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Wednesday, May 18th, 2016, 00:26 UTC
[00:26:14] jpabq: rkulagow: found it. Mythtv issue, which I have fixed. Thanks for your help.
[00:34:35] jpabq: It looks like myth's concept of a "series ID" is changed when switching from internal-SD to tv_grab_sd_json. Most of my recording rules are broken.
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[01:03:48] rkulagow: @jpabq: ok
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[03:01:21] rmeden: @jpabq I seem to remember from the XMLTV spec, it should start with zero.. so the first part is Part 0.
[03:02:51] rmeden: @jpabq if someone could check the MythTV source and see where it wants the old series-id in XMLTV format, we can probably fix it (and now would be the time to make changes!)
[03:03:57] rmeden: @jpabq oh wait..... we can probably match the native schedules Direct series ID (SD-DD service), but never would make the Atlas one.
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[03:14:47] rmeden: tv_grab_sd_json has just been corrected. Total number of episodes in a multipart should start with 1 (not have one subtracted). Last episode of a 3 parter in XMLTV ends in 2/3.
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[03:27:11] knightr: gary_buhrmaster, thank you! I wrote to that person... I was pretty sure but not entirely...
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[05:42:58] dekarl: jpabq: IIRC I fixed the number/total issues in our code years ago. the last of three (series/episodes/parts) is 2/3. So . . . 8edf767bb2d0 adds a bug. The fix for the data pipeline is here . . . 3&r2=1.4
[05:44:19] dekarl: basically what rmeden said.
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[07:55:28] stuarta: morning all
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[08:18:23] JohnLBergqvist: Carrying on from last night, the calls to the atlas grabber are now giving me an error 500, no matter what API key I use :/
[08:19:14] stuarta: :(
[08:20:11] JohnLBergqvist: this is confusing
[08:20:40] JohnLBergqvist: I have a valid API key (which works for the 4.0 API), yet it doesn't with the 3.0 API that uk_grab_atlas uses
[08:20:48] JohnLBergqvist: maybe they've changed the format without telling us? :/
[08:21:52] stuarta: dekarl: isn't atlas your territory?
[08:21:55] JohnLBergqvist: "{"error":{"message":"An internal server error occurred","error_code":"INTERNAL_ERROR","error_id& quot;:"67797935-cfcd-428c-bf38-ac51c8753b69"}}"
[08:22:00] JohnLBergqvist: 4.0 works fine =
[08:22:30] JohnLBergqvist: someone should tell Honir ASAP, I don't know how to get hold of him
[08:28:06] JohnLBergqvist: either that or they're genuinely having server issues, but it's been happening since early this morning
[08:28:12] JohnLBergqvist: oh well, i'll see if they resolve it
[08:29:15] JohnLBergqvist: Although if you ask me, everythign on their website seems half-finished & breaks every other time :/
[08:36:02] JohnLBergqvist: Ive just got in touch with Metabroadcast through twitter
[08:36:22] JohnLBergqvist: I don't understand it, given that I have a valid API key, and v4 works fine with that key, AND i've accepted the new T&Cs
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[08:55:51] JohnLBergqvist: Hey knowledg1junkie. Have you tried accessing v3 of atlas today?
[08:56:17] JohnLBergqvist: I'm getting a 500 error, even though I have a valid key (i've confirmed the new T&C's too), and also v4 is working fine for me
[09:17:14] stuarta: hmmm /dev/sda on my hosted server now has uncorrectable sectors.
[09:17:23] stuarta: disk death pending.
[09:17:34] stuarta: time to implement plan "mythic beast"
[09:24:21] JohnLBergqvist: Mythic beast?
[09:25:42] stuarta: vps provider in the uk
[09:25:59] stuarta: not too much £ and seem to know their stuff
[09:31:42] Roklobster: oh the 'cloud'. i have heard of this.
[09:34:18] stuarta: Roklobster: no no, not cloud, that completely different
[09:34:29] stuarta: that would be project openshift
[09:35:10] Roklobster: interesting.
[09:36:40] stuarta: vps = paying someone to host a VM for you
[09:37:09] Roklobster: derr
[09:37:20] Roklobster: well i know that
[09:37:39] Roklobster: have you been messing with your own hardware in someone elses rack?
