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Thursday, May 19th, 2016, 00:06 UTC
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[06:54:22] dekarl: gigem: stuartm: it appears to be a basic guide data feed service and on top of that some kind of cloud recording rules / scheduler with an API. IIUIC the offer is about the latter but is based on the former
[06:56:50] stuartm: jpabq: there is a patch in Trac to store the additional genres – afaik we don't actually use them anywhere in MythTV and most guide data services don't provide multiple genres, so there wasn't much motivation before now
[06:57:26] stuartm: dekarl: right, it's the latter I can't figure out, it seems like they do the scheduling for you?
[06:59:26] dekarl: wrt the additional genres, IIRC there are multiple patches floating around for fixups, connecting the data from the fixed up EIT to the database, too
[07:03:04] dekarl: ahh no that was xmltv, and all patches are in #12742 and needs a review that it keeps the order (genres are ordered most important first in xmltv) intact
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[07:06:27] stuartm: right, Gary has multiple patches for mfdb which improve the behaviour for SD via xmltv
[07:06:29] dekarl: the EIT patch was about ratings (MPAA/FSK ratings, not user/reviewer star ratings) #12745
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[07:38:29] dekarl: ahh . . . V-and-MythTV
[07:39:40] dekarl: it appears the grabber fell off the internet though
[07:43:34] dekarl: I guess I'll leave writing xmltv grabbers, and integrating them with the wider xmltv community for packaging and automated regression testing, to the australians :)
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[08:37:42] markspieth: dekarl: most of us use shepherd anyway. I recently canged to EIT which is quite good and has accurate times.
[08:54:57] stuartm: I understand Shepherd is better behaved these days than it used to be, though it's still not be submitted as an official grabber to xmltv?
[08:55:44] stuartm: used to do all sorts of direction operations on the MythTV database
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[09:12:45] markspieth: I used to run it as a cron job which then ran mfdb
[09:13:48] markspieth: my only gripe was the times were sanitized i.e. rounded to 30 min or 15min whereas EIT is accurate to the minute, even second. not that it helps with live sport excessively
[09:14:39] markspieth: it also renamed shows with similar named shows e.g. grand designs -> grand designs revisted even though the original guides had the correct name.
[09:15:04] markspieth: thats teh reconcilers fault. the data can be clear so it forgets the associations.
[09:15:42] markspieth: its always behaved itself for me within the constraints above
[09:16:54] markspieth: you can get it to update channels too but I never did that.
[09:21:14] stuartm: right, I think my last battle with them was over the cron job requirement
[09:26:47] markspieth: I dont think that is a requirement though. If it cant output to stdout, then a simple script will do that.
[09:28:54] stuartm: right, the reason was that mfdb has long had the ability to run at a suggest time, the cron job or any other script is unnecessary
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[10:47:22] stuartm: jpabq: so you're now using an xmltv grabber?
[10:48:23] stuartm: will we start seeing more US users switching to xmltv now?
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[11:50:39] stuartm: anyone using Kodi? Would appreciate some more information on exactly what is or isn't working with UPnP and Kodi
[11:52:03] stuartm: I've had a look at their code, and assuming I'm looking at the write code path, there's nothing which obviously excludes devices advertising support for versions above 1
[11:52:46] stuartm: but there is some logging available, so we could find out
[11:53:52] stuartm: specifically I'm looking here and it all looks correct – . . . wser.cpp#L67
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[14:27:17] gigem: dekarl: Okay, I don't see what it buys us then, other than another possible source for guide data, which falls in the xmltv area.
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[14:31:04] gigem: stuartm: If you're mean the genres I know of, then yes, MythTV can and does use them. If multiple genres per show are present, the categories search will show a two-level view where programs will be listed under each permutation of one or two genres assigned to them.
[14:37:16] stuartm: gigem: oh nice, I didn't know that
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[15:36:24] jpabq: stuartm: I have setup xmltv on my dev box. Much harder to set up than the native Schedules Direct, but the extra data is nice.
[15:38:13] jpabq: I have been spot checking the xmltv SD data to the native SD data, and that is where I discovered the programgenres was not being updated. There are times when it would be nice to use the programgenres data in 'power' recording rules.
