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Monday, May 23rd, 2016, 00:01 UTC
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[08:24:31] stuarta: stuartm: should we just commit #10845 and be done with it? if our 2 users of that type of setup say they need a code change should we just :shipit: ?
[08:24:31] ** MythLogBot **
[08:34:54] stuarta: but then i have no idea about rotor positioning systems anyway
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[08:52:45] stuartm: it's been a while, but basically the original change which broke it for those people was made because the old calculations weren't working for others
[08:54:09] stuartm: however since I don't have a rotor nor do I really know (or care much) how they work, I've no problem reverting back which might force someone else to find a solution that works for everyone
[08:54:23] stuarta: yeah, i was just reading the original change, and it seems we are now using the "textbook" version
[08:55:08] stuartm: right, and note that the original description seems to say that one piece of hardware works while another doesn't
[08:55:33] stuartm: maybe a setting to flip between the different calculations is what is required
[08:56:27] stuartm: actually, ignore that – just read it again and he's saying that he connected an old receiver to the rotor, not an old rotor to MythTV
[09:13:11] stuarta: part of me wonders if in this situation, the broadcasters system contained the error on both sides (ie. receiver and rotor) such that the positioning ended up correct
[09:14:02] stuarta: but when you connect it to an correct receiver (ie. dvb card) then you had to send incorrect values to get it to the right place, whilst for equipment that was actually correct, those incorrect values ended up pointing things the wrong way
[09:14:52] stuarta: and we initially implemented the wrong calculation because whoever did it originally had a rotor containing the errors??
[09:44:17] stuarta: sigh, now xfs is throwing xfs_log_force errors
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[09:54:00] stuartm: number of possibilities including that one, another is that there are competing 'standards', another that the 'standard' has different modes – one where devices perform half of the calculation/corrections themselves etc
[09:54:22] stuartm: I guess the first place to look would be any standards on the subject, just to see what they say on the matter
[09:58:58] stuarta: light bedtime reading.. ;-)
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[15:03:37] davic: I thought stuarta was speaking to himself for a moment there, both of you had pink names
[15:04:02] stuarta: well i have been known to talk to myself ;-)
[15:04:33] davic: 15 lines of speaking to yourself is kinda bad
[15:04:48] davic: But hell, I do it sometimes
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[15:41:09] dmfrey: jheizer, how did you make out with chromecast for minimyth?
[15:41:37] jheizer: mobilemyth, and nothing to substances
[15:41:46] jheizer: downloaded all their sample code and was connecting the dots
[15:42:05] dmfrey: oops, sorry, mixing up the names :)
[15:42:06] jheizer: but the DVR web service reference won't generate based on the wsdl being presented
[15:42:18] jheizer: and mine is too out of date to run
[15:42:25] dmfrey: gotcha
[15:42:51] jheizer: so while I have it all stubbed in there, can't actually do much with out commenting a bunch out.
[15:42:56] dmfrey: right now, only mp4's work, but once those other required headers are present, i believe the other formats will work without issue
[15:43:04] dmfrey: gotcha
[15:43:20] jheizer: I was able to run their demo web page and cast a test file
[15:43:48] jheizer: I was like man, I spend like 3 weeks trying to get this all to work from a web page before. This isn't fair.
[15:43:55] jheizer: nice, good to hear you had progress
[15:44:16] stuarta: dmfrey: not got to your bits yet, been setting up the replacement email server
[15:44:49] dmfrey: stuarta, no worries, i have it on a test server for right now
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[15:47:00] jheizer: I was tying to come up with a simple want to crawl and download the entire wsdl and just hand change the broken enum field to be a string
[15:47:28] jheizer: but didn't come up with anything quickly that didn't involve writing soemthing to actually parse and do it
[15:49:36] dmfrey: gotcha
[15:52:11] dekarl: dmfrey: btw, I alreay started translation the metadata but its going slow
[15:53:33] dmfrey: I have been contemplating the services api and how to implement HATEOS upon them. For instance, picture a program response. It could provide disoverable links right in the data to, for instance, artwork and live stream, as well as actionable links like delete, re-record, or to jobs such as comm flagging, etc.