[09:38:02] stuarta: no, i've had it for a few years now, and it's been hosting ~5 buildslaves on average
[09:38:13] stuarta: so the disks take a beating
[09:38:37] Roklobster: trouble is guaranteeing disk IO and cpu when you need it. I used to have a cheap vps and it'd run like crap in the evenings.
[09:38:59] stuarta: tbh, i only want it to host my email, so i don't care *that* much about it
[09:39:18] Roklobster: yep
[09:39:20] stuarta: if it's too crap i'll eventually move back to my own root server
[09:39:37] Roklobster: not going to a cloudy gmaily outlooky mail host?
[09:42:05] stuarta: nope, i only have a gmail account because i have an android phone
[09:42:32] stuarta: and the vps i'm considering is only £50 a year
[09:45:17] ikevin: gmail is not an obligation with android phone, you can host your data yourself, like with owncloud
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[09:49:39] Roklobster: yep
[09:55:47] JohnLBergqvist: if you're downloading apps on Google Play, don't you need a Google account (which forces you to use a gmail address?)
[09:56:08] stuarta: you did when i first signed up for it
[09:56:45] stuarta: this is like several phones and a few more years ago
[09:57:18] ikevin: JohnLBergqvist, if your using google apps you need a google account, so your not obligated to use google play to download app, there are a lot of alternative store
[09:57:41] ikevin: i'm running cm13 without gapps
[10:03:10] dekarl: JohnLBergqvist: honir999(this)gmail-that-com was last used on the xmltv lists
[10:06:29] dekarl: stuarta, I care about Atlas, but due to ENOTIME I haven't done anything since my last attempts a year ago or so.
[10:09:28] JohnLBergqvist: ive emailed him now
[10:09:37] JohnLBergqvist: still no reply from metabroadcast either.
[10:10:25] dekarl: Man, now I'm learning how to get the discussion out of this twitter thingy...
[10:13:14] JohnLBergqvist: The only way I could get hold of Metabroadcast is through twitter seemingly
[10:18:08] dekarl: is a very nice summary of the open source experience with that server. MB invested but got nothing in return. The only active users are the freeloaders that invest the absolute minimum to get the free service.
[10:19:19] dekarl: knowledg1junkie and me are still some of their top open source contributers, with one/two commits each
[10:19:55] JohnLBergqvist: Any ideas on how to resolve this error 500 with the V3 API though?
[10:20:38] dekarl: I also think that a healthy cooperation on guide data / tools can still happen. But not as a one way street
[10:20:49] JohnLBergqvist: Im parnaoid, here, because in less than 2 weeks, i'm going to run out of guide data, rending my backend useless!
[10:21:16] dekarl: can you switch to EIT? I hear its not bad in the UK
[10:21:31] JohnLBergqvist: I don't know
[10:22:41] JohnLBergqvist: Are you able to get hold of anyone from MB at the moment, quicker than I can?
[10:23:00] JohnLBergqvist: I just want to look into this 500 error with the v3 api, that tv_grab_uk_atlas uses
[10:25:12] dekarl: one idea, are you requesting more then 24 hours?
[10:25:30] dekarl: no, I can't get hold of them quicker.
[10:26:04] JohnLBergqvist: No i'm not
[10:29:00] JohnLBergqvist: this is ridiculous
[10:30:55] JohnLBergqvist: Does the SD-JSON XMLTV grabber work with mythfilldatabase yet?
[10:31:30] JohnLBergqvist: I can't see any files that tell me which of their xmltv IDs apply to which channels, on my filesystem
[10:38:04] JohnLBergqvist: it's not like it's rjecting my API key, if I put in an invalid key it'll tell me
[10:40:47] dekarl: I don't understand. Both xmltv grabbers for SD-JSON should "just work". They'll very likely have different channel ids to the _uk_atlas or the _uk_rt grabber though. But nothing a mapping table couldn't fix
[10:43:09] JohnLBergqvist: surely though, mythtv has to know the xmltv id of each channel (from the grabber) in order to import the guide data sucesfully?
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[10:49:16] JohnLBergqvist: i'll have to test a migration to SD-JSON tonight
[10:49:23] JohnLBergqvist: luckily i've got no recordings to be scheduled....
[10:49:43] JohnLBergqvist: I don't want to switch to EIT because it's inconsistent in terms of when it updates
[10:49:54] JohnLBergqvist: and the "Active EIT scan" crashes my tuner card after a while, so I can't use that either.
