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Saturday, May 14th, 2016, 00:02 UTC
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[07:15:47] dekarl: stuarta, is libcec installed on . . . linux-64bit?
[07:15:57] dekarl: gary_buhrmaster: is libcec installed on
[07:16:45] dekarl: If yes, then I'd like to fix out configure script. If no, then its at least not due to the configure script :)
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[08:50:23] stuartm: does anyone know whether Kodi's UPnP support is native or using libupnp?
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[09:45:22] dekarl: I don't know, but they ship a libupnp
[09:45:48] dekarl: Platinum UPnP SDK
[09:55:18] dekarl: the history looks interesting at
[10:02:25] dekarl: stuartm: should we collect mythbackend 0.28 upnp related issues with third party clients centrally at our wiki? e.g. links to bug reports spread over the various bug trackers?
[10:07:25] stuartm: that would be good
[10:07:59] stuartm: I thought I had filed a bug upstream for libupnp but I'm looking at their bug tracker now and I see no sign of it, so perhaps I hadn't
[10:09:23] stuartm: do we know if anyone has filed a bug with the Kodi devs yet?
[10:19:47] dekarl: I'm not seeing one
[10:24:04] stuartm:
[10:30:30] dekarl: ha! It appeared that the project has been idle the last 5 years from these links, this one appears more active
[10:31:03] ** dekarl loves it when projects hide their active project ressources from interested parties **
[10:34:44] stuartm:!forum/platinum-upnp-sdk
[10:34:56] stuartm: is their support forum
[10:35:57] stuartm: many of these upnp libs do appear to be pretty dead – like everyone assumes the UPnP spec is static, so they threw something together that mostly worked a few years ago then walked away, job done
[10:40:56] dekarl: I guess we need to get active in events like this . . . ouisville-co
[10:41:19] dekarl: btw, upnp between kodi and hdhr is broken, too. so "its not just us"
[10:43:45] dekarl: maybe this is interesting?
[11:04:55] dekarl: I started collecting the clients and bugs at . . . UPnP_Clients contributions welcome
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[14:10:10] gary_buhrmaster: dekarl: libcec-devel was not installed on the f22 builder. I have just added it, and forced a build.
[14:13:28] gary_buhrmaster: dekarl: Re: dlna broken with kodi/hdhr. As I recall, SD (at least once) claimed something to the effect that as they are actually DLNA certified, they had to respond in some specific way that Kodi did not handle well.
[14:18:28] gary_buhrmaster: I also recall some statements by SD that said they had implemented workarounds for some specific clients (where possible within the spec, I guess).
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[14:36:46] peterbennett: I upgraded my production system to 0.28, now it recorded the same program episode two copies at the same time from two channels. Any idea why that would happen? It has the normal default duplicate checking options.
[14:38:59] gary_buhrmaster: dekarl: f22 compile was successful with libcec-devel installed.
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[15:06:08] gary_buhrmaster: dekarl: (to be specific, the f22 compile on master looks good, obviously until you cherrypick back to fixes/0.28, that set shows the issue of -I-I.)
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[15:44:03] peterbennett: stuarta: Please can you add libass-dev to ansible. My frontend was missing subtitle support because that was not present when compiling.
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[15:55:50] stuartm: kodi/xbmc have long claimed they are DLNA compliant, but apparently they've made those claims without actually reading the spec
[16:12:20] gary_buhrmaster: "compliant" has no official meaning. Anything can claim compliance, as it is whatever you want to claim it is, and "occasionally works" sounds so much less useful.
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[16:15:32] stuartm: exactly
[16:15:55] stuartm: I prefer to call MythTV DLNA friendly
[16:16:16] stuartm: although it's already more compliant with the spec than Kodi ;)
[16:16:23] gary_buhrmaster: And everyone wants to be MythTV's friend?
[16:16:42] stuartm: it's a big spec and proper compliance testing costs tens of thousands of dollars
[16:17:11] gary_buhrmaster: To be (very) slightly fair, until recently the DLNA specs were behind the NDA paywall, so xbmc had no idea just how non-compliant they were.
[16:17:25] gary_buhrmaster: right.
[16:17:27] stuartm: hmm, missed Peter, was hoping he might know why I can't get HDMI audio working with the RPi
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[16:23:24] dekarl: gary_buhrmaster: ty, the important information is, that is was not missing due to configure script breakage :)
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[16:30:39] gary_buhrmaster: dekarl: I understand. Now you just need to get confirmation about arch (although there is a different configure script breakage on arch regarding the systemd detection. There is a ticket with patch somewhere on that one)
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[16:42:02] dekarl: I guess thats why there are plugfests... everybody and their mom is compliant but nothing works...
[16:50:47] dekarl: gary_buhrmaster: I'd rather rip out the systemd dependency in favor of 10 lines of our own code that signals "daemon is ready"
[16:51:43] dekarl: there was a sample, IIRC by the author, but I couldn't find it the last time I tried to do that... should have created a ticket when I stumbled upon that
[17:06:04] dekarl: hmm regarding Arch, fixing the hardware profiler / Smolt would be nice so it appears at the stats... Mageia can already be seen in "other os" :)
[17:11:47] gary_buhrmaster: I presume it determined if the NOTIFY_SOCKET environmental variable existed, opened a socket, and send READY=1 (with various error/timeout handling). That is essentially all the sd_notify function does.
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[17:24:43] dekarl: yes, that's what it does
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[19:12:27] enyc: gary_buhrmaster: ?what changed the paywall-situation?
[19:24:24] gary_buhrmaster: The DLNA consortium decided to open up the spec(s). I think there were a couple of contributing reasons for that decision, but the important point is the specs can now be read by anyone (of course, the "book" is huge, but it is out there).
[19:26:44] gary_buhrmaster: You still have to pay to run through the battery of "certification" tests to achieve the magic stamp (should that be a goal).
[19:29:34] enyc: is there a good answer to 'discovering DLNA servers on a different subnet'  ?
[19:30:13] enyc: upnp relay of some form?
[19:33:52] gary_buhrmaster: Sure, run a proper router with multicast forwarding. Low end devices sometimes have what they call igmp proxy (which sort of does the same thing for simple topologies).
[19:35:24] gary_buhrmaster: Unfortunately, proper mrouter implementations tend to only occur on the big name vendors, with big name vendor pricing.
[19:36:29] gary_buhrmaster: In the consumer space, there is a (usual) presumption that you have one, and only one, network (and maybe a guest network).
[19:39:16] gary_buhrmaster: The entire homenet project is trying to change that (one network per residence) among other things, but I have not carefully followed its recent progress on multicast discovery. And in any case, it moves are the usual speed of IETF.
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[21:12:18] enyc: gary_buhrmaster: i see
[21:12:44] enyc: gary_buhrmaster: is it possible/feasible to setup mulitcast forwarding between subnets with something like an OpenWRT box between all the 'internal' networks ??
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[23:20:19] Hydr0p0nX: enyc: it's not something simple like 192.168.0.x and 192.168.1.x is it?
[23:22:43] Hydr0p0nX: I use shibby's tomato firmware and have 2 VPNs and 3 Wireless access points, totaling 4 "networks" that's covered by 192.168.0.x – 192.168.3.x + a 10.x.x.x for the Wireless my neighbor uses, it's the only one I limit access for
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[23:34:53] gary_buhrmaster: enyc: I seem to recall the xx-WRT's had an igmpproxy implementation, but I have no experience with the xx-WRT's configurations.

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