrey: it's got 4
[00:54:48] dmfrey: been actually thinking of building a new one
[00:54:59] dmfrey: this one has been going since 2011 or 2012
[00:55:12] dmfrey: its not without issues
[00:55:14] dmfrey: :)
[00:57:15] MitchCapper: its the mythtranscode.* logs that are what would be most interesting and you can do mythtrancode -v all if you wanted but i think it iwll show up even normally with that error
[00:59:54] dmfrey: both are running now
[01:02:02] dmfrey: no errors showing up in the mythtranscode logs so far
[01:02:24] dmfrey: but that other stream i was watching actually crashed the chromecast a few times :)
[01:05:14] MitchCapper: yeah i get the error within the first 50 lines of the transcode log right before "CoreContext transcode.cpp:1061 (TranscodeFile) – Transcoding for HTTP Live Streaming"
[01:06:21] dmfrey: i was just tailing it, i will check up higher
[01:07:04] dmfrey: yup, i got them
[01:15:33] dmfrey: MitchCapper: do i have to do anything special to bump up the cores available to HLS transcode?
[01:16:12] dmfrey: i honestly never looked, i guess I just assumed it was taking advantage of whatever hardware I had
[01:17:29] dmfrey: any way to take advantage of the GPU to perform the transcoding?
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[01:27:10] MitchCapper: dmfrey sorry my bug is about the fact that no matter how high you bump it it is somehow capped at 2 threads
[01:27:19] MitchCapper: ffmpeg can do more but for some reason it doesnt work
[01:38:51] dmfrey: gotcha
[01:39:36] dmfrey: i'm trying out one of the streams now
[01:40:38] dmfrey: it is much better than what it was before
[01:42:38] MitchCapper: yeah:)
[01:43:33] dmfrey: the recordings at least
[01:43:48] dmfrey: videos still don't produce a playable stream
[01:43:59] dmfrey: let me take a picture
[01:46:07] dmfrey:
[01:55:37] dmfrey: that happens every time i try to transcode a video (mp4, mkv, ect)
[02:02:25] dmfrey: any issue with doing a transcode on a file over a network on a nfs mount? That is the only thing I can think of would be the difference
[02:03:25] dmfrey: besides the formats
[02:04:03] dmfrey: this is the url the app uses for videos: /Content/AddVideoLiveStream?Id=%s&Width=960
[02:53:32] MitchCapper: wow that is a fucked up video
[02:54:13] MitchCapper: your url seems fine
[02:54:22] MitchCapper: i have not had any problems with transcoding videos
[02:54:29] MitchCapper: have you checked the mythtranscode log to see what it says?
[02:54:41] MitchCapper: Also how up to date is your mythtv as I am normally running HEAD.
[03:29:27] dmfrey: it is pretty up to date. some updates not yet applied since i've been away for work. but probably not more than 2 months
[03:29:37] dmfrey: but it has been this way for a long time
[03:29:52] dmfrey: mythtranscode log doesn't show anything out of ordinary
[03:30:01] dmfrey: i will try a clean one later
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[08:57:52] stuarta: morning all
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[09:12:41] stuarta: hmmm, might need to split out gentoo in the smolt stats. that currently has more users than rpi
[09:16:45] stuarta: but raspian is increasing in the smolt stats
[09:16:55] ** stuarta really needs to put some trend graphs in **
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[10:39:10] stuarta: going for a reboot
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