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[15:42:54] jpabq: rmeden: stuartm: dekarl: The biggest issue I see with xmltv is the conifguration — especially if you choose to select by channel instead of lineup. Directv has a a TON of channels, most of which I never watch. I also use OTA, so I need to figure out how to conifgure it for those two to coexist efficiently. Schedules Direct has a 'nice' UI on their webpage for selecting the desired channels, but I don't believe that works for xmltv?
[15:49:56] rmeden: jpabq: Yes, the SD-DD service (used by XMLTV's tv_grab_na_dd and MythTV direct) offers to limit stations on the SD web page. SD-JSON leaves it to the application. Most SD-JSON apps speak directly to the server and offer a channel selection within the application. That provides a nicer interface for the user. One possibility is the XMLTV staged config mode, that's designed to allow an application to have more control over
[15:50:48] stuartm: jpabq: there is an extension to xmltv called APIConfig which allows a UI to be built for configuring grabbers, I've long been meaning to implement it in mythtv-setup
[15:53:43] stuartm: api config breaks configuration into stages, at each stage it asks a question then presents a list of answers with metadata defining what 'type' the answer is – string, integer, multiple choice (radio) etc the application has to render those in it's UI
[15:55:01] stuartm: the main issue with that in the past has been the fact that MythUI lack the option to arbitrarily layout a ui
[15:55:32] jpabq: stuartm: that sounds great. A web-based config would probably make most people happier than mythtv-setup, but I don't see anyone having time to do that in the near future.
[15:56:10] stuartm: web will be much easier, but I've always wanted to do it in mythtv-setup as well
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[16:03:48] rmeden: It's not possible to offer a SD-DD like SD WEB config to SD-JSON because my understanding is the station request list is created by the client.
[16:08:18] rkulagow: @jpabq: if the grabber is caching the "raw" json for the programs (in order to determine if a particular program has been updated) then there may be lots more data in there that's not fitting the existing XML schema, but may still be useful
[16:08:47] rkulagow: so as long as you're comparing the sd-dd and sd-json data (which come from different backend sources), then there may be more goodies.
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[16:41:37] jpabq: rkulagow: Yes. One bit I noticed is that there is an order index for the cast. It would be nice if MythTV listed the cast by that order, instead of randomly.
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[17:13:38] dmfrey: Does the backend supply the following HTTP Headers: CORS, Content-type, Accept-Encoding or Range?
[17:13:46] dmfrey: from the services api
[17:17:18] dmfrey: I see Content-Type on /Content/GetFile
[17:19:44] dmfrey: I am in the process of adding Chromecast support to MythTV Player, but it looks like I am going to need a CORS header and, at least, one of the others (which is satisfied by the Content-Type being present)
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[17:37:48] dekarl: markspieth|2: last I heard about the australian eit was that it improved from "oh my god, that's embarassing" to "not useful for mythtv, but good enough for grandma". Glad its been improved since then :)
[17:39:50] dekarl: gigem: exactly my initial thought. a grabber would be nice, but the concepts around the scheduling are different.
[17:41:52] dekarl: dmfrey: I think stuarta is a good first person to talk about hosting a mythtv themed chromecast receiver
[17:42:50] dmfrey: dekarl, thanks, and we will need a custom one to be able to access the console logs so that we can see what is going wrong when errors/exceptions occur
[17:43:20] dmfrey: the default ones available in the google cast dev console do not enable the logging capabilities
[17:43:27] dekarl: dmfrey: I have no idea what that means. But he's currently working on our central services :)
[17:43:48] dmfrey: a custom receiver, like you mentioned :)
[17:43:58] dmfrey: that is how we can see chromecast error logs
[17:44:24] dekarl: I only understood that the same as a HbbTV website on the backend web server, just different. Samesame ;)
[17:46:16] dekarl: I saw . . . d/issues/106 but didn't really dig into the details beyond "a website like thing at a central location in the internet"
[17:47:52] dmfrey: it is almost completely working, as for the app interacting with a specific chromecast unit, it just doesn't play the content at this point
[17:50:18] dekarl: wrt the UK programids, I understood that the scoping doesn't work between the RT feed / Atlas / SD? The scheduler should understand that it can not use "abcdef" from Atlas and compare id to "MV012345" from SD to learn if its the same program. So it should fall back to comparing title and (subtitle or description)...
