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Friday, May 13th, 2016, 00:05 UTC
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[08:11:34] stuarta: morning all
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[13:11:17] stuartm: I've a blu-ray rip that the RPi is unable to play smoothly, a bit disappointing :/
[13:15:54] stuarta: :(
[13:16:32] jheizer: GPU or I/O the weak link?
[13:19:07] stuartm: so, for the first time in over a decade I'm considering an alternative to Mandriva/Mageia, frustrated by their delayed release schedule
[13:22:30] stuarta: heh, for what platform tho?
[13:25:26] stuartm: that's the big question
[14:10:39] stuarta: i meant what hardware
[14:22:19] stuartm: oh, x86_64, my desktop :)
[14:22:40] stuartm: and laptop
[14:23:28] stuartm: particularly the laptop which has a 4k screen I'm unable to use at full res because it runs a version of plasma which doesn't include the high-dpi support
[14:24:59] stuartm: Mageia 6 includes plasma 5.6 which should have some support but outwardly there's no sign of them making that release soon, they've missed several Betas/RCs already and I've lost patience
[14:25:22] jheizer: I've gottan lazy over time and decided its easier to just run what ever is most popular. Means less digging and hunting all the time.
[14:25:37] stuarta: so it's either ubuntu or fedora
[14:26:05] stuartm: combined with the fact that they decided that one release a year is enough, when in the past you could expect two releases a year and the whole thing just feels like they are turning into Debian
[14:27:07] jheizer: and on the Pi rasbian
[14:27:36] jheizer: Just easier when you hit an issue to google what someone else already figured out than hunt.
[14:28:23] jheizer: Though I hope the officla ubuntu releases like mate start to become more popular
[14:28:30] stuartm: the tools which made mandriva unique have been neglected for a while now and other distros have long since caught up ... I will probably give Fedora a spin, not an ubuntu fan
[14:28:37] jheizer: on the Pi
[14:30:00] stuartm: anything which has regular releases, ships bleeding edge versions of software, offers KDE as a core option and doesn't make me tear my hair out will be up for consideration
[14:30:21] jheizer: I don't care for most of the ubuntu specific stuff, its just a debain that's not 3 years behind.
[14:30:41] jheizer: I always used xfce when it was my desktop OS
[14:31:06] stuarta: i only moved to ubuntu from debian because everything was so out of date, now i default to using fedora
[14:32:05] stuartm: right – just for me the very fact that it's debian based is enough to put me off :) I use Ubuntu server on my VPS, I did for a time use it on a production fe/be but as a desktop I just couldn't do that to myself
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[14:33:39] stuartm: I like rpm, in fact I've never understood the hostility to rpm from deb users, always seemed to be about politics more than facts. So I'm not wedded to any system
[14:34:23] jheizer: I haven't touched a rpm based OS in like 10+ years just that use what you already know.
[14:35:09] stuartm: that's the thing though, there's no difference between them except in the arguments used to install/search/remove/repair etc
[14:35:59] stuartm: and I'm coming from a distro that has it's own tool – urpmi – to do those things, so I'm now fluent in urpmi, yum, apt-get etc
[14:36:18] jheizer: in my case its probably knoppmyth's fault
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[14:36:27] jheizer: it was debain based and my first full time linux box
[14:36:55] stuartm: I wonder what became of Cecil ...
[14:37:49] jheizer: last LinHES release was in 2013
[14:39:22] jheizer: oh, actually no, yesterday there was a release
[14:39:53] jheizer: but recent announcements were made by a different forum user
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[14:48:21] brfransen: jheizer: That is me. Cecil got busy with real life and jams and I have kept LinHES up to date. We just haven't rolled a new release for a while.
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[14:52:02] jheizer: brfransen, glad to hear it is alive and well. Without it there's no way I would have used Mythtv back in the day. I was way to linux dumb to have done everything it did for you automatically.
