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Wednesday, May 11th, 2016, 00:01 UTC
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[08:15:59] stuarta: well that's mostly worked well, apart from clearly my powerline networking had one of it's hiccups, leading to the storage timing out after 120s and the filesystem going read only
[08:16:24] stuarta: a quick tweak of the timeouts, an fsck of the filesystem, and we are back in business
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[09:43:27] stuartm: stuarta: compiling libmythtv takes a lot of memory, tv_play.cpp in particular pretty much locks up all other processes on mine
[09:44:22] stuartm: dekarl: this is an RPi – limited resources :)
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[09:51:55] stuarta: stuartm: tv_play.cpp was always the one buildslaves had problems with, which lead to the 2G memory suggestion on the wiki
[09:52:09] stuarta: dunno why it's such a beast
[09:52:22] stuartm: we should figure out why and do something about it
[09:52:44] stuartm: possibly it could be split up some more
[09:53:05] stuarta: that would be the most likely solution
[09:53:54] stuarta: that's a massive file 431K
[09:54:11] stuarta: no wonder it takes a lot of memory to compile
[09:54:54] stuarta: 13734 lines.....
[09:54:56] stuarta: sheesh
[09:57:04] stuarta: and the header file is 42k and 1118 lines
[09:57:12] stuarta: that's nuts
[09:58:28] stuarta: and you wonder why our code is hard to maintain
[10:04:55] dekarl: ahh, just switch to Odroid-C2 (needed for hardware decode of upcoming DVB-T anyway as its H.EVC 1080p*50*, according to specs) with 2G memory and 1gbit/s networking and move on :D
[10:05:27] stuarta: dekarl: how much do they go for?
[10:06:19] dekarl: 50 bucks
[10:06:45] stuarta: not bad
[10:06:50] stuarta: USD?
[10:07:16] dekarl: comes with onboard IR receiver, supports HDMI-CEC. Has a matching IR remote and cheap cases from the C1+
[10:07:39] stuarta: finally the build completed
[10:07:47] dekarl:
[10:18:44] dekarl: not finding my notes wrt hardware video decode atm. likely needs an amlogic decoder but there is stuff like "Only tested with mythtv where the renderer is VDPAU and the decoder is ffmpeg. "
[10:41:47] stuarta: i have no idea where i would even start in tv_play.[h|cpp]
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[13:39:09] dekarl: stuarta, some random ideas. Remove unneeded includes from tv_play.cpp? Split it into two files in such a way, that each has less external dependencies? (is there a tool for that?) tv_play.h has already seen some optimizations from a quick look at it (lots of class declarations instead of including the full headers)
[13:40:34] dekarl: ahh, stuartm has done a header cleanup about a year ago
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[14:04:16] stuartm: I can't remember whether it was complete
[14:08:12] stuarta: scare yourself just looking at the header....
[14:25:07] markspieth: I have an orange pi plus 2. 2G ram. IR, CEC, sata, gig ethernet too. USD$49 + shipping. will report when I get myth frontend running. almost there.
[14:25:31] stuarta: nice
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[14:33:15] stuartm: wonder if the Raspberry Pi foundation are bothered by all these devices appropriating 'Pi'
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[15:01:00] jr3us: tgm4883: what are the chances of getting a rebuild of mythtv.28 for Rpi that will incorporate the mods from Peter Bennett?
[15:02:09] jr3us: .28 hasn't had a commit since 5/8
[15:05:00] tgm4883: jr3us: Are we sure they work? I tested them and it's not working on my mate pi 3
[15:05:41] jr3us: oh i don't know. I was making an assumption. :-)
[15:06:02] tgm4883: I've not seen him around since I tried yesterday
[15:07:07] jr3us: I know the 5/8 version isn't working. I was under the impression that the mods he made were to make them work with the current placement of the libraries.
[15:10:29] tgm4883: jr3us: yea the mods he added are only to the startup scripts though. You can add them manually fairly easily
[15:11:21] jr3us: do the mods in the startup script help?