[17:50:34] dekarl: if this is the case then its a bug to fix
[17:51:06] dekarl: update table set programid=''; should not do anything
[17:51:26] dekarl: gigem -^
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[18:02:24] dmfrey: stuarta, what do you think about hosting a Google Cast Receiver application on It is just a html5 page. I am looking into a basic Receiver app now.
[18:04:42] dmfrey: stuarta, here are the details on a Custom Receiver Application: . . . receiver-sdk
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[18:19:28] dekarl: stuartm, just tried kodi 16.1 on android. i go to video -> files -> add -> upnp. there is the hdhr dms but no mythbackend entry at all
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[19:11:49] dekarl: thinking about the programids. I'm comparing the RT upstream ids to the SD upstream ids. But in the database we have "fake SD IDs" instead of the real RT upstream ids, right?
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[19:32:16] dmfrey: dekarl, i setup a custom receiver app for testing on my old mythtvcast site
[19:32:32] dmfrey: should be able to test with mp4 files without the need for any special headers
[19:33:08] dmfrey: however, for HLS and others, will need to get those headers added to the server so the endpoints return them
[19:38:16] jheizer: dmfrey, have you found that they've increase the chromecast's codec/container support recently? I was trying to do this with mobilemyth a while back but even with the hack arounds I worked out to run it from a website none of my different types of records could play and neither could myth's HLS streams.
[19:38:46] jheizer: Thought they must have made the do it from a website support better now as I've seen ones like google play music host a real app from in browser webpage
[19:39:51] dmfrey: jheizer, I wonder if that has to do with the missing CORS headers. They look to be pretty important to get the Chromecast to talk content.
[19:40:37] dmfrey: did you look at port 9222 with chrome inspector on your chromecast?
[19:41:02] jheizer: Honestly I have't touched it much at all since the first official API was released as final version.
[19:41:24] jheizer: I was doing hack arounds to push the content from the local webserver
[19:41:25] dmfrey: if you open the ip address to the chromecast on port 9222, then you should be able to inspect what is going on in console
[19:41:30] dmfrey: gotcha
[19:41:35] jheizer: but when they locked down non-official API users I was screwed
[19:41:43] jheizer: as there was no way for me to get a key
[19:41:54] dmfrey: ah, I see
[19:42:11] jheizer: or was going to have to put a mini cast this local url app in the app store
[19:42:26] jheizer: man I wasted so much time on all of that
[19:42:43] dmfrey: when I get home, I 'm gonna try it with an mp4 and my custom receiver to see if I can debug what is going on
[19:43:26] jheizer: at the time I was able to cast local contet from a local web server, but I have to convert it first
[19:43:45] dmfrey: if I get this working, and we can host the receiver on (needs to be hosted on https to be published), then you should also be able to use it, as well as add it to mythweb
[19:44:06] dmfrey: yeah, they have added more, it looks like
[19:44:10] dmfrey: codec support
[19:44:14] jheizer: yeah I see ac-3 listed now
[19:44:23] jheizer: before that stopped my hd-pvr recording from playing
[19:44:31] dmfrey: really?
[19:44:50] jheizer: Maybe it was AAC, I forget.
[19:45:16] jheizer: one of the 2 was missing as I was able to easily vcopy and -a mp3 those
[19:45:27] jheizer: with ffmpeg and get soemthing usable
[19:46:34] dmfrey: i am not familiar with all the differences between the H.264 levels listed there
[19:46:51] dmfrey: I wonder if I am going to need to convert mine as well
[19:47:06] dmfrey: is there an ffmpeg command I can run against a mp4 to see what it is set to?
