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Tuesday, May 24th, 2016, 00:19 UTC
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[05:03:26] dekarl: I think that was added for easy debugging but never made it to the API
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[08:09:10] stuarta: morning all
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[13:09:56] stuarta: let me know if the channel-icon service breaks for anyone, i've switched it over to the current rails version
[13:12:48] dmfrey: do you setup a job to execute that?
[13:13:00] stuarta: eh?
[13:13:18] stuarta: it was a simple config change in the webserver
[13:13:41] dmfrey: ah, gotcha
[13:23:08] stuarta: well somebody is trying it, sadly they aren't getting any results!
[13:23:45] jheizer: I'll give it a go
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[13:24:40] stuarta: on the bright side, this user is getting their non results faster.
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[13:26:15] ** stuarta spots the client side bug that needs fixing again **
[13:29:15] jheizer: send my pick back too
[13:29:19] jheizer: sent
[13:30:03] stuarta: seems to have accepted it
[13:31:01] jheizer: that one it found on its own
[13:31:06] jheizer: and it was missing before
[13:32:08] stuarta: \o/
[13:32:37] jheizer: hmm that one acts like it si finding it
[13:32:44] stuarta: now i need to turn down the debugging, it's running at debug for some odd reason
[13:32:47] jheizer: and auto downloading one without showing search results
[13:32:51] jheizer: but I don't see it as loaded now
[13:33:02] jheizer: Velocity
[13:34:27] stuarta: seems to have found velocity
[13:34:59] jheizer: imge file is bad/corrupt
[13:35:03] jheizer: it is there and downloaded
[13:35:07] jheizer: but I cannot open it
[13:35:20] stuarta: hmm, the client will pull that direct from the source server
[13:35:29] stuarta: all we pass back is the url
[13:36:13] jheizer: it may have been there already then
[13:36:18] jheizer: deleted the file name and the file itself
[13:36:33] jheizer: rescanning it does the same and comes back to the channel listing without showing me any results
[13:36:47] jheizer: No filename added and no file on disk. Do I have to clear soemthing else?
[13:36:53] jheizer: See it getting a match still?
[13:37:05] stuarta: do you have a channel called A&E..... ??
[13:37:11] jheizer: yes
[13:37:19] stuarta: ah, that's hitting the client side bug
[13:37:30] jheizer: it has an icon
[13:37:32] stuarta: try just finding the one icon for velocity
[13:37:36] jheizer: got it when I ran it a few weeks ago
[13:37:46] jheizer: yeah I am doing single channels
[13:37:51] jheizer: figured out would make a mess for you
[13:38:09] jheizer: I wonder if the url it is returning is bad
[13:38:44] stuarta: there's the query, now to convert it back
[13:38:46] stuarta: "csv"=>"\"7935\",\"Velocity\",\"31046 \",\"VEL\",\"0\",\"935\",\"0\",\&qu ot;0\",\"0\"\n"
[13:38:47] jheizer: you know a debug level for setup that will have it log the url?
[13:39:50] jheizer: Or I guess you can see that on your end
[13:39:57] jheizer: curious if it was 404 or something
[13:40:19] stuarta: yeah i can see the query
[13:40:29] stuarta: i just have to back convert it to the query url
[13:41:12] jheizer: My guess is its not your fault
[13:41:16] jheizer: since it was missing already
[13:42:16] stuarta: okay, new and old service return the same thing
[13:42:27] stuarta: namely an empty result set
[13:42:48] jheizer: funny, client side I see
[13:42:49] jheizer: May 24 08:36:58 mythmasterbackend mythtv-setup.real: mythtv-setup[8608]: I CoreContext importicons.cpp:40 (ImportIconsWizard) Fetching icon for channel Velocity
[13:42:49] jheizer: May 24 08:36:59 mythmasterbackend mythtv-setup.real: mythtv-setup[8608]: N CoreContext importicons.cpp:418 (initialLoad) Downloading 1 of 1
[13:44:36] stuarta: what's odd
[13:44:53] stuarta: er, that's odd, it shouldn't be downloading anything, as no url is returned
[13:45:08] stuarta: run this -> curl -X POST --data 'csv="7935","Velocity","31046","VEL",&qu ot;0","935","0","0","0"%0A'
[13:45:24] jheizer: ha yeah #
[13:45:50] jheizer: weird as it is a pretty common channel over here
[13:46:16] stuarta: bah, it's a findmissing query. change lookup -> findmissing
[13:46:47] stuarta: right, the url returned goes to a 404
[13:46:49] jheizer: yeah bad link
[13:47:17] stuarta: so that is the actual problem
[13:47:27] stuarta: link is the same from the old service too
[13:49:09] jheizer: weird, not sure how the list gets populated but its on their site
[13:51:45] stuarta: a horrible old perl script which needs to be run regularly
[13:51:51] stuarta: which isn't
[13:52:13] jheizer: haha
[13:52:37] stuarta: that's phase 2, re-implement scrapers
[13:52:53] stuarta: i'm up to phase 1b. write test cases
[13:53:33] jheizer: bah, reminds me of my final step. Remember to actually restart the backend...