[15:53:39] dmfrey: dekarl, that is great, thank you
[15:54:23] dmfrey: dekarl, the Fastlane Supply works great to update all that info in the play store
[15:54:31] dmfrey: check out the listing when you get a chance
[15:54:49] dmfrey: i uploaded all new screenshots, etc using that tool
[15:55:21] dmfrey: did you mention that could work for Amazon as well?
[15:56:11] dekarl: ahh, I looked but saw 2.0.2 and thought its only on the test store (or however that works)
[15:57:02] dekarl: amazon is opening an API to do that, but
[15:57:12] dmfrey: ah, cool
[15:57:54] dekarl: not sure if fdroid can be added to fastlane as well and if someone is interested in working on it
[15:58:10] dmfrey: yeah, that would be great
[15:58:33] dmfrey: bill went back through and added all the license info to all the source, so we meet that requirement
[15:58:57] dmfrey: trying to automate that with either git hooks or from gradle so we don't have to worry about them ever getting out of sync
[15:59:04] dmfrey: then fdroid should be possible
[15:59:11] dekarl: ahh, so there is a contributor agreement and service that collects them, too?
[15:59:42] dmfrey: well, i believe they point to the github repo and pull it in and build it themselves
[15:59:46] dmfrey: i vaguely recall that
[15:59:53] dmfrey: have to go back and look at it again
[16:00:06] dmfrey: but i believe the source is compliant now
[16:01:04] dmfrey: i may run into an issue with one new thing i am considering. Also, the chromecast support may break that as well. Will have to check on those items.
[16:01:39] dmfrey: Maybe I can make builds that drop that stuff for fdroid, but is gonna add some complexity that is really unneeded
[16:02:10] dmfrey: at Google IO they announced the ability to integrate Firebase analytics and crash reporting
[16:02:45] dmfrey: analytics for basic event tracking in the app, just to be able to see how poeple are using the app and crash reporting for being alerted when problems occur
[16:03:12] dmfrey: the play store offers this, but it depends on the user manually uploading the crash report
[16:03:33] dmfrey: it would be nice to be able to see when/where inside the app things are breaking
[16:03:55] dmfrey: but if the users think it is too intrusive, then I won't implement it
[16:04:22] dmfrey: in fact, i will throw a post in the g+ community to see if this use is acceptable
[16:04:32] dekarl: ahh, but then you need different variants of the app for every eco system, integrating the amazon, google, fdroid services only in the relevant variant
[16:05:13] dekarl: well, for the backend side we have
[16:09:15] dmfrey: i believe firebase can be used for any of them as well, as it is not tied directly to the Google Play Store
[16:10:24] dekarl: is a link to the community somewhere? like in the play store listings?
[16:11:45] dmfrey: yes, i believe so, let me check
[16:12:23] dmfrey: its not, i thought it was. i will add it
[16:21:02] dmfrey: done.
[16:21:35] dmfrey: need to wait for it to publish around their various servers
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[16:29:39] dmfrey: dekarl, here it is if you want to join:
[16:30:09] dmfrey: just got an alert, it should now be live in the play store listing as well
[16:32:37] jheizer: I hadn't ran it in a while. You all ahve made a lot of changes that I like. Kind of more how I was presenting mobilemyth.
[16:34:55] jheizer: Oh, I'm on the old app. Didn't know a new one was out.
[16:34:57] jheizer: lol
[16:37:04] jheizer: Looks nice
[16:37:11] jheizer: very in style with current android apps
[16:44:55] dmfrey: yeah, i gotta unpublish that old one
[16:45:05] dmfrey: it was depricated a long time ago
[16:45:16] dmfrey: this one is more focused on playback only
[16:45:47] dmfrey: not trying to be a full fledged frontend
[16:47:02] dmfrey: ok, its unpublished
[16:47:14] dmfrey: now only Mythtv Player should be out there
[16:47:29] dmfrey: or, in a few hours, once this changes makes it to all their servers
[16:47:59] dmfrey: github is experiencing issues, not seeing my last commit
[16:50:01] jheizer: Cool. I was jsut confused why recordings were not coming up and guide crashed it. Happened to clickt he about or help or something and ended up at the this is EOL github
[16:55:29] dmfrey: this current iteration is much more lightweight, focused on automated testing and coverage, etc. and tries to have a Material Design inspired look and feel
[16:56:14] dmfrey: the next imminent release will address an issue with users with really large libraries
[16:56:29] dmfrey: the chromecast stuff will make it into the following release
[16:57:40] jheizer: Cool
[16:57:46] dmfrey: what's nice in this version, if you opt for an external player, like VLC, you can play any of the media types (mp4, mkv, 3gp, ts) without having to transcode to hls
[16:58:25] dmfrey: helps users with backends that aren't powerful enough to handle transcoding
[16:58:59] dmfrey: can still use internal as well but only for hls, which allows you to ff/rew when it is fully transcoded
[16:59:23] MitchCapper: is there com skipping?