[19:48:41] dekarl: I just run "mediainfo <filename>"
[19:48:58] dmfrey: ah, ok, let me ssh in there and check
[19:49:43] jheizer: or a ffmpeg -i maybe
[19:49:58] dekarl: just shows "H.264 (Main)" and thats it
[19:50:19] jheizer: doesn't look like I ever pushed the ffmpeg strings I was using to convert each of my recording types to something playable in the least destructive manner I could find
[19:50:29] jheizer: pushed to github that is
[19:51:23] jheizer: unrelated, but here's some of the yuck I was doing to cast from a server . . . hromeCast.vb
[19:53:02] dmfrey: jheizer, btw, i created a slack channel for the myth alt clients. let me know if you want an invite for it
[19:53:47] jheizer: sure, why not. jheizer@gmail
[19:53:57] dmfrey: dekarl, you too.
[19:54:01] dmfrey: really, anyone who wants it
[19:54:16] dmfrey: it have it setup to track my builds and coverage reports, etc.
[19:54:21] jheizer: while I'm not very actively doing anything anymore, may be able to help people at times since I've consumed most of the services at one point or another
[19:56:13] jheizer: WOW did they make this easier
[19:56:27] jheizer: I never saw that a Chrome sender was an offically supported thing
[19:56:30] dekarl: dmfrey: sure
[19:57:47] dmfrey: yeah, i believe this is really close that any client will be able to initiate it
[19:58:30] jheizer: I don't have the free time for this. Thanks for making me not sleep tonight. :)
[19:58:56] dmfrey: once we get the receiver setup and the right headers coming out of port 6544, then we would be good and the mythtv player app, minimyth, or the web interface should all be able to use it
[19:59:02] dmfrey: jheizer, :)
[19:59:42] jheizer: All thos CORS stuff must not have been in pre-release
[19:59:47] jheizer: and I never messed with any of it
[20:00:26] dmfrey: i did some stuff with it on some serverside stuff i did in java, with an angular app i wrote for my last employer
[20:02:38] dmfrey: i am not familiar with the code that is handling the services api, or i would give it a look
[20:02:50] dmfrey: i can't imagine it is all that much to enable this on there
[20:03:05] dmfrey: the header I am not sure of is the Range header
[20:03:31] dmfrey: been googling to see how it is typically used, but not finding to much
[20:03:47] dmfrey: for instance, it is set to the size of the HLS chunk?
[20:03:49] dmfrey: i'm not sure
[20:04:11] dmfrey: content type is easy
[20:04:16] dmfrey: and already being sent
[20:04:35] dmfrey: accept-encoding should just be 'gzip, deflate', i believe
[20:04:46] jheizer: lol @ $5 registration fee
[20:04:58] dmfrey: for what?
[20:05:11] jheizer: Google Cast SDK Developer Console
[20:05:15] jheizer: to register a url
[20:05:17] jheizer: reciever
[20:05:29] dmfrey: ha, it must have been included in my android dev console fee
[20:05:47] dmfrey: i paid $25 maybe 5–6 years ago, and nothing since
[20:05:56] dmfrey: do you want me to create one for you?
[20:06:01] jheizer: yeah nice vs apple's yearly
[20:06:05] dmfrey: yeah, right
[20:06:14] dmfrey: what's that $100 now per year?
[20:06:25] jheizer: last I checked, yes
[20:06:32] dmfrey: and if you sell anything they take 30%
[20:08:38] dmfrey: if you want to use my current dev one, I just need the serial number for your chromecast(s) and then you can use my key
[20:09:27] jheizer: alright, thanks. We'll see.
[20:09:46] jheizer: If support really has increased I'd love to jump back on the ship
[20:09:53] jheizer: I have 4 or 5 chromecasts now
[20:10:10] dmfrey: i just replaced all mine with the new version
[20:10:26] dmfrey: also, looking for some good outdoor speakers for audio for out on the deck
[20:10:29] dekarl: I think the 30% cut has become the de facto standard for app stores
[20:10:31] jheizer: they are just too easy and cheap that I end up impulsing buying another one every time they go on sale on slickdeals
[20:10:48] jheizer: I just got my first gen2
[20:10:52] dmfrey: but i want to limit wires
[20:11:02] jheizer: still holding out hope that multiroom audio comes to regular chromecasts
[20:11:09] dmfrey: yeah, me too
[20:11:24] dmfrey: and the Google Home announcement yesterday that will let you control them all with your voice
[20:11:59] markspieth (markspieth! has joined #mythtv
[20:12:00] jheizer: I didn't end up watching any I/O yesterday, just read headlines.