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[18:00:39] peterbennett: Running mythfrontend or mythtv-setup via X11 port forwarding gives a segfault in 0.28.
[18:11:47] enyc: peterbennett: hrrm that certainly used to work on 0.27 ...
[18:12:17] peterbennett: enyc: Yes, I use it regularly
[18:12:47] peterbennett: enyc: I just upgraded my "production" system to 0.28
[18:13:15] enyc: peterbennett: i wonder if there is some presumption of shm or so in libraries =)
[18:13:47] peterbennett: enyc: I wrote a bug log – it works if you set paint engine to QT on the remote system, but if you use auto it seg faults
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[18:30:33] peterbennett: enyc: What is shm?
[18:42:25] stuarta: shm = shared memory
[18:42:28] stuarta: normally anyway
[18:43:22] stuarta: and if it's any consolation, mythtv-setup at least works via ssh tunnelled X connections
[18:43:31] stuarta: ie. ssh -X backend
[18:43:40] dekarl: dmfrey: got a firetv and plugged in a mouse... works so/so to control the app with a mix of mouse(touch) and remote. ok for testing. the call out to external player tried to open http://:/Content/... without hostname or port, is this a known issue?
[18:45:13] dmfrey: dekarl, no, you shouldn't have to see the app version all, you should be seeing the android tv version. i am not sure why this is happening
[18:45:46] dmfrey: probably after I separated the 2 so I could support back to Android SDK 14 for some users
[18:46:24] dmfrey: let me see if I can get you a debug version that is just for androidtv
[18:50:21] dmfrey: dekarl, i just sent you a link to an android tv debug version
[18:50:25] dmfrey: let me know how that goes
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[18:56:08] peterbennett: stuarta: By ssh-X you mean ssh with -X option?
[18:57:13] peterbennett: stuarta: the ssh with -X only works if I had paint engine qt
[18:59:42] peterbennett: stuarta: i.e. first go to the physical backend machine, start frontend on the backend machine, setup paint engine as qt, close, then go to remote machine and ssh -X to the backend
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[19:06:35] enyc: peterbennett: random question, does it make any difference using ssh -Y rather than ssh -X  ?
[19:08:35] peterbennett: enyc: I have not tried that
[19:09:33] peterbennett: enyc: I have these settings in my config
[19:09:35] peterbennett: ForwardX11 yes
[19:09:35] peterbennett: ForwardX11Trusted yes
[19:09:35] peterbennett: Compression yes
[19:10:37] peterbennett: enyc: So I think that is equivalent to -Y option
[19:11:03] enyc: yes probably so
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[19:39:29] stuarta: peterbennett: iirc for me, on auto it selects qt painter, but been a while since i tried.
[19:40:21] peterbennett: stuarta: It was working that way on 0.27 but does not seem to do that on 0.28
[19:42:11] stuarta: odd
[20:00:50] gary_buhrmaster: peterbennett: I presume you can use -O ThemePainter=qt to avoid some of the hoop jumping of remote physical access.
[20:05:59] gary_buhrmaster: dekarl: thanks for the quick libcec configure fix (I did not have time to look, but I also tend to try to avoid looking at the configure script because, well, I am not a fan it, but also because I do not have sufficient coverage to test changes).
[20:07:28] jheizer: hmm, I just tried opening setup with -O ThemePainter=auto and it picked the opengl rendered and seems to be working ok
[20:07:48] jheizer: log
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[20:10:47] jheizer: kind of amazed that works to be honest, xming on windows in a remote desktop'd to machine
[20:11:27] dekarl: gary_buhrmaster: I've got making the build simpler on my list, just started with configure script tickets
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[22:16:07] peterbennett: gary_buhrmaster: Yes thank you, -O ThemePainter=qt solves the problem. I was not aware of that option
[22:17:01] peterbennett: jheizer: I tried with -O ThemePainter=auto and it seg faults, but -O ThemePainter=qt works
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