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Saturday, May 21st, 2016, 00:32 UTC
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[09:23:50] dekarl: meh, anybody mind to add "Where are the Joneses" to tvdb/ its not easy to find a series with a liberal license that did not fall off the internet and got added to our metadata partner databases...
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[13:46:40] dekarl: wrt UK guide data, it appears that has some support for DVB triples, maybe that can be combined with mythukchup for a more/less automatic setup using the mapping provided by the guide source. (hi gary_buhrmaster)
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[13:59:06] rkulagow_: i have included dvb triplets in the data if i have access to them, same with atsc tuning information.
[13:59:27] rkulagow_: if there's a lineup that needs triplets and doesn't then i have a few different import mechanisms that i can use to add it to the source.
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[15:22:19] knightr: mythtv
[15:23:33] ** knightr needs a coffee, he was in the wrong window when he typed... **
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[15:34:32] gary_buhrmaster: As I recall IRT the triplets and lineup data. As I recall, when I performed some random testing on a random EU/UK lineup (which I had no idea where it was) I did not get useful triplets.
[15:35:35] gary_buhrmaster: but (a) it was quite some time ago, so the data might now be better, or (b) I chose the locations poorly (I have no idea where most of those lineups were), or (c) there is yet another bug in the code......
[15:36:30] gary_buhrmaster: I am about to leave my residence for the rest of the day, but if someone actually can provide a location where it should work (and it does not), I can see what I can do about fixing my code (if it is my code).
[15:41:41] rkulagow_: @gary_buhrmaster: lineup NOR-0004408-X
[15:41:53] rkulagow_:
[15:41:57] rkulagow_: for an example
[15:43:43] gary_buhrmaster: Thanks. I will take a look later.
[15:43:44] dekarl: oh lol, anybody need a sample of a tv services with "multiple" audio streams?
[15:45:02] dekarl: i have no idea what that channel is, just a random hit while looking for an official list of dvb triples or similar
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