[11:14:18] dekarl: stuartm, gigem: we are being offered API access for deep integration of IceTV (offers australian guide data) including their "series recording" feature at My first reaction is to forward the offer to the xmltv project for a good old grabber. Then a deeper integration via some kind of "mythical recording rule synchronization script" could be build on top of that.
[11:19:28] stuarta: do they offer channel icons too?
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[13:23:33] JohnLBergqvist: Got in touch with Atlas, they've told me to raise a support request, and that I "shouldn't use V3, use V4 instead"
[13:33:53] stuartm: dekarl: had a quick browse around the API docs, I'm not clear on what the series recording feature actually is? Keeps referring to submitting a 'record' to them?
[13:34:04] stuarta: i bet they depreciated it without telling anyone
[13:34:05] stuartm: dekarl: had a quick browse around the API docs, I'm not clear on what the series recording feature actually is? Keeps referring to submitting a 'record' to them?
[13:34:12] stuartm: huh?
[13:35:28] JohnLBergqvist: If you were referring to depreciating V3, they must have done it last night then...
[13:35:36] stuartm: so is the idea that you say you want to record all episodes of ABC, and they then tell you when all the episodes of ABC are on?
[13:42:29] stuartm: jpabq_: Re: . . . 8edf767bb2d0
[13:43:08] stuartm: the example in suggests differently
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[13:43:51] stuartm: that total parts is _not_ indexed from zero, which makes sense since it's not an index but a count
[13:44:16] stuartm: "The first episode of the second series is '1.0.0/1' . If it were a two-part episode, then the first half would be '1.0.0/2' and the second half '1.0.1/2'."
[13:44:43] stuartm: i.e. total parts is 2 here, and there are two in total, not 3
[13:45:20] stuartm: it's confusing since earlier it states "All these numbers are indexed from zero"
[13:46:39] stuartm: but if you accept that like an array/list/map, indexes are from zero but total number of elements is the actual number
[13:47:48] stuarta: but there is never an episode 0
[13:48:34] JohnLBergqvist: I see tlas have now told me to use their contact form. Their contact form is broken...
[13:48:37] JohnLBergqvist: *Atlas
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[14:10:06] rmeden: stuarta: in the XMLTV data feed there is a episode number with a value of zero.. the first one.
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[15:28:56] dekarl: but there is a series 0 which means not part of the series, but somehow affiliated, like a special or the feature film. but only in one datasource ;)
[15:33:33] stuartm: stuarta: as rmeden says, in xmltv there is :) And he should know :)
[15:35:47] stuartm: rmeden: since you're here, just to confirm – the totals are always absolute i.e. 3 === 3?
[15:36:10] ** stuarta defers to those who actually know these things **
[15:36:22] rmeden: dekarl: sounds like a bug somewhere. in xmltv the part/total is presented as a/b so if it's just a then not multipart
[15:37:32] rmeden: stuartm: the part/total a/b if there are three parts b=3 the last part would be 2/3
[15:38:35] stuartm: rmeden: dekarl is refering to where 0 is used to indicate programmes which are associated with a series but not actually part of a season – e.g. christmas specials etc which air as standalone episodes
[15:38:46] rmeden: xmltv doesn't have separate fields for part-number and number-of-parts. It really looks like a not very well designed system... part of an episode number.. but what's designed is designed. :) I think it was part of Ed Avis' original design
[15:39:38] rmeden: does output XMLTV or it's own format. If it's using XMLTV, it can say "0" just not "0/0". The slash indicates multipart.
[15:40:10] stuartm: it's own format, it's unrelated to xmltv
[15:40:39] dekarl: rmeden: I understood that 0 indicates the first of an undefined number elements.
[15:40:52] ** dekarl wanders off to look um xmltv_ns **
[15:41:04] rmeden: that would work too.. but that doesn't make it a multipart
[15:41:24] stuartm: nah, the way we process it has always been as Robert says, episode_num/total_episodes
[15:41:31] stuartm: season_num/total_seasons etc
[15:41:57] rmeden: I don't think seasons are done that way, just parts :)
[15:42:13] rmeden: in the US you never really know how many seasons a show will run.... no one does
[15:42:26] rmeden: and heck, if a show gets canceled, it can still come back.