[15:13:38] dekarl: markspieth: sounds interesting, can I tease you to add it to
[15:15:00] stuarta: dekarl: the rpi3 isn't even in there
[15:17:11] ** dekarl teases some more **
[15:25:20] jr3us: ok, I tried it with the env statement he refers to in ticket #12757 and It segfaults for me.
[15:25:20] ** MythLogBot **
[15:25:39] jr3us: I'll just need to be more patient! :-)
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[16:15:10] peterbennett1: jr3us: you still get seg fault on rpi with ubuntu mate?
[16:16:31] peterbennett1: jr3us: Can you tell me what the log says?
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[16:18:40] peterbennett1: jr3us: Try in a console window export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/mesa-egl and then mythfrontend
[16:19:47] peterbennett1: jr3us: Also try updating your system sudo apt-get update and sudo apt-get dist-upgrade
[16:23:01] peterbennett1: jr3us: Compare the between /usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/mesa-egl and /opt/vc/lib
[16:24:22] peterbennett1: tgm4883: See above messages to jr3us
[16:27:07] peterbennett1: jr3us: You can also try installing my package from
[16:27:52] peterbennett1: jr3us: to install it you will first have to uninstall the mythbuntu package
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[17:42:51] tgm4883: peterbennett: let me check
[17:44:11] peterbennett: tgm4883: You said the override was not working – maybe you can point me to a package you have created that I can test
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[17:44:51] tgm4883: peterbennett: I tried it both manually via the terminal and also by just copying the file from github
[17:46:04] peterbennett: So I can tru install your latest package from the ppa and then run with the override, see if I get teh problem
[17:46:15] peterbennett: *try
[17:46:16] tgm4883: yea
[17:46:35] peterbennett: OK
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[17:51:58] peterbennett: tgm4883: Do you see any mythtv window before teh seg fault?
[17:52:07] tgm4883: nope
[17:53:25] peterbennett: tgm4883: ppa:mythbuntu/0.28
[17:53:29] tgm4883: yea
[17:56:14] peterbennett: Installing mythtv-frontend
[18:04:25] peterbennett: This is really slow, downloading at 81 kB/s
[18:12:47] jr3us: tgm4883, peterbennett: I replied via the mailing list to the information above.
[18:13:26] jr3us: as it was lots of stuff.
[18:14:20] peterbennett: jr3us: I don't see it. Which mailing list?
[18:15:10] peterbennett: I see it now
[18:17:40] dekarl: link for the archive . . . /386948.html
[18:18:31] peterbennett: tgm4883: OK finally finished install of mythtv-frontend
[18:19:40] peterbennett: tgm4883: Well it works for me: the following command env LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/usr/lib/arm-linux-gnueabihf/mesa-egl /usr/bin/mythfrontend.real
[18:19:47] peterbennett: Window comes up.
[18:22:38] peterbennett: Maybe I have some extra package installed that makes it work
[18:25:09] jr3us: is possible. Though it didn't ask to install any additional packages above what mythtv wanted.
[18:27:51] jr3us: any clues what the package(s) might be?
[18:27:53] peterbennett: jr3us: I had installed qtcreator to find out if qt was working. I am uninstalling it now
[18:28:35] peterbennett: Nope – still works for me
[18:28:49] jr3us: is the undefined symbol error at the end of my email part of it?
[18:28:52] dekarl: peterbennett: if you got a second, can you cherry-pick f4a8cf1673dcbaa649e3879b8716d3942474f2dd and see if it does as expected?
[18:29:10] jr3us: not sure how
[18:29:24] peterbennett: dekarl: ok, what will that fix?
[18:29:25] jr3us: i don't have it set up for building currently
[18:30:00] dekarl: peterbennett: #12763
[18:30:00] ** MythLogBot **
[18:30:18] peterbennett: jr3us: I don't know what that undefined symbol is. I will reply to your email with how my directory looks
[18:30:29] jr3us: ok
[18:31:20] peterbennett: dekarl: Oh ok, great job fixing it quickly!
[18:32:41] dekarl: the regex fix was low hanging fruit, on to the other parts ;)
[18:33:43] peterbennett: dekarl: I thought so, but then you wanted to refactor and create a unit test ......