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[13:54:30] stuarta: ahah, that needs the fudge s/logo/hires
[13:56:43] jheizer: Finally back at my desk today. So nice having all my monitors again.
[13:57:16] ** stuarta facepalms **
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[14:03:14] stuarta: right should be fixed now
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[14:25:31] stuarta: so now time to quickly fix the client side issue
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[14:35:09] stuarta: jheizer: how do you trigger the request for the new icon, by mythtv-setup or some other mechanism?
[14:35:32] jheizer: I was using mythtv-setup
[14:35:56] stuarta: ah good, that's where the client error is
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[14:54:36] stuarta: jheizer: can you test the patch on #12784 please?
[14:54:36] ** MythLogBot **
[14:55:18] jheizer: I'm still a lazy bum that doesn't compile.
[14:56:57] jheizer: what if I gave you a sql dump of that channel?
[14:57:26] jheizer: Or I can, but have to give me some time/day or two so switch over to compiling
[14:57:35] stuarta: i'd have to write a unit test instead
[14:57:41] stuarta: that would be a better idea
[14:57:52] stuarta: dekarl is good at those
[14:57:56] stuarta: ;-)
[14:57:59] jheizer: hahaha
[15:00:05] ** stuarta is tempted to work on the "it compiles, :shipit:" theory **
[15:02:47] jheizer: mysqldump of my channel table
[15:03:04] ** jheizer reminds it starts with a drop table **
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[15:28:46] SteveGoodey: stuarta: In mythtv-setup if it picks a wrong icon is there an option to overide and pick the correct one?
[15:31:27] dekarl: testing? that would spoil the surprise!
[15:38:53] stuarta: SteveGoodey: that is currently a feature request without patch
[15:39:13] stuarta: SteveGoodey: being serious for a change, there is currenly no support for such a thing
[15:39:38] stuarta: i can forsee support for such things like "this icon is obsolete"
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[15:40:32] stuarta: dekarl: :shipit: ??
[15:41:13] stuarta: tbh, it can't make it worse..... well it could....
[15:41:28] dekarl: stuarta, its not live already?
[15:41:55] stuarta: jheizer: re your sql dump, it would be easy enough for me to create a fake channel which would cause the relevant query to be generated
[15:42:07] dekarl: of
[15:42:12] dekarl: s/of/oh/
[15:42:23] stuarta: dekarl: i've not committed it, no
[15:43:00] jheizer: Yeah, was jsut sending it in case you saw anything else.
[15:43:09] stuarta: i probably should open it....
[15:43:37] jheizer: average basic-ish US lineup
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[15:45:55] SteveGoodey: stuarta: Ah ok. I just did an icon download on CBS Action and CBS Drama. The wrong icons were fetched. Funny thing is although they show in mythtv-setup mythweb/tv/list doesn't show them.
[15:45:55] dekarl: its ugly but should work
[15:46:37] stuarta: dekarl: yeah, just not in a position to smoke test it
[15:46:57] SteveGoodey: stuarta: This is on 0.27 tho!
[15:47:19] stuarta: SteveGoodey: doesn't really matter, that code hasn't been touched for ages
[15:52:27] stuarta: SteveGoodey: ahh, i see it's returning al jazeera
[15:53:00] stuarta: that's not changed either.
[15:53:07] ** stuarta goes and clears that mapping **
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[15:58:38] stuarta: SteveGoodey: i've cleared the erroneous mapping, you should now be able to search for a new one and submit it
[15:59:00] SteveGoodey: stuarta: Back in August 2014 I had access to so I could correct them. But I haven't been able to access that for some time. I think stuartm arranged that.
[15:59:36] stuarta: SteveGoodey: that now points nowhere....
[16:00:21] stuarta: i should add a page there saying that's on the todo list
[16:01:43] stuartm: so my new TV's guide includes icons for freeview – has me wondering whether those are being served over the air
[16:01:55] stuarta: so does mine
[16:02:02] stuarta: samsung?