[15:42:53] stuarta: or replaced with another with the exact same plot
[15:43:04] rmeden: and cheaper actors
[15:43:13] dekarl: . . . =markup#l372
[15:44:53] rmeden: ah interesting... I don't think I've ever seen */total_seasons" ever used... but it is valid
[15:51:59] dekarl: should not have looked at that... xmltv's definition of series 0 is different from thetvdb's...
[15:52:31] dekarl: both do make sense from the design point of view of each application, though
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[16:12:06] SteveGoodey: OT. Sorry chaps can someone smarter than me answer this question? I'm trying to register for schedules direct forum. The captcha question is:- Create a nonsense word using the third letter of bedazzle and the letter that's next to itself.: Any clues?
[16:12:34] stuarta: dz
[16:13:21] stuarta: z is next to itself in bedazzle
[16:14:32] SteveGoodey: stuarta: Ah got it thanks. Goes to give himself a slapping.
[16:14:42] stuarta: heh
[16:14:54] stuarta: wasn't exactly clear....
[16:18:21] SteveGoodey: Blimey. If I can't register for the schedules direct forum what chance do I have getting the json listing service working instead of the radio times.
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[16:21:00] rkulagow: @SteveGoodey: we need to have something that a bot can't just google easily
[16:21:20] rkulagow: because we had 100's of accounts being opened each day
[16:22:37] stuarta: rkulagow: normal captcha wasn't cutting it?
[16:24:14] SteveGoodey: rkulagow: Yeah but you've just made me announce to the whole world how stupid I am. Thanks. :-)
[16:24:26] ** stuarta rofl **
[16:27:02] dekarl: fwiw with the non-english speakers aproaching it may be time to revisit some of these ;)
[16:28:06] rmeden: rkulagow: I've also gotten about 3 emails about bedazzle in the last day on the admin email. I suspect it's too hard of a turing test
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[16:32:22] rkulagow: @rmeden: i just needed it to be something other than what we had before about flying south or whatever. if you have the cycles to implement captcha then go for it
[16:34:56] jpabq_: dekarl: stuartm, rmeden, rkulagow : So, what is the consensus? My change fixes it "for me", but is wrong for everyone else?
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[16:35:20] jpabq_ is now known as jpabq
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[16:39:30] SteveGoodey: rkulagow: rmeden: Just a quick one guys. Am I right in thinking that for the json radio times replacement I can't use the North America ( (Internal) option in mythtv video source?
[16:41:32] rmeden: SteveGoodey: correct. That uses the SD-DD service, not hte SD-JSON service. SD-DD has only US/Canada
[16:42:02] SteveGoodey: rmeden: Ok thanks.
[16:46:49] JohnBergqvist (JohnBergqvist! has joined #mythtv
[16:47:00] JohnBergqvist: Why do my damn emails not go through to the XMLTV mailing list when I send them?7
[16:47:45] rmeden: JohnBergqvist: are you subscribed to the list? and does the FROM: field match the subscription?
[16:48:15] JohnBergqvist: Do i have to be subscribed to it in order to post?
[16:48:19] rmeden: yes
[16:49:24] JohnBergqvist: ok
[16:49:47] rmeden: I do have an automated script that auto-approves some things.. but if your message doesn't match that filter, it is discarded as SPAM
[16:50:49] JohnBergqvist: Well i've subscribed now & tried again
[16:51:11] JohnBergqvist: Can I PM you my email address to check it's not being accidentally marked as spam?
[16:51:45] rmeden: sure
[16:57:57] dekarl: jpabq: your change is a "two wrongs make one right" change, but one the the wrongs has been righted, so now its only wrong ;)
[16:58:20] jpabq: dekarl: Okay, so I will revert it.
[16:58:27] dekarl: easiest would be to update your xmltv and revert the fix in mythtv
[17:02:39] Merlin83b (Merlin83b! has quit (Quit: Leaving)
[17:03:36] jpabq: rmeden: you pushed a change to tv_grab_sd_json?
[17:04:13] rmeden: jpabq: last night.. to not subtract 1 from total parts of a multipart
[17:04:36] jpabq: I tried a git pull, and it doesn't show it.