[18:43:32] peterbennett: tgm4883: I will setup a clean sd card and install on there, see what happens
[18:44:35] peterbennett: dekarl: Works better now, Only does Loading themes for 0.28 , successfully, does not try the other 63
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[18:56:50] peterbennett: tgm4883: It seems that installing mythtv-frontend on raspberry pi also installs the backend, because the frontend installs mythtv-dbg and mythtv-dbg is dependent on the backend
[18:57:10] jr3us: i replied with my directory as well. I think i'm gonna do a nuke and pave on the card
[18:57:50] tgm4883: instead of directory listings, how about md5sums of the files
[18:58:34] jr3us: peterbennett: are you using your mythtvlight, or the packages from the mythbuntu repos?
[18:58:35] peterbennett: jr3us: Can you try the peter bennett build of mythtv-light ( see if that one works
[18:58:50] jr3us: I did earlier
[18:59:23] jr3us: and that is the version i am currently using
[18:59:27] peterbennett: jr3us: I am using my own.
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[19:03:12] jr3us: proceeding with nuke and pave, will try your mythtvlight first.
[19:12:37] peterbennett: I sent an email to the list, with the log messages I expect when the override works and when it does not. I am interested in what you see.
[19:14:47] peterbennett: jr3us: Other things to try are moving the or removing the one from opt/vc/lib, not as a final solution, but to understand what is going on.
[19:20:19] peterbennett: jr3us: Are you using the release version of xenial or one of the pre-release images?
[19:24:15] jr3us: released one
[19:29:35] jr3us: I tried moving the opt/vc/lib version out of the way, and get a message like:
[19:30:37] jr3us: mythfrontend: symbol lookup error: /opt/vc/lib/ undefined symbol: glPointSizePointerOES
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[19:31:09] jr3us: no segfault tho
[19:34:15] peterbennett: Hmm so it still uses that one
[19:36:28] peterbennett: Did you do apt-get update and apt-get dist-upgrade ?
[19:36:37] jr3us: yes
[19:36:38] peterbennett: I am doing that now on teh fresh sd card
[19:44:16] jr3us: should the mythbuntu packages work also?
[19:44:49] jr3us: also doing the fresh card
[19:45:59] peterbennett: I don't know why they would be different. There are some improvements in mine that are not in mythbuntu yet, but the segfault should also be solved with the override
[19:46:42] jr3us: ok. which method you want me to use? your mythtvlight, or mythbuntu pkgs
[19:47:24] peterbennett: Mine
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[19:47:29] jr3us: ok
[19:47:31] peterbennett: mythtv-light
[19:50:23] peterbennett: do you have the config.xml setup in .mythtv directory before running front end?
[19:51:05] jr3us: yes
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[19:55:44] peterbennett: Yes I got a seg fault
[19:56:44] jr3us: good to be repeatable
[20:03:14] peterbennett: Ok got it working
[20:04:48] peterbennett: jr3us: Need a couple of links created
[20:06:49] jr3us: ok
[20:07:17] jr3us: do them via the email list?
[20:09:07] peterbennett: jr3us: I sent an email to the list.
[20:09:54] peterbennett: jr3us: Also move back the libGLESv2 if you moved it out of /opt/vc/lib
[20:11:39] jr3us: ok
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[20:14:19] peterbennett: tgm4883: Creating two links (that already existed on my system) solves the problem.
[20:14:29] peterbennett: tgm4883: See my email to the users list
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[20:21:49] jr3us: progress on my original sd card! It does need to have either the env version to set the PATH or the export of the PATH to work.
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[20:26:51] jr3us: on the new sd card i am doing, i am going to use the mythbuntu packages, and the linking you referenced.
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[22:38:56] markspieth: dekarl: updated a bit
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[23:38:53] tgm4883: Anyone else noticing that the frontend doesn't look in /etc/mythtv anymore for config.xml?
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[23:57:15] peterbennett1: tgm4883: did the frontend ever look in /etc/mythtv for the config? It always seemed to be created as a link from .mythtv to /etc/mythtv, I assume by the mythbuntu install somehow.
[23:57:45] tgm4883: peterbennett1: I was under the impression that it looked in /etc/mythtv first

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