[16:02:06] stuartm: Panasonic
[16:02:46] stuartm: could alternatively be coming from domains used by Freeview Play, but might be worth poking around the private data streams etc
[16:03:00] stuarta: maybe
[16:03:20] stuarta: freeview play is an option worth investigating
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[16:07:26] stuarta: SteveGoodey: i'll implement a basic informative page for ../edit asap
[16:07:29] ** stuarta goes home **
[16:11:22] stuartm: stuarta: what's the UPnP like with the Samsung? Although it works well on the Panasonic (firefox OS based), they ignore almost all the metadata which is a great shame
[16:12:40] stuartm: it would be nice for once to see a really decent UPnP implementation which makes full use of any available metadata to provide a rich UX, instead of the dumb long list of files approach
[16:13:29] stuartm: and don't get me started on the music ui – no playlist support, no shuffle etc
[16:14:44] dmfrey: stuartm, what would I need to do to the server to get CORS, Accept-encoding, and Range headers added to the services api endpoints
[16:15:02] dmfrey: shouldn't need for them all, just the ones producing HLS content or file content
[16:15:08] stuartm: still, it just about serves as a makeshift frontend for MythTV at least until I can solve the hdmi audio issue with the RPi
[16:15:20] stuartm: dmfrey: they are all already there
[16:15:53] stuartm: cors is a reactive header – only returned if the request includes 'Origin'
[16:16:15] dmfrey: hmm, i was trying that with curl to verify and I was not getting them coming back
[16:16:30] stuartm: Accept-Encoding is a client side header listing the accepted encodings, server responds by serving the response with one of the encodings
[16:16:53] stuartm: Range is again a client request header, server responds by serving the requested range
[16:17:00] dmfrey: ok
[16:17:17] dmfrey: i guess I misunderstood how they were used
[16:17:35] dmfrey: let me see if i can get the client i am using to send them
[16:17:52] stuartm: only encoding we support right now is gzip
[16:17:53] dmfrey: what would be a good CORS origin header to pass for an android app?
[16:17:59] dmfrey: ok
[16:18:14] stuartm: so sending an "Accept-Encoding: gzip" should result in a gzipped response
[16:18:27] dmfrey: right
[16:18:52] dmfrey: typically, origin is a url, but I don't have a url for an android app
[16:21:34] stuartm: actually, right now we disallow foreign origins – if the origin header doesn't match the ip/port of the server i.e. "Origin:" then the request will be rejected
[16:21:55] stuartm: we may have to offer a way to configure other valid origins
[16:22:36] stuartm: but for testing purposes, the above will work so long as you give the correct ip/port
[16:24:51] stuartm: so the basic idea of CORs is to prevent a malicious script on a webpage calling the APIs e.g. I send you to a website – on that page is a script which calls http://{your_ip}:6544/Myth/DeleteEverything
[16:27:34] stuartm: CORS checks whether the origin doman, in this case is allowed to access that resource through AJAX, if the server responds without an Access-Control-Allow-Origin header then it's indicating that it's not permitted to do that and all your data is safe
[16:28:43] stuartm: if it was allowed, then just by visiting my site, I've managed to call an API on another server pretending to be you and deleted all your data
[16:29:44] stuartm: hence limit restrict access by default to the backend 'domain' itself and no others
[16:30:24] stuartm: this doesn't affect most services consumers because they don't send the origin header – it's mostly a browser security feature
[16:32:44] dblain: Ugh... Qt's build for msvc 2015 is Qt5.6, but Qt drops QWebKit support after 5.5. Never easy :*
[16:33:26] stuartm: wait, what, huh?
[16:33:41] stuartm: they've dropped QWebkit?
[16:34:17] stuartm: QtWebKit
[16:34:50] dblain: replaced it with QtWebEngine
[16:35:45] dblain: looks like it's now based on Chromium 45
[16:36:21] dblain: there is also mention of depricating QtScript. Will need to look into it further
[16:38:10] stuartm: oh right, yeah ... that
[16:38:22] jheizer: ewww
[16:38:23] jheizer: QJSEngine is meant to be the replacement. However, Qt Script will continue to be available for the rest of Qt 5.x. It won't be removed until at least Qt 6.
[16:38:39] dblain: That's something at least.
[16:38:47] jheizer: from . . . eplacement/3
[16:40:17] dblain: Unforatunately QtWebEngine isn't a one-for-one replacement and is causing me issues. I may just disable mythuiwebbrowser for now in order to get the windows builder back online.