[17:04:54] rmeden: not on git... xmltv still uses CVS
[17:05:13] rmeden: Kevin should probably disable his git repository now that we've added it to xmltv
[17:05:34] jpabq: Oh. I was using
[17:05:41] rmeden: yea, that's now outdated
[17:06:10] gedakc (gedakc! has joined #mythtv
[17:07:48] jpabq: It has been forever since I used CVS. Can you point me to the repository? All I see on is a link to a nightly tar.
[17:08:04] jpabq: Oh, I found it.
[17:08:44] jpabq: Hmmm, maybe I will just use the nightly build.
[17:09:31] jpabq: I see instructions for Windows, which is, of course, not what I want.
[17:09:35] gary_buhrmaster (gary_buhrmaster!~gtb@2601:647:4801:98e3:222:4dff:fe51:6728) has left #mythtv ()
[17:09:40] rmeden: that's fine.. you can also just download the files under code at
[17:10:18] rmeden: Unix folks just get a tarball.. packagers haven't gotten to this yet!.. heck we don't even have this in a distribution yet
[17:10:28] rmeden: it was just added to the repository a couple of days ago
[17:12:00] JohnBergqvist: Maybe XMLTV should move to github...
[17:12:06] JohnBergqvist: would be so much easier IMO
[17:19:02] davic: ^ rmeden
[17:19:05] davic: time to do that
[17:19:41] davic: You can even have remote repos that folders points to in the xmltv repo
[17:22:55] jpabq: rmeden: What is the difference between INSTALL_BASE and PREFIX? When I tried to specify the prefix it complained that INSTALL_BASE cannot also be set.
[17:24:51] rmeden: JohnBergqvist: There are folks who want to move to git, but it just hasn't been done yet. Technically no real reason. There's a not a lot of commits, and folks have plenty of other things to do.
[17:25:34] rmeden: There is a github mirror of the CVS repo, don't remember where
[17:25:59] davic: doesn't nick run one?
[17:26:03] JohnBergqvist: lots of things havent been done yet... V3 of the Atlas API has been depreciated for over a year, yet the atlas grabber hasn't moved over to V4, and now it's broken as of today.
[17:26:07] davic:
[17:26:16] rmeden: jpabq: don't remember.. sorry... I usually live on windows, at least for XMLTV
[17:27:31] rmeden: like many OSS projects, XMLTV is based on folks having an "itch to scratch". Once a tool works for the developer, not much changes...
[17:27:59] davic: rmeden: 1. there is easier to have people contributing to grabbers using pull requests, 2. easier way to release versions, 3. Sourceforge is horrible for OSS
[17:28:01] davic: etc etc etc
[17:28:05] JohnBergqvist: Well it works for no-one now :P
[17:28:08] JohnBergqvist: not even the developer
[17:29:14] davic: JohnBergqvist: funny thing, I was supposed to add my data for 800+ tv channels to Atlas
[17:29:17] rmeden: we were going to move to git after the last release, but no one took the ball.. and now it looks like another release is soon. And SF *is* working for us.... folks are able to commit changes, etc
[17:29:20] davic: looks like I drop out of that
[17:29:54] JohnBergqvist: davic: Have you tried to make a regular call to V3 of the atlas api today?
[17:29:59] JohnBergqvist: is it also giving you an error 500?
[17:30:03] davic: JohnBergqvist: I don't use atlas
[17:30:13] JohnBergqvist: oh right.
[17:30:25] davic: I was supposed to add data to it via my project
[17:31:25] davic: rmeden: it's really easier to handle commits from outwards using pull requests, comments etc, issues and so on
[17:33:26] rmeden: XMLTV just hasn't gotten around to it. feel free to get on the list and offer to lead the charge!
[17:34:31] JohnBergqvist: Id like to port the atlas grabber over to the V4 api, but I don't know perl so I can't
[17:35:11] davic: JohnBergqvist: do you know php?
[17:35:17] xris (xris! has joined #mythtv
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[17:35:18] JohnBergqvist: Yes.
[17:35:20] JohnBergqvist: A bit
[17:35:31] davic: Perl is like php
[17:36:18] JohnBergqvist: no its not, at least not to me.
[17:36:29] JohnBergqvist: anyway, I don't understand his code, so yeah.
[17:43:27] jpabq: rmeden: re: seriesid. I fixed my recording rules last night. In the long run, Is there any advantage to leaving it the way it is, or and advantage to matching Schedules Direct ID?
