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Sunday, May 22nd, 2016, 00:10 UTC
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[03:37:27] gary_buhrmaster: rkulagow: dekarl: I have to double check, but if I pulled the data correctly, the transport type for "NOR-0004408-X" is marked as "Cable", and not "DVB-C", and that is wrong (because the network/transport ids are specified only for a DVB-C transport).
[03:38:44] gary_buhrmaster: rkulagow: dekarl: Once I double (and triple) check, I will open a ticket with SD if indeed the transport is wrong.
[03:40:21] gary_buhrmaster: [The reason is matters is that my code outputs values based on the transport type, since fitting the SD data into XMLTV data requires knowing the correct mapping interpretation.]
[03:40:53] gary_buhrmaster: [(or, in other words, my code verifies before trusting what it sees)]
[03:42:01] gary_buhrmaster: But, for the record, the network/transport ids *ARE* in the data source for NOR-0004408-X, just that the transport type appears marked as Cable, which means that they are not acted on (by my code).
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[13:59:33] rkulagow_: @gary_buhrmaster: i will take a look and see why the transport type isn't correctly setup for the NOR lineup
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[15:13:25] davic: shouldn't SD have their own support irc channel?
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[18:57:13] dmfrey: stuarta, you around?
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[19:43:57] stuarta: dmfrey: yes
[19:59:25] stuarta: hmmm, disk on the server has completely died now. good thing everything important was raid 1
[19:59:48] stuarta: however most of the buildslaves were raid 0 for performance
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[20:01:39] dmfrey: hey, stuarta i wanted to see what it was i needed to do to enable those headers
[20:01:41] ** stuarta works on his mailserver migration instead **
[20:02:00] stuarta: dmfrey: i can host pages for you
[20:02:06] dmfrey: cool
[20:02:21] stuarta: dmfrey: stuartm is the one for the various headers...
[20:02:23] dmfrey: i believe i have it down to just a css and couple of pngs
[20:02:24] stuarta: what you need
[20:02:35] dmfrey: ah, ok
[20:02:44] stuarta: oh right, that's pretty simple then
[20:02:57] dmfrey: content-type is already there, so would just need CORS headers, Range and Accept-encoding
[20:04:21] dmfrey: how do you want me to get you those files?
[20:04:33] stuarta: put them in a github repo?
[20:04:51] dmfrey: you want to just grab them from the mythtv-player github repo?
[20:04:52] stuarta: that way if you want them updated, it's a simple pull from this side
[20:05:14] dmfrey: . . . _google_cast
[20:05:28] dmfrey: There is a GoogleCast directory that contains the resources
[20:05:39] dmfrey: you can disregard the receiver.html file in there
[20:07:06] dmfrey: that was if we would host our own receiver, but the styled one available through the google cast dev console let's us control the artwork, etc.
[20:07:31] dmfrey: and I just point to that css file you will be hosting
[20:07:52] ** stuarta ponders the best presentation for that **
[20:09:09] dmfrey: i used the artwork svg resources to build it, but it can be whatever you like
[20:09:40] stuarta: it's a simple bit of static site, just trying to decide where is best to put it
[20:10:46] dmfrey: the image dimensions need to be maintained and the css elements need to be maintained, but you can pretty much make the artwork whatever you like
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[20:11:15] dmfrey: the other thing is they need to be hosted on https
[20:11:21] stuarta: in this case, i'm taking what you provide and hosting at 'x' i'm just pondering what 'x' is
[20:11:39] dmfrey: gotcha
[20:11:42] stuarta: ok, https isn't a problem
[20:12:10] stuarta: is it a problem if the hosting does both http & https?
[20:12:48] dmfrey: no, it shouldn't, the console doesn't let put in a http site, only https
[20:13:19] stuarta: ok, cool, i've been pondering creating a logical static content vhost for a while
[20:13:27] stuarta: this would fit nicely in there
[20:13:30] ** stuarta fiddles **
[20:13:35] dmfrey: great
[20:14:18] dmfrey: would you ever want this type of stuff transfered over to you (i mean the mythtv project as a whole)?