[16:40:32] dblain: "Conditionally Disable"
[16:42:06] stuartm: will have to look at the API differences between QJSEngine and QtScript, hopefully scripts won't need rewriting
[16:42:45] dblain: if it does, it shouldn't be too difficult. At least I know that code :)
[16:43:32] stuartm: though I pretty much want to redo a large amount of the webfrontend around angular, so there are some rewrites required anyway
[16:44:38] dblain: Haven't had a need to use angular yet, I'll have to look into it. Maybe I can use it for a work project to truely understand it.
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[17:15:22] dmfrey: stuartm, The way the origin header is setup now will work if I am at home, but it would not work if I am, for instance, SSH'd in and running the app over a tunnel, (which would get localhost on my phone), or if I setup a chromecast in a hotel room
[17:16:49] dmfrey: i guess I could pull it from the full url from the LiveSreamInfo
[17:17:05] dmfrey: since that is always the master backend address, but its a hack
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[17:42:44] stuartm: omitting the header entirely won't invoke the check, but I'm guessing you have a particular reason for requiring it?
[17:43:16] stuartm: dblain: I must admit I didn't really understand it until I used it
[17:45:02] stuartm: and at times I still pause and wonder about the logic of doing so much on the client side, however despite those concerns it's positives outweigh the negatives, especially if you're developing a particular kind of application/experience
[17:50:21] gary_buhrmaster: I believe qtwebkit was available (although often not shipped) with 5.6. It is apparently the "strong encouragement" to get with the program. (see the removed modules section in )
[17:59:08] dekarl: Déjà-vu #12785 vs. what can I sensibly reply to that?
[17:59:08] ** MythLogBot **
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[18:29:40] dmfrey: stuartm, it is for the streaming protocols: . . . requirements
[18:29:53] dmfrey: the device won't load the stream unless they are present
[18:31:43] dmfrey: its not an issue for mp4 files, they will stream to chromecast just fine, unless you want to pass along track information, then you are required to use the CORS headers as well
[18:33:08] dmfrey: i am attempting to invoke this with url with this: curl -v -H "Origin:" -H "Accept-Encoding: gzip" -H "Content-Type: application/x-mpegURL" "localhost:6544/Content/GetLiveStream?Id=182"
[18:33:19] dmfrey: localhost is only because I am over an ssh tunnel to my house
[18:34:07] dmfrey: i get an HTTP 200
[18:34:18] dmfrey: but Content Type is text/xml
[18:34:23] dmfrey: i guess that's wrong
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[19:38:21] dmfrey: so it looks like i am going to need a custom cast receiver, which is just an html file
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[20:47:58] peterbennett: I have a question about tickets
[20:50:07] peterbennett: When closing tickets I see there always seems to be a standard form of comment "In 525bf8ab04c2f1c48799d297aabfa703609f7d53/mythtv: " followed by description, fixes, cherry pick etc. Is there a standard way of getting all that in that format by copying from some report?
[20:51:23] dekarl: peterbennett: you get it by refering to the ticket in your commit message, e.g. "Fixes #12345" will add the information to ticket 12345
[20:52:50] peterbennett: dekarl: Oh OK good
[20:52:51] dekarl: the cherry pick hash comes from "git cherry-pick -x" and the signed-off from "git cherry-pick -s", e.g. "git cherry-pick -s -x 0329912388aa5cf4d2a0baffcf0dff925d8833f6"
[20:53:32] dekarl: the only things missing is that the commit trigger does set the owner to the author instead of the committer and doesn't set the milestone to the next release on the branch. that's done manually
[20:54:00] peterbennett: dekarl: What if I just cherry-pick something from another repo and it was checked in without the #1245 comment?
[20:54:00] ** MythLogBot **
[20:55:01] dekarl: you can "git rebase -i origin" before pushing and then "r" / "reword" the commit
[20:56:05] peterbennett: dekarl: And when I cherry pick something I should add -x and/or -s to the command
[20:57:32] dekarl: peterbennett: I'm not sure if we have any rules for that. I add "-s" when I cherry-pick from someone else. Git "-x" helps when cherry-picking from master to fixes/xyz to keep track of where it came from and add links forth/back in release notes etc
[20:57:45] peterbennett: dekarl: I assume -s is not needed if I am committing my own change
[20:58:15] peterbennett: dekarl: Sorry I typed that before your reply came :)
[21:00:45] dekarl: ahh, "cherry-pick -e" allows you to edit the commit message while picking
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[21:03:07] peterbennett: dekarl: Ah great yes so cherry-pick -e and annd ticket number comment for picking from my repo to the main master and then cherry-pick -x for picking from there to fixes/0.28
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[21:07:26] peterbennett: dekarl: Thanks for your help.
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