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Thursday, May 26th, 2016, 00:02 UTC
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[00:17:14] cmcginty: can anyone help with mythtranscode ?
[00:21:32] cmcginty: I ran a recording through the default MPEG2 transcode settings and the file size increased from 2.1 to 5.4 GB ??
[00:21:49] cmcginty: I was hoping it would get smaller
[00:22:22] cmcginty: are the defaults not correct or is something else wrong?
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[06:32:40] dekarl: cmcginty: did you enable the mpeg2 to mpeg2 lossless trancoding profile?
[06:40:32] dekarl:
[07:03:46] dekarl: oh, something for out mythmusic musicbrainz integration . . . ttps-plunge/
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[08:01:53] stuarta: morning all
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[09:07:07] dekarl: stuarta, having the country / language on the icons would be nice, e.g. for "Family TV" or "Channel #". language can be scraped from lyngsat ;)
[09:07:29] dekarl: we have two family tv icons in the database but the correct one for germany is missing
[09:15:22] stuarta: the parsing of icons from lyngsat and other sources "needs work" ;-0
[09:16:04] dekarl: ahh, and need to add "use this recorder for actve eit scan" to the hdhr configuration
[09:16:30] dekarl: the setting works, but was likely not added back in the US only days
[09:18:14] stuarta: now why am i getting unique constraint violations??? there's code there to check if it exists....
[09:18:52] stuarta: maybe i should just retry it to handle the exception
[09:19:00] stuarta: s/retry/rewrite
[09:25:36] stuarta: okay, that doesn't make sense. i run the exists? check manually, and it says the record exists, but then it proceeds to try to commit it anyway???
[09:31:27] stuartm: a lossless transcode?
[09:31:46] ** stuartm scrolls down **
[09:31:59] stuartm: oh ... so that was hours ago ...
[09:32:35] stuarta: nope, icon submission is throwing some unique constraint violations, despite there being a check for the records existence before it's committed
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[09:41:31] dekarl: uhh, there's the "poof your recording has been transcoded to /dev/null" issue (or issues) didn't get to look into that
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[10:23:43] stuarta: that should fix that issue
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[13:15:08] bill6502: stuartm: could you live with a comma separated list stored in settings to solve dmfrey's needs (no gui yet) ? e.g. AccessControlList =,,* (the * is for testing and won't be accepted!)
[13:15:22] bill6502: oops, good morning
[13:21:11] stuartm: Good afternoon Bill, yes a comma separated list is fine
[13:21:47] stuartm: list should be in addition to the hardcoded values of machine IP
[13:22:47] dmfrey: that should work. will also need to add the final, production endpoint too (i.e., or whatever is chosen)
[13:23:15] dmfrey: bill6502, any testing with mp4? I think mkv also works fine, but I need to do some more testing
[13:24:53] stuartm: dmfrey: stuarta can set that up when he has time
[13:25:23] bill6502: dmfrey: only test the above with curl
[13:25:26] stuarta: stuartm: i was going to host it under, but would it be better to have it's own subdomain?
[13:29:20] stuartm: for security purposes I think a dedicated subdomain is prudent
[13:29:44] stuarta: works for me
[13:30:10] stuartm: and it also means it will be more obvious to user's looking at traffic logs what is happening
[13:30:29] stuarta: indeed
[13:50:57] stuarta: dmfrey: i like
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[13:53:50] ** stuarta waves to Chutt **
[13:54:02] Chutt: hi
[13:54:29] stuarta: how's it going these days?
[13:57:50] Chutt: nothing terribly exciting, but good enough
[13:57:51] Chutt: heh
[14:00:15] dmfrey: stuarta, i am good with that. bill6502 can you add that to your test as well
[14:00:25] dmfrey: stuarta, the github repo is ready to be updated
[14:00:44] dmfrey: give it a tug when you have a chance in the feature/issue_106... branch and find those static files there
[14:15:41] ** stuarta washes his mind out with soap.... **
[14:18:06] ** jheizer is glad he's not the only one that chuckled **
[14:18:22] ** stuarta rofl **
[14:20:21] jheizer: my small window size making it wrap before the word feature didn't help things either
[14:22:30] stuarta: haha
[14:28:11] stuarta: hmmm, findmissing probably should query the more specific matches first...
[14:28:25] stuarta: ie. dvb/atsc, then try xmltvid and then callsign
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[15:19:07] dmfrey: haha, you guys :-)
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[15:43:19] bill6502: dmfrey: what would an example endpoint be for your CORS needs? testing with a simple Myth/GetHostName works, Content/GetRecordingArtwork works once pre BE restart
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[16:00:32] bill6502: dmfrey: and do you want both http:// and https:// to be allowed? I'm just allowing https now
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[16:21:21] dekarl: !trout smolt
[16:21:21] ** MythLogBot slaps smolt with a trout on behalf of dekarl... **
[16:42:00] dmfrey: bill6502, for the test site, http is fine, but the will need to be https in order to be able to be published in the cast dev console
[16:43:13] dmfrey: for curl, you have to pass in a header -H "Origin:", then you should see the Allow-Access.. headers
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[16:46:26] bill6502: dmfrey: what's an endpoint example e.g. Dvr/GetBlah? I need to see if the internal ResponseType works with the endpoint
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[16:48:07] bill6502: dmfrey: you'll be able to put anything (other than *) in the AllowedOriginsList setting as long as it starts with http:// or https:// and it's a comma separated list
[16:48:43] dmfrey: curl -v -H "Origin:" -H "Accept-Encoding: gzip" -H "Content-Type: application/x-mpegURL" "localhost:6544/Content/GetLiveStream?Id=182" -o /dev/null
[16:49:00] dmfrey: but change origin to the test endpoint
[16:50:30] dmfrey: in the output, look for Access-Control-Allow-Origin, Content-Type, etc
[16:51:38] dmfrey: i am thinking we should probably throw Accept-encoding in there for every call, so can force a gzip output
[16:55:11] dmfrey: bill6502, i turned on debug logging in the player js on the test site, so if you pop open the remote debugger, in chrome inspector, you should see a bunch more output
[16:55:28] bill6502: dmfrey: thanks, Content/GetLiveStreamList is what I needed. off to create a live stream on the host I'm testing on
[16:55:36] bill6502: afk
[16:55:37] dmfrey: :)
[16:56:11] dmfrey: in the meantime if you have an mp4, mkv, 3gpp, etc. it should just work
[16:56:46] dmfrey: i will try what I can this weekend without a laptop. Gonna be down for a week until the new one comes
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[17:15:57] dmfrey: bill6502, it is also easy to see these once you've established a connection through the app to your chromecast when you are in the remote debugger
[17:16:10] dmfrey: the request and response headers
[17:16:16] dmfrey: network timings, etc.