[17:44:06] willcooke_ (willcooke_! has joined #mythtv
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[17:45:09] jpabq: rmeden: It is a fair amount of work for the user to fix their recording rules. However, if there is a long-term advantage to it, then it is worth it.
[17:47:28] rmeden: jpabq: I suspect the long-term series ID on SD-JSON will be stable... but of course whenever you change providers that changes. Maybe dKarl or someone could develop a remapping filter. Probably shouldn't be part of the grabber, but it could be added to XMLTV project.
[17:47:32] willcooke (willcooke!~willcooke@ubuntu/member/willcooke) has quit (Ping timeout: 260 seconds)
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[18:10:13] cbovy: Hi all, anyone able to give me some hints in solving #12773? Especially, the last stack in thread 1 in the backtrace is empty.
[18:13:36] jpabq (jpabq!~quassel@mythtv/developer/jpabq) has quit (Ping timeout: 276 seconds)
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[18:15:37] rkulagow: i don't know if anyone here does anything with the thetvdb grabber, but schedules direct also offers cast photos, coverart and the like. i believe that the json->xmltv grabber caches the JSON for the program, which then allows you to follow links to obtain images.
[18:16:10] rkulagow: it also avoids the namespace collision that occasionally results in porn.
[18:16:17] rkulagow: . . . ogos-banners
[18:16:20] jpabq: rkulagow: that would be VERY nice.
[18:17:35] rkulagow: . . . _b_h3_aa.jpg
[18:23:02] natanojl (natanojl!~jonatan@mythtv/developer/natanojl) has joined #mythtv
[18:23:59] JohnBergqvist_ (JohnBergqvist_! has joined #mythtv
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[18:28:59] gregl (gregl! has joined #mythtv
[18:32:10] dekarl: rkulagow: the surprise porn is long fixed
[18:32:53] dekarl: can SD members query the library for art, too? e.g. with a replacement for the tmdb/tvdb grabbers?
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[18:39:19] rkulagow: @dekarl: what sort of art? there are headshots, cast photos, banners, etc.
[18:43:10] gregl (gregl! has quit (Quit: Leaving)
[18:43:29] gregl (gregl! has joined #mythtv
[18:49:18] dekarl: rkulagow: yes stuff like that. banners, posters, backgrounds
[18:49:55] dekarl: . . . pported_tags
[18:50:32] dekarl: . . . _image_types is better
[18:51:07] dekarl: hmm, that does not show clear samples of show/series/movie banners etc
[18:52:15] rkulagow: @dekarl: what's not showing clear samples? my link to github describing the API? or the links?
[18:52:27] dekarl: the latter
[18:54:49] dekarl: is there an api to search for the programid?
[18:55:28] dekarl: e.g. seach for "golden eye" and get back the program id of the james bond movie, then pull images for that
[18:58:18] gregl (gregl! has quit (Remote host closed the connection)
[18:59:06] rkulagow: dekarl: at this time, no.
[18:59:39] rkulagow: but if golden eye is on the schedule, and has a programID, and hasImage is true, then there are images.
[19:00:04] rkulagow: i'll have to think of a way to arbitrarily query. but that opens a can of worms
[19:00:52] gedakc (gedakc! has quit (Quit: Ex-Chat)
[19:01:54] dekarl: it would be the easiest way to connect the images to recordings/videos. I wrote a hack to connect ids from the guide feed to the tv and movie grabber, so we could set something up that skips the search part
[19:02:44] dekarl: but for series it depends on a series id + season number + episode number instead of a simple unique episode id
[19:03:33] dekarl: . . . ser.cpp#L519
[19:05:25] dekarl: e.g. we could create a grabber called that gets your "programid" as inetref. then MFDB could copy the "programid" to "inetref" for all programs of category "movie" or all ids beginning with "MV"
[19:08:14] dekarl: @all, if you write a grabber (preferably in python to match the existing ones) for movie images / metadata that can take the programid, then I can add the piping to connect the SD-JSON guide data from the xmltv grabber to the movie metadata/image grabber
[19:11:36] rkulagow: @dekarl: we have graphics for more than just movies though, so hardcoding to "MV" isn't necessary?