[16:59:50] dmfrey: no, unfortunately, i am not aware of a services api that supplies that data
[16:59:55] jheizer: Yeah, that is we would play all our videos with MobileMyth
[17:00:04] MitchCapper: one sec dmfrey
[17:00:17] jheizer: The confusing situation of supproting 3 types of playback
[17:00:33] MitchCapper: Dvr/GetRecordedCommBreak
[17:00:34] dmfrey: i know
[17:00:41] dmfrey: MitchCapper, is that new?
[17:01:06] MitchCapper: not sure it was in 0.28 but not sure about before that
[17:01:22] dmfrey: this is the first i'm seeing it
[17:01:33] dmfrey: i will take a look and see if it is something I can use
[17:01:49] dmfrey: would only be for the internal player, as I can't control what and external player does
[17:02:06] jheizer: yes inb .28
[17:02:28] dmfrey: i see a bookmark one as well
[17:02:47] dmfrey: setting a bookmark too
[17:03:18] MitchCapper: yeah
[17:03:29] MitchCapper: bookmark is 0.28.1 though
[17:05:57] dmfrey: i will add issues for these in our tracker. I have to check and see if the program details contains a bookmark or not as well
[17:06:15] dmfrey: doesn't look like it
[17:07:14] MitchCapper: no it contains a flag if a bookmark exists but thats it
[17:10:52] jheizer: And this is where me being a "webapp" lose miserably
[17:24:54] MitchCapper: oh jheizer? these are all new json calls, you could set and get bookmark, comm skip i would also guess is possible though
[17:33:57] jheizer: MitchCapper, well I mean from the webpage on a tablet or what ever I have no control over the actual playback
[17:34:26] jheizer: at least I don't think I do with even the built in player. Maybe I could. Never looked into it before.
[17:34:36] MitchCapper: but you have access to the videos currentTime and can read/set that right?
[17:34:48] jheizer: Do you know if those are returning time based or frame based?
[17:34:53] MitchCapper: as its just the HMTL5 player i assume
[17:35:17] jheizer: Wellas he was sayign above, you best bet is to drop out to a 3rd party player
[17:35:38] jheizer: the internal one is limited on what it can play back still (at least on android)
[17:38:04] MitchCapper: You could extend out the HLS livestreaming to pay attention to cutlists during transcode to work with 3rd party players
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[17:44:40] dmfrey: i added these as enhancements for the follow-up releasej
[17:46:16] dekarl: to get cutlist / commskip into external players you can always create a two layer ASX playlist
[17:47:03] dekarl: ^- has details on how to cut one segment out of a recording. but that can be nested inside a playlist of segments
[17:47:12] jheizer: ah cool
[17:51:38] dekarl: sadly xspf only uses that feature as an example (not part of the standard) see clip at
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[18:04:40] dekarl: ahhh . . . C_extensions
[18:09:38] dekarl: the options are documented elsewhere . . . ideo_options
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[21:43:30] ** stuarta completes first installment of tiling 101 and decides it's time to watch some recordings **
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[22:30:29] MitchCapper: the service api references sourceId's in multiple places but I can't find anything that actually allows fetching the source id's info, I can add something like Dvr/GetInputList for sources (Dvr/GetSourceList) but figured I would check to make sure i wasn't missing it currently
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[23:38:09] MitchCapper: mythtv stores the input a recording was made on in the inputname field, DTC::Program does not currently export this property, is there any reason not to add it?
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