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[18:10:42] peterbennett: tgm4883: I have committed a change to configure that eliminates the need for exporting CFLAGS, CXXFLAGS, LDFLAGS when building for raspberry pi
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[19:30:08] dekarl: peterbennett: one day we will see nice stuff like this from configure ;)
[19:31:07] cmcginty: @dekarl, thanks for following up with transcode issue. Last night I switch from RTJpeg to MP4 in the "From MPEG2" profile and I see that the transcode is working better. I had to scale down the bitrate a little bit. I'll keep testing for now, but it looks like the default RTJpeg codec isn't setup correctly.
[19:32:27] peterbennett: dekarl: pkgconfig is a mystery to me, I guess I need to read up on it.
[19:34:23] peterbennett: Personally, I use Handbrake to transcode, with a lot of messy scripts, but it works well as long as you are not doing any editing.
[19:35:14] cmcginty: right ... I think my next step is to move to a script from the wiki ... more debug but I think the output will be better quality
[19:36:13] cmcginty: Handbrake only works on mac right?
[19:36:19] cmcginty: I just have ubuntu box
[19:36:29] peterbennett: I am on AMD64 Linux Xenial
[19:37:03] peterbennett: There is nothing in my house from Apple. Nothing. at all ...
[19:37:13] cmcginty: ya, I'm still on the old LTS release
[19:37:37] cmcginty: oh, ok ... I will look into handbreak then!
[19:38:11] peterbennett: Handbrake works fine in Ubuntu, but the latest handbrake creates subtitles that require MythTV 16.04
[19:38:23] peterbennett: Sorry MythTV 0.28
[19:40:00] cmcginty: interesting ... do you know what the technical reason for that is?
[19:41:16] peterbennett: I am not sure. Starting in January my transcodes subtitles did not work in MythTV 0.27. They work now in 0.28. I think there is a new release of ffmpeg involved somehow
[19:41:53] peterbennett: The transcoded subtitles are now able to display all over the screen, before they only displayed at the bottom.
[19:42:01] dekarl: cmcginty: Nuppelvideo and the divx / rtjpeg stuff should just be ripped out in favor of anything better. But that's not done yet. But I'll put looking at enabled MPEG2->MPEG2 lossless cut by default on the list
[19:43:06] cmcginty: oh, well I don't use the cut feature since my commercial detection is not accurate enough
[19:44:20] dekarl: peterbennett: basic pkg-config is just a set of configuration files in an agree upon location that contain the references/settings for the stuff that is installed in various locations depending on OS/distribution/phase of moon. it can do a bit more, e.g. pull in all libraries of a dependency tree for static linking. But the basic "where is the stuff installed, does it need special CFLAGS on this system" is the low hanging fruit
[19:45:47] dekarl: cmcginty: over here I have some recording rules with 45 minutes start-early / end-late due to easy broadcasters. removing that and additional audio channels gives huge savings
[19:48:11] cmcginty: easy broadcasters?
[19:48:51] cmcginty: so how do you know when the program actually starts/end if you have extra 45min on each side
[19:50:05] jheizer: that has to be a pain
[20:00:56] cmcginty: this script looks promising . . .
[20:10:37] peterbennett: This is what I use . . .
[20:11:00] peterbennett: That is not set up as a mythtv job, just the encoding
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[20:28:11] dmfrey: jury finds for google over oracle in use of java in android. Its fair use, as it should be.
[20:28:46] dmfrey: what a precedent this would have set had they ruled the api could be copyrighted
[20:31:18] jheizer: phew
[20:31:19] jheizer: really
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[20:32:15] dmfrey: yes
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[20:33:17] dmfrey: this could have been horrible
[20:35:41] cmcginty: so I guess "declaring code is not code" is now a real thing
[20:50:50] gary_buhrmaster: I will note that Oracle will appeal. It ain't over until it is over.
[20:51:39] cmcginty: so on the flip side, does that mean I can take an open source project like mythtv, copy every class, method and variable "declaration" (aka API), and build a commercial project out of it?
[20:51:52] gary_buhrmaster: (actually, no matter which verdict happened an appeal was expected)
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[21:00:31] gary_buhrmaster: cmcginty: I believe most competent IP lawyers will answer that they will gladly render an opinion after you provide them with sufficient details and pay their hourly rates.
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[21:04:05] jheizer: cmcginty, agreed, messed up both ways
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