[19:12:18] dekarl: rkulagow: the restriction to movies is only due to the piping needed to connect the guide data to the grabber
[19:12:57] dekarl: the tv episode grabber works off seriesid+season+episode instead of the programid, so its not so easy to fiddle that together
[19:14:04] dekarl: so movie art is what could be demonstrated without bigger changes on your or our side :)
[19:14:45] mad_enz (mad_enz! has joined #mythtv
[19:14:56] rkulagow: @dekarl: sure. just offering an alternative to all that. whatever is actually getting metadata doesn't need to use an external resource anymore to determine s/e since that's included in the programID JSON. and each program (and not just movies; sports, episodes, etc) will also have links to the appropriate images for that program
[19:15:15] rkulagow: anyway, if someone wants to implement the functionality i'm available if there are API questions.
[19:16:45] dekarl: rkulagow: do all programs have s/e in the programid? we can split that out into three values and recombine later to get off the ground
[19:17:09] rkulagow: "EP" types will have S/E if it's available to our upstream.
[19:17:10] dekarl: or just whip up a demo that works for those programs that have it
[19:17:49] rkulagow: but it's not mandatory, and some programs don't have true episodes. "eastenders" is apparently one of those; i asked gracenote and bbc doesn't give them that, just "episode #5084"
[19:18:28] dekarl: ahh, programs that don't do seasons. just a running number of the episode
[19:19:34] rkulagow: the link that i sent earlier shows all the various ways of getting images for "gilmore girls"
[19:31:53] Roklobster (Roklobster! has joined #mythtv
[19:34:31] dekarl: how do I "send the request to Schedules Direct" for incomplete URIs?
[19:34:53] dekarl: e.g. . . . s/EP00385190 points to assets/p184655_n183495_cc_v4_aa.jpg
[19:37:08] dekarl: ahh . . . ing-an-image
[19:48:08] stuarta: dekarl: just a bit of magic glue required ;-)
[19:52:47] dekarl: rkulagow: should this work?
[19:53:33] rkulagow: did you forget /metadata/
[19:53:50] xris (xris! has joined #mythtv
[19:53:54] dekarl: no, was trying to get show title etc
[19:54:09] xris (xris! has quit (Changing host)
[19:54:09] xris (xris!~xris@mythtv/developer/xris) has joined #mythtv
[19:54:11] dekarl: . . . -information
[19:54:44] dekarl: I noticed that I says "POST, send array of program ids in body" but the call with /metadata/ said this, too
[19:55:02] rkulagow: @dekarl: no, that won't work
[19:55:22] rkulagow: the API is batch oriented
[19:55:25] rkulagow: not one-shots
[19:56:00] rkulagow: the API document shows you how to use the Postman REST client in Chrome to make the magic happen.
[19:56:03] dekarl: ok, so I have to POST with one element in the array? nothing I can easily test in the browser atm.
[19:56:09] rkulagow: you can do it in curl if you're a masochist. :)
[19:56:29] dekarl: I'll look at it later, got to actually use the mythfrontend now that the kids are asleep ;)
[19:57:08] dekarl: looking forward to a SD-JSON user coming forward with a metadata grabber</hint>
[19:57:29] dekarl: But the data and API appear to be ready for a quick hack
[19:59:49] gregl (gregl! has joined #mythtv
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[20:05:32] zz_CyberJacob is now known as CyberJacob
[20:06:10] jpabq: dekarl: With our current metadata grabber I sill get a fair amount of artwork which is NOT for the show/movie in question. The current grabber does not even require an exact match on the title, so I can have a show called "This" and end up with artwork for a show called "This that". A grabber which worked off of a programid should fix all that.
[20:08:59] jheizer (jheizer!~jheizer@2601:246:8200:2a:b8bb:d87a:a5ee:446f) has quit (Read error: Network is unreachable)
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[20:20:43] stuarta: rkulagow: curl is for real web testers ;-)
[20:22:22] stuarta: i've spent quite a lot of time recently with curl recently while testing new channel icon service
[20:26:09] stuarta: need to get around to deploy it to live soon
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[21:10:44] jpabq: It looks like Myth's xmltvparser does not populate the programgenres table.
[21:12:09] dmfrey (dmfrey! has joined #mythtv
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[22:07:48] gigem: dekarl1, stuartm: I can't tell either what service or feature IceTV is trying to provide.
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