[20:12:16] jheizer: Was there anything cast specific that maybe hinted the multiroom audio is coming still?
[20:12:32] dmfrey: i am leaving my current job for a new one, so I was able to watch it :)
[20:12:58] dmfrey: their one promo video showed it working, but that was a commercial, so i guess its coming
[20:13:11] jheizer: work from home here so a little background noise it's a big deal
[20:13:19] markspieth|2 (markspieth|2! has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[20:13:24] dmfrey: i will be too
[20:13:51] dmfrey: starting at Pivotal on June 6, doing cloud stuff
[20:14:14] dekarl1 (dekarl1!~dekarl@mythtv/developer/dekarl) has joined #mythtv
[20:14:54] jheizer: Neat, looks interesting.
[20:15:04] jheizer: I do boring junk.
[20:16:06] dmfrey: finish out next week, then a week off
[20:16:26] jheizer: I could use a decade off
[20:16:39] dmfrey: been doing Java and Spring for about 12 years now, Pivotal is custodian of Spring, Spring Boot, Spring Cloud, Cloud Foundry, etc
[20:16:46] dmfrey: haha, i hear ya
[20:17:04] dekarl (dekarl!~dekarl@mythtv/developer/dekarl) has quit (Ping timeout: 240 seconds)
[20:17:30] jheizer: .Net and web type stuff here. 10 years working from home now. 3 of us devs in a compnay my Dad started while I was in colege.
[20:17:53] jheizer: Just no good exciting projects lately. Just the same old same old.
[20:18:39] dmfrey: gotcha
[20:18:55] jheizer: Oh, I needed data from Bloomberg. Wait ftp, then some whacky DES decryption, then it is UUEncoded? what's that?? snore
[20:19:28] dmfrey: :)
[20:19:50] dmfrey: I did my undergrad at Bloomsburg University HAHA
[20:19:53] jheizer: Where whacky DES decryption means the key we are given is not the actual decryption key
[20:19:54] dmfrey: i know they are different
[20:20:07] jheizer: haha close enough to be funny
[20:20:15] dmfrey: :)
[20:24:23] dmfrey: getting ready to head home, later
[20:24:46] jheizer: night
[20:30:32] Roklobster (Roklobster! has joined #mythtv
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[21:08:07] stuarta: oh he just went
[21:09:18] dmfrey (dmfrey! has joined #mythtv
[21:09:27] jheizer: I'm still here and know the basics, or can relay to him on the slack he added me to if you want.
[21:09:34] stuarta: he's back again
[21:09:39] jheizer: lol
[21:10:48] stuarta: dmfrey: just saw your ping, we can host most things, it's mainly a case of understanding requirements
[21:24:39] gigem: dekarl1: MythTV and the scheduler already do that. Each programid can be optionally prefixed with an 'authority'. The 'default' authority is no prefix. When MythTV compares programs, programids are only used when both programs have them *and* the authorities are the same. If either program doesn't have a programid or they have different authorities, the comparison falls back to using the configured
[21:24:40] gigem: subtitle/description method. This was originally added for EIT, but there's no reason it can't be used for xmltv. Xmltv or mythfilldatabase just needs to make sure an appropriate authority gets added to each new programid.
[21:24:57] gigem: jpabq, rmeden: I'm one of those people who meticulously takse care of my channel lineup to keep exactly how I like it. I often feel it's a losing battle to keep SD, and my clear QAM, calbe card and hdpvr lineups in sync. I so wish MythTV had better channle management so I could do something like this. Configure SD to turn on every channel. Have MythTV automatically hide new channels, but tell me about
[21:24:59] gigem: them and give me a screen where I can easily hide those new channels permanently or add them. I'd also like to have similar support for deleted channels and automatic handling of moved channels.