[20:14:29] dmfrey: once this is setup, any project could use it
[20:14:50] dmfrey: then there would be one place for any project to implement it
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[20:15:19] dmfrey: i don't mind maintaining it and will gladly give out the key for anyone who wants to use it
[20:16:13] dmfrey: but if it would be better off with the project, i don't mind transferring that over as well
[20:16:31] stuarta: tbh, i don't know that any of us have the knowledge required to implement it
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[20:17:05] dmfrey: well, it is just hosting the files you have now, and setting up receiver on the google cast dev console
[20:17:20] dmfrey: when you do that, you are given a key that you plug into the code
[20:17:33] dmfrey: that is how it knows which receiver to use
[20:22:37] dmfrey: its not something that needs to be decided today. need to get it fully implemented as well :)
[20:22:41] dmfrey: just thinking about the future
[20:23:10] stuarta: heh, same
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[20:40:08] stuarta: dmfrey: i'll get back to you when it's done, realized the priority right now is fixing my dns master before it dies, so i can then rescue the rest of my services
[20:40:51] stuarta: thursday morning i started getting hard read errors on one disk, it's completely gone today
[20:41:05] stuarta: might even have been yesterday, who knows
[20:41:19] dmfrey: cool, thanks, will just need to full url to the css file
[20:41:22] dmfrey: damn, that sucks
[20:41:36] stuarta: not really, ran it with full raid 1
[20:41:51] dmfrey: i've been noticing some clicking noise on my backend too
[20:42:16] dmfrey: i am gonna need to rebuild it at some point
[20:42:16] stuarta: the buildslaves which were throwaway's were all raid 0 (across the same 2 phyiscal disks), so they've all gone
[20:43:09] dmfrey: i've moved a lot of my other stuff to a dedicated nas, qnap box
[20:43:23] dmfrey: 4 disks, mirrored and stripped
[20:44:29] stuarta: according to the md subsystem, it kicked /dev/sda out of md1 at 9:47am this morning
[20:44:49] stuarta: but it was fine during the raid check at 2:40am
[20:46:40] dmfrey: was it acting up leading up to this? or was it all of a sudden?
[20:49:13] stuarta: thu it started with some hard read errors
[20:49:20] stuarta: sun it's dead
[20:53:25] rmeden: @davic: SD does have #schedulesdirect but it's seldom used. Best method for support is an email or ticket via the web page.
[20:54:06] rmeden: @davis: but keep in mind that's for general service for data quality issues... SD doesn't make the grabbers
[20:54:33] rmeden: oh, the SD forum is monitored too
[21:02:53] davic: rmeden: I meant, keeping #mythtv to specific mythtv problems not doing support for SD in here
[21:03:16] rmeden: yea, we don't want that either
[21:03:36] rmeden: I haven't seen a lot of it.. mostly integration questions for the new grabber (which is really an XMLTV question)
[21:03:44] davic: rmeden: #xmltv
[21:04:35] rmeden: never heard of anyone watching that
[21:04:52] rmeden: but it does exist. :)
[21:06:12] dmfrey: stuarta, hope you get it all resolved
[21:06:16] dmfrey: gotta run out for a bit
[21:06:24] stuarta: it's progressing nicely
[21:06:30] ** stuarta hugs ansible **
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[23:12:34] stuarta: that's the first step done at least, dns master has been migrated
[23:14:34] dmfrey: good you got it back up
[23:14:46] stuarta: oh the server has never gone down
[23:15:04] dmfrey: i run dns, bind9 on a pair of rpi's
[23:15:08] dmfrey: one's a mirror
[23:15:33] stuarta: OS and all valuable data on raid1 (now degraded)
[23:16:22] dmfrey: i then take all the configs and back them up in a private github repo
[23:23:43] stuarta: you pay for those don't you?
[23:28:08] ** stuarta goes to bed **
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[23:57:11] dmfrey: i had a private account on there for some time now
[23:57:18] dmfrey: $7/mo
[23:57:39] dmfrey: but they now have unlimited private repos at that level

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