[21:26:34] rmeden: gigem: SD already does that.. new channels are added automatically (at least with SD-DD, don't know what SD-JSON does)
[21:28:34] rmeden: btw, TAMU '87
[21:30:39] letifosiferrari (letifosiferrari!~letifosif@ has joined #mythtv
[21:33:32] letifosi_ (letifosi_!~letifosif@ has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
[21:46:50] gigem: rmeden: I know that, but MythTV doesn't intelligently, IMHO, handle its side.
[21:47:34] gigem: rmeden: Cool. I knew you lived in DFW, but didn't know you went to A&m too. '84 myself. It seems like two lifetimes ago now.
[21:48:09] rmeden: yup... I haven't been back in ages, but looked at Northside via street view... don't recognize much
[21:49:30] jheizer: bigger, fancier, pretty
[21:49:48] jheizer: even my university from 10 years ago looks drastically different
[21:49:49] gigem: It's been about 13 or 14 years for me. The last time I looked, the Dixie Chicken and Cow Hop were still there. Sadly, Charlie's Grocery is long gone.
[21:52:03] rmeden: no way they would get rid of the Dixie Chicken, but I bet they don't have cheap pitchers
[21:52:13] gigem: jheizer: Yep. Time keeps moving no matter how much we try to slow it down.
[21:52:58] gigem: They're still catering to college students, so they can't be too expensive.
[21:53:27] rmeden: I should get my ring resized... but no telling what that would cost with the price of gold! I reached the limit the association will do (I think it's like +1 or maybe +1.5 sizes)
[21:56:01] rmeden: oh, just checked the website... it was a 2 size limit and can be remade for <$90
[21:56:02] gigem: While the rest of me is bigger than it should be, my ring still fits. It could be worse. I guy I know at church lost his ring last year. I don't remember the price he was given for a replacement, but it was a LOT.
[21:57:17] rmeden: current price is 14k gold $1400, 10k $1000
[21:57:31] rmeden: (for everyone else's benefit, it's a very big ring)
[21:59:05] rmeden: they have a cheaper Silver/Paladium now... $300 that's nice
[21:59:26] gigem: Is that the plain, men's ring? I think mine with 10k gold and a 10c diamond was like $800 in '83.
[21:59:48] jheizer: Getting bigger, another thing we try to slowdown
[21:59:59] jheizer: sitting here all day sure doesn't help things
[22:01:01] gigem: Treadmill desk?
[22:02:01] jheizer: I need to start running again. Broke an arm and busted up a knee last year so have been lazy. Add on second kid and where's all that free tiem go.
[22:02:06] Roklobster (Roklobster! has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[22:02:18] jheizer: Then someone gets me looking at chromecasts again. I'll just blame him :)
[22:04:03] letifosiferrari (letifosiferrari!~letifosif@ has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[22:04:30] letifosiferrari (letifosiferrari!~letifosif@ has joined #mythtv
[22:06:39] gigem: I had been cycling about 2k miles per year until a few years ago. I've had a bad neck for a while and the cycling made it worse. I only did 144 miles last year and I'm on that same pace this year. :(
[22:07:26] jheizer: I use to love to ride as well. Sadly though it never seemed to do the weight loss thing for me though.
[22:08:09] jheizer: Started running the next year and it did better but so much more boring.
[22:12:17] markspieth: dekarl1: eit is now 1 week with good descriptions. not sure how much is supplemented by ttvdb though but it does get banners. no channel icons other than the explicit ones I installed.
[22:13:04] gigem: It worked well for me, at least for a while. I lost 50 lbs at one point without much of a diet change. Unfortunately, mother nature has slowed my metabolism enough now that even if I could ride that much, I don't think the results would be the same.
[22:15:46] amessina (amessina!~amessina@unaffiliated/amessina) has joined #mythtv
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[22:22:40] dekarl1 is now known as dekarl
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[23:14:43] dmfrey: stuarta, in this case, its just a html page
[23:15:20] dmfrey: this will be referenced from the google cast dev console and apps will use it to deliver the video content to a